2016 Coastweeks Celebration Is Underway

Does your school have what it takes to be the cleanest high school?

For the 2016 Coastweeks celebration there will be a cleanest high school challenge.

There’s also the biggest loser health challenge, Coastweeks 2016 poetry and art competition and many more.

The celebration which promotes awareness if coastal and marine resources kicked off with the Island Coastal Cleanup Day last Friday supported by ASG departments and agencies including the authorities as well as businesses and community organizations.

The monthly cleanups are scheduled on the 2nd Friday of every month.

Coming up is the Paddle Challenge which will be coordinated by South Pacific Watersports.

SPW says slots are limited  and its best that you stop by in Utulei and register.

The biggest loser challenge was launched today and initial weigh-in starts Friday, September 16.

American Samoa is ranked number 1 in the number of people who are obese.

The biggest loser challenge focuses on improving the health of coasts through encouraging healthy and fit lifestyles in a competitive and fun contest.

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