"Suspended, reinstated and now fired"
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08/01/2013 6:06AM
Suspension, reinstatement and now termination
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08/01/2013 6:37AM
Take it and run with it. Take that $300K a year job. Life is too short
08/01/2013 8:53PM
Regardless, don't think Glenn would have been reinstated anyway; this administration has it for this guy & there's nothing he could have done otherwise! It's politics @ it's finest!
08/03/2013 11:12AM
Had it coming
You let a guy walk out of the Post Office with a suspected package under your watch. You're not exactly the kind of "Front line of Defense" we need.
08/07/2013 2:57PM
not politics but personal
Togiola brought this guy in and tried to get rid of him, but every treasurer found out that Vaetagaloa knew his stuff. Now their will be a new chief who will not have the respcet of the young men and women of customs. Lei, and Falema'o have weekend the government and weekend our territory.
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