Poor Response from Alia Fishermen Cancels Meeting

alia ownersOnly three local fishermen showed up at a meeting that was set for last Friday morning to discuss plans for the locally owned alia fleet.

And two of the three were representatives from the government shipyard at Satala.

Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources which was scheduled to make a presentation at the meeting convened by the Department of Commerce, didn’t show up either.

Tamatoa Tony Langkilde, DOC’s Fishery Development Coordinator who was to lead the meeting said it was an opportunity for government agencies involved in the development of fishieres to explain their services and update the fleet on assistance that’s available for them

The meeting was also to be an opportunity for the fishermen to identify what their needs are and how the government may assist them.

According to Langkilde out of 14 alias docked at the mariner, only one has been out fishing in the last three weeks.

And the owner is the only one selling his catch at the Fish Market in the Fagatogo marketplace.

In an initial interview with KHJ News Langkilde cited lack of capital as one reason keeping alia tied up instead of going out to fish.

Tamatoa says the government has is looking at giving assistant to alia owners such as free maintenance for their fishing boats at the government shipyard.

The meeting will be rescheduled at a new date and will be publicized through the local media.

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