Rep Vui Seeks Enforcement of Statute

Tuala-uta Representative Vui Florence Saulo is hopeful that departments which have jurisdiction over land use will enforce existing regulations that can help alleviate flooding of public highways in her district.

At  a hearing of the Public Works Committee last month, at which flooding of the Ottoville area was discussed it was brought to the fore that per existing statute property owners are required to deal with run off water from their roofs, and water collected witoun their properties and prevent it from flowing onto the public road.

Rep Vui noted that this is a standard condition for land use permits issued by the Project Notifications and Review System Board.

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale said the law is not being enforced and he was waiting for the Department of Commerce via PNRS to issue citations for violators.

The Tuala-uta lawmaker said enforcement of this regulation would be a big help in alleviating the flooding in Ottoville and other areas of Tuala-uta.

Vui says she’s communicating with Public Works Director Faleosina Voigt to follow up on points raised at last month’s hearing.

She has also asked DPW to have their vacuum truck pump the lake in front of the  Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Representative Larry Sanitoa has also been emailing the Public Works officials about assigning the vacuum truck to the flooded hotspots of Tuala-uta on a regular basis.

He said with the heavy rains we’ve been experiencing constituents have been emailing him to seek relief from the constant floods in heavily traveled parts of the Tuala-uta highway.

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