SP Convergence Zone Dumps Rain and Whips up Gusts

A combination of rain, wind, thunder and lightning is keeping people in doors.

In just 16 minutes earlier today, the National Weather Service recorded half an inch of rain,  prompting a flash flood warning which is in effect till 1 pm  but could very well be extended,

A South Pacific Convergence Zone, extending from Papua New Guinea all the way to the Cook Islands is dumping rain and whipping up wind gusts.

Meteorologist Elinor McMoore says the Pago Pago Harbor area can expect strong wind gusts because northwest winds pick up strength as they push through the valleys.

The convergence zone is expected to linger up to Saturday.

Forecasters monitor these weather systems carefully because they can develop into tropical depressions, which in turn can spiral into cyclones and hurricanes.

The National Weather Service advises residents to refrain from going outdoors when there’s thunder and lightning.


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