Mr. Nikolao Pula Keynotes Youth Summit

Yesterday saw the opening of the annual Youth Summit at the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs Center in Pago Pago,

Organizers have a jam packed program for the four day summit which continues on the theme of the 2016 Flag Day celebration: Our People, our culture, our future.”

Governor Lolo Moliga in brief remarks to the delegates, representing church youth groups, schools,  Summer Youth Employment Program participants, and returning scholarship students, said these are difficult times and they need to be prepared to handle the challenges ahead.

He also underscored the value of a good education while at the same time giving attention to their culture and identities.

The governor spoke with pride about the keynote speaker to the Youth Summit, Director of the Office of Insular Affairs, Department of Interior, Nikolao Pula,  saying this son of American Samoa has been a most valuable asset to the territory, and  one that we can all be proud of.

Mr. Pula, a native of Utulei and one of the longest serving directors of OIA, held a captive audience in his keynote address with tales of his own youth when he was attending Marist Brothers High school, before it was a co ed.

His animated speech brought out his experiences of being Samoan and American at the same time.

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The son of one of American Samoa’s best known directors of education, Mr. Pula, gave his own version of the three R’s.

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