Election nominating petitions released Thursday

Election nominating petitions for candidates who are planning to run for the different political offices in the November general elections will be available this Thursday up to September 1st.

Chief Election Officer Uiagalelei Dr. Lealofi Uiagalelei says they are trying to avoid having to deal with common issues that arise before, during and after the general elections, including legal issues.

He pointed out that the role of the Election office is to administer the election based on laws, rules and regulations already in place.

Uiagalelei said the Election Office has prepared the General Election 2016 Candidate Manual which contains up-to-date information  policies, dates and all vital information  that candidates should know.

The manual sets out the election process, candidate filing process, registration, voting procedures, absentee voting and criteria, campaign spending rules, election offenses and penalties.

The manual also contains the administrative complaint procedure and election law updates including the act clarifying the ban on campaign activities at polling places and surrounding areas.

Election nominating forms can be picked up from the Election Office in Tafuna beginning Thursday, June 30.

Candidates running for Governor & Lt. Governor, as well as Delegate to Congress have to pay a filing fee of $500.

The fee for those running for the American Samoa House of Representatives is $300.

September first is the deadline for candidates to submit their signed nominating petitions with the required number of signatures.

Those running in the gubernatorial and congressional races need 300 voter signatures and candidates in the House of Representatives race require 25.

The Chief Election Officer says the number of voters already registered to cast ballots is about 17,000.

Uiagalelei  encourages all eligible voters to register or  renew their election IDs if they have expired.

Voters in the territory can register in person at the  Election office.

The absent uniformed service members and overseas voters listing American Samoa as their home of record can  register in absentia and also vote in the November general elections.

To register at the local Election Office, eligible voters must present their Social Security number, birth certificate, identification card, and for students who’ve just graduated from high school, copies of their diplomas.


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