Matai Says He Has Fulfilled His Part

The sa’o of the family and land on which the infamous Aute Pool & Bar is located at Le Puapua/Malaeloa, Toilolo Edwin says he has done his job as the chief of the family.

However, alleged illegal activities involving drugs continue because as he puts it, “high government officials as well as police officers feed the Aute operation.”

Toilolo did not name names but said he is aware of several government officials and police officers who are users and distributors of crystal methamphetamine, better known as ice.

Toilolo who works for the Office of Samoan Affairs, said in an interview with KHJ News that after the first police raid of the Aute, he had a talk with people who live there about media reports of activities at the Aute.

He said as the family sa’o, he can only tell family members what should be done but he cannot control what they’re up to if he doesn’t know.

Toilolo said he will fulfill his role as the head matai of his family, and the village mayor is also doing the same.

He said some of the government vehicles which are frequent visitors to the Aute belong to the American Samoa Power Authority (ASPA) and the Department of Public Works (DPW)

When he visits his relatives there, he sees young people at the premises and the common response when he asks what they are doing there is that they’re there to play pool.

Toilolo says he has never seen any illegal activities during his visits to the Aute.

He expressed his disappointment with the conduct of the first police raid at the Aute.

He feels DPS should have informed him as the sa’o and keeper of the land on which the Aute is located.

The matai said the commissioner has never approached him for help in dealing with the Aute operation.

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