Posted: Wednesday, 31 July 2013 5:55AM

Suspended, reinstated and now fired

The director of Human Resources has cited poor job performance, insubordination, and misconduct as some of the reasons Chief of Customs Vaetagaloa Glen Lefiti is being fired.

The termination of Vaetagaloa's services, which will be effective August 28, was made at the recommendation of Vaetagaloa’s boss Treasurer Falema’o Dr Phil Pili.

Among reasons, HR Director Le’i Sonny Thompson cited for the termination are Vaetagaloa's failure to properly account for and deposit all revenues from Customs operations. This siad Le'i  further demonstrates low job performance on the part of the customs chief.

Vaetagaloa is also being blamed for not transmitting and surrendering to the commissioner of public safety all illegally imported and confiscated contraband.

It's believed some of the confiscated items were uncovered inside the customs chief’s office during an investigation launched not longr after Vaetagaloa was placed suspension.

HR also claims Vaetagaloa failed to properly inform his immediate supervisor regarding the incident with Customs officer Francis Maluia.

Maluia was suspended over allegations that he removed a box that came through Post Office mail without allowing customs agents to check its contents.

Le’i says the incident with Maluia possibly violated not only local laws but also federal regulations governing the US Postal Service.

HR informed Vaetagaloa that he has the right to appeal his termination with the Admnistrative Law Judge.

When Vaetagaloa was placed on suspension in May, he issued a statement saying that he is not afraid to face the allegations against him and he plans to fight  to the fullest extent of the law.

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08/01/2013 6:06AM
Suspension, reinstatement and now termination
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08/01/2013 6:37AM
Take it and run with it. Take that $300K a year job. Life is too short
08/01/2013 8:53PM
Regardless, don't think Glenn would have been reinstated anyway; this administration has it for this guy & there's nothing he could have done otherwise! It's politics @ it's finest!
08/03/2013 11:12AM
Had it coming
You let a guy walk out of the Post Office with a suspected package under your watch. You're not exactly the kind of "Front line of Defense" we need.
08/07/2013 2:57PM
not politics but personal
Togiola brought this guy in and tried to get rid of him, but every treasurer found out that Vaetagaloa knew his stuff. Now their will be a new chief who will not have the respcet of the young men and women of customs. Lei, and Falema'o have weekend the government and weekend our territory.
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