Fautasi captains say $1,000 fee too high

The office of Samoan Affairs has been asked to reduce the entry fee for the Flag day fautasi race. 

'Get into your sanctuary campaign' kicks off

Getting residents to experience, explore, discover and learn about the National Marine Sanctuaries of American Samoa is the aim of a campaign that was launched this morning at the Tauese P. Sunia Ocean Center in Utulei.  

Alliance loses tax exempt status

The Alliance for Stgrengthening Families has lost its non profit 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status because the group failed to submit necessary paperwork to the Internal Revenue Service. 

Woman admits to embezzling $11,000

A former employee of GHC Reid Inc., admitted today in High Court to embezzling more than $11,000 from the company in 2010.  

AVM optimistic it will start construction soon

The owner of the filipino company aiming to set up a manufacturing plant to produce Made in American Samoa food items is optimistic that the project will get off the ground soon.   

Stomach flu cases up this week

The Department of Health said in a Communicable Disease report that the week ending yesterday showed above levels for flu-like symptoms, acute fever and rash, and gastroenteritis or the stomach flu. 

Funding for CJPA on the decline

The Criminal Justice Planning Agency is proceeding with caution and is carefully reviewing all active grants it administers as it waits to hear from the US Department of Justice regarding funding for Fiscal Year 2015.


Coral bleaching spreading fast

An off island team is working with the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa to document and capture the severe coral bleaching affecting the territory’s corals. 
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