Commissioner Says There’s Progress in Solving Crimes

Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuiele met this week with residents of Tafeta and Mapusaga fou who have called on police to solve a recent series of break ins and prosecute those responsible.

The residents say they live in fear and regard the culprit or culprits who have trespassed into their homes, stolen valuable belongings and touched their children while they were sleeping, as dangerous.

In a letter they wrote to the commissioner January 5th, they said wiithin a two month span, from October 2015 to less than a week ago, there have been at least 10 break-ins or intruders in their homes.

According to the residents, they have provided police with information and identified one suspect but when they checked on the progress, they were told that due to the workload of the investigating officers, they are unable to conduct any further work on their cases at this time..

The commissioner said he met with the residents at his office on Wednesday.

Police are working on the cases and ‘progress has been made in solving the break ins, thefts and trespassings, said the commissioner.

The police responded to the calls and opened five case files to document their investigative activities.

The commissioner told KHJ News today they are making progress and police patrols in the Tafeta/Mapusaga area have been increased.

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