DHR Case Workers Collect Information for STP Application

The Department of Human Resources has sent 11 caseworkers to collect information that will be used in American Samoa’s application to the federal government for assistance for Samoa Tuna Processors employees who will be losing their jobs.

The case workers were dispatched to STP last week to begin collecting information that will be analyzed and incorporated into the application.

ASG will be seeking training funds from the US Department of Labor under a grant program that trains displaced workers for new jobs.

DHR Deputy Director Eseneiaso Liu said the National Emergency Grant (NEG) funded the employment of close to 2,000 workers who were displaced after the Samoa Packing plant closed and the tsunami and earthquake of 2009 which shut down many businesses.

Makerita Enesi, DHR’s Assistant Director, Employment and Training Division told KHJ News that information collected will determine the scope of assistance needed to accommodate the displaced employees.

She says some of the STP workers have already filled job applications at Starkist Samoa.

DHR workers seen at the STP compound worked mostly with fish cleaners and those in the production room documenting their information.

Director of Commerce Keniseli Lafaele says the survey now being conducted would determine how may employees would be displaced, their immigration status, and current occupation and skill sets,

Petti Matila of DOC has been working together with Human Resources in the data collection effort and she says her role is looking at the housing impact of the pending shut down.

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