Am Samoa’s Mid Year Population: 60,200

As of July 1st, American Samoa’s population was estimated to be at 60,200.

The Statistics Division of the Department of Commerce says there were 30,603 females and 29,597 males .

The gender ratio is 97 males for every 100 females.

Fertility continued to decline as did the net out migration of the resident population.

The Statistics Division conducted a statistics test to assess the completeness of the 2010 count relative to the 2000 census using Mortpack software.

The assessment indicates that the 2010 American Samoa census population count of 55,510 was an under count.

According to DOC, the analysis shows the completeness of the 2010 census compared to the 2000 cencus for the age range 5 to 60 was 81.8 percent.

The Statistics Division reexamined the existing available 2010 data from various government agencies and prepared reasonable estimates using a simple calculation.

This formula was how the mid year estimates for 2016 of 60,200 people was determined.

The breakdown shows that the biggest age group is the 20-44 years, which numbers 18,533, followed by the 45 to 64 years with 12,477, and the 3rd largest age group is the 6-13 years of age numbering 10,530.

In the golden years category there were 283 people at the age of 85 plus years.

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