Tri Marine COO Is Acting CEO of STP

Mr. Joe Hamby, Chief Operating Officer of Tri Marine International, is now the Acting CEO of Samoa Tuna Processors and the Tuna Store for now.


Mr. Joe Hamby

Mr. Donald Binotto who was appointed last year to the position stepped down last Thursday, the same day that the company announced it was suspending indefinitely canning operations at the Samoa Tuna Processors plant in Atuu.

Tri Marine Spokesperson Heidi Happonen said in response to KHJ News questions that Mr. Binotto had already expressed to Tri Marine that he planned to retired at the end of 2016.

Happonen added, “As a result of the decision to suspend canning operations at STP, which were made with him, Binotto resigned his position effective last Thursday.

Binotto joined Tri Marine after he stepped down as CEO of StarKist, shortly after the cannery was purchased by Dongwon Industries.

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