StarKist Can’t Absorb All STP Workers but Willing to Help

StarKist Samoa has impressed upon ASG that additional cold storage is vital to its operations.

ASG has agreed to let the cannery use space in the shipyard for its cold storage.

But the two sides have yet to agree on a lease rate.

ASG had proposed a higher rate than what StarKist says was originally agreed to last year during a visit by their President and CEO Mr. Andrew Cho.

The cannery says it needs the additional freezer space to ensure uninterrupted fish supplies.

Vice President of StarKist from company headquarters in Pittsburgh, Michelle Faist declined to give details of ASG’s proposed lease rate, but said they asked for a rate that’s comparable to what others in that area are paying, eg. Samoa Tuna Processors.

StarKist has been asked to hire STP workers who lost their jobs last month with the closure of that company’s canning operation.

At a prèss conference Friday, StarKist official Archie Soliai responded to our questions as to whether there’s a deadline on the counter offer and a decision on the shipyard lease.

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