Tafuna High’s Louisa Mavaega Paves the Way

Tafuna High School continues to set the bar.

Warrior Louisa Mavaega has become the first female athlete to sign an acceptance letter with a US college this school year.

Grace University, in the state of Nebraska, has offered her a scholarship of $10,500 in the sport of soccer.

One of the scholarship requirements is that she maintain a minimum of a 2.0 grade-point average (GPA), at college, remain in good academic standing, and make satisfactory progress towards a bachelor’s degree.

Mavaega and her parents, along with Tafuna’s Athletic Director, yesterday signed the acceptance letter for the scholarship, allowing Louisa to don the uniform of Grace University Royals and using sports to attain a degree.

Some of Tafuna High Schools achievements this school year are winning the high school science fair, speech festival and history day competition. Well done Warriors!

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