Governor Tells Directors to Fix Annual Leave Overage

Governor Lolo is blaming lack of communication between directors and employees in some annual leave totals exceeding the maximum limit allowed under local and federal regulations.

The ASG and Department of Labor regulations on annual leave have been discussed several times at meetings of the Lolo Lemanu cabinet.

At Friday’s meeting of the cabinet before directors hand in their resignations, Governor Lolo Moliga revealed that some employees have annual leave of 2,000-3,000 hours.

He asked directors to instruct their employees to take their leave or they would lose them.

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The governor repeated instructions given at previous meetings that it’s the directors’ responsibility to explain to employees when to take their leave to avoid liability on the administration.

He pointed out that this issue has never been corrected from the beginning and they cannot figure out how it keeps recurring and remains unresolved.

The governor’s remarks came after Director of Human Resources, Le’i Sonny Thompson gave a presentation that’s been given at least four times before on annual leave rules for government employees.

Le’i stressed the need for directors to counsel their employees of their rights to annual leave and when to take them.

He said the problems with excess annual leave stem from cabinet member neglecting their responsibilities as directors.

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