What's Happening

Daycare center employee a no show in court

District Court Judge Elvis Patea today issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the former daycare employee accused of assaulting an infant after the employee did not show up in court. 

Pre trial for defendant in Le Aute case continued

The pretrial conference for Ah Kiong or Ationo Talamoa, charged in connection with the police raid of Le Aute Sports bar in March has been continued to next month to allow his lawyer to review discovery from the government. 

Oldest TAOA participant turns 100 next week

The oldest participant in the Territorial Administration on Aging or TAOA Program is 99-year-old Fiatagata Tuisamatatele. 

Polynesian gets another 30 day waiver

Polynesian Airlines has been granted another cabotage waiver by the US Department of Transportation to continue flights to Manua Islands. 

Rough weather cuts short fuel removal

About 50 gallons of diesel fuel was removed yesterday from the longliner, Seahawk 68 that’s grounded on the reef off the airport.

Not enough applicants for fisheries scholarships

A workshop to help identify the most needed science research related to fisheries eco systems in American Samoa has discussed ways to attract local students to get into fisheries. 

Stores selling cigarettes for $5

Even before the 25 cent excise tax on cigarettes goes into effect, some stores are selling cigarettes for $5 a pack.   

Governor says there's no rift between he & Lt. Gov

He said they symbolize the knowledge of our past and they are the foundation of our future. 

Governor looks into immigration flaws

The governor is concerned  with weaknesses in immigration enforcement that have allowed convicted felons who were banned as part of their sentences to re enter the territory.  

Tax errors hurting ASG

Tax Office Manager Richard Jimmerson says poor booking keeping and tax filers not stating their revenues and expenses correctly are hurting ASG’s tax collection. 

Datamatics & Aviana partnership would create jobs

The Department of Commerce is encouraging those interested in technology type jobs to check a Job Fair happening tomorrow at the Tradewinds Hotel.  

It's Senior Citizens Day

More than 1,000 senior citizens will be at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa tomorrow to celebrate Senior Citizens Day. 

Workshop helps identify most needed research

A workshop which began yesterday is looking at research needs for fisheries and eco systems in American Samoa. 

Vessel owner is responsible for all costs

ASG officials don’t want a repeat of what happened to vessels which were grounded during Cyclone Val to occur with the longliner that‘s on its side on the reef near the airport.

Vehicle burglar gets 28 month jail term

A man who broke into a vehicle and took off with a laptop and cell phones was sentenced today to 28 months in jail. 

No reduction in work hours

ASG is still in dire financial straits but apparently not dire enough to warrant a reduction in hours.  

Governor Lolo will tell FAA not to interfere

Governor Lolo Moliga will tell the Federal Aviation Administration not to interfere with land leases made by the present and previous administrations involving land that was originally dedicated for airport use.   

Integrated response needed for climate change

Director of Marine and Wildlife Resources Dr Ruth Matagi Tofiga agreed with SPREP Director General Daniel Sheppard that an integrated response is essential in addressing climate change and natural disaster in the Pacific. 

Call for special industry committees to be fair

Businesswoman Isabel Hudson says if the government is successful in bringing back special industry committees to set the minimum wage for American Samoa, such committees should be fair. 

Man jailed for stealing Dickies shorts

A man who took two pair of Dickies shorts from a residential home in 2013 has been sentenced to 28 months in jail. 

Woman accuses Immigration chief of vendetta

The Attorney General’s office is investigating allegations by a Filipino woman that she has been denied amnesty because of a personal vendetta by senior immigration officials. 

Governor asks HA to remove mileage restrictions

Governor Lolo Moliga has written to Hawaiian Airlines CEO and President Mark Dunkerley not to restrict ASG’s mileage program to the carrier’s current mileage policies. 

Chamber suggests abolishing Tax Exemption Bd

The Chamber of Commerce has suggested that the ASG Tax Exemption Board be abolished along with all present tax exemptions granted to businesses. 

Vui wants improvements to prevent accidents

Tualauta lawmaker Vui Florence Saulo has written to the Commissioner of Public Safety and Director of Public Works to improve the road in front of Lupelele Elementary School after a 7th grader was struck by a car while crossing the street.

Broadcasters get a taste of the island

It was a jam packed itinerary for 12 members of the International Broadcasters Idea Bank who arrived Friday and left last night. 

New BPO company plans to hire 250

A business process outsourcing company has ambitious plans to launch in the territory in six months.   

Man accused of stabbing teenager

12 people were arrested over the Memorial Day weekend and most of them were under the influence of alcohol. 

Colorful end to Mental Health Awareness Month

Those with mental illnesses and their families were remembered in a special way on Memorial Day.   

Nu'uuli VoTech marks 30 years

Alumni, faculty and school administrators of Nuuuli Vocational Technical High School celebrated Friday night the school’s 30th anniversary. 

Honoring and remembering their sacrifice

The sacrifice of men and women who died serving the nation was remembered in three ceremonies yesterday.  

Oil spill threat from grounded longliner

Two members of the Coast guard Pacific Strike Team arrived from Honolulu last night to help with the assessment of the longliner which ran aground the reef just off Coconut Point last Friday morning.   

ASG plans to reduce corporate tax rate

ASG is working on legislation to reduce the corporate tax rate which is currently one of the highest in the world. 

Defense attorney says client punished himself

Attorney for 1602 project owner Faamaoni John Utu has asked the court for a probated sentence for her client. 

Memorial Day ceremonies on land and sea

Two ceremonies will be held on Memorial Day on Monday to remember those who died while serving the Armed Forces.

Public seeks assurances that taxes put to good use

How can ASG assure the public that the additional monies it wants to take from taxpayers’ pockets through a sales tax proposal will be put to good use? 

Faasao Marist High School accredited for 3 years

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ Accrediting Commission for Schools has granted Faasao Marist High School accreditation status for the next three years. 

Congresswoman remembers fallen heroes

Congresswoman Aumua Amata says as the people of American Samoa gather this weekend with friends and family, "let us all take a moment to remember those who have given so much for our nation."  

Awareness activities for Safe Boating Week

Staff of law enforcement agencies aided by volunteers from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla have been speaking to the public this week about the importance of boat safety.

Longliner runs aground near airport

A longliner ran aground near the airport this morning and its crewmembers had to deploy life rafts to get to shore. 

Silence on minimum wage hike unsettling chamber

&&’ The government and the delegate to Congress have not said much about what they’re doing about the next 50 cent hike in the minimum wage and that’s making leaders of the Chamber of Commerce unhappy. 

Dont put that umbrella away yet

Two weather patterns over the Samoan islands are causing the wet weather that the territory has been facing this week. 

28 months for stealing bike while on probation

A man who stole a mountain bike from a residential home in 2013 has been sentenced to 28 months in jail for second-degree burglary. 

Congresswoman is on top of wage hike issue

Congresswoman Aumua Amata is working on legislation to stop the fifty-cent increase in the local minimum wage which is due on September 30. 

Honoring fallen heroes on Memorial Day

In his Memorial Day Message, Governor Lolo Moliga asks the people of American Samoa to pray for our military servicemen and women "lest they too are called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice." 

Coming soon, sales tax on goods and services

The next tax proposal to come down from the Administration will be a sales tax on goods and services in the territory. 

International Broadcasters Idea Bank visits island

Radio station owners from across the United States and Australia are spending the Memorial Day weekend in the territory to see the successes and challenges of radio stations in a small island. 

New EHR system avoids duplicate lab orders

In addition to providing safe and secure access to patient information, the hospital’s new Electronic Health Records (EHR) system will save LBJ money. 

Sport and studies a winning combination

Fagaitua High School Football Head Coach Suaese Pooch Taase says more and more student athletes are realizing how important it is to not only focus on their sport but also their studies. 

Pacific sets rules for deep sea mineral prospecting

The Government of Samoa is this week hosting a regional workshop on deep sea minerals policy and legislative drafting organised with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). 

ASG asks court to dismiss dog bite lawsuit

The American Samoa Government has asked the High Court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a dialysis patient who was attacked by a dog at the LBJ Hospital. 

Rep. Larry Sanitoa thanks DPW for fixing potholes

Tualauta Representative Larry Sanitoa has expressed thanks to the leadership of Public Works for repairing some of the potholes in his district. 

Congresswoman hosts Close Up group

Students from American Samoa who are part of the Close Up Program got to visit Congresswoman Aumua Amata at her Washington, DC office. 

Retirement Fund approves $2 million loan for DBAS

The Development Bank of American Samoa is poised to get a $2 million loan from the Retirement Fund.


KHJ News understands that the Retirement Fund has approved the loan but has not disbursed it yet as the Retirement and DBAS are finalizing the loan details and repayment.


Chairman of the DBAS Board of Directors Senator Saoluaga Nua confirmed that they are waiting for

NASA to spend some money in American Samoa

NASA is flying a long range research aircraft DC-8 to American Samoa four times over a period of three years as part of a study of the Earth’s atmosphere by NASA and scientists from nearly a dozen universities and agencies.

Mental Health Awareness ends with fun run/walk

A fun run and walk event is being planned on Memorial Day culminating activities for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Want to serve on sanctuary council?

NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is seeking applicants for two primary seats on its advisory council.

Man charged after slapping wife

A father was charged yesterday with third degree assault and public peace disturbance after he beat up his wife for not taking their children to school. 

Tafuna High School gets 3-year accreditation

The Accrediting Commission for Schools has granted a three year accredition status to Tafuna High School. 

Man sues ASG for dog bite at hospital

A dialysis patient who was attacked by a stray dog when he went for his appointment at the LBJ Hopsital is suing ASG for more than $100,000. 

Workshop on scientific data to support fisheries

A workshop will be held next week to get public input about the type of scientific research American Samoa needs to support its fisheries. 

Man admits to smoking marijuana

A man who was found smoking a marijuana joint with his friend at the parking lot of Bowling Alley last year today pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of marijuana. 

Student hit by a car on crosswalk

A Lupelele Elementary School student was hit by a car yesterday while on the crosswalk in front of the school. 

Jazz Festival dedicated to Jazz Queen Mavis Rivers

Grammy winner Laauli Matt Catinghub is slated to visit the islands to perform at the Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival, which is being dedicated this year to his mother, Samoa’s Jazz Queen Mavis Chloe Rivers. 

Olivia & Daniel are most popular baby names in territories

The most popular baby names in American Samoa, Guam and Saipan for 2014 are Olivia and Daniel. 

Doctor a no show at court hearing

A hearing on a request from former Immigration Officer Polone Savea to travel off island for medical reasons has been continued to next week because the doctor subpoenaed to testify was a no show. 

What's causing cigarette shortage?

There has been a shortage of cigarettes on island, but depending on who you talk to, the shortage may be created by stores taking advantage of the coming increase in the excise tax for cigarettes or by the west coast shipping delays.


American Samoa suggests remaining on UN list

After decades of asking  to be removed from the United Nations  list of Non-Self Governing Territories, American Samoa yesterday told the UN Special Committee on Decolonization that perhaps it’s best that American Samoa remain on the list of non self governing territories.

DOH closes down laundromat in Pago Pago

Health inspectors closed down the TM Inc Laundromat in Pago Pago yesterday evening after customers complained about the foul smell coming from some of the washing machines. 

UN boss urges action on non-self governing territories

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the international community has an obligation to ensure that a full measure of self-government is achieved for the remaining territories.

Forty-four students accepted for JSA Program

Forty-four high school students from American Samoa have been accepted to attend the 2015 Junior Statesmen Summer Schools. 

Congresswoman pays tribute to fallen warrior

On Monday in Washington DC, Congresswoman Aumua Amata honored a fallen American Samoan soldier by placing a wreath at the Vietnam War Memorial. 

Beach erosion study of Utulei Beach seeks permit

Beach Recovery Foundation, a non profit group out of Connecticut, is seeking a land use permit to carry out a study of Utulei Beach. 

US House approves bill to boost veteran jobs

The US House of Representatives passed yesterday by unanimous vote H.R. 1382, the *Boosting Rates of American Veteran Employment (BRAVE) Act*, of which Congresswoman Aumua Amata is an original cosponsor. 

OPAD has two certified incident investigators

Two staff members of the Office for the Protection and Advocacy for the Disabled have been certified as incident investigators.

Plea deal for woman who filed false US tax returns

Federal prosecutors have offered a plea deal to a Samoan woman accused of using her clients’ tax information to defraud the US Government of more than $200,000. 

Police investigate man's death

Police are investigating the death of an elderly man from Afono, an apparent suicide. 

Le Aute owner seeks suppression of meth evidence

The owner of the Le Aute Sports Bar Tumuatasi Leafatia or Mama Lefatia is seeking the High Court to suppress evidence relating to the methamphetamine found during a police search of her home on March 9. 

ASEPA hosts Pacific Islands Environment Conference

More than 100 off island participants will travel to American Samoa next month to take part in the 28th Pacific Islands Environment Conference hosted by the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA). 

Fuatino Solaita selected for OIA internship program

A local student has been selected to take up a summer internship at the Office of Insular Affairs in Washington D.C. 

CJ seeks information about 30-day permits

Chief Justice Michael Kruse is now seeking information from the government regarding its 30-day permit policy. 

Constance Anna Palelei represents AS in Miss US

The new Miss American Samoa United States Constance Anna Palelei will be representing American Samoa at the Miss United States Pageant at the end of June. 

Pre trials for mother and son reset for June

The pretrial conference hearings for Le Aute Sports Bar owner Tumuatasi Leafatia or Mama Lefatia and her son Manu Lefatia have been reset for next month.

Waste water seeps into Territorial Registrar's Office

The Territorial Registrar’s Office was filled with foul smell all day today. 

Public gets to comment on LVPA amendment

The public will get a chance to comment on an amendment by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council to open some of the now closed waters surrounding American Samoa to longliners to fish.

Leone Midkiff wins Just Play Contest

Elementary students under the Just Play Program are promoting the importance of eating healthy and staying active to fight non communicable diseases. 

It's National Safe Boating Week

Always wear a life jacket.  

Man admits to selling stolen IMacs

Freddie Faaoso Viliamu has admitted to selling two iMac computers that were stolen from Leone High School to his neighbors in 2012. 

CA company conducts drug testing training

More than 20 police officers, probation officers as well as the parole officer and staff members of the Attorney General’s Office participated on Saturday in a drug testing training by California company, Biotech Screening. 

More revealed about immigration's look out list

The IT technician for the Office of Immigration says only two people at Immigration can now access the “lookout list,” a list which includes the names of people banned from entering the territory.

Tafuna High's Charu Joserose wins at ISEF

16-year-old Charu Joserose of Tafuna High School is a Grand Awards recipient at last week’s International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Lualemaga: Go directly to US not to UN

Western District Governor Lualemaga Faoa says American Samoa should go directly to the United States and not the United Nations if it has a problem with its political status with the US. 

CJ worries that files are "recklessly left unprotected"

Another court hearing into how a sex offender was able to enter the territory despite a stay away order has revealed how the Immigration Office’s computer system is open to serious vulnerabilities.

Legislation on parking for special population

The Office of Protection & Advocacy for the Disabled is working on incorporating recommendations from the public in its proposal concerning parking for persons with disabilities. 

Book drive for inmates at TCF

A new non profit organization is having a “Community Book Drive” for inmates at the Territorial Correctional Facility. 

Author Lani Wendt-Young encourages young writers

In early May, the Language & Literature Department at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) hosted a talk by renowned writer Lani Wendt Young, author of the popular “Telesa” series of novels for young adults.

East side road upgrade ahead of schedule

Despite wet weather the east side road upgrade by McConnell Dowell is ahead of schedule according to Project manager Stuart Pilot.  

HPD offers to help DPS with drug tests

The Honolulu Police Department has offered to help the Department of Public Safety with drug testing of employees. 
Irving Schuster w Mum and sisters

Six more star athletes sign acceptance letters

Yesterday was a day of celebration for high school football players who have caught the eye of off island colleges and universities.  At a signing ceremony at Sadies by the Sea, six young men.

Government not filing additional charges against Finai

There will be no further charges filed against Nimarota Finai by the government in connection with a machete attack in Leloaloa over the weekend.  

DHSS suspends Airport Daycare

The Department of Human and Social Services has suspended operations of Airport Daycare, where the alleged abuse of an infant baby happened in the hands of a daycare employee who longer works there. 
Dr. Marrone in scrubs with ASCC students

CEO comments on Dr. Marrone's contract

There’s no reduction or increase in the salary for the Chief of the Pediatric Department at LBJ Hospital Dr. James Marrone in his new contract but there are reductions in some of his benefits.  

To arrest or not to arrest is the q

After a week and there was no mention of a police officer seen assaulting his estranged wife in the parking lot of the Executive Office Building last Wednesday, KHJ news received calls from two witnesses reporting the incident.  

Driver found with marijuana gets 20 months

A driver who was found with marijuana in a vehicle he was driving last December has been sentenced to 20 months in jail and fined $2,000.

System allows secure record sharing

Patients who travel off island for medical reasons will no longer have to hand carry a copy of their medical records from LBJ to an off island hospital they plan to visit. 

Support & opposition for consolidation

There was support and opposition to a plan by the Department of Education to consolidate the elementary schools of Fitiuta and Faleasao.  

$1.3 m in tax refund checks out Friday

The next batch of tax refunds checks will be released tomorrow, Friday, May 15 beginning at 10 am.  
Origin Energy drill

Origin Energy tests fire response

Origin Energy Gas Company conducted its annual Disaster/Emergency exercise at its Aua terminal this morning.  

Man who hid pot in crotch jailed for 3 years

A man who came on an Hawaiian Airlines flight with marijuana was sentenced to 3 years in jail and fined $3,000 for unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. 

Woman charged with abusing infant no longer at Airport Daycare

The woman  who allegedly  assaulted an infant baby by tying her mouth and holding her upside down is no longer employed at Airport Daycare.  

Unlawful to sell cigarettes individually

  A resident of  Vatia was issued a notice of violation by the Department of Commerce for selling goods form her home without a license.   

American Samoa scoped for NASA project

American Samoa is being considered as one of the deployment sites for a NASA project  to measure reactive gases and aerosols around the world, with the hope that the findings will provide scientific back up to reduce global warming and improve air quality.

Former OFC President banned for 8 years

Former Oceania Football President Reynald Temarii has been banned for eight years for accepting more than US$300,000 from former Asian Football president Mohamed bin Hammam.   

DOC team assigned to review shipyard

The government has not acted on its plan to set up a joint venture with a private company to operate the shipyard at Satala.  

Hospital's new EHR to resolve billing issue

The LBJ Hospital is confident its new electronic health records system will improve the way its billing and accounts receivables are recorded and handled so that it will no longer be an issue with their auditors. 

Oliver recipes on school menu next year

The School Lunch Program was not able to introduce some of the recipes that celebrity chef Robert Oliver taught chief cooks and their assistants because of the slow down on government spending.   

DHSS responds to mistreatment at daycare

The Department of Human and Social Services says it is implementing an established crisis management and response plan as it looks into a case of a daycare employee who allegedly assaulted an infant at a daycare center in Tafuna. 

Meleah found not guilty of stealing

42-year-old Jennifer Annie Meleah has been found “not guilty” of stealing by a High Court jury this afternoon. 

May & June are Click it or Ticket It months

The Department of Public Safety is taking their Click It or Ticket Campaign to the streets tomorrow. 

Congresswoman visits VA facility in Phoenix

Congresswoman Aumua Amata, a Member of the U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC), made her first visit to a VA facility on the mainland, since joining the committee in January. 
Photo: RNZI/Autagavaia Tipi

Movie star donates costume for fundraiser

Hollywood actress Roberta Haynes has donated a costume used in her 'Return to Paradise' movie to raise funds for paraplegics in Samoa. 

'The purest jazz voice I've ever heard'

To mark International Jazz Day, the Fine Arts Department at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC), hosted a talk by Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival Director Ms. Peta Siulepa. 

Tax Office identifying business non filers

If you own a business and haven’t been filing your taxes, the Tax Office is coming after you.  

LBJ gets ready to launch electronic records

The LBJ Hospital is hoping to get its new and improved Electronic Health Record system on line by next month. 

Blood samples sent to CDC for testing

A report on whether American Samoa is clear of the lymphatic filariasis will not be available until the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention completes testing samples from local school children. 

Investment Committee clears four proposals

A shopping mall, a flower and vegetable farm,  a computer and electrical services company and a security delivery type business are projects which have been given the thumbs up by the Investment Committee.

The PI part of AAPI gets recognition

The leadership of Hawaiian and Pacific islander women was credited by a panelist in yesterday’s White House Summit on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for islanders getting more attention in Washington D.C.  

ASNOC officials meet IOC President

Officials of the American Samoa National Olympic Committee presented a report on the status and needs of sports development in the territory to the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach.

Woman tried for stealing from seniors

A woman on trial for stealing from an elderly couple she worked for told the jury yesterday that she got permission from her employer to withdraw money from their bank account for daily expenses for the couple and for her pay.

Employee charged with assaulting infant

A day care center employee was charged yesterday for assaulting a child under her care. 

OIA awards $650,000 for coral reef efforts

Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Esther  Kia'aina has approved nearly $650,000 in initial grant assistance to fund several efforts to reduce threats and improve management of coral reefs in the U.S. insular areas.  

Judge approves travel funds for John Utu

A federal judge has signed off on a request from 1602 project owner Faamaoni John Utu to make noncustodial arraignments for his travel to Washington DC for his sentencing next month. 

SBA reminds of approaching deadline

American Samoa private nonprofit (PNP) organizations are being reminded that June 10 is the deadline to apply for an US Small Business Administration’s loan for economic injury caused by the severe storms, flooding and landslides last year.

Student drank alcohol in class

An 18-year-old student who consumed alcohol in class and later got into a fight on campus was warned by District Court Judge Pro Temp Fiti Sunia if he takes one sip of alcohol, misses one day of school or does not graduate, he will be jailed.

Am Samoa gets $1.5 m for energy projects

American Samoa has been awarded more than half a million dollars by the Office of Insular Affairs for two renewable energy projects.  

DOI ensuring US upholds treaty obligations

Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell says one of the most important areas of her portfolio deals with indigenous communities of the United States and also the insular areas of the Pacific and the Carribbean.   

Number cleared under Amnesty is 1,073

The number of people registered under the Amnesty Program who have been approved by the Immigration Board to reside in American Samoa is 1,073. 

Vatia matai files suit over Bluesky tower

A senior matai of Vatia has sued Senate President Gaoteote Palaie, Bluesky Communications and the American Samoa Government for allegedly using his family land without permission for a Bluesky tower which he claims is benefitting the defendants and not his family.

Director says 99.9% support for Fagalii school

There was a request for Governor Lolo to meet with leaders of the Poloa, Fagamalo and Fagalii before the new Fagalii elementary school project begins.

Attention on stray dogs impetus for action

Veterinarian Brenda Smith is hopeful that recent attention on the stray dog problem will boost efforts by the Animal Care and Control Program Task Force to trap unwanted dogs and continue spay and neuter clinics.    

Visiting teams praise local tournament

Off island anglers who took part in the 16th Steinlager I’a Lapo’a Gamefishing tournament have praised the Pago Pago Gamefishing Association for a well organized tournament.   

ASCC announces in house scholarships

The fall recipients of the American Samoa Community College “Saili le Atamai” scholarships are Miss Hadassha Tofilau and Miss Jilliane Clemens. 

AG controls entry permits while Amnesty Program in progress

All applications for entry permits are now reviewed by the Attorney General or his designee as the Immigration Office tries to control an influx of foreigners at this time while more than 4,000 people are going through the Amnesty Program.   

ASEDA Vice Chair says Treasury well prepared

Vice Chairman of the American Samoa Economic Authority Board Utu Abe Malae says Treasurer Ueligitone Tonumaipea and Tax Manager Richard Jimmerson bore the brunt of the questioning from bond rating companies and they did an excellent job answering questions.

Cable ship that will lay BLAST fiber optic arrives

Representatives from government, business and the community got a chance to tour the cable ship that will be laying the submarine cable for the Broadband Linking American Samoa Territory or BLAST Project. 

ISO members create child friendly clinic

The  International Student Organization (ISO) at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) has created a more child-friendly atmosphere throughout the Pediatric Clinic at the LBJ Hospital. 

Onesosopo Park to be upgraded with federal grant

Onesosopo Park in to be upgraded in phases and the end result would be a smaller version of the Veterans Memorial Stadium for east side residents. 

Drinking party ends with machete attack

A man was arrested over the weekend after he allegedly attacked another man with a machete. 

Chief of Pediatric given ultimatum

The Chief of the Pediatric Department and one of the longest serving off island doctors at the LBJ Hospital Dr. Jim Marrone has been given an ultimatum to sign the contract given him by the hospital or his services will be terminated.  

Landslide at Fatu-ma-Futi Friday night

A landslide Friday night covered both lanes of the road at Fatu-ma-futi with huge boulders, brush and mud and authorities who repsonded say it was fortunate that there were no vehicles on the road at the time the landslide occurred.  

Fu'a II from Samoa wins I'a Lapo'a

A father and son team Vaughan and Leon Simpson representing Samoa have won the 16th Steinlager I'a Lapo'a Gamefishing Tournament, taking the top prize of $5,000.  

East side restaurants remain closed

Three fastfood restaurants shut down by the Department of Health are still closed because they failed their follow up inspections yesterday. 

Trial of taxi driver postponed to June

The jury trial of a taxi driver accused of stealing from a passenger and also touching her inappropriately has been postponed to next month. 

Archie Taotasi Soliai joins StarKist Samoa management

 StarKist today confirmed that Archie Taotasi Soliai will join the StarKist Samoa team as Manager, Government Relations & Human Resources.  

Bishop Brown: Motherhood is a special vocation

In a message for Mothers Day, the head of the Catholic Church in AmericaN Samoa Bishop Petelo Brown urges everyone to use this opportunity to tell mothers how you love them.

After delays Dog Task Force gets help

A lot has happened to address the stray dog problem in American Samoa since concerns were raised at a recent cabinet meeting about dogs hanging out at the hospital causing health and safety concerns.   

Congresswoman proud of family's military tradition

Congresswoman Aumua Amata spoke about her family’s strong military connections in an address at the Center for Army Analysis in Ft. Belvoir Virginia.   She told the audiens of high level civilian employees and senior military office

No word on ASEDA bond meetings in Honolulu

The meetings of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority Board and bond rating companies in Hawaii completed yesterday. 

Funds needed to ship over ambulances

The LBJ Hospital stands to gain three ambulances from Hawaii as the state acquires new ambulances and retires the existing fleet.  

ASCC Dean will keynote graduation

The Dean of Academic Affairs at the American Samoa Community College Mrs. Letupu Tanuu-Moananu will be the commencement speaker for the Spring 2015 graduation ceremony at ASCC.   

Man admits to damaging sister's home

A man who caused damage to his sister’s house has admitted to his crime. 

Lolo equates MOTHER with SELFLESS

Governor Lolo says when he thinks of the word Mother the word that comes to mind is selfless.  

DOH begins inspecting schools

The Department of Health began inspection territorial schools this week starting with schools in the Eastern District.

Additional funding for hot meal program

The Territorial Administration on Aging Office has received increased funding for the Hot Meal program.   

Fu'a II from Samoa takes the lead

A father and son team landed over 300 pounds of yellowfin tuna yesterday to take first place in the Steinlager I’a Lapo’a Gamefishing Tournament, heading in to the final day of fishing today. 

Beaked whale washes up at Vaitogi

The Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources yesterday responded to a call from Vaitogi residents regarding a whale that was washed up on shore. 

BYU student nurses train at LBJ

Ten nursing students from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah have spent the past two weeks working with local nurses as part of their educational training. 

Passenger pleads guilty to drug possession

A man who entered the territory on the Lady Naomi from samoa with marijuana taped to his body will be sentenced June 8 for unlawful possession of a controlled substance. 

UH Cohort teachers focus on character

Close to 20 University of Hawaii Cohort 30 teachers spent the past semester volunteering at the Boys & Girls Clubs of American Samoa (BGCAS) as part of a 9 week Community Service Project. 

Immigration Office sign raises eyebrows

A photo of a sign on the Immigration Office bulletin board, which has gone viral on FaceBook has been labeled by some as racist and discriminatory.   

Chamber firmly opposed to a wage hike

The board of the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce is opposed to statements by Senator Galeai Tuufuli calling for an increase in the local minimum wage.    

DOE to contract mechanic to diagnose school buses

The Department of Education intends to contract a qualified mechanic with expertise in school buses to ascertain if the nine school buses which have been given to private local mechanic to repair are salvageable.

Online lawfirm changes name to MoanaTele Legal

Two weeks after announcing American Samoa’s first online law office, American Samoa Legal is changing its name.

Call to have top degree graduates teach

The President of the Federation of American Samoa Educators says unless the Department of Education hires qualified teachers in core content areas, students will continue to have low proficiency levels when they graduate.

Ofu welcomes Polynesian Airlines

There was much excitement at Ofu Airport when Polynesian’s Twin Otter aircraft landed this morning. 

April food index dropped 0.9%

There was a 0.9 percent drop in the monthly Basic Food Index at the end of April.   

LBJ Hospital sues Samoa Shipping

The LBJ Hospital has filed a lawsuit against the Samoa Shipping Corporation which owns the Lady Naomi for an unpaid hospital bill. 

Tri Marine says fishing reduction not the answer

Tri Marine International, which owns the Samoa Tuna Processors plant in Atuu doesn’t agree that slowing down fishing boats will fix the problem of excess fishing capacity. 

Some nurses worked 24 hr shifts

Nurses at the LBJ hospital recite the “Nightingale Pledge” at an awards ceremony today honoring their tireless service to the public. 

DOE plans to combine schools in Manu'a

The Department of Education plans to combine the two elementary schools on Ta’u Island, Manu'a.  

President of accrediting commission visits ASCC

The President of the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges  Dr. Barbara Beno spent four days at the American Samoa Community College last week. 

Salaries improved, supplies still short

Aside from nurses, another special group of people being recognized this week is teachers.  


Mariota on Sports Illustrated cover

Jameis Winston may have been the top pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, but Marcus Mariota got on the cover of Sports Illustrated.


Victim blaming a universal response

An advocate for victims of violence is sad but not surprised with negative comments on social media networks and news websites blaming the 15-year-old girl who was allegedly raped by three members of the Don Bosco group for what happened.

Bid for new Samoana Building out soon

The Department of Public Works is hoping that a bid notice for construction of the new classroom building for Samoana High School to replace the History Building that was condemned, will be issued this month.  

Rotary Club welcomes LDS donation

Officials of the Pago Pago Rotary Club expressed thanks to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yesterday for their generous donation that would help in making the Pala Lagoon Swimming Center a reality. 

Team Noelani in the lead

The Pago Pago Game Fishing Association Ia Lapoa Tournament ended its first day of competition yesterday with local Team Noelani taking the early lead with 131 points. 

Governor signs Segaula lease with Tausani

A lease was executed Friday between ASG and new airline Tausani for the lease of the government aircraft Segaula to the airline.  

Committee to review SSBCI proposals today

Today is when five proposals for the State Small Business Credit Initiative will be vetted by the Investment Committee.

New batch of refund checks released Friday

Treasury did not issue a notice but a new batch of tax refund checks was released Friday afternoon.   

LDS Church donates $25,000 for pool center

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints today presented a check of $25,000 to the American Samoa Government and the Pago Pago Rotary Club for the Pala Lagoon Swimming Center. 

Amata reconizes Asian Pacific American Month

On Monday Congresswoman Aumua Amata delivered remarks in observance of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.  
Ernest Puletasi & Dr. Randel DeWees

Three ASCC students to intern off-island

Three students at the American Samoa Community College have landed summer  internships off island through two programs under the National Science Foundation (NSF). 

Nurse Pouiva Reid still serving at 90

The oldest nurse on the LBJ hospital staff, 90-year-old Pouiva Tauoa Reid, is thankful to God for blessing her with the strength to still be able to work as a nurse. 

Man charged with PPD for punching cop

A 39-year-old man who swore at police officers and punched one of them was charged yesterday in District Court.  

Anglers make up for lost time

At 7 this morning the flotilla of fishing vessels competing in the Annual Steinlager I’a Lapo’a Gamefishing Tournament left the Malaloa marina. 

Purse seiners to reduce fishing 35%

In a move that would likely hurt revenues that the territory now receives from the purse seiner fleet, the World Tuna Purse Seine Organization (WTPO) has announced that its members and some cooperating non-members have agreed to a 35 percent reduction in

Meeting to discuss new elementary school

The Department of Education wants to make sure that before work starts on construction of a new elementary school in Fagalii there’s no concerns or opposition to the project. 

UNICEF NZ says thank you

The American Samoa Voluntary Organization Active in Disaster, ASVOAD, has recievd a letter of thanks from UNICEF New Zealand for the donation made for victims of Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.  

Manulele Tausala presented Fautasi Trophy

The 2015 Flag Day fautasi trophy was presented this morning to Nu’uuli’s Manulele Tausala.   

Be caring of those with mental illnesses

Director of Human and Social Services is calling on the territory to remember and honor members of our community who are suffering from mental illness, and not just during the month for mental health awareness. 

Online legal service receives lots of inquiries

The founder of American Samoa Legal, an on line legal service former assistant attorney general Sean Morrison says they have been flooded with inquiries since launching their service.   

Five years for sodomy, sexual abuse

A man who committed sex acts to a nine-year-old girl has been sentenced to serve five years in jail. 

Mauga urges directors to work together

Secretary of Samoan Affairs Mauga Tasi Asuega urged directors on Wednesday to work together so they can build better families, better villages and a better government.  

Lauvao S. Haleck named to ASTCA Board

Governor Lolo has appointed Lauvao Stephen Haleck to the board of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority. 

Director of Legal Aid Office happy to be here

The executive director of the American Samoa Legal Aid Office says he’s blessed to be working on this important project for the people of American Samoa. 

Court stays jail term so woman can repay

A former employee of GHC Reid Inc., is being given a year to pay back more than $10,000 she stole from the company in 2010. 

Steinlager I'a Lapo'a begins

The Steinlager I’a Lapo’a Gamefishing Tournament will get underway tomorrow.  

Governor issues writ for Ma'uputasi seat

Before he left the island Friday Governor Lolo issued a writ of special election for the Senate seat for District No. 9 Ma’uputasi.  

Amata announces $1 million grant for airport

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has announced that the US Department of Transportaiotn has awarded a grant of $1 million for improvements to the Pago Pago International Airport.

Ex-LBJ cashier jailed for 20 months

A former LBJ hospital cashier who stole thousands of dollars through credit and debit card transactions has been sentenced to serve 20 months in jail. 

BlueSky donates $5,000 to Pam victims

Bluesky Communications made a $5,000 donation on Friday to Governor Lolo and the American Samoa Red Cross to help with relief efforts in three Pacific Islands that were devastated by Cyclone Pam in March. 

Legal Aid Office opens in Pago Pago

The American Samoa Legal Aid Office is now open for business. 
Photos by Ete Lutu

Nurses cautioned about mediocrity

Nurses week was opened with a church service yesterday at the Fagatogo Congregational Christian Church. 

Dogs around LBJ will be trapped

Hospital CEO Taufetee John Faumuina says there are too many stray dogs wandering around  the hospital causing public and health concerns. 

Bad weather delays opening of I'a Lapo'a

Strong winds and high seas have postponed the official opening of the Steinlager I’a Lapo’a Gamefishing Tournament which was scheduled to get underway today.   

Vaai-Tinitali is BlueSky's new Country Manager

Bluesky Communications has appointed Filifotu Va’ai-Tinitali as the new Country Manager to oversee Bluesky’s operations in American Samoa.

Dr. Oreta Mapu Crichton is new CPO

The governor’s senior policy advisor Dr Oreta Mapu Crichton has been appointed acting Chief Procurement Officer.

Le Aute cases continued due to report delays

The pretrial conference hearings for Le Aute Sports Bar owner Tumuatasi Leafatia or Mama Lefatia and her son Manu Lefatia were continued today to May 18 due to delays in getting discovery to the defense. 

LBJ is enforcing visiting hours

The LBJ Hospital is asking the public to please follow their visiting hours and to help prevent infection during their visits.  

Plan to arm police officers on hold

The plan to arm police officers is being put on hold for the time being.  

Fisheries bills get mixed treatment

Two Fisheries conservation bills...two results...in the House Resources Committee last week.  

New ANZ ATMs are now in service

Some of the new ATM machines for ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank are now in service.

Challenges in mounting 2Samoa Trade Fair

Lack of an electronic payment system, overpricing and setting up of trade fair venues are some of the challenges cited in a report by organizers of the 2 Samoa Trade Fair.

Phone call stirs up ppd, lands man in jail

A father was charged yesterday with assaulting his pregnant wife with an electric fan.   

Postman Punaoa Dan Tofiga retires

A man who served under five different postmasters has retired after 29 years with the US Postal Service. 

DOH shuts down six restaurants

Six retail stores and fastfood restaurants have been closed down by the Department of Health in the past week due to unsanitary conditions. 

Governor & ASEDA Board head to Honolulu

Governor Lolo Moliga and members of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority Board depart tonight for meetings with bond rating companies in Honolulu. 

School buses wont p/up students near schools

Due to the limited number of school buses in operation, the Department of Education advises that students who live near their schools will not be provided bus transportation. 

Escaped inmate found at his home

An inmate escaped from the Territorial Correctional Facility Wednesday evening and was caught not longer after. 

Progress made on delayed drawdowns

ASG was able to draw down some of the federal funding that it did not receive in a timely manner which contributed to the government's cash flow problem. 

2Samoa Trade Fair records sales of $153,000

A total of $153,000 in sales were made by businesses from American Samoa and Samoa that participated in the 2 Samoa Trade Fair held on the week of Flag Day. 

High School graduations limited to 2 hours

Public high school graduations will be kept short and graduation ceremonies for kindergarten and 8 grade levels have been suspended.

Stigma on mental health still exists

There’s still a lot of stigma associated with mental health in the local community however psychologist  Dr. Jueta McCutchan says that there have been positive changes. 

Retirement Fund seeks DBAS finance info

The Development Bank of American Samoa has been asked to submit financial statements for the past several years to support its request to the Retirement Fund for a loan.  

Report illegal goods on market to customs

Chief of Customs Moetului Fuiava appreciates the public;s help in monitoring goods that are  banned from the territory that are being sold in some stores.  

SPA graduate is artist in residence on trains

American Samoa got a mention on BBC- TV last week. 


The American Samoa Enigma

The Valley of the Giants, a region of reef along the south west coast of Ta’u island that contains numerous giant boulder corals, has attracted many scientists from all over the world. 

Governor says some US laws are debilitating

Governor Lolo Moliga says although the US has provided for and assisted American Samoa’s economic growth through the years, certain US federal laws have had and continue to have a debilitating impact on the territory’s ability to achieve sustainable growth.

Amata q's influence of lobbyists on policy

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has voiced strong concern with outside environmental groups dictating the use of oceans surrounding the insular areas, without adequate consultation or regard for the people affected. 

Polynesian starts Ofu flights next week

Polynesian Airlines will begin flying to Ofu island in Manu'a next Thursday. 

Early intervention needed for mental illness

The theme of Mental health Awareness Month which is celebrated in the month of May “B4Stage4” emphasizes early intervention to avoid adverse consequences as a result of delayed treatment.    

Cabinet told to get a start on FY2016 budgets

Directors were told today to begin preparing their fiscal year budgets for fiscal year 2016. 

Cassell combined justice & community

A former assistant Attorney General who worked with prosecutor John Cassell who passed away yesterday, says his legacy to American Samoa is his passion for both justice and building our community.  

Governor: status exposes territory to bullying tactics

The American Samoa Government will tell the United Nations American Samoa is ready to take the next step of entertaining serious discussion about what its future political status should be.

StarKist says wage freeze should continue

The biggest private employer in the territory, StarKist Samoa wants to continue the current freeze on the local minimum wage.    

Governor thanks cabinet for successful Flag Day

Governor Lolo Moliga has told members of his cabinet who were part of the Flag Day Committee this year to appear on  TV this week and give a financial report for the 2015  Flag Day celebration 

Stop order lifted on container of fertilizers

  The Department of Agriculture lifted on Monday a stop order issued against a business that brought in a container full of fertilizers. 

ASCC hosts College Signing Day, Friday

All high schools seniors who are committed to attending college either in the Territory or off-island after graduation are invited to participate in College Signing Day this Friday, May 1st. 

Man pleads not guilty in death of mayor

26-year-old Erasi Valusaga has pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter, criminally negligent homicide  and second degree assault. 

Solomons thankful to be invited

The general manager for South Pacific Oil in the Solomon Islands is thankful for the invitation from American Samoa for their country to participate in last week’s oil spill training. 

Airport looks for new tenants, no curio shops

Leases for two new curio shops awarded space at Pago Pago International Airport have been cancelled.
2011 Photo of John & Olivia Cassell

Former prosecutor fondly remembered

A prosecutor from the US who served in American Samoa for the longest time, John W Cassell, passed away yesterday in New Mexico.

Gov seeks input from DOI for UN meet

Governor Lolo Moliga has submitted to the Department of Interior for comment, a draft statement from American Samoa for an upcoming seminar of the United Nations Committee on Decolonization.     

ASPA keeps adding solar power to grid

The American Samoa Power Authority continues to expand its solar energy program. 

Governor yet to select a CPO

Two months after former Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga John kruse resigned, Governor Lolo Moliga has yet to appoint a permanent CPO. 

Galea'i to introduce resolution on payouts

The Chairman of the Senate Government Operations Committee Senator Galeai Tuufuli plans to introduce a resolution when the Fono reconvenes in July concerning payouts to elected and appointed officials of the Togiola and Faoa government.  

Bids for swimming pool due this week

Bids for the highly anticipated swimming pool project are due at the end of this month.


Court dismisses tampering cases

The High Court dismissed today criminal cases against two women accused of tampering with evidence in 2013. 

Am Samoa takes 2nd place in Savaii Crossing

A paddling team from American Samoa took 2nd place in the 2015 BlueSky Savaii Crossing that was held this past weekend in Samoa. 

Lani Wendt launches new book series here

Author Lani Wendt will be launching  the first book in a brand new series in American Samoa this week.  

National Park generates $952,500

The National Park of American Samoa is generating tourism dollars for the territory.  

Concerns that higher fees will drive out boats

Concerns about fishing vessels moving elsewhere if the Port fees are increased were raised by a representative of  Tri Marine International at a public hearing concerning Port Adminsitration’s plan to raise port charges later this year. 

Court tells father to get a job

 A father who asked for a reduction of his child support payments has been ordered by the court to find a job within 30 days. 

Commish pushes ahead with drug tests

Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele is pushing to begin mandatory drug testing not just for police but all employees of the Department of Public safety by the summer.    

CDC & DOH conduct filariasis survey

Two scientists from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are on island to survey whether American Samoa is free from the painful and disfiguring disease called lymphatic filariasis. 

Amata reflects on first 100 days in office

April 16 marked the 100th day of the 114th Congress and Americaa Samoa’s delegate says she could not be more proud to be a Member of this Congress.  

CJ: Two boogiemen are alcohol & devil

A panel of judges presiding over the case of a 19-year-old man who got drunk and broke into the home of a 14-year-old girl has questioned why the government isn’t being proactive in prosecuting alcohol violations. 

Indonesia encourages business links

The Indonesian ambassador to the United States Budi Bowoleksono said it would be helpful if the Chamber of Commerce can work with potential investors from Indonesia to explore tax and other benefits associated with doing business in American Samoa. 

Three local boats compete in Samoa tourney

Three fishing boats from American Samoa are competing in Samoa's Fishing Tournament this week.   

DHSS food stamps go up in May

Good news for the more than 4,000 local residents who receive American Samoa Nutrition Assistance Program or ASNAP food stamps.  

Don Bosco Principal apologizes

The Principal of Don Bosco Technical Centre Fr. Christopher Ford today issued an apology  regarding the incident involving three members of the Don Bosco group who were charged while in the territory to participate in the Flag Day celebrations. 

Sen. Galeai supports increase in min wage

Senator Galeai Tuufuli supports a hike in the local minimum wage saying an increase will boost the buying power of the middle class and that money will circulate in the economy. 

Patriotic or bad flag etiquette?

What was intended as a symbol of patriotism by the Sports Complex Director and staff has been described as a sign oF disrespect and bad etiquette by others.  

Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

The Fine Arts Department of the American Samoa Community College presents “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat this Wednesday and Thursday at the Lee Auditorium.  

Don Bosco trio plead not guilty

The three members of the Don Bosco group accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl today entered “not guilty” pleas during their arraignments in High Court. 

Boy Scouts recognize donors

The American Samoa Boy Scouts of America held its annual recognition dinner Saturday night to thank businesses and government departments that have helped the Boy Scouts in the past year.   

PC Satele declines Senate seat

At a meeting of the vailoa Viklage Council on Saturday, Senator Tuiasina Esera announced his decision to step down as senator and give the seat he now occupies to paramount Chief Satele Galu Satele who was recently removed as Secretary of Samoan Affairs.

Port told not to put port revenues in GF

A suggestion has been made to Port Administration to put revenues earned from port fees and charges in an account dedicated to port operations instead of the government’s General Fund. 

Female burglar gets 9 months in jail

A 29-year-old woman who broke into the home of a judge and took off with $40 worth of coins and a pair of sandals has been ordered will serve 9 months behind bars for burglary. 

Manu'a senator supports sudsidy for Poly

It’s the view of Senator Galea’i Tuufuli that ASG should grant Polynesian Airlines it’s request to subsidize flights to Ofu and Olosega.  

Trainer pleased with oil spill response

Representatives of more than 10 different government departments and businesses completed today a weeklong training on how to effectively respond to an oil spill. 

Is the Fono a rubber stamp for administration?

The speed with which the Fono approved administration revenue bills in the last session has prompted some to label the Legislature as being a rubber stamp.   

Congresswoman recognizes ANZAC Day

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has recognized  Australian and New Zealand Army Corps or Anzac Day with a statement submitted into the congressional record. 

MV Sili is back in service

The Coast Guard has inspected the hull repairs for the MV Sili and has given its seal of approval.

DOH closes east side restaurants

The Department of Health closed down yesterday one of the four fast food restaurants in Satala that cater to the cannery workforce due to an unclean kitchen. 

Exercise tests response to oil spill

That wasn’t a real oil spill in the Bay Area this morning.  

Port advised to separate operational costs

One of the recommendaitons made at yesterday’s public hearing regarding an increase in port fees was for the Department of Port Administration to provide a report differentiating the actual operational costs of seaport and airport. 

Rape case heads to High Court

The government's case against a teacher and two students of Don Bosco who are accused of having sex with a 15-year-old minor is now bound over to High Court.  

ANZ ATMs down on Sunday night

ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank informs customers that there will be a disruption of services with ANZ ATMs and point of sale terminals this Sunday.  

Businesses react to Port's 51% hike

Representatives of the canneries, shipping and stevedoring companies have recommended that Port Administration consider the minimum wage and a gradual raise in rates when it makes a final decision on proposed Port fee increases.

Sen Galea'i looks for gov candidate

A declared supporter but vocal critic of Governor Lolo Moliga, Senator Galeai Tu'ufuli said at a press conference yesterday that he is now looking for a candidate to run for governor in the 2016 elections. 

Committee planned to split prize money

The governor says he told the Fautasi Race Committee that they should have decided the race results as they were the ones that made the race rules, not him. 

Higher port fees under review

The Port Administration hopes to raise $2 million if its proposal to raise Port fees is implemented later this year. 

Galea'i : People have a right to know

Senator Galeai Tu’ufuli says the people have a right to know how much money was spent on the Flag Day celebration.  

Womens Auxiliary donates to Dental Clinic

The Dental Clinic at the LBJ Hospital received a generous donation today from the Womens Hospital Auxiliary.  

No new refund checks

An announcement that Treasury issued yesterday about tax refund checks has upset many people who went this morning to pick up their checks.

Galea'i calls fautasi race unjust & unfair

Senator Galeai Tuufuli has criticized the way the 2015 fautasi race was conducted calling it unjust and unfair when nearly $100,000 of public funds has been spent on the event. 

ASPA rate increases effective next month

Proposed rate increases for some of the services provided by the American Samoa Power Authority are expected to go into effect sometime next month.  

Company eyes Manu'a for next branch

Manu’a is the next location being eyed by Pacific Holdings American Samoa Ltd, which operates Western Union money transfer services.   

Commissioner seeks training for cops

Plans by Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele  to attach local police officers for training with the US Army Military Police group have hit a snag.  

Burglars plead guilty in 2013 cases

Two men who broke into separate homes in 2013 have pleaded guilty to their crimes. 

Three Don Bosco members charged

A teacher and two students from the Don Bosco school who were here for Flag Day were charged today with having sex with a 15-year-old girl. 

ASEPA leads Earth Day celebration

Today is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the environment and the importance of protecting it. 

Don Bosco honors hosts with name

As a token of their appreciation to their hosts, the Don Bosco fautasi added UT or Utulei to their name before Monday’s race.  

EFNEP promotes healthy, low cost meals

The Community & Natural Resources (CNR) Division of the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) makes learning available to the general public, 

DPS asked to beef patrols for prom events

Tuala-uta faipule Larry Sanitoa has asked the Commissioner Public Safety to beef up police patrolling on Friday night when three high schools are set to have their senior proms. 

Prominent Bahai passes away suddenly

The family, business associates, members of the Bahai Faith and friends of Afoa Fepuleai Titi Nofoagatotoa are shocked by his sudden passing.  

Womens Hospital Auxiliary holds golf tourney

One of the oldest voluntary organizations in the territory, the Women's Hospital Auxiliary is well known for its generous giving. 


Flag Day prizes total $173,000

The groups which entertained for Flag Day received monetary gifts of $10,000 and $15,000.   

Motion to revoke probation for Solia

The Probation Office is asking the High Court to revoke the probation for one of the men implicated in the shooting of the Leone police substation. 

Port Administration plans to hike dock charges

The Department of Port Administration is holding a public hearing  tomorrow to discuss proposed increases to rates and fees charged on the main dock.    

Three charged in ppd on bus

Three men spent part of their Flag Day holiday in jail accused of assaulting a bus driver and causing damage to his bus.   

More tax refund checks released Thursday

If you filed your taxes in early February and have been waiting for your tax refund check, you may want to visit Disbursing tomorrow.  

Over supply caused by too many fishing boats

It’s the view of the Chief Operating Officer of Tri Marine International that over fishing is the reason why there’s an oversupply of fish leading to fish prices crashing.   

Capt of Fuao disappointed with decision

Disappointing…is how the captain of the Fuao from Vatia and Senate President Gaoteote Palaie reacted to the decision by the Flag Day Committee to declare the standings of Monday’s fautasi race official.  

Total purse for Fautasi Race is $89,000

The total amount spent on the Flag Day fautasi race is $89,000.   

MV Sili is still on the slipway

The MV Sili was scheduled to come off the slipway yesterday however it still needs some work. 

Shriners hold clinic at LBJ

A team of doctors and nurses from Shriners Hospital in Honolulu began a clinic for children with orthopedic and burn problems at the LBJ Hospital today.  

Stop orders issued for suspects

As of this afternoon no charges had been filed against members of the Don Bosco group who were being investigated for alleged sexual assault. 

Youth interact at 2 Samoa Trade Fair

Another positive aspect of the 2 Samoa Trade Fair is that it has brought together youth of American Samoa and Samoa to interact and network. 

AmSamLaw offers online legal service

An off island law firm operated by a former assistant attorney general is now offering online legal services for local residents. 

Veterans strut their stuff

The territory’s veterans and their families did not disappoint when they opened the siva ma pese performances on Flag Day, Friday. 

Yesterday's fautasi results are now official

The standings of the 2015 flag Day fautasi race from yesterday have been declared the official results.  

CNMI delegate's bill to improve fisheries

CNMI Congressman Greg ‘Kilili’ Sablan introduced legislation to improve fisheries conservation, while raising revenue for the US Pacific islands.  


Presenting the ASCC orchestra

A combined orchestra comprising members of the beginning music class,  student volunteers and Fine Arts faculty will present their Spring Recital Thursday, April 23rd, from 12:30 to 2 p.m. in the Lecture Hall of the American Samoa Community College.

Don Bosco members questioned in sex assault

More than half a dozen members of the Don Bosco group were taken in for questioning yesterday in connection with allegations of sexual assault involving a minor and they were unable to leave the territory with their malaga on the Lady Naomi last night.

19 arrests Flag Day weekend

Up to this morning Flag Day has been relatively peaceful.    

26-yr-old charged with manslaughter

A 26 year old man has been charged for the death of their family matai, Namu Tuamasaga Aetui, a week ago in Futiga.   

Kia'aina & Rep. Gabbard send Flag Day messages

Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas Esther Kia’aina thanked American Samoa for its commitment and loyalty to the United States.

Hawaiian Air left Sunday afternoon

The fautasi race wasn’t the only thing that got postponed.   

Manulele Tausala celebrates victory, results till unofficial

The captain of the winning fautasi, Manulele Tausala has credited his crew for their victory as well as the strong support from their village of Nu'uuli. 
Photo: Pei Raynar

Committee yet to call fautasi race results

It was a spectacular Flag Day fautasi race but the placings that spectators who crowded the waterfront in the Bay Area witnessed or saw on KVZK-TV has not been made official.  
Photo: Pei Raynar

Congratulations Manulele Tausala

Nu'uuli's Manulele Tausala is the winner of the 2015 Flag Day race. 
Pei Raynar

Flag Day fautasi race is on today

The 2015 Flag Day fautasi race will take place today as scheduled. 

Hawaiian Air flight set to leave 7:20 am Sunday

Hawaiian Air passengers have been informed that the Friday flight to Honolulu is now set to depart Pago Pago International  Airport at 7am Sunday, April 19th.  

All public schools closed Monday

The Department of Education has decided to suspend all public schools on Monday, April 20.

Fautasi race tentatively set for Monday

There will be no fautasi race today because of rough seas.   

Captains meeting underway

Fautasi captains have gathered at the Fale at the Suiga ula ole Atuvasa in Utulei if and when the 2015 Flag Day fautasi race will be held. 

Fautasi race will not be held at 7am Saturday

The Flag Day fautasi race will not be held at 7am Saturday as announced earlier by the Flag Day Fautasi Committee. 

Veterans take center stage in 2015 Flag Day

Play Audio

Retired Command Sgt. Major and Senate President Gaoteote Palaie, in command at the Flag Day ceremony calling on all veterans, service men and women to salute the flag that they defended.  

Positive response from fair participants

Organizers of the 2 Samoa Trade Fair are very happy with the response and the networking between businesses from here and Samoa during the four day trade exhibition. 

Man admits to smoking marijuana

A man who smoked a marijuana cigarette outside a local bar has pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a controlled substance. 
Photo: Olivia Red Gillet

Happy 2015 Flag Day

The tents are up, the stadium has been decorated and cleaned and before daylight groups were already gathering for the 2015 flag day program at the Veterans Memorial Stadium.   

Western Union opens branch at airport

The newest Western Union branch in the territory was opened yesterday at Pago Pago International Airport.   

ANZ ATM at LBJ out of service

ANZ Bank advises customers that its ATM at LBJ Hospital is currently out of service.  

Faleomavaega gives talk at ASCC

Former Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin discussed his experiences during his long years of service as American Samoa's delegate to Congress and the territory’s relationship with the United States at a forum at the American Samoa Community College.

Governor signs five bills

Governor Lolo Moliga today signed five bills proposed by his administration and approved in the just concluded session of the Fono.

Ambassador says business climate conducive

Indonesia ambassador to the U.S. Budi Bowoleksono says there's no better time than the present for businesses to grow and maximize thier economic potential through the Indonesia American Samoa relations. 

Nana's Company donates $10,000 for Flag Day

A donation of $10,000 was presented to the Flag Day Committee yesterday by Nana’s Company.

It's official...Fautasi Race on Saturday

The Flag Day Fautasi Race will be held on Saturday at 7 a.m. and its planned that prize monies would be distributed right after the race at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa. 

Interested in Rainmaker site?

The demolition of the old Rainmaker Hotel is expected to finish ahead of the six month deadline for the project.   

Good sales all around at Trade Fair

American Samoa and Samoa businesses participating in the 2 Samoa Trade Fair are happy with their for the past three days at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa. 

Family disputes police report

The family of the man who died Saturday after being  assaulted in a land dispute in Futiga is not happy that the police investigation into his death is taking a while to yield any arrests. 

PC Mauga thankful to be chosen

Paramount Chief Mauga Tasi Asuega is thankful to Governor Lolo Moliga for the opportunity to once again serve as Secretary of Samoan Affairs.

Fautasi race now moved to Saturday

The 2015 Flag Day Fautasi race has now been set for Saturday, April 18 at 7am.   
Photo: Pei Raynar

Captain of Fealofani Samoa thankful

The crews of the two fautasi which took on water this morning as they were rowing to the starting line, Fagasa’s Fealofani Samoa and the Matasaua from Manu’a are all fine.   

Fealofani capsizes, Matasaua takes on water

The Fealofani Samoa from Fagasa capsized and the Matasaua from Manu'a took on a lot of water as they were getting ready for the start of the 2015 Flag Day fautasi race.  

All's set for 2015 Flag Day fautasi race

It will be only a matter of hours before the victor in the most anticipated event of Flag Day, the fautasi race will be known.   

The Polynesian Cowboy passes away

Aliimau Jr, Scanlan of Fagatogo and Malaeimi, one of American Samoa’s best known musicians and recording artists passed away in Seattle, Washington this morning.   

Ambassador upbeat about opportunities

The ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the United States has pledged his commitment to promoting economic opportunities between Indonesia and American Samoa. 

Presenting the 2015 History Day winners

Morgan Ulu of Samoa Baptist Academy and Keilona Falefia and Leusumanu Crichton of Leone High School are the overall winners of the 2015 History Day. 

Female cop held on $1,000 bail

A female police officer who was arrested for public peace disturbance over the weekend is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. 

Re-assignment of priests announced

The leader of the Catholic Church in American Samoa Bishop Petelo Brown has announced the reassignment of some of the priests of the Diocese of Samoa-Pago Pago.

Victims of 1980 plane crash remembered

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Master of Ceremony Moefaauo Bill Emmsley reads the names of the six paratroopers, a NASA employee, and a Japanese tourist killed in the 1980 Flag Day plane crash, during a memorial this morning. 

Waste to energy project will cost $25 million

$25 million is the estimated price tag for one of the most ambitious renewable energy projects that the American Samoa Power Authority will undertake.   

Crack on bow of Don Bosco fautasi

Samoa’s fautasi, Don Bosco 200, suffered a crack to its bow while it was placed at Utulei Beach yesterday. 

Call for moratorium on fishing

A glut in fish supply has driven tuna prices down from a high ot $2,300 a ton in 2013 to $1,000 a ton.   

Ma'uputasi Senate seat now vacant

The Office of Samoan Affairs plays a pivotal role in the annual commemoration of the first raising of the US flag on local soil. 

An arrest imminent in man's death

Police are expected to arrest one suspect in connection with the fatal assault of a man in Futiga last Thursday. 

April 15 is deadline to file your taxes

Its April 15, the last day to file your taxes. 

Flag Day Art Show opens this evening

About 40 local artists are showing  their artwork in a Flag Day Art exhibition Flag Day which opens this evening at the Pago Plaza. 

Man charged for sex acts on two 9 yr olds

A 33-year-old man will be arraigned in High Court this morning on allegations that he committed sex acts on two 9-year-old girls, one of whom lived in the same apartment complex as the defendant. 

AS Chinese Community donates $10,000

The ASG Flag Day Committee continues to receive financial support from businesses to help with this year’s Flag Day celebration. 

High school students charged with PPD

12 students of Samoana High School are set to face public peace disturbance charges in connection with a fight that occurred last Friday. 

Jane Pelenato wins congressional art show

A painting by Jane Pelenato of Nuuuli Vocational technical High School has won the local congressional art competition hosted by Congresswoman Aumua Amata. 

PC Mauga is new Sec of Samoan Affairs

Governor Lolo Moliga has appointed Paramount Chief Mauga Tasi Asuega as the new Secretary of Samoan Affairs.

Flag Day purse is $60,000 richer

Three off island renewable energy companies who have offices or representatives based in American Samoa today donated $60,000 to the Flag Day Committee to help with Flag Day preparations. 

30 cent smoke tax passed

The first regular session of the 34th legislature has now concluded.

Not enough school buses forces cancellation

Not enough school buses is the reason why the Department of Education is canceling all elementary schools on Thursday.    

MAP will be released monthly

The release of the wholesale price chart for fuel prices will now be done once a month instead of twice a month. 
House Majority whip Rep. Steve Scalise sent cupcakes to congratulate Amata on passage of her first bill

Amata's check bill approved by House

The US House has approved by voice vote, a bill to end the 21-day bank-hold policy for off-island checks in American Samoa and the Northern Marianas.  

Help reduce traffic congestion in Utulei

Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele says if you can carpool or catch the bus that would help reduce traffic congestion during Flag Day activities this week. 

DOE announces changes for elementary schools

The Department of Educations has announced some changes for all public elementary schools this week.   

RUS auditors to decide on BLAST extension

Auditors from the federal grantor for the Broadband Linking American Samoa Telecommunications project, the Rural Utilities Service are due in the territory in mid-June to carry out an audit of the project and determine whether additional time would be needed to complete the project.

1980 plane crash remembered

As part of this year’s Flag Day festivities, a memorial service will be held tomorrow at Maugaoalii to honor the lives of 8 people who were killed during American Samoa’s Flag Day celebrations in 1980.

No prize money for fautasi that dont follow rules

Fautasi captains were told today by the Flag Day Fautasi Committee that a fautasi that does not follow the rules of the race will not receive any prize money. 

NOAA team reports mild coral bleaching event

A significant finding by a team from the National Oceanic and Atmopsheric Administration which assessed the territory’s reefs is a mild coral bleaching event in the territory. 

Maugaoalii cleared for ASEDA Board

Fagatogo Representative Maugaoalii Leapai Sipa Anoa’I is now confirmed to be a member of the Board of Directors of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority.  

Cop arrested for peace disturbance

A police officer spent the weekend in jail after she was arrested for creating a public disturbance. 

Employers reminded about wage hike

The US Department of Labor reminds the public that the next 50 cents hike in the minimum wage is set to go into effect in September. 

Food, clothes, beverages, art & more

Colorful material and dresses, varnished carvings, handicrafts of all sorts, tuna products, locally made beer, water and health drinks, yummy treats, entertainment and much much more can be found at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa Utulei Beach. 

Senators insist on 30 cent cigarette tax

Senate conferees were successful in convincing Representatives to approve an excise tax of 30 cents per cigarette, as the administration had requested. 

Sermon: Rule based on love & service

In order for American Samoa and the world to care for God’s creation and leave it intact for future generations, leaders must base their pule or rule on love and service to others. 

Suigaula o le Atuvasa is the place to be

Governor Lolo Moliga and Samoa’s Deputy Prime Minister Fonotoe Pierre Lauofo will open Flag Day festivities and the 2 Samoa Trade Fair at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa, Utulei Beach. 

Man dies from fatal assault in Futiga

A man who was assaulted in Futiga last Thursday morning in what has been described as a land related dispute died at the LBJ Hospital Saturday.  

Alliance regains tax exempt status

The Internal Revenue Service has reinstated the 501 (c) 3 tax exempt status for the non-profit group Alliance for Strengthening Families. 

DOL identifies common problems

Improper deductions and the payment of employees based on scheduled hours and not their actual hours worked are two of the main issues repeatedly raised by employees with the US Department of Labor. 

American Samoa hosts major Trade Fair

More than 80 businesses from American Samoa and Samoa will take part in the 2 Samoa Trade Fair that opens next week Monday in the territory.