Concerns over Tree Chopping

Members of the public have expressed concern about the chopping of trees on the sides and foot of the mountains between Matuu and Avau.

Earlier this week a contractor, Triple T, owned by Tau Tauleave Toluono, was cutting trees and clearing undergrowth in that area.

Callers said that the clearing work should have guidelines to ensure that trees which help stop erosion are pruned and not chopped

One irate caller said agencies such as Land Grant, DMWR and National Park should speak out about the impact of this type of activity.

The caller said,” You watch during heavy rains, I wouldn’t be surprised if  we have rocks and tress falling onto the road.”

The owner of Triple T, Toluono, explained that his company is one of three contracted by Public Works to prune and clear trees and brush that block road signs and become a traffic hazard.

He said they have only cleared trees that hang onto the road and have not cut down large trees further up… only those close to the highway.

Their contract also covers the clearing of tress on the sami side.

Toluono said that the US Army Corps doesn’t cover damages to seawalls if trees are in the damaged areas.

This is why Public Works is having private companies remove trees on the sami side.

And the clearing of trees and brush on the mountain side, close to the highway is to remove any growth that blocks visibility of motorists.

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