What's Happening

Governor says ASG employees less productive

Governor Lolo says the American Samoa Government workforce is becoming less productive despite ASG paying out more money in wages.


PD has concerns about human trafficking law

While leaders have lauded passage of the territory’s first human trafficking legislation as a way to prevent a repeat of the Daewoosa saga, one ASG official has major reservations about the language of the new law.

Public Defender Douglas Fiaui, who served as assistant counsel to former Governor Togiola Tulafono, says the intent of the law is good, but its language jeopardizes

DOC collects remittance data

How much money is being remitted in and out of the territory each year?   

State Dept officials follow up on passports

Two representatives from the US State Department are on island to follow up with local residents who have pending applications for US passports with the federal agency. 

Surge in new business licenses

There was a 7.8% increases in the number of business licenses registered at the Revenue Branch of Treasury as of September 30, compared to the previous quarter.

Monica Lui is Top Teacher

Monica Lui of Samoana High School is the Department of Education’s Territorial Teacher of the Year. 

Fatumalala Al-Sheri presents her case

The Appellate Division of the High Court has taken under advisement the complaint filed by House of Representative District 14 candidate Fatumalala Al-Sheri over what she views as violations to the election law. 

More dialogue on violence urged

Former local prosecutor Suzanne Tiapula says an open discussion about the various forms fo violence taking place in the territory should engage various sectors of the community.  

Report: LBJ Hospital hiring more nurses

The LBJ Hospital is recruiting more licensed nurses after it was heavily cited by the Centers of Medicaid and Medicare services for not having enough registered nurses to supervise each shift.  

Seafood vendors urged to help provide data

In an effort to gather accurate data on fish and shellfish that’s sold locally the Western pacific Fishery management Council sponsored a Seafood vendors forum to explain the data collection efforts by the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources.

Kiaaina delivers for American Samoa

Less than a week since she wrapped up her first visit to the territory, Assistant Secretary of the interior for Insular Areas Esther Kiaaina has delivered for American Samoa.   

ASG responds to Clipper Oil challenge

The American Samoa Governments contends it assessed the correct amount of taxes and penalties against California-based Clipper Oil and the amount – which is more than $41.6 million – is what ASG is asking the court to award it. 

Former prosecutor recommends dialogue

Criminal justice consultant and local girl Suzanna Tiapula recommends that American Samoa leaders – from government to cultural, church and community sectors – engage in a dialogue to discuss some of the forms of violence happening in the territory.

Alcohol vendors prosecuted for selling to minors

Twenty three alcohol vendors were successfully prosecuted for violating the underage drinking law in Fiscal Year 2014. 

Jury acquits assault defendant

A High Court jury yesterday acquitted an Asian man of assaulting another man during an outing at the Karaoke Bar in Satala earlier this year. 

Industrial Park arrears still high

At the close of Fiscal Year 2014, tenants at the Tafuna Industrial Park owed just under $1 million in lease payments to ASG.  

Turf war a hurdle in helping victims

Victims advocate Ipu Lefiti highlighted at the human trafficking conference today the need for government departments to put in place unified policies to aid victims of violence. 

Music provides a window to culture

A well known professor of cultural music Dr. Richard Moyle of New Zealand told students at the American Samoa Community College that music provides a  “window” into a culture’s history and practices.  

Man charged with raping 14-yr-old

A man is facing several sex crimes for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl.   

DHSS helps trafficking victims

A Department of Human and Social Services employee who works with victims of violence said they have housed 10-20 victims of human trafficking at the government shelter since the 1990s. 

Outpatient numbers increased

Pink eye and chikungunya cases seen at the hospital helped prop up cash revenues for the hospital for Fiscal Year2014.   

Governor supports Poly flights to Manu'a

Governor Lolo Moliga is supporting Polynesia Airlin;es latest  request for cabotage waiver so it can continue flights between Tutuila and Manu’a. 

DOH confiscates thawed freezer goods

Department of Health inspectors removed yesterday numerous frozen goods from a Leone store after the store’s power went out causing the goods to thaw overnight. 

Human trafficking law explained

Police officers, educators, social workers and victim advocates were educated yesterday about American Samoa Human Trafficking Law that was passed in March. 

Scientists head to Rose Island Monument

Scientists head to Rose Island Monument next week to tag more turtles and conduct seabird monitoring on the island.  

Chamber pow wows with Kiaaina

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors informed Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas that the private sector in American Samoa has been shrinking for many years and that the underdevelopment of the private sector was holding back progress.

Where does tautua fit into labor laws?

There needs to be a balance between meeting wage requirements for live in domestic workers and the faasamoa aspect of family tautua or service. 

Waiting for paychecks over

Employees of the main office of the Department of Education finally received their paychecks after 3 this afternoon.  

Treasurer calls FY2014 record setting

Treasury’s fourth quarter performance report for fiscal year 2014 gives mostly rosy information about the department’s achievements.  

AG: Conference corrects errors from Daewoosa

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale describes the human trafficking conference which began today as a continuation of American Samoa’s march towards correcting the errors that happened during the Daewoosa debacle. 

US Navy is here to recruit

Twice a year the US Navy recruiters from Kaneohe Hawaii makes a recruiting trip to the territory.   

Man admits he hid marijuana in crotch

A man who came on an Hawaiian Airlines flight with marijuana has pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. 

Start of Tausani airline pushed back

Owners of a new airline intending to serve Manu’a may not meet their target of starting the service in the first week of December.  T

Island delegates see Aumua win as a plus

Congresswoman-elect Aumua Amata Radewagen has met with House Speaker John Boehner and GOP leader Kevin McCarthy…and expects her GOP credentials to benefit American Samoa and the other US islands in the new Congress.   

Contract signed for new Manu'a boat

A contract has been signed between ASG and the Seattle company that will build the new vessel for Manu’a Nichols Brothers.  

DOE paychecks late

Most of the employees at the Department of Education central office didn’t receive their paper paychecks yesterday or their automatic deposits over the weekend.  

Meauta asks court to dismiss complaint

The attorney for the unofficial winner of the District #9 House race Meauta Mageo has asked the Appellate Division of the High Court to dismiss the complaint filed by incumbent faipule Vaamua Henry Sesepasara against him. 

Computer glitch affects ASPA service charge

Some customers of the American Samoa Power Authority were surprised when they were told they had to pay more than $6 for the monthly service charge when they went to purchase power credits. 

'Dog bites affects childhood obesity'

An obesity researcher at the college says more needs to be done to address dog bite cases in the territory because it’s a public health concern and it affects childhood obesity. 

Jury selected for assault trial

A jury was selected today to hear the evidence in the trial of an Asian man accused of assaulting another man during an outing earlier this year. 

AG's Office continuing probe of cops

The Attorney General’s Office is continuing an investigation of two detectives who were involved in a public peace disturbance incident at a nightclub last month.    

18 cruise ships next year

American Samoa will host 18 cruise ships next year from January to October from seven cruise companies. 

MOU sets aside $1 m for school maintenaince

Before leaving the territory Friday after a busy week in the territory, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas Esther Kiaaina signed with Governor Lolo Moliga a Memorandum of Agreement which would help fund maintenance of schools.

Human Trafficking Conference this week

Representatives from the US Department of Labor, the Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse and Human Trafficking Programs and a non profit group working with survivors of violence will be sharing their expertise at an American Samoa Human Trafficking Conference that opens tomorrow.
E-rate laptops which were damaged in floods

FEMA & ASG finalize projects

The Federal Emergency Management Agency and ASG are scheduled to complete this Friday preparations for 19 repair and mitigation projects to be funded under the federal disaster declaration resulting from the July floods and landslides.
New Ituau faipule Manumaua Wayne Wilson & Vae'iaitu Filo Maluia

Introducing the new Ituau faipule

The two newly elected faipule for Ituau say one of their first priorities is to follow up on what their predecessors have been working on for their district. 

Financial affidavit filed for another 1602 case

The spokesman for the FBI office in Honolulu has declined to comment on whether the US Department of Justice has filed another criminal case against a second 1602 low income housing recipient. 

Hawaiian Air adds 3 holiday flights

Hawaiian Air is adding three extra flights for the holiday season.   

Samoa casino seeks partners

White Sands Casino Samoa held a cocktail event Friday evening to meet with local businesses and talk with those interested in becoming business partners. 

Businessman pleads guilty to sexual abuse

Businessman Mike Kim and codefendant Motau Samani have each pleaded guilty to first degree sexual abuse in connection with a 2010 incident involving a 17 year old girl. 

CPO and wife arraigned by VTC

Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga John Kruse and his wife Elaine today entered “not guilty” pleas at their arraignment in connection with a federal 1602 low income housing case.

StarKist Pres/CEO arrives Monday

StarKist President and CEO Andrew Choe arrives in the territory Monday to visit the local plant and meet with local leaders.   

Plea deal in assault and break-in

A man accused of breaking into a residential home and assaulting the homeowner has pleaded guilty for his crime. 

ASCC Ed majors form Educators Association

Education majors at the American Samoa Community College have formed a new student organization the Lumana’i Educators Association. 

DMWR floating docks dedicated

Fishing boats can safely anchor at the Malaloa marina now that the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources has completed construction of floating docks to replace the ones damaged during the 2009 tsunami. 

Processing begins for Amnesty Program

There was palolo last night

There was palolo to catch last night, but the seaworm was not in abundance. 

Tolmie found not guilty

A three-member panel of judges who presided over the bench trial of Michael Tolmie in October has found him not guilty of embezzlement. 

Savali expected to retain Speakership

Savali Talavou Ale is expected to retain the Speaker’s chair when the House of Representatives convenes in January.   

Samoa not taking Ebola lightly

The CEO for Samoa’s Ministry of Health says international flights into the country including  those from American Samoa will be kept at a minimal in the event there is an Ebola threat to Samoa. 

Businessman offers cash reward

A local company has offered a monetary reward for information regarding the drive by shooting at the Leone police substation two weeks ago.   

Another drop in gas prices

The good news is, prices at the pump will continue to tumble in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday. 

Case closed on body found at tramway

Police have closed their investigation of a body that was found at the tramway site in Utulei last month.    

Kiaaina determined to make tenure count

Though she has only two years as the Department of Interior official looking after insular areas, Assistant Secretary Esther Kiaaina is determined to make her tenure count for the territories.

Local Ebola plans tested

Officials of the Department of Health and the LBJ hospital say they are vigorously monitoring travelers coming into the territory by land and sea as part of its plan to handle an Ebola threat. 

Will palolo rise in November?

Several palolo hunters went out last night to look for palolo but were disappointed. 

Dancing Fingers holds last recital

After 10 years, 21 consecutive performances, the Dancing Fingers, one of the most successful piano studios in American Samoa held its last piano recital last night the the Calvary Temple AOG in Lepuapua. 

Kiaaina comments on meeting with chiefs

Having been affiliated with the Hawaiian sovereign movement, Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas Esther Kiaaina says she’s familiar with the complexities associated with self determination among Pacific island people. 

Update on free legal aid services

Legal aid consultant Charles Greenfield made his second visit to the territory last week to set up legal aid services for American Samoa. 

Community workers help control diabetes

Dr. Stephen McGarvey of Brown University is recommending expanding a program using community health workers to help residents control their diabetes. 

ELDP participant reacquaints with roots

One of the participants of the Executive Leadership development Program from the Northern Marianas, Alfreda Marie Passi Camacho is thankful that the class is meeting in American Samoa as its allowed her to get reacquainted with her Samoan roots.

Asst. Sec takes different lens on issues

Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas Esther Kiaaina says being a Polynesian woman gives her a different lens on how she looks at issues she’s charged with at the Office of Insular Affairs.  

Accurate data important in disease control

The head of the Veterans Affairs Clinic Dr. Fred Uhrle yesterday stressed at the two Samoa health summit the importance of having accurate data and making accurate diagnosis in order to combat the increasing number of people dying from chronic kidney disease.

DOC considers agricultural census

The Department of Commerce is in discussions with the US Department of Agriculture to resume an agricultural census in American Samoa so the territory can have updated data on local farms and farmers. 

Man admits to stabbing another

An Asian man who slashed the arm of another man with a knife yesterday pleaded guilty to second degree assault. 

Five finalists for Fautasi Challenge

Following a meeting with captains of fautasi who raced in the Fautasi Challenge for the People Lands, Air and Sea celebration, the Coastal management Program has determined the five fautasi that will race in the finals on November 26.   

Chiefs discuss rights with Kiaaina

Traditional leaders have held an informal discussion with Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas Esther Kiaaina about rights of the people of American samoa which are guaranteed under the Deed of Cession.   

2014 election results now official

The Election Office has certified the results of the 2014 general elections.   

Two Samoa unite to fight NCDs

Continue to wage war, keep on working together, and never give up.  

Halecks drop suit against Interior Sec

The Haleck family has voluntarily dismissed their civil suit against the Secretary of the Interior over the 26-acre Tafuna lowland rainforest known as Naumati. 

Oregon team will check children's hearts

A team from the Oregon Health and Science University will be on island next week to continue their work with children with heart problems. 

Kiaaina announces DC opportunities

Assistant Secretary of Interior for Insular Areas Esther Kiaaina announced yesterday the establishment of a climate change coordinator and a DC internship program for the benefit of US territories. 

Ex-manager pleads guilty to embezzlement

The former manager of a local shipping company today pled guilty to embezzling more than $200,000 of company funds.

Paepaeulupo'o & Fuao win heats

Aua's fautasi, Paepaeulupoo and Vatia's Fuao were the fastest of the 6 fautasi that competed in the People, Air, Land and Sea or PALS race, sponsored by the Coastal Management Program yesterday.

Kiaaina says matai system & military similar

Assistant Secretary of Insular Areas Esther Kiaaina was emotional when she spoke about her late father, a Korean War veteran, in her remarks at the Veterans Day ceremony yesterday. 

Future leaders of US Pacific meet here

A Department of Interior sponsored program to develop leadership skills of young professionals in government is meeting in American Samoa for the first time.  
Pago Pago candidates: Mageo closest to camera and Vaamua with ula

Two election challenges filed

Two complaints relating to last Tuesday's general election were filed with the High Court by yesterday's deadline. 

Asst. Secretary Esther Kiaaina welcomed

Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs Esther Kiaaina was officially welcomed at an ava ceremony hosted by the Office of Samoan Affairs at the Samoan guest fale at Utulei this morning.   
DOC Director with SSBCI contractors

Start of SSBCI program delayed

The launching of American Samoa’s State Small Business Credit Initiative or SSBCI federally-funded program is now postponed to early next year. 
Health CEOs at 2013 Health Summit in Apia

DOH hosts Health Summit with Samoa

Are the two Samoa ready for an ebola threat?   

DOI official to keynote Veterans Day Program

Assistant Secretary of Interior for Insular Affairs Esther Kiaaina will deliver the main address at the territorial Veterans Day Ceremony tomorrow.    The service will be held at the Veterans Memorial Center in Tafuna beginning at 9:

Swains faipule says MOU creates benefits

Swains Delegate Su’a Alexander Jennings says the visit by the Ulu o Tokelau Kuresa Nasau to American Samoa more than a week ago was an important first step towards finalizing trade relations between Tokelau and American Samoa.

No election challenges, recount requests

As of this morning, there have been no requests made to the Election Office for a recount of election results.   

Marine Patrol explains reason for delay

It took the Marine Patrol Unit a while to organize a search and rescue crew after it got the call that a man was in the ocean in Vaitogi Friday evening. 

Faleomavaega: support of Amata depends

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin says he still has strong support among Democrats in the House and Senate that would be beneficial for American Samoa’s new Congresswoman Aumua Amata.  

Arraignment in 1602 case set for Friday

The arraignment of the first project owners to be indicted by the federal government in connection with the 1602 low income housing program has now been rescheduled to later this week. 

Sea claims life in Vaitogi

What started as a drinking session Friday evening ended in tragedy. 


Aumua Amata is on a roll

Congresswoman-elect Aumua Amata has hit the ground running.   

It's now Neil's Ace Home Center

Neil’s Ace Home center, the new name of Ace American Industries in Malaeimi honors the late Mr. Neil Scratch, who started the family business with his wife Sala and their six children three decades ago. 

Drug defendant jailed for 20 months

Punefuolemotu Tuaolo was sentenced to 20 months in jail for possessing 12 stamp sized baggies containing methamphetamine and an unlicensed rifle in 2012. 

Amata's win could give islands stronger hand

The big political news for the Pacific territories this week may have come from American Samoa, with the election of a Republican to the US Congress for the first time in decades.  

Asst. Secretary has full schedule

The Department of Interior today announced that Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Esther Kia’aina will make her first official visit to the southernmost U.S. territory of American Samoa next week.

Another clean up day for ASG

Government employees were out this morning picking up trash and cutting grass along the roadside as part of its beautification program. 

After 28 months in jail, man must leave

A man who broke into a residential home has been ordered to serve jail time then depart the territory and remain outside for seven years. 

Faleomavaega concerned about political status

As he ends his tenure as American Samoa’s delegate to Congress, Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin says the one issue that poses grave concern to him is the territory’s political status. 

DOH employees asked to donate

Some employees of the Department of Health are grumbling over a memo from their director asking that they donate money to help with the hosting of the two Samoa Health Summit that the department is hosting next week. 

Ace celebrates 30th birthday

Ace American industries the island’s biggest hardware supply store is celebrating 30 years.   The business started from humble beginnings in a small building at tafeta by the founders the late neil Scratch, his wife Sala and their children. &n

Commissioner considers cash reward

The Department of Public Safety has not received any information from the public concerning the drive by shooting at the Leone police substation last Saturday morning.  

Faleomavaega not ready to retire

He may have lost Tuesday’s congressional elections but Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin is not yet ready to hang up the towel from local politics.  

Ocean Star Enterprises owes $23,922 in wages

Ocean Star Enterprises Inc., doing business as Pacific Mini Mart in Tafuna and as Ocean Star Enterprise Inc. in Nu'uuli, has agreed to pay $23,922 in back wages to seven employees following an investigation by the Wage and Hour Division. 

Brawl breaks out at Tafuna vs Fagaitua game

The junior varsity game between Tafuna and Fagaitua High school last night was marred by spectators some of them inebriated.   

Amnesty registrants in court for offences

The District Court is seeing more and more foreign nationals registered for the amnesty program appearing for law violations such as public peace disturbance. 

Eni thanks supporters & staff

An emotional Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin thanked supporters and his office staff in American Samoa for their confidence and support in him. 

Samoan heroes save man's life

A local boy and his teammate are being called heroes after lifting a 5,000 pound truck that almost crushed a man to death. 

ASCC awards In House scholarships

The American Samoa Community College’s In House Scholarship recipients are Finao Tuiasosopo, Theresa Togia, Adolph Petaia and Jillane Clemens. Tuiasosopo and Togia are the recipients of fall 2014 “Saili le Atamai” Scholarship. Funded b

LDS Church adds two new wards

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in American Samoa has created two new church wards in the past two months due to its growing membership. 

Republican Party hypes Amata victory

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin and congresswoman elect Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen were both at Utulei this morning to thank the voters.  

Aumua Amata pledges to work with local leaders

The territory’s new delegate to Congress is well aware that there are pressing federal issues affecting American Samoa which would require her attention when she takes office in January.  

Dr. Jerome Amoa passes away

A long serving and well known doctor at the LBJ Hospital Dr. Jerome Amoa passed away Monday at Hospice Valley in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Cancer Coalition donates to cancer patients

The American Samoa Community Cancer Coalition presented yesterday $500 stipends to 15 cancer patients to assist them with their medical related expenses. 

It doesn't pay to disturb the peace

Two 19-year-old men, Norman Skelton and Eddie Satele were ordered to undergo alcohol counseling and perform community service as part of 12 months probation for underage drinking.   

Aumua Amata welcomes support from Eni

Congresswoman-elect Aumua Amata has welcomed the offer of support from  Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin as she takes over the office which Faleomavaega has occupied for almost 30 years.  

Taufetee is new CEO of LBJ Hospital

The LBJ Hospital has a new CEO.  The Hospital Authority Board yesterday selected board member Taufetee John Faumuina Jr. as the new CEO. 

Bank of Hawaii gives $10,000 to BGCAS

Bank of Hawaii yesterday  donated $10,000 to the Boys and Girls Club of American Samoa to help sustain its various educational and after school programs.  

DOA looks into barrel of feces

The Department of Agriculture is closely monitoring vegetable farms following a study which found bacteria in cabbages supplied to the School Lunch plus questionable activities which have raised the eyebrows of Agriculture officials. 

'Father used daughters of others as sex slaves'

A father of 13 whom the court said used the daughters of other fathers as sex slaves was sentenced today to 15 years in jail for sex crimes. 

OPAD & VA give mental illness training

The Office of Protection & Advocacy for Individuals with Disabilities in collaboration with the Veterans Affairs Medical Clinic provided an Overview of Mental Illness Training for the Department of Public Safety police officers.  

Company owner confirms ASG investment

The owner of the company from the Philippines that intends to set up a multi food processing company in the territory Anthony Bernardo has confirmed that American Samoa Government has committed to putting up a 10% investment in the company. 

Twenty months for sex with minor

A man who committed a sexual act with a 15-year-old girl has been ordered to serve 20 months at the Territorial Correctional Facility. 

Territory votes for a change: Aumua Amata

The territory has voted for a change in its representation in the US Congress.  

Aumua Amata unseats Congressman Faleomavaega

Aumua Amata has unseated incumbent Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin.  

Aumua Amata tops AB votes

Aumua Amata has topped the congressional candidates in local and off island absentee votes which were counted at the Election Office this afternoon.   

Low voter turn out this morning

Voter turn out has been sporadic in the first six hours since polls opened this morning. 

Man found dead in Fagatogo

IN other news, a man was found dead in an apartment in Fagatogo yesterday.  

How Hawaiian can meet demand

Hawaiian Airlines says it can better cater to demand for seats on the Honolulu Pago Pago route if it knows ahead of time of events that would generate more than the usual traffic.   Airline Vice President Ann Boticelli said this has been communicated

Leone aumaga now policing substation

Since the drive by shooting targeting the Leone substation last Saturday morning, the Leone aumaga has extended its nightly policing around the substation vicinity and helping police patrol the area.   

Tokelau seeks trade relations with AS

The Ulu o Tokelau Kuresa Nasau has presented Governor Lolo with a proposed Memorandum of Understanding for trade relations between Tokelau and American Samoa. 

The polls are now opened

Polls were opened at 6 this morning on Tutuila, Aunu'u and Manu’a on this overcast Election Day when electors will cast ballots for members of the American Samoa House of Representatives, a delegate to Congress and a referendum to give the legislature the power to override the governor's veto of legislation.

Two or three cyclones predicted

The National Weather Service Office in Tafuna says the tropical cyclone season outlook from November 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015 we can expect at least expect two to three named tropical cyclone systems to impact American Samoa.  

Driver in fatal accident jailed for 20 months

The driver of a vehicle which slammed in to a utlity pole in Aoloau last year killing one of his passengers was sentenced Friday to 20 months in jail. 

Local cabbage banned from SLP

The Department of Agriculture has banned farmers from selling cabbages to the School Lunch Program.

Candidates give views on business ownership

Should the Fono regulate or control the number of foreign owned businesses in the territory? 

Ballot boxes for Manu'a first to be delivered

Ballot boxes for Manu’a  were flown around 8 this morning on a Polynesian Airlines flight to Manu’a, chartered by the Election Office.   

OPAD to assist "special voters"

The Office of Protection & Advocacy for the Disabled has set up a voter hotline for voters with disabilities who may have questions about voting. 

Commissioner: Police will not be intimidated

Commissioner of Public safety William Haleck has assured the public that the drive by shooting at the Leone Substation over the weekend will not intimidate police and deter them from their duty to protect the public.   

Hawaiian Air assists Hope House

Hawaiian Airlines continued the celebration of 30 years service to American Samoa with a community service project at Hope House Saturday.  

Testimony tells of Karaoke Bar activities

Testimony in the trial of two womem charged with promoting prostitution has again pointed to questionable activities going on in what is known as the dark side of town.    

Commissioner appeals for help

Commissioner of Public Safety William Haleck is appealing to the public for help in finding the person or persons who shot at the Leone substation early Saturday morning.  

Prostitution defendants found guilty

A High Court jury has found the owner of Karaoke Bar Faasaina Park and her second in charge Lusia Tusi guilty of promoting prostitution. 

Tiara Drabble tops science symposium

South Pacific Academy senior Tiara Drabble is the first place winner of this year’s High School Science Symposium. 

Stakeholders assess special education

Parents of children with special needs, administrators and teachers of the Sepcial Education Division of the Department of Education, and community organizations that serve children with special needs assessed the strengths and weaknesses of special education.

Drive by shooting targets police

Four bullets were fired at the police sub station in Leone in a drive by shooting around 3am yesterday.   

Congressman says Salazar's claims baseless

Congressman Faleomavaega says he  respects the rights of Congressional employees to pursue remedies for perceived violations.

Candidates asked about US citizenship

Congressional candidate Tuaau Kereti Matautia said it should be an individual's choice whether he or she wants automatic US citizenship. 

Clean-up Day for EOB offices

Government employees at the Executive Office Building spend most of today picking up trash, cleaning and painting their offices. 

Lt. Gov's residence ready for Halloween

Ghosts and goblins, superheroes, princesses and fairies will be roaming the streets tonight going to door to door trick-or-treating this Halloween. 

Su'a Alex Jennings says he's honored

Swains Representative Su’a Alex Jennings says he is honored to have been selected for another term in the House of Representatives. 

Agents question overtime charges

At the public hearing yesterday on proposed increases for tugboat charges, shipping agents raised several issues about the services they get from port.  

BGCAS donates to Hope House

Hope House again benefited from the Lights On After School Program event of the Boys & Girls Clubs of American Samoa.  

KVZK-TV airs political speeches again

Next Monday KVZK TV will devote several hours of air time on Channel 2 to rebroadcast speeches by congressional and House of Representatives candidates.   

Prostitution trial winding down

A jury hearing evidence in the trial of two women accused of promoting prostitution is expected to begin deliberations this afternoon for a verdict. 

Swains returns Rep. Su'a Alex Jennings

Residents of Swains Island have once again selected Su’a Alex Jennings as their delegate to the House of Representatives for the next two years. 

Shipping agents say tugboat charges too high

Port users who attended a public hearing yesterday on proposed increases in tugboat charges say the charges are too high and they would just pass them on to the public.

Handwashing is still required

As parents prepare their children for Halloween, the Department of Health reminds them of the need to practice good hygiene whenever there’s a gathering in public places.    
Festival Director Peta Si'ulepa on congas

It's a weekend of live music

The sounds of Banned from the Sun, one of the local bands that will be on stage for the  inaugural Samoana Jazz and Arts Festival which kicks off tonight at Sadie's by the Sea.  

ASEPA recognizes KASB partners

In celebration of Environmental Week this year, the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency recognized today more than 40 community, business and government entities who helped make their “Keep American Samoa Beautiful” campaign a success.

Unleaded drops below $4 a gal

Come November 1st, the price of unleaded gasoline will fall below $4 a gallon, the first time in a while that a gallon of gas will cost less than $4.

Candidates must submit names of poll watchers

The Election Office reminds candidates to please submit their list of poll watchers for the elections next Tuesday.The election office reminds candidates to please submit their list of poll watchers for the elections next Tuesday.   Election Commissioner Tuaolo manaia Fruean says the poll watchers must be qualified electors.  The poll watchers will represen

Former counsel sues Faleomavaega's Office

The former legislative counsel for Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the congressman’s office. 

Candidates lean towards automatic citizenship

One of the questions college students asked the eight congressional candidates who attended last week’s forum is whether American Samoa nationals should automatically become US citizens. 

Chik cases on the decline

Chikungunya hasn’t made the news lately but it’s still around. 

DBAS approves only 2 loans for victims

The denial by FEMA of individual assistance for those whose homes and properties were destroyed or damaged in the July floods and mudslides has pretty much left the victims to fend for themselves as far as repairing or replacing what they lost.   

Prof. explains why Samoans love to sing

Why do Samoans love to sing?

CPO & wife to be arraigned Nov 7

Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga Kruse and his wife Elaine are scheduled to be arraigned next month in the DC federal court in connection with a 1602 low incoming housing case. 

Candidates asked about jobs

Improving local businesses, implementing economic development plans, and staying in school were some of the answers given by Tualauta and Ituau candidates on a question by a Tafuna High School student relating to job creation. 

Sen. Galea'i not letting payouts go

Senator Galea’i Tu’ufuli is not letting the payouts for elected and appointed officials in the former administration go.   

FBI search for boy ends in Niue

The search for a nine year old American boy Billy Hanson has ended after authorities in Niue located him safe on the island.  

Ituau & Tuala-uta candidates asked about jobs

Five candidates vying for the House of Representatives seats in Tuala-uta and Ituau districts took part in a political forum this morning hosted by the US Government Class at Tafuna High School. 

Tuaolo: Voters know the law, no run-off

Election Commissioner Tuaolo Fruean says he has not seen the request from Aumua Amata's campaign chairman Pulu Ae Ae Jr, requesting the Election Office to conduct voter education to explain that there’s no run-off in the congressional race.

Some depts yet to turn in reports

Governor Lolo yesterday reminded his directors to turn in their personal assessments which will be part of his review of the cabinet. 

Case of former mayor in High Court

The case of the former pulenuu of Fagatogo Soosemea Tinae has been bound over to High Court.  Tinae is charged with  raping a 15 year old girl on October 22.   

Gov says Fono complicates pay issue

Governor Lolo says if the Fono feels government employees at the low end of the pay scale should get more money, then lawmakers should raise the minimum wage. 

Galea'i weighs in on veto override

Senator Galea’i Tuufuli has taken issue with a statement made by congressional candidate and former governor Togiola tulafono that giving the Fono override authority would give the Fono the power to govern. 

Asst Sec Kiaaina arrives Nov 10

The assistant secretary for insular affairs at the Department of Interior Esther Kiaaina is scheduled to visit American Samoa next month. 

Trial of prostitution defendants underway

The jury trial for two women who allegedly forced waitresses at a local bar to engage in prostitution continued this morning with cross examination of a former employee at the Karaoke Bar.

Governor's Office unaware of CPO case

The Governor's Office was unaware of the federal case filed against Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga John Kruse and his wife Elaine in connection with their 1602 low income housing project. 

Two LBJ board members apply for CEO

Only three of the five members of the Hospital Authority Board will decide who the next CEO fo the LBJ Hospital will be.  

SC company to produce energy from waste

The American Samoa Power Authority has signed a contract with a South Carolina company that is investing more than $20 million in installing a waste to energy plant in the territory. 

Polynesian service to Manu'a extended

Polynesian Airlines’ new plane made its inaugural flight to American Samoa yesterday and it flew all day for the Pago-Samoa route. 

Tuaolo promises to release results quickly

Election Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean says the Election Office will not keep the public waiting for results of next week’s general election.   

Dialysis Unit to be overseen by board

One of the biggest changes the hospital is implementing following the review and findings by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid is the restructuring of the dialysis unit which will now be overseen by a newly established board of directors. 

ASPA urges water conservation

The territory is experiencing drought conditions and the advice from the American Samoa Power Authority is conserve water.  

Weather forecasters agree to disagree

A meeting of  meteorologists of the two Samoa held last week in Apia has agreed to disagree on how weather warnings are issued. 

Feds charge CPO in first 1602 case

The US Department of Justice has filed its first 1602 low income housing case in federal court against a local project owner and it's against a cabinet member, Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga John Kruse and his wife Elaine. 

Registered voters drop 6%

The Election Office is seeing a 6% drop in the number of people registering to vote this year compared to two years ago. 

Camp asks for voter ed on no run-off

With elections just one week away, the chairman of  Aumua Amata's campaign for delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives, Pulu Ae Ae Jr. has asked Chief Election Officer Tuaolo M. Fruean to remind voters that there is no runoff election for that office.

Former DOI official supports veto referendum

Former Department of Interior official Papaliitele David Cohen supports the veto override referendum.  

Report of bar incident with AG's Office

The Department of Public Safety has completed an investigation of two detectives involved in a public peace disturbance incident at a local night club two weeks ago.   

Residents urged to get flu shots

Have you and your children received your flu shots?  

Army Reservists honored to be US citizens

American Samoa soldiers who became naturalized US citizens yesterday say they are proud and honored to become full-fledged naturalized US citizen soldiers. 

Assessments needed before Rainmaker is taken down

Though the governor wants to see the old Rainmaker Hotel demolished as soon as possible, the US Department of Interior is requiring a few more steps before the project gets underway.   

Candidate concerned about polling place

A candidate in the District #1 House of Representatives race has expressed concern that the designated voting booth on Tutuila for their district may be out of the way for voters who have to use the bus.
The District #1 voting booth on Tutuila is the Tafuna CCCAS Talalelei hall at Petesa, while there are three in Manu’a. 

I'aulualo Talia Faafetai says he’s worried

Governor sorts issues with Immigration Board

Governor Lolo Moliga met with the Immigration Board yesterday to clear some issues relating to the sponsorship of alien employees by businesses.   

Forty-seven reservists are US citizens

Forty-seven US Army Reservists took the oath of allegiance to become naturalized US citizen soldiers today. 

Suleman search called off

The private search for Mr. Babar Suleman and the small plane he and his son were flying did not turn up anything.   

Appeal for Individual Assistance denied

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has denied American Samo’as appeal for individual assistance stemming from the floods and mudslides which affected the territory in July and August.   

Retired cop and pulenu'u faces sex charges

A 71-year-old village mayor and retired police officer is behind bars charged with raping a 15-year-old girl. 

Faleomavaega tops fundraising

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin leads campaign fundraising among the nine candidates running for American Samoa’s congressional seat, according to the final candidate filings with the Federal Election Commission before the November 4 election. 

Price chart for SLP produce to be reviewed

A review of the price chart for local produce sold to the School Lunch Program will be carried out this week.  Farmers attending the meeting Friday with govenror Lolo and members of his cabinet, suggested that the price for taro and bananas sold to

IOC offers help with sports programs

The International Olympic Committee doesn’t provide funding for sports infrastructure but it does assist National Olympic Committees with sports programs.  

19-yr-old girl faces drug charge

A 19-year-old girl has been charged with unlawful possession of a controlled substance, with intent to distribute.   

Community Bank still going through FDIC process

The Community Bank of American is still going through the process of obtaining approval from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to set up in the territory. 
Photo\" Talamua Media

Polynesian gets 3rd Twin Otter

Polynesian Airlines has added a third Twin Otter to its fleet.   

Farmers ask for faster payments

Several positive changes will happen as a result of a meeting between farmers and Governor Lolo Moliga and members of his cabinet on Friday.  

Great turnout for Day of the Girl

Women and girls of all ages, from different ethnic backgrounds, careers and education turned out to mark the Day of the Girl Saturday.  

Farmers top concern is Asian takeover

Concerns about Asian owned farms rapidly sprouting up around the territory and seemingly dominating the School Lunch Program was one of the main issues Samoan farmers raised during a meeting with Governor Lolo and members of his cabinet today.


Candidates' views on selection of senators

Congressional candidate Meleagi Suitonu-Chapman believes if voters are unhappy with their senators they should make this known during village council meetings.


ASEDA bill is now law

Governor Lolo Moliga has signed the bill which enhances the bond issuing authority of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority into law.

Should senators be elected?

Several congressional candidates believe it’s time senators are elected by popular vote while others said the selection of senators by village councils is a great example of the Samoan culture in action.


Olympic officials generally pleased

Two officials from the International Olympic Committee and the Oceania National Olympic Committee wrap up a five day visit to check on the American Samoa National Olympic Committee.

Toa o Samoa prayer service marks 10th year

This Sunday marks the tenth year of the Toa o Samoan prayer services, organized by the Marist St. Joseph’s Old Boys Association. 


Sponsorships under close scrutiny

The attorney general has apologized to members of the public who were affected by the suspension of the Immigration Board’s weekly hearing on Wednesday.

Candidates state views on veto override

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.


Why congressman missed ASCC Forum

The only  congressional candidate who was not at the ASCC Forum yesterday was incumbent Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin.

Toa Bar & Grill to pay $50,819 in wages

Toa Communications Inc., doing business as Toa Bar and Grill has agreed to pay $50,819 in back wages to 58 employees. 


Forum on Samoan music next week

The inaugural Samoana Jazz and Arts Festival which kicks off in American Samoa next weekend and tops off in Samoa the following week, will also feature a forum on Samoan compositions. 


Only 6 passed last police exam

The Department of Public Safety is still short of the number of recruits needed for the next police academy. 

Suleman family continues cause after tragedy

A documentary is being filmed of the search for Mr. Babar Suleman, whose body was never recovered after a fatal plane crash off Pago Pago International airport in July.

Shipyard completes repairs to purse seiner

The government shipyard at Satala has been working round the clock since last Saturday to complete repairs for the Captain Vincent Gann purse seiner which was involved in a collision at the main dock last week.

Incumbent misses ASCC Forum

Eight congressional candidate fielded questions this afternoon relating to the veto override, US citizenship, election of senators, youth and politics and the war on terrorism at a congressional forum hosted by the Student Government Association at the American Samoa Community College.


Search for father helps bring closure

Yesterday was the first full day of an underwater search by a private company hired by the family of a father and son team whose small plane crashed off the airport three months ago.

LBJ marks Infection Prevention Week

The LBJ Hospital is putting up informational booths this week near the cashiers and records office as part of activities to mark International Infection Prevention Week. 


Tisa's Tattoo Fest celebrates 10th year

The 2014 Tisa’s Tattoo Fest marks ten years of the annual event celebrating the ancient art form of Samoa and giving traditional and contemporary tatooists a venue to practice their trade.


Four 1602 suits dismissed, projects completed

Four 1602 project owners no longer have to worry about the lawsuits filed by the Development Bank of American Samoa against them to recapture grant funds.

Network to help special kids

Efforts are underway to establish a parent network and support group to cater to the needs of children with special needs.


Swains meeting to select faipule postponed

The meeting of Swains islanders to select their delegate to the American Samoa House of Representatives, which was scheduled for this Saturday, has been postponed to next Thursday, October 30.

Some 1602 owners a 'no show' in court

Three 1602 lawsuits calendared for today's court have been continued because two of the project owners were a no show while discussions are ongoing in the third matter. 


Treasury has 1,000 unclaimed checks

You always hear people and businesses waiting for checks from ASG. 


Artwork now accepted for 2015 calendar

Student artists from kindergarten to high school seniors have a chance to enter art work for next year’s lunar tide calendar.

Abrupt suspension of immigration hearings

The Immigration Board suspended its weekly hearings today much to the chagrin of businesses and individuals who were scheduled to appear.

Governor calls meeting with farmers

Farmers will have the chance to tell the governor and lt. governor services they need from the government to ensure food security for the territory.

Close Up Forum gives students a voice

High school students from public and private high schools who are members of Close Up, are putting what they've learned about the democratic process into practice at a three day conference hosted by the Department of Education and the Close Up Foundation.


A week of celebrating the arts

This whole week local artists are displaying their handicrafts and demonstrating how to print elei material, weave baskets and hats, sew ulas and make hair pieces. 


Governor says review of org charts productive

The review of organizational charts of government departments and performance of directors is continuing. 


Visas for wealthy investors

The government is exploring a financing tool that would provide an immigration privilege to wealthy investors from foreign countries who pump money into the local economy. 


It's mating and breeding season for whales

Since 2003, scientists have been coming to American Samoa around this time of the year to continue studies of the humpback whale population. 


New airline to service Manu'a

Tausani is the name of a new airline that’s being set up to fly between Tutuila and the Manu’a islands. 


Tugboat rates to go up

If the Department of Port Administration has its way, tugboat rates will be nearly doubled in the near future. 


Governor has no complaints about outcome

Governor Lolo Moliga has no complaints about the outcome of the just concluded special session of the Fono.  


Teacher in Samoa blasts CEO

A government elementary school teacher in Samoa has blasted the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture (M.E.S.C), Matafeo Falanaipupu Aiafi.


Others learn from ASEPA's example

Other US Pacific territories are learning from American Samoa’s example in dealing with illegal pesticides and chemicals found at the port of entry. 


Bench trial for man accused of embezzlement

The Trial Court has given the attorneys involved in the trial of a man accused of embezzlement until this week to finalize their written closing arguments.


Swains to select delegate Saturday

Election Commissioner Tuaolo Fruean is calling a meeting of Swains islanders for the purpose of selecting their representative to the American Samoa House of Representatives. 


Man who duped Whitehorn pleads guilty

A man indicted in connection with a massive bond scheme that affected a local company that was formerly awarded the airport road project pleaded guilty yesterday at the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division.


IDG to empower girls & women

From the response of civic organizations, government departments, businesses, churches and other groups, organizers of the first local celebration of the International Day of the Girl, are expecting a huge turn out Saturday.


Detectives in ppd under investigation

Commissioner of Public Safety William Haleck has ordered an internal investigation of two detectives who allegedly caused property damage to a nightclub Saturday night.

Nicole Girard-Savoy

ASNOC gets visit from IOC & ONOC

Officials from the International Olympic Committee and the Oceania National
Olympic Committee will be on island to conduct a general evaluation of the
American Samoa National Olympic Committee.


SORNA bill is signed into law

In 60 days, American Samoa will be on par with other states and territories in meeting federal sex offender registration and notification requirements. 


Travel on HA tapers off

Demand for seats on Hawaiian Air seems to be tapering off after the busy summer season when flights to and from Honolulu were full.


93KHJ Morning News October 21

Listen to the 93KHJ Morning News October 21

Woman escapes jail term for passport fraud

A Samoan woman was sentenced yesterday afternoon at the federal court in Fairbanks, Alaska to five years on probation for committing passport fraud.


Directors confident of Ebola preparedness

The Director of Health and Director of Homeland Security confidently told senators today that their departments are prepared and ready to handle any cases of  Ebola.

EDA Revolving Loan Fund up by $600,000

The Economic Development Administration has approved American Samoa’s application for recapitalization of its EDA Revolving Loan Fund.

Hawaiian celebrates 30 yrs of service to AS

Hawaiian Air is celebrating 30 years of service to American Samoa this Friday, October 24th.   


Students spend weekend in Juvie Center

Seven students from Leone High School spent the weekend at the Juvenile Detention Center after they were caught drinking when they were supposed to be in class.

Search for missing plane & man resumes

A three-man crew from a mainland company arrived Friday night to continue the search for a small aircraft which crashed into the ocean off Pago Pago International Airport on July 23rd.

Inaugural Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival

The inaugural Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival will be launched in American Samoa on Friday, October 31st through Sunday November 2nd, 2014. 


Teacher: If it aint broken, dont fix it

If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. 


House reconsiders and approves Sen. Tuiasina

The Special Session of the Fono adjourned this morning. 

Damaged purse seiner now on slipway

The owners of the Captain Vincent Gann purse seiner which collided with another purse seiner at the main dock last week says damage was minimal to the bulb of the vessel and it's currently being repaired at the shipyard at Satala.


Aumua cals for hearing

Candidate for Congress Aumua Amata has written  to U.S. House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) urging him to hold early hearings on a bill introduced by U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland (R-FL) to prevent President Obama or future presidents from unilaterally restricting usage of any additional vast areas of land or sea resources under the Antiquities Act of 1906.


Police accused of damaging night club

The owners of a night club have filed a complaint against two off duty detectives who allegedly caused property damage to the night club Saturday night.

93KHJ Noon News October 20

Listen to 93KHJ Noon News October 20

School teacher leads vote no demonstration

Public school teacher Aitofi Lomu was the main organizer of a vote no on the veto override referendum demonstration at the Fagatogo malae on Friday. 


93KHJ Morning News October 20

Listen to the 93KHJ Morning News October 20


STP on target to open cannery in January

Samoa Tuna Processors is gradually hiring employees to assist with construction of its plant at Atuu and prepare for production in the early part of next year.   

Clean up continues after purse seiner accident

Clean up operations are continuing today in Pago Pago Harbor to mop up what’s believed to be a couple hundred gallons of fuel which leaked into the ocean after a purse seiner rammed into another at the main dock yesterday.    

House votes down senator

In what is seen as a payback move for the Senate’s disapproval of a member of the House to serve on the Immigration Board, House Representatives today voted overwhelmingly to reject the Senate member on the board.  

Purse seiners make annual trip

It’s an unusual sight to see the main dock crowded with many purse seiners at one time. 

WHO urges Pacific to prepare for Ebola

The World Health Organisation says the Pacific must do more to prepare for the possibility Ebola will reach the region. 
Cable Car Task Force

Tramway site gets a face lift

Some of the overgrown brush and trees blocking the spectacular view form the tramway site at Utulei were cleared today.   

Opening of LVPA on Council's agenda

One of the items the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council will again take up at its meeting next week is a measure to open some of the now closed waters surrounding American Samoa to longliners.


Monday is last day to request off-island absentee ballot

The Election Office reminds registered absentee voters in the military services, those attending higher institutions of learning or working for federal agencies and the ASG Office in Hawaii that Monday, October 20 is the last day to request an absentee ballot.


Vaito'a Hans Langkilde is DD at ASVB

Vaitoa Hans Langkilde has joined the American Samoa Visitors Bureau as its Deputy Director. 


Task Force to review air service study

Governor Lolo has appointed a task force to review an air transport marketing study of American Samoa.


Local reps participate in Pacific Dialogue

Two representatives from American Samoa, Josie Malepeai Lealasola and Zena Iese are participating in the Emerging Pacific Leaders' Dialogue (EPLD) 2014. 


Governor not sitting idle on alternative bank

Governor Lolo Moliga is aggressively pursuing the establishment of a charter bank for American Samoa.


ASG mulls 10% shareholding

The American Samoa Government may end up being a shareholder in the food processing plant being proposed by a company from the Philippines, AVM Bernardo Engineering.
Photos: Pase Paselio

Argosy confers 48 BA, MA & Ph D degrees

Argosy University conferred 48 Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees  at its second annual commencement ceremony at Lee Auditorium this afternoon.

19-yr-old faces sex charges

The government has charged a 19-year-old male for alleged sexual acts involving a 13- year-old girl.

93KHJ Morning News October 17

Listen to the 93KHJ Morning News: October 17


Rep. Fagasoaia explains why he voted no

The only member of the House of Representatives who voted no on a bill that would limit sponsorship of aliens by businesses says foreign owned businesses make a valuable contribution to the territory’s economy.

Collision at the main dock causes oil spill

A major oil spill occurred at the main dock after a purse seiner struck the bow of another purse seiner before 8 this morning. 


Hokule'a & Hikianalia set sail

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The couch shell is blown to signal the departure of the Hokule’a and Hikianalia. 

CEO upset with teachers who migrated here

The CEO of Samoa’s Ministry of Education, Sports and Culture is somewhat upset with the 25 teachers from Samoa who have migrated to teach here.


Yachtee died of natural causes

Police have determined that a yachtsman found dead on his boat last month in Pago Pago Harbor died of natural causes. 

Fuel prices dropping

Prices at the pump will be dropping by 3 to 9 cents effective today. 


Senate turns down Rep. Timusa & Matagi

Two nominees for the Immigration Board did not get enough votes to be confirmed in the Senate this morning. 

Surprise Ebola exercise at dock

Yesterday’s surprise exercise of a possible case of Ebola arriving on a boat at the dock went well according to agencies involved.

Halecks given deadline on federal case

A federal judge has given the Haleck family until November 3 to see if they want to dismiss or amend their case against the US Department of Interior over the more than 20 acres of Tafuna lowland rainforest known as Naumati.  


DBAS hopes to loan from the Retirement Fund

The Development Bank of American Samoa hopes to inject $2 million for homes and business loans and is looking to the Retirement Fund for a loan.

93KHJ Morning News October 16

93KHJ Morning News October 16


Police ask public for help in probe

Police are looking to the public for information that would help in their investigation of the death of a man whose body was found at the tramway or cable car site in Utulei over the weekend.

Senate approves leases without any hearings

The Senate today approved 30-year lease extensions for two businesses in the Industrial Park, GHC Reid and Pacific Grading Corporation.

Travel agent pleads guilty to stealing

A Samoan travel agent pleaded guilty in the federal district court in Springfield Missouri today for stealing $360,000 from the Willard High School Band Boosters, which forced the cancellation of a trip to Hawaii for more than 300 students and chaperones.

Hike in fees & bonds and stipends for board

Immigration fees are to be increased and members of the Immigration Board are to receive stipends under proposed amendments to be adopted under administrative rule. 

Great American Samoa Shake Out tomorrow

The territory joins the rest of the world in the global earthquake drill or shakeout tomorrow. 


Be informed about Ebola

In an effort to raise public awareness about the Ebola virus and address concerns about the territory’s preparedness in dealing with the disease, the Department of health has issued the following information.

Medicaid Office renewing ASTCA lease monthly

The American Samoa Medicaid Office, a division of the Governor’s Office is currently renewing its lease at the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority Building in Tafuna, on a month to month basis. 

Palolo rise on Tutuila weak, heavy in Samoa

Palolo hunters on shore and on boats report a light palolo rise last night. 


Special Ed plan suggests reorganization

A corrective action plan by the Special Education Division of DOE in response to a study by an off island team which documents a host of deficiencies in Special Ed, recommends a complete reorganization of the Special Education Division.

ASCC forum for congressional candidates

The nine candidates vying for American Samoa’s seat in Congress have been invited by the Student Government Association (SGA) at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) to participate in a Congressional Forum next Thursday, October 23rd, from 12:30 to 2 p.m. in the College’s Gymnasium.

Efforts to restore cable car forge ahead

Governor Lolo Moliga has given the go ahead for a feasibility study and a push for engineering and investor proposals to restore the cable car to Mount Alava. 

Senators sound cautionary note

Proceed with caution was the advice from two senior senators today regarding the company from the Philippines that’s courting ASG to set up a food processing factory in the territory.

No decision made on Samoa Sports purchase

The governor’s executive Assistant Iulogologo Joseph Pereira and Chief of Staff Fiu Johnny say no decision has been made for ASG to buy the three storey Samoa Sports Building in Fagatogo. 


DMWR will check on palolo tonight

The Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources will begin checking on the swarming of the palolo tonight. 


Brothers arrested after fight

The White Sunday weekend didn’t go down well for two brothers who got into a fight after one caught the other trying to kiss their step mother.

Body found at tramway site over weekend

A body was found at the tramway site in Utulei early Saturday morning.


Congressman returns home Friday

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin returns home this week for the first time since he was medivaced to Honolulu a year ago.

ASEPA now issues citations for pesticide violations

Beginning today, the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency begins issuing citations for the misuse or unlawful use of pesticides.

Leaders expect to finish session quickly

The Special session of the Fono began today with statements from both the Senate President and House Speaker in their respective chambers that if the Senate and House get through the agenda items quickly the session would be finished before the ten days mentioned in the governor’s call.

Teachers from Samoa arrive

Director of Education, Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau says the arrival of teachers from Samoa will help alleviate the current teacher shortage.

93KHJ Morning News October 14

93KHJ Morning News October 14


Ex-ASTCA CEO is a project advisor at DOC

Former CEO of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority Moefaauo Bill Emmsley has been hired by the Department of Commerce as a senior project advisor. 

AVM commits to paying trip for four

A delegation from American Samoa has been invited by a company from the Philippines with plans to set up a multi food processing plant in the territory see visit the Philippines for a first hand look at their operations. 


Report recommends reorganization of SPED

The report by an off island team which reviewed the Special Education Division of the Department of Education highlights two recurring themes: one is the lack of competent personnel and lack of supervision.

Charter Bank funding a priority for Gov Lolo

Funding for a charter bank that the American Samoa Government is setting up is one of the first priorities that Governor Lolo Moliga has identified for the American Samoa Economic Development Authority .

Steps taken to keep out Ebola

Extra measures were taken by the Department of Health for the arrival of the cruise ship Volendam today, to keep the territory safe from Ebola and other diseases.    
Phhoto: Pase Paselio

Territory farewells Hokule'a and Hikianalia

The captains and crews of the Hokule’a and Hikianalia received prayers, thanks and well wishes at a farewell ceremony at the Malaloa Marina this morning.   

Bus knocks down employee

An employee of Mcconnel Dowell who was directing traffic for road construction along the Veterans Memorial Stadium was knocked down by an aiga bus this afternoon. 

Amata lends support for cancer awareness

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Candidate for Congress Aumua Amata has pledged her support to spreading the word about a disease that has taken the lives of too many women often at a young age.

Senator Uti Petelo sworn into office

The new senator for Mauputasi District #6 was sworn in this morning by Associate Judge Logoai Siaki. 

AVM first made proposal to previous governor

AVM Bernardo Engineering the company from the Philippines with plans to set up multi food processing plant in the territory made the same proposal to the previous administration in 2009.

Want to hear better?

Residents with hearing problems will get help from the Starkey Hearing Foundation. 


New US citizens to be sworn in here

Two US Citizenship and Immigration Services officers will be traveling here later this month to conduct interviews for soon to be US citizens…members of the US Army Reserve. 


"Meet the Mormons" premieres today

"Meet the Mormons," a film examining the diverse lives of six devout members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints premieres today at the Nu'uuli Place Cinema.  


Fono has own agenda for Special Session

Fono leaders have requested Governor Lolo Moliga to include on the agenda of the Special Session, pending legislation from the Fono.

Big sale at Hope House

Hope House has received a generous donation from the owners of a store which has gone out of business.

Company eyes US market

The company from the Philippines that is setting up a food processing plant in the territory, AVM Bernardo Engineering, will take advantage of the Headnote 3 A benefits which entitles products that are made in American Samoa duty free entry into the United States.

Study finds many deficiencies in Special Ed

The American Samoa Department of Education receives about $6 million each year from the federal government to educate children with special needs, but an external review of Special Education conducted in June and July found lapses in qualified personnel, equipment and services for the territory’s special children.

Port tests new passenger ramp tomorrow

The Department of Port Administration will test its new passenger ramp with tomorrow night’s Hawaiian Air flight.

Woman runs down husband

A woman landed in jail for allegedly aiming her F150 truck directly at her husband, a cop. 


New investor is AVM Bernardo Engineering

The company that plans to set up in the territory is AVM Bernardo Engineering which is a giant food processing company from the Philippines. 

ASEDA bill gets green light

The American Samoa Economic Development Authority legislation has now been approved. 


Uti Petelo selected as Ma'uputasi #6 senator

A new senator for Mauputasi District #6 is to be sworn in tomorrow morning.  


Police Academy to start next month

Commissioner of Public Safety William Haleck is hopeful that enough candidates will pass the latest entrance exam for the police academy which was administered Tuesday at the Lee Auditorium.


Tafuna Health Center extends hours on Wed

The first Wednesday evening clinic at the Tafuna Health Center was last night.


Police identify suspects in stoning incidents

Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Hunkin Finau says she has been briefed about recent stoning incidents related to school sports.  


'Feds ignoring purpose of citizenship clause'

Attorneys representing the appellants in the Tuaua v United States citizenship lawsuit say the federal government and those against their case are ignoring the historical text, purpose and original understanding of the 14th Amendments' Citizenship Clause. 


Bills for leaders raises and allowances "resting"

With just one day left in the Third Regular Session of the Fono, two bills which have attracted criticism from the public appear to be resting in peace.


Philippines company wants to set up here

A company from the Philippines plans to set up a multi processing facility in the territory. 


Local absentee voting begins Friday

Local absentee voting will begin October 10. 

Death in Tula a suspected suicide

A suspected suicide occurred on the eastern end of the island yesterday. 


ASEDA bill clears second reading in Senate

The Lolo Lemanu administration looks set to score a major piece of legislation, one worth $100 million, with passage of a bill that gives the American Samoa Economic Development Authority wide ranging powers to issue bonds.

FBI looking for suspect in kidnapping

A Federal Bureau of Investigations search for a man wanted in Seattle for a parental kidnapping case has been extended to American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Marianas and all sovereign nations of the Pacific.

New members for Immigration Board

New members have been nominated to the Immigration Board. 

Swimming pool project gets ASG support

Governor Lolo Moliga has pledged ASG’s support of the Pago Pago Rotary Club’s community swimming pool project. 

Bill would plug immigration loophole

The administration is moving to close a loophole in the immigration law which has allowed corporations to sponsor aliens. 


Garbage truck overturns in Iliili

The driver of a garbage dumpster which overturned near the intersection in Iliili early this morning was admitted to the hospital with minor injuries. 

Governor tells phone companies to talk

Governor Lolo Moliga isn’t taking any action as the Telecommunications Regulatory Commissioner on the complaint filed by BlueSky Communications against the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority.

Incident report on missing doctor(s) ready

The LBJ Hospital is now reviewing an incident report submitted by nurses of the Intensive Care Unit against certain doctors.  


Senate calls in ASEDA Board again

The Senate is calling in members of the American Samoa Development Authority again today for another hearing on the administration bill which upgrades ASEDA’s bond issuing authority. 


Welcome to new crews & captains

The NOAA National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa welcomes the two new captains and crews of the voyaging canoes the Hokule’a and Hikianalia as they prepare for the next leg of their round the world voyage. 

Tongan patrol boat being repaired here

A Tongan patrol boat is now on the slipway at the government shipyard in Satala.


From District Court

A man and woman made initial appearances in District Court this morning for public peace disturbance, assault and resisting arrest.


Treasurer is against Payroll transfer

Treasurer Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a says he had no say in the transfer of the Payroll Division from Treasury to the Department of Human Resources. 

DOH confiscates large quantity of medication

The Department of Health has confiscated a large quantity of medication, mostly anti- biotics at the airport, port and the Post Office.  


Governor calls special session

Governor Lolo Moliga is calling a special session of the Fono to begin next Tuesday and lasting ten days. 


Leone coach concerned about stoning incidents

The head coach of Leone High School, Arona Samoa, has reported recent stoning incidents which have injured students and damaged school buses.

Accrediting team visits ASCC

An 11-member team representing the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC), a division of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), completed a site visit to the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) this past Friday.


Education a key focus of candidate

Candidate for Congress Rosie Tago Lancaster has identified education as one of the pillars of her campaign platform.  


Asst. Secretary of OIA to visit next month

The Assistant Secretary of Interior for Insular Affairs Esther Kiaaina will be making her first visit to American Samoa early next month. 


Farewell for Hokule'a & Hikianalia Friday

After more than a month in the territory, the Polynesian sailing canoes the Hokule’a and Hikianalia will be departing later this week.  


Fono raises concerns about ASEDA bill

When lawmakers got to read the fine print of legislation to enhance the bond issuing capability of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority they were leery about language in the bill which they felt cuts out the legislature from the decision making on how the bonds will be used. 


Election Office certifies Tuala-uta candidates

The Election Office has now certified candidates in the House of Representatives election for District #15, Tuala –uta after the Appellate Court ruling yesterday in candidate Lucia Bartley’s challenge of incumbent faipule Vui Florence Saulo’s eligibility to be on the ballot.  


Bill to raise retirement annuities now law

Ninety percent of government retirees can look forward to a slightly bigger check later this month. 


Appellate Court upholds CEO's decision

The Appellate Division of the High Court today upheld the Chief Election Officer’s decision in denying Lucia Bartley’s challenge of candidate Vui Florence Saulo’s eligibility to be on the ballot for the Tuala uta House race.

KVZK-TV was the result of a news story

Deputy Director of the Office of Public Information KVZK Tv Tialuga Vince Iuli emceeing the 50th birthday celebration of the government tv station this morning. 

Governor signs settlement for DOH back wages

Governor Lolo Moliga signed last Wednesday a settlement agreement with the US Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division for back wages of Department of Health employees.    

Bill to raise salaries missing exemption

There was an attempt in the House of Representatives today to approve the bill to increase the salaries of the governor and lt, governor in second reading.    

Students learn about conservation

more than 200 elementary school students attended the 4th Annual Soil & Water Conservation Day, organized by the American Samoa Soil & Water Conservation District (AS-SWCD).  

Planning underway for Health Bilateral Summit

Planning is now underway for the 5th Health Bilateral Summit for the two Samoa which American Samoa is hosting next month.  

Happy 50th birthday KVZK-TV

The first television station in the South Pacific, KVZK-TV is celebrating its 50th birthday today.  


Rosie aims for new hospital

Rosie Tago Lancaster is optimistic that her voter support for her third bid for American Samoa’s seat in Congress is much stronger now and says with the help of God she can succeed.  


BlueSky says yes to excellence

This week October 6-11, 2014 is Customer Service Week, celebrated in all 50 states and 40 countries annually.  


Bill to remove age limit of judges held

With a majority vote, the House Judicial Committee has tabled for further review and more research a Senate bill which seeks to remove the age limit for temporary associate judges of the High Court.