Photo: Olivia Red Gillet

All public schools closed Monday

The Department of Education has decided to suspend all public schools on Monday, April 20.

Fautasi race tentatively set for Monday

There will be no fautasi race today because of rough seas.   

Captains meeting underway

Fautasi captains have gathered at the Fale at the Suiga ula ole Atuvasa in Utulei if and when the 2015 Flag Day fautasi race will be held. 

Fautasi race will not be held at 7am Saturday

The Flag Day fautasi race will not be held at 7am Saturday as announced earlier by the Flag Day Fautasi Committee. 

Veterans take center stage in 2015 Flag Day

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Retired Command Sgt. Major and Senate President Gaoteote Palaie, in command at the Flag Day ceremony calling on all veterans, service men and women to salute the flag that they defended.  

Positive response from fair participants

Organizers of the 2 Samoa Trade Fair are very happy with the response and the networking between businesses from here and Samoa during the four day trade exhibition. 

Man admits to smoking marijuana

A man who smoked a marijuana cigarette outside a local bar has pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a controlled substance. 
Photo: Olivia Red Gillet

Happy 2015 Flag Day

The tents are up, the stadium has been decorated and cleaned and before daylight groups were already gathering for the 2015 flag day program at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.   
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