"Senate wants admin to follow budget law"
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03/22/2014 10:18PM
Senate wants admin to follow budget law
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03/23/2014 7:54AM
This to is Right
We must love the law more than we love ourselves--- The law clarifies with clear clarity, what our people are and who we are--- the charge is up to this generation if we are men under the law or under an individual--- we must say, no man is above the law-- we balance the future in this way or what we do now--- not forgetting the past, but assuring we have a future. We are men and women under orders. Like a General of many men in battle or peace--- The man that had most admiration from Jesus was a soldier--- for he had said, to the Lord Jesus, the God of heaven and earth-- you but just say the word, and my servant at home will be healed O lord Jesus--- under orders as a Roman, he acknowledge that Jesus is higher than the Roman Empire--- He said, I also am a man under orders, you but say the word and my servant is healed. Follow the law my friends it keeps us to the will of the Almighty.
03/24/2014 10:49AM
This to...
So who is Pili in your novel...Jesus,the sodiere,God ?What are you saying.To hight to understand,can you come down and talk to us mortals?WOW,coplete out of this world!
03/24/2014 4:37PM
The law
Follow the law. We are all under orders
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