"Governor seeks Fono approval for bigger boards"
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03/05/2013 3:59PM
Governor seeks Fono approval for bigger boards
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03/05/2013 7:59PM
board members
gov. moliga i am unsupportive of having faifeau in the retirement board;just let them stregthen their church affiliations and continuing praying for the territory. you have tertiary graduates with solid business expetize that are unemployed to fill the slots. manuia amerika samoa.
03/05/2013 8:12PM
this is all politics b.s.
03/06/2013 2:10PM
Ua ova fo'i Lolo
Ok, my opinion these business people wants to get dip their hands in the retirement monies. Please if you are bankrupt,don't try to get more money the easy way...just saying...
03/07/2013 12:21PM
bigger boards
Please do not extend boards, if you do so, it will cost more $$ for the government. Friendly suggestion: Continue to use existing boards as it already is. If it needs extending, then start by re-organizing, train existing members to specialize in current and future projects. Continue to reuse the people you already have because knowledge is a growing process and it will help save $$. Soifua, PLT
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