Six New Faifeau Students Entering Kanana Fou

Six new students who successfully passed the entrance exam to pursue their Bachelors of Divinity at the Kanana Fou Theological Seminary went through another critical step of the process this morning.

Before the Committee of Reverend Elders of the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa, each student was interviewed before they took the oath to be seminary students.

The majority of these new students are from the mainland and Hawaii.

Just two local students sat the entrance exam and only one passed.

He is Suikovana Ale from the Alataua/Fofo parish and son of the parish Elder Deacon Savali Talavou Ale.

Five students from Tuvalu are among the first year students.

Parents, spouses, families and supporters of the students, incuding church ministers rallied outside waiting for the results.

The interviews are one of the tasks carried out by the Committee of Rev. Elders before the official opening of the 31st Bi-Annual General Conference this Sunday.

Also meeting today is the committee of wives of the Rev. Elders.

Meetings will continue tomorrow with the CCCAS Mafutaga Tina’s or Women’s Fellowship service which begins at 8:00 am.

In other CCCAS events, yesterday were the championship games among all the winning teams from Manu’a, the east, central and west.

Usually off-island teams participate but none came this year.

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