Manu’a Islands Gets Write up in NZ Magazine

Kiwi travel writer Scott Lee returned to American Samoa recently for “an outer island experience” where he spent a few days island hopping around the Manu’a Islands.

His travel story featured in the July/August issue of Islandtime Magazine, a travel trade publication distributed to travel agencies throughout New Zealand and Australia.

He writes…”as more and travelers seek experiences off the beaten track, islands like the Manu’a Group in American Samoa will become more and more popular. Eco tourism and adventure travel are the buzzwords for a generation of travelers seeking new experiences in places where few have been before and the product is raw, undeveloped and genuine.”

Scott visited all three islands that make up the Manu’a Group – Ta’u, Olosega and Ofu where he experienced the National Park, National Marine Sanctuary and the laid back village life of the islands.

And while the trip took in the golden sands, virgin rainforest from peak to lagoon and crystal clear waters, there were times during the trip where he experienced those unexpected memorable moments of traveling in the islands.

He writes… “the interisland planes are small, every bag and passenger has to be weighed before boarding. The scales were a set of rusty 1970s manual scales like you see at boxing weigh-ins.

“Samoans aren’t known for their waif-like figures but they are known for their sense of humor.

“Even though the assistant who was recording the weights was only two meters away from the weigh-in official, he expressed great joy in calling out the weights so loudly the whole terminal could hear. “265 pounds!” he chuckled.

“You smuggling gold again, Sasa?”

“Fatu! You’re 280 pounds, that’s far too fat.”

“Raucous laughter from the crowd. And on it went for half an hour as each victim climbed the scales. I realized later it was the daily “plane is leaving” party and a great time to catch up with friends.”

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