Customs Chief Conducts Training on Scanner Fees

December 14 is when the scanner fees go into effect.

Only one of the four scanners, has arrived according to Chief of Customs Moetului Fuiava Sipili who says the other two should be here soon and the biggest one which will be used to scan containers is due to arrive by the end of the month or early next month.

Four new hires who will be operating the scanners and two Customs employees have undergone training with the manufacturer Rapi Scan of Torrance, California.

When the new hires returned from the ten day training they  had to wait till they were legally hired.

Moetului says he didn’t want the four employees working and not receiving a paycheck because they were not in the system.

He says the four became official yesterday.

The customs chief says they under went drug testing, and a customs entry level test plus interviews.

The scanner operating jobs were advertised and the four hires were selected from among 22 applicants, three of whom were already customs agents.

Two of those three customs officers were selected for the off island training and will work in the scanner division.

In preparation for when the scanner law takes effect next month, the customs chief is conducting training for staff covering the scanner equipment and regulations and policies of customs.

Moetului says there are no plans to have a presentation for businesses on application of the scanner fees.

Of the bond proceeds totaling $75 million, $6 million was spent on purchasing the four scanners.

Effective December 14,  the scanner  fees for containers of 20 feet and over is $200, $50 for loose cargo pallets; $50 per vehicle or heavy equipment and $10 per parcel plus other scanning fees customs deems necessary, to be enacted by administrative rule.

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