DOC Director Pays Tribute to Peseta Margaret Malua

samoa talks chairsDirector of Commerce Keniseli Lafaele has paid tribute to a counter part in Samoa who has been at the forefront of the two Samoa talks.

Peseta Margaret Malua, CEO of the Ministry of Labor, Commerce and Industry and before that was head of Samoa Business and Enterprises Cooperative was laid to rest Monday Samoa time.

She passed away a week ago of cancer.

Director Lafaele says Peseta Margaret along with the CEO of Samoa’s Chamber of Commerce Ane Moananu spearheaded the two Samoa trade and fashion show in Pago Pago highlighting the American Samoa 2015 Flag Day.

He says together we marched in solidarity during the 2015 Flag Day parade with our respective contingencies where we were greeted with jubilation because of the successful results of our combined efforts.

The Director of Commerce recalls that he co chaired the Samoa Talks with Peseta as the new CEO of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Labor Peseta Margaret, in American Samoa in December 2015 and in Samoa this past May.

Lafaele says, “On June 1, during Samoa’s 2016 Independence Day Parade Peseta Margaret proudly led the M.C.I.L. delegation and as they passed the grand stand their cheers expressed to the American Samoa delegation was wholeheartedly reciprocated as friendship between our delegations have grown greatly due to our collective work to bring about positive growth to our economies.”

He says Peseta’s smile and enthusiasm that day is reflective of her life.

While commerce,  trade, investment, transportation, and immigration remains a work in progress of the Two-Samoa talks, the improvements made in these areas to date are not insignificant.

Lafaele says Afioga Peseta Lavea Margaret Malua will be remembered as a fearless leader not only in these Two-Samoa talks but as a remarkable colleague that will be dearly missed by all that had the pleasure of her friendship.

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