Fuao Wins 2016 Fautasi Ocean Challenge

The Fuao from Vatia was the fastest fautasi in last Friday’s Fautasi Ocean Challenge with a time of 27: 36 seconds.

2nd Paepaeulupoo 28:31.

3rd Fealofani Samoa 30:10. Ocean Challenge paepae

4th Matasaua 30:17:65

5th Fono/Sinapioa-30:22:95

6th Aeto-32:27:00

7th Taema-32:36:13

8th Fetu ole Afiafi-35:41:00

9th ASG /God is Good-36:18:62

Each fautasi is to receive $5,000 but they must meet responsibilities set by the Coastal Zone Management Program under the Department of Commerce.

Ocean Challenge 2The crews and faith based groups from the fautasi villages have to adopt a coast or watershed area to clean up on the 2nd Friday of each month from November 2016 to September 2017.

They have to install marine debris catchment nets  to stop debris from entering the coastal marine area and they must regularly maintain the net and properly dispose of all debris collected on the net especially after heavy rains.

They are also responsible for monitoring of new construction, repairs, excavations and other land use activities to ensure that these have appropriate land use and building permits and report areas where trash accumulate as well as filling of wetland areas.

The fautasi villages also have to conduct outreach and awareness programs to build coastal stewardships and develop Fautasi Bay Area tours and create eco tourism opportunities within their villages.

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