Posted: Thursday, 30 January 2014 3:46PM

CCCAS not commenting on removal

The replacement of Rev. Dr. Tafaimatagi Muasau as president of the Kanana-fou Theological School has come as a surprise to church members.

Attempts to find out the reason why the reverend was removed earlier this week have not been successful.

The  Chairman of the congregational Chirstian Church of American Samoa Rev elder Leatulagi Fa'alevao has cited church policy not to publicize any decisions made by the church’s committee of elders. 

The chairman confirmed that Rev. Muasau is no longer the president of the theological school and apologized that he canot give any information because decisions made by the committeee of elders are strictly internal and not for public disclosure.  

Rev. Faalevao said the committee of elders expressed appreciation for Rev. Muasau’s service to the church and wished he and his family well. 

He said for now vice president Rev. Moleli Niuatoa is acting president until a new president is appointed. 

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01/30/2014 3:51PM
CCCAS not commenting on removal
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01/31/2014 11:40AM
Talofa lava, aisea ua faapea ai faaiuga a le ekalesia. Faamolemole lau susuga a me sui taitaifono, e leai se mea e lilo ile silafaga a me Atua. Aisea ua faapea ai, ua uma atu nai toeaiina na maopoopo ma faia faaiuga tonu a le ekalesia. Talofa e..E alofa Iesu ia te oe ma a'u.
01/31/2014 12:53PM
At the end of the day...
The church has given too much power to these so called Elders...these elders are supposedly given wisdom to lead the church, leading it right down the drain...they do not have the best interest of the congregation as a whole...the removal of the president is only the beginning...come on, God said to speak the truth, why are they holding out this information? all things will come to light soon!!!
02/01/2014 4:16AM
Don't forget...
Please don't forget, that although reasons for removal aren't given, God sees everything. Whatever is done in the dark, will always come to light. I always thought Samoans were people of religion, of families, values, and tradition; however, I am being proven wrong almost on a daily basis. We can do two things: make it better OR make it worse. Let's make it GREAT! I pray for peace, love, knowledge and wisdom upon our elders, families, and loved ones. Take care & God bless
02/01/2014 3:12PM
Ue e!
Ea lava pe a faatali se'i uma lelei lenei tausaga aoga ona fai laia o laea fa'aiugs? Ai o ata aamu mai Malua? Rev. Tafa Muasau - let go & let God. Ua toetiti valaau mai se nuu ia te oulua. God bless you and your family!
02/01/2014 10:33PM
ova le faapolokiki
ua oo lava i totonu ole ekalesia a Le Atua nei mea o polokiki talofae ia Iesu ma lana ekalesia
02/06/2014 6:58PM
Hang on.
Lots of comments regarding the Elders but not one questioning whether the transgression was made by Rev. Muasau. We're in Samoa, nothing is secret anymore.
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