Heavy rains and gusty winds tonight

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for Tutuila and Aunu’u islands until 7:00 tonight due to heavy rainfall from a trough over the Samoan Islands.  

Shipping delays bad for business

A local wholesaler says his sales has dropped dramatically because his business doesn’t have much to sell as a result of the work slowdown on the US west coast which has delayed shipments. 

Same judge will preside in Vaitautolu-Langford case

The federal judge presiding over the criminal case against Native Hawaiian Holding Company official Quin Rudin will also be presiding over the case against former Department of Human Resources Director Evelyn Vaitautolu-Langford. 

Weapons ordered by former Commish secured

Acting Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato says all of the weapons that were acquired in preparation for the arming of police officers are accounted for. 

Polynesian to continue Manu'a service

The US Department of Transportation has granted another 30-day cabotage waiver to Polynesian Airlines so it can continue flights to Manu’a next month. 

Repairs underway at Alava trail and road

The National Park advises that due to erosion issues, emergency repairs are in progress along the Mount ‘Alava trail and road for the next few weeks.

Change proposed to protect bond holders

As ASG awaits Fono approval to get into the banking business, the governor has submitted an amendments to ensure that pledged revenues for bond repayment is not touched unless the bond has been paid off.     

Measure seeks pay increments

Three lawmakers Larry Sanitoa, Vailoata Eteuati Amituanai and Puleleiite Tufele Lia’s Jr. are requesting the governor in a resolution introduced yesterday to lift the freeze and give eligible government employees their step increments in this fiscal year.
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