State Dinner Thursday to Thank Fono

Governor Lolo Moliga and Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga are hosting a state dinner this Thursday at Lee Auditorium to express appreciation to the Fono.

The governor’s executive assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira says the two executive branch leaders want to express their appreciation to the Legislature for transcending personal agendas and working collaboratively on implementing projects which will create maximum benefits for all the people of American Samoa and not a select few.

Iulogologo said given significant uncertainties and challenges facing the territory this year,, continued collaboration and cooperation is more important than ever.

Elaborating, he said the most significant challenge is how to bolster the canneries’ competitive advantage.

He listed a myriad of factors affecting the canneries: increase in the federal minimum wage, loss of federal incentives, contracted fishing grounds, outrageous high cost of fishing permits charged by islands like Kiribati, increase cost to comply with US Coast Guard Regulations, fishing vessels not going out to fish because the current price of fish is so low the operating cost to go out fishing exceeds revenues, unfavorable treaty outcomes for our local fishing fleet, the proliferation of federal policies negatively impacting the competitive advantage of our local canneries, and direct competition from canneries located in Georgia.

Members of the Judiciary are invited and the cabinet will also attend the state dinner.

Catering is by Terry Steffany and there’ll be a live band and entertainment.

The governor and first lady also hosted a Christmas Party for the cabinet at the Lua Ohana Retreat in Leone.

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