"Governor: Pat Galea'i not a target"
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05/04/2013 8:30AM
Governor: Pat Galea'i not a target
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05/04/2013 4:38PM
It is plain to read of the dignity of Governor Lolo. Especially, in regards of the acts and behavior of Pat. What a better man, Governor Lolo, is that he identifies Pat as his aiga. Although, it is obvious in the now and upcoming ramifications that Pat faces, and hopefully he will display a better behavior than what he has already displayed and commented. Especially, against our dignified and honorable Governor and his upscale Directors and Staff.
05/04/2013 10:54PM
Pity Me In Carson
What the hell is 'Lady of the Reef' talking about?
05/05/2013 4:18PM
Let not these sweet words out of ones mouth disguise ones true intentions. Aiga or not, 1602 will not be swept under rug. This also depends if Pat will be bought off and have a change of heart now that Lolo call's him aiga. Upscale directors? maybesome but not all. Honorable will depend on 1602 and how these 4 years turn out. Ones personal and moral character tells much about ones honor. Lolo is not a Saint.
05/06/2013 7:50AM
Nor honest
Lolo has his agenda influenced by his close circle of co-conspirators. He is trying to do good but it's a balancing act to cover the not good. Such is the nature of politics. The challenges are Economy, Health, and Manu'a. So far he's getting a "D" in all three from this podium.
05/06/2013 9:15AM
This to is Funny as Helll
Pat is not a target people---- no no no-- he is a bullseye----winner take all morons-- Pat, get a clue already. This is tired run of the mill news. You lost the election, get the hell over it.
05/06/2013 11:25AM
Re: lady of the reef
"Dignified and honorable man" really? Because he called Pat his 'aiga'... Boy, if that was all anyone needed to do to be called 'dignified and honorable' then everyone and their mother is honorable, including those greedy birds in the Fono;) Lady of the Reef, I don't know what Rock you're living under but you might want to get your head outta there and take a whiff of reality, it's staring you straight in the face!!
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