Fagamalo Village Still Cut off Due to Landslide

As of 9 this morning, access had not been restored to villages west of Malota where one of the biggest landslides occurred two nights ago.

Crews from Public Works and the American Samoa Power Authority worked from dawn yesterday and were still trying to clear rocks, trees and mud from the highway after 7 last night.

Peter Gurr whose property is right before the landslide site said Public Works and ASPA crews have done an outstanding job, working tirelessly for long hours to try and restore road access to the village of Fagamalo.

He said the conditions the men were working in last night were dangerous in that there were no lights, and it was still raining heightening the possibility of another landslide occurring.

Gurr said it was the biggest landslide he’s witnessed.

Just after midnight on Wednesday he heard a rock crashing and thought nothing unusual, just a rock falling.

He left for work before daylight yesterday morning and only saw a few rocks in the stream that runs through their land.

It wasn’t until he returned home yesterday afternoon that he saw the extent of the landslide.

A large section of t e road was covered with mud and debris about 4-5 feet tall.

Ite Matagia of M and O Division told KHJ News yesterday they needed bigger equipment to be able to clear the road.

He was worried that someone in Fagamalo needing medical attention would not be able to cross to the other side because the road was blocked.

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