Mumps Outbreak in Hawaii and Tonga

The Department of Health has been alerted about an outbreak of mumps in Hawaii and Tonga and is putting together a plan to prevent a possible outbreak in the territory.

Mumps is the swelling of salivary glands and is a common childhood disease.

DOH’s epidemiologist, Magele Scott Anesi says they are monitoring the outbreak of mumps in Hawaii and have been made aware of  reported cases in Tonga.

So far, DOH has not recorded a recent case of mumps here.

Magele says they are compiling information to inform the public to be on the alert for mumps.

He advised that the key to staying protected from mumps is  to be vaccinated.

Mumps is mostly a mild disease among children however it can cause complications when an adult contracts it.

Symptoms include visible rashes on the body, fever, muscle pain and tiredness.

Mumps is highly contagious and spreads rapidly among people living in close quarters.

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