Death of Yachtsman Treated as Homicide for Now

Police are treating the case of a man found dead on his yacht on Monday as a homicide for now.

The 69 year old British citizen was found dead in his bed wit a bleeding nose on his yacht Raven.

Commander of the Criminal Investigations Division, Lavata’i Taase Sagapolutele said the case is being treated as a homicide for niow until their investigations prove otherwise.

Tomas Worldwind, a yachtsman who knew the deceased said that he has been here for two years and had been living with a female companion on the yacht, but she left the island several months ago

Commander Lavata’i declined to provide details of how the man’s body was discovered and by whom.

He said they are still trying to gather information.

Yachstman Wordlwind said when he last saw the man on New Year’s Eve he was well

Last year, a yachtie was found dead on his boat that was moored in the harbor close to Pago Pago Park.

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