Governor to Intervene Before Finals of Fautasi Race

Governor Lolo Moliga is expected to intervene in the finals of the 2016 Flag Day fautasi race.

Sources close to the governor say Aua and Manu’a, which were among the four fautasi that were disqualified by the Fautasi Committee approached the governor yesterday following the Committee’s announcement.

Village sources tell KHJ News that matai of Manu’a and Au’a, in their separate meetings with the governor who was at Sadie’s by the Sea, made their case that they did not violate the rules and were not in front of the rest of the pack, in their respective heats.

Rather, other fautasi were in front but the Committee has erroneously identified them to be the culprits.

They reportedly urged the governor to intervene, and to consider the time, effort and money that their villages have invested in preparations for the race.

They were also concerned that the decision would lead to unrest and urged the governor that he approach the Committee or make his own decision as leader of the territory, to maintain peace and harmony.

Two government officials and close associates of Governor Lolo say the governor is to announce his decision on the fautasi finals before Monday.

The officials, who didn’t want to be named asked that KHJ News refrain from disclosing the decision that the governor shared with them but give Lolo the opportunity to announce it himself.

KHJ News is honoring the request simply because after so much confusion from the fautasi races, we don’t want to add another one. 

We have reported statements as we heard them and later the people making them, even on recordings, give a different version of what we and others present heard.

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