Fiji Buyer Interested in BlueSky

ATHA statement BlueSky American Samoa released over the weekend says the strong performance of BlueSky Pacific Group operations has attracted the attention of key telecom operators in the region.

One such interested party is Amalgamated Telecom Holdings ATH of Fiji.

The statement says BlueSky’s parent company Amper SA released a statement on Wednesday 29th June,  announcing it has signed a non-binding letter of intent to divest its South Pacific holdings to Fijian group, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings (ATH).

BlueSky’s  Pacific Group  covers American Samoa, Samoa, New Zealand and Cook Islands.

The phone company says the intention of both parties is to engage in dialog regarding a potential acquisition.

“These discussions have now commenced. A potential acquisition is subject to agreement by the parties on price, terms of acquisition and regulatory approvals,” says the statement.

“Bluesky fully supports its parent company’s decision to explore this opportunity and is involved in the discussions to ensure the best commercial decision is made not only for Amper SA and Bluesky Pacific Group operations, but also for its existing local investors, customers and community.”

BlueSky which is home based in American Samoa has undergone a regional expansion in the last few years.

First it acquired Samoa Tel in Samoa, then it set up in the Cook Islands and last year entered the New Zealand market.

There had been talk that the company would be branching off to Fiji but not in the way of an acquisition by a Fijian company.

ATH Fiji is a public company that is partly owned by the government of Fiji while the majority shareholder is the Fiji National Provident Fund.

It is Fiji’s main phone and internet supplier.

For he just concluded financial year, the company recorded a profit of $F81.8 million,

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