Pharmacy Week Highlights Careers, Disposal of Old Medicine

The LBJ Hospital Pharmacy is making use of Pharmacy Week to spotlight the proper disposal of used syringes and expired medicine.

Another objective is to get young people thinking of careers in the pharmaceutical field.

A local US certified technician working at the LBJ Pharmacy, Helen Folau, says the hurdles of becoming certified were rigorous but she made it, thanks to extensive on the job training she received as an LBJ pharmacy technician.

Play Audio Helen Folau

Folau hopes that more young people will consider becoming pharmacist technicians or pharmacists.

DOH now has a pharmacy at the Tafuna Family Health Center with plans to add more in other community health centers .

Also during Pharmacy Week, the LBJ staff is demonstrating the proper way of getting rid of syringes and expired pills, and medicine.

LBJ Pharmacist Dr. Luisa Clemens explains.

Play Audio Luisa clemens

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