Man with Medical Condition Released from Custody

Defendant Panapa Lolo, who has been in custody for causing trouble at home because he was medically unwell has returned home to his mother.

In court today, Panapa intelligently and voluntarily pleaded guilty to the charges of property damage and the second count of private peace disturbance was dismissed.

When District Court Judge Fiti Sunia asked Panapa to explain what happened, the defendant replied that he was mad because his mother wouldn’t let him use her phone.  He was so angry he damaged an electric fan.

Lolo told the court when his mother said that she will call the cops, he replied saying “I’m not going to panic and run away because I fear for your health that you might end up having high blood pressure.”

The judge then asked Lolo’s mother to take the stand and explain what happened.

The mother testified that her son is not medically, well that he “can’t sleep and is always walking around. He takes monthly shots and has been doing so for 8 years.”

The surprised Judge Sunia said that there is no file on Panapa Lolo’s medical history and noted, “I am just made aware of this!”

Panapa was sentenced to 90 days in jail and since he had spent 47 days at the Territorial Correctional Facility, the remaining 43 days are suspended,

He’s on probation for two years and a fine of $500 has been deferred on good behavior. 

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