Mission unaccomplished at Aunuu

They pulled and they tugged but they couldn’t remove the fishing vessel that’s been  on the reef near Aunuu island  for more than a week. 

Tua'au Kereti makes third bid for Congress

Third try a charm? Tua’au Kereti Matautia is making his third bid for American Samoa's seat in Congress.  

Flu like bug spreading like wildfire

Schools and workplaces are reporting high absenteeism because of the flu like disease which seems to be spreading like wildfire in the territory.  

Polynesian Airlines gets 30 day green light

The US Department of Transportation has again given Polynesian Airlines the thumbs up to continue flights to Manu’a. 
Lupesinaosamoa Esther Kia'aina & Lydia Nomura

Lupesinaosamoa "stunned" with title bestowal

Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs Esther Kia’aina says she was stunned when she was bestowed the honorary matai title Lupesinaosamoa. 

Governor absent at Retirement Fund briefing for leaders

Governor Lolo Moliga did not make it to the meeting in Honolulu where Actuary advisers of the Retirement fund were to give a briefing for government leaders concerning the pension fund’s unfunded liability.

Archbishop Alapati is 1st Samoan to offer Mass at Basilica

The leader of the catholic Church in Samoa, Archbishop Alapati Lui Mataeliga  became the first Samoan priest in history to celebrate Mass at the largest Catholic Church in the United States.  

FEMA impressed with AS Homeland Security

Other than for a team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be on island when Tropical Cyclone Amos hits,  ASG is not submitting any other request for assistance from the federal agency.
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