Directors Told to Inventory All Vehicles

ASG is to undertake a count of government vehicles.

Yesterday, Governor Lolo Moliga sent out a memo with the subject: inventory of all government vehicles.

He said it was necessary that we update the count of all government vehicle,  including those in private auto repair shops around the island.

According to the memo, some of the vehicles are parked at the Office of Motor Vehicles and are no longer operational.

Lolo said continued listing of these vehicles which are inoperable in the inventory of government assets skews the true value of these assets and compromises the integrity of our financial statements.

Therefore he asked that all departments submit to his office on or before January 31, the list of all vehicles, under their administrative purview irrespective of the vehicle’s operating condition.

Particulars that the governor asked directors to provide are the model, make, year, date of purchase,  operating status… that is if it’s still in use or no longer usable, location of the vehicle…whether it’s at the office compound or private repair, and recommended action.

The governor said the vehicle use policies have been reaffirmed and the director is held accountable for any violation of the declared policies.

For the first term of the Lolo Lemanu Administration, vehicle abuse was a constant topic of discussion at cabinet meetings.

The Governor’s Office hired at least three road marshals to patrol the road after hours and report abusers.

Vehicles without 24 hour authorization seen on the road were pulled off the and directors of the offending department had to pay a fine,

The administration started their first term in 2013 with a policy that all government vehicles be turned into Motor Pool at Tafuna at the end of the day.

The Motor Pool was packed with vehicles in the beginning months of the administration in 2013, but as the year wore on, the number of vehicles parked at Motor Pool dwindled.

As of the make up of the ASG fleet, Ford vehicles appear to be ASG’s favorite model, judging from ASG vehicles seen on the road and in front of offices, as well as info from ASG officials.

One now sees ASG license plates on Chevy vehicles, which entered the local market last year.

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