Leaders pow-wow in two weeks

Leaders of the three braches of government will be meeting with Congresswoman elect Aumua Amata when she returns to the territory in two weeks to attend the opening of the 34th Legislature on January 12.  

Nothing new in substation shooting probe

Police are still continuing their investigation into the drive by shooting targeting the Leone police substation on November 1st. 

Jaryl Mamea plays in St. Petersburg Bowl

A son of American Samoa Jaryl Mamea played in today's St. Petersburg Bowl for University of Central Florida.  

Husband charged with burglary of wife's home

A husband separated from his wife is facing burglary and assault charges after he allegedly broke into his wife’s home. 

Warning for business non-filers

Businesses who have made it a habit not to file their taxes should be forewarned that the Tax Office will be targeting them in the new year.  

Court denies Ripley's motion to dismiss case

The Trial Court has denied a request from former manager of the Office of Motor Vehicles Mrs Marie Ripley to have her three year old criminal case dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Have you renewed your business license

As 2014 draws to a close, business owners are urged to please renew their business licenses and not wait till the last day to renew which is next Wednesday, December 31.    

More than 20 spent Christmas in jail

More than 20 people spent Christmas behind bars because of public peace disturbance complaints and driving under the influence of alcohol cases. 
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