Visa Interview Week at US Embassy in Apia in August

The United States Embassy in Apia has announced that it will hold its next Visa Interview Week from August 22 – 26, 2016.

The online calendar for scheduling appointments will open Tuesday August , at 2pm (Apia date and time).

The embassy says great news for all applicants especially those living in American Samoa!

If your visa is approved you may be able to uplift your passport the following afternoon.

Unless there is a genuine reason all successful applicants will be expected to leave their passports for processing and uplift them the following day.

There may be some applicants who will require more than 48 hours for processing.

All applicants must list Apia, Samoa when completing the DS-160.

Consular staff will no longer accept DS-160 forms that are listed in Auckland and applicants will be asked to provide the appropriate confirmation page with the barcode.

The U.S. Embassy encourages all applicants to make their application and appointment directly through their webpage and not through a travel agent or other third party.

It says, ‘If you must use a travel agent or third party, please do not pay an excessive fee for the service and make sure that they confirm they will pass you all email and other communications from the U.S. Embassy.”

The U.S. Embassy website is

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