MV Sili Is Ready to Resume Trips to Manu’a

The inter island dock terminal is packed with cargo waiting for the MV Sili to be given the all clear by the US Coast Guard to resume trips to Manu’a.

The vessel has been undergoing maintenance work at the shipyard at Satala for about two months.

The vessel has had sea trials and as of today the last remaining item for the US Coast Guard to clear was its rescue boat.

The Coast Guard official heading the inspection of the MV Sili said he expects the vessel to be making a trip to Manu’ a by tomorrow.

Since yesterday, cargo destined for Manu’a has been piling up at the inter island dock ready to be loaded on the MV Sili once the US Coast Guard gives the okay.

While the boat was out of commission, Port Administration and the American Samoa Power Authority chartered the Samoa Government vessel, Fotu o Samoa to transport government and non government supplies to Manu’a.

As for the new $13 million new Manu’atele, according to a report by deputy director of Port Administration Christopher King at yesterday’s cabinet meeting, the vessel is set to leave Seattle, Washington next week for Honolulu.

It will be in Honolulu for 2 days to re-provision and for the crew to rest then set sail for the territory.

King says the new vessel is tentatively scheduled to arrive here December 20- 23rd.

Governor Lolo Moliga said those responsible for the vessel should ensure that everything is in order for its arrival o and pointed out that dedications of several projects in Manu’a such as the new EOB in Ofu and ASPA jobs are dependent on the new boat.

He also said the Department of Interior is anxious about when the vessel will be here.

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