Speaker Says Car Held by Customs Is His Son-in-Law’s

House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale has confirmed that a vehicle which the Customs Division has not released a month after it arrived in the territory belongs to his son in law.

Contrary to earlier reports which said the vehicle was not consigned to the speaker, Savali told KHJ News the vehicle was imported under his name but it belongs to his son in law from Asili.

Responding to KHJ News questions, the Speaker said he is waiting for the authorities to complete their investigations to see what they find.

Savali expressed disappointment that its taken this long for government employees to make a decision on what they claim to have found in the vehicle.

He believes the car should be released.

There’s been no official information from the Acting Chief of Customs and Commissioner of Public Safety on what was found in the vehicle, a black Jeep Cherokee.

Sources said that a vapor chemical which yielded positive results in a test of the ingredient in marijuana THC, was found in the vehicle, along with ammunition.

The Speaker didn’t say what customs discovered but commented that his son in law says what was found is not illegal.

Savali did not like news report that the vehicle came under the name of a high government official.

He said he’s awaiting what the police investigation turns up.

Commissioner of Public Safety Lei Sonny Thompson told KHJ News last week that the investigation into this matter is not completed, therefore he cannot release any information about it.

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