About 3,700 people for Amnesty Program

Numbers are still being finalized for the immigration amnesty program aimed at legalizing foreigners who are in the territory without proper authorization.  


Tasting for beer made of ulu

Beer made of breadfruit?  


2E Corporation to renovate fish market

A company called 2E Corporation has been awarded the contract to renovate the Fagatogo fish market.


ALJ rules in favor of Whitehorn

Administrative Law Judge Toetagata Albert Mailo has found in favor of Whitehorn Construction Inc., concerning its contract dispute with the American Samoa Government over the multi million airport road project. 


Territorial Auditor position still vacant

The position of Territorial Auditor remains vacant two years into the  Lolo and Lemanu Administration.


DOE Director supports sex education

The Director of Education believes Samoan parents would be open to reviewing a curriculum for sex education in public schools if they were provided with the facts, such as the impact and the rising rate of teenage pregnancy in American Samoa.


Man jailed for 28 months for sexual assault

A 19-year-old man who broke into a home and sexually abused a woman as she was sleeping with her toddler was sentenced by the High Court today to 28 months in jail.


US Army recruiters clear misconceptions

The local Army Recruiting Office is working to change a certain mindset regarding careers in the US Army. 

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