Photo: Courtesy Hokule'a

Swains visit strengthens crews' resolve

They had read about Swains island and seen photos of the island but being able to set foot there was an experience that the crews of the Hokule’a and Hikianalia would never forget.

Declaration of disaster helps SSBCI

The presidential declaration of American Samoa as a disaster area is seen by the contractors who are helping set up American Samoa’s State Small Business Credit Initiative Program as a boost in efforts to set up new businesses in the territory. 

Four fishermen alive and well in Samoa

The four local fishermen who went missing while heading from Tutuila to Manu’a two weeks ago are now in Apia awaiting word from Samoa’s Department of Foreign Affairs as to when they will return home. 

Magalei: E le ai afu le maota lenei

The House and Senate will vote on their respective versions of the Fiscal Year 2015 budget bill in final reading today.


Defendant has to pay back $23,000

Filoialii Mata’u was ordered Friday by the High Court to pay $23,000 in restitution to Tri Marine International, the amount of cash he took from the company last year.


ASH Cable pursues second undersea cable

The American Samoa Hawaii Cable company is pursuing a second submarine cable. 

Hokule'a captain presented Senate resolution

A Senate Concurrent resolution honoring the Polynesian Voyaging Society and its navigating canoes Hokule’a and Hikianalia was today presented to navigator Nainoa Thompson. 

Retirees can look forward to bigger checks next month

With less than 2 weeks before the start of the new month, the fono is moving quickly to pass a bill to authorize a .5% increase in annuities for government retirees.  
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