After a Late Start, Election Campaigning Is Underway

ElectionOfficeupcloseOn the election campaign front, Congresswoman Aumua Amata kicks off her re-election campaign tomorrow at Suiga ula o le Atuvasa with a public BBQ at noon.

Before that the first term congresswoman is having a wave by the roadside at 11 am to thank supporters and ask for their vote in the next general elections.

A member of the campaign committee says Aumua is issuing an invitation to the public to attend her kick off BBQ.

Entertainment will be by the CCCAS Youth from Matuu and Faganeanea.

Candidates who have announced they will be running for American Samoa’s seat in Congress include Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau, Paepae Mapu Jamias, Tuaau Kereti Matautia and Meleagi Suitonu Chapman.

Nominating petitions for candidates running for office in the November 8 general elections were released yesterday.

While the gubernatorial election is generating the most interest, reports from many of the key districts, or those with the largest number of voters, indicate that a lot of new comers are throwing their names in the hat for the House of Representatives race.

Many of the would be candidates for the House of Representatives elections are government employees, some are military retirees and several women are also expected to be on the ballot.

In the last House election, the only incumbent who ran unopposed was Representative Faimealelei Anthony Allen from Aua.

Swains faipule Su’a Alexander Jennings was given unanimous approval to be the non voting delegate for Swains in the House.

September 1st is the last day for election petitions to be turned in to the Election Office with the required number of signatures.

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