STP Will Retain Just 100 Employees After Cannery Closes

Only 100 employees of Samoa Tuna Processors will retain their jobs when the cannery closes its canning operations next week.

Joe Hamby, Chief Operating Officer of Tri Marine International which owns STP told reporters covering the annual meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in Nadi, Fiji that the final day of production is most likely December 16.

KHJ News asked if the cannery was involved in efforts to help the displaced employees.

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One of the final orders that STP employees will be packing before the lines are closed indefinitely are for the US Department of Agriculture, which funds the School Lunch Program.

Hamby shared some information on what led to their decision to suspend canning operations.

The Samoa Tuna Processors plant had banked on large scale customers to buy its tuna cans.

Hamby said they didn’t have a brand and were targeting the private  label market and food industry market hoping, they would consider other factors, instead of just price.

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He said, “I cannot comment,” when asked about companies which have shown interest in buying the plant.


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