Not All Are Paying Customs Scanner Fees

The customs scanner fees are only partially implemented as ASG hasn’t got the main piece of equipment installed yet.

Customs began using portable scanners at Pago Pago International Airport and Post Office this week with varying success.

But the main scanner which will be used to scan containers on the main dock will not be used until January.

Some feel it’s not fair that ASG is imposing scanner fees on some importers and not all businesses that bring in goods for commercial use and resale.

They feel the government should have delayed the effective date of the scanner fees till all of the needed components are operating, rather than this piece meal approach which has businesses bringing goods through the airport and Post Office paying and not those bringing goods in containers.

Chief of Customs, Moetului Fuiava Sipili concedes that there is merit to those comments but says the effective date of the scanner fee law was December 14 and they have to enforce it.

Customs agents tell KHJ News that its been difficult to differentiate between goods for personal use and those for retail.

Moetului agrees that this is turning out to be an issue.

It’s the view of StarKist Samoa and Samoa Tuna Processors that they are exempt under their tax exemption certificate however the customs chief is insisting that the scanner fee law doesn’t include any exemptions so all importers must pay, including the canneries.


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