Sen insists Homeland Security should pay for scanners

If there are any changes made to the use of proceeds from the bond sale, the bond holders will have to be notified and asked for approval. 

Governor says protestors exercising their freedoms

The governor spoke about the demonstration by the United Citizens of American Samoa at today’s cabinet meeting.  

FIsheries Task Force fact finding on cannery incentives

The American Samoa Fisheries Task Force is collecting information from ASG departments and agencies that will help them make a recommendation to the governor concerning requests from the two canneries for incentives. 

Lolo dispels talk he & Lemanu running separately

Governor Lolo Moliga has answered a question that many have been asking 


United Citizens of Am Samoa gaining support

There was a slightly bigger crowd at the second demonstration by United Citizens of American Samoa this morning.
Toleafoa Jeffrey Hunter

Talofa Airways ready to spread its wings

Talofa Airways Company is a family owned airline in Samoa that has its sights set on starting air service between Apia and Pago Pago. 

Pres doesn't believe there's not enough desks & chairs

Senate President Gaoteote Palaie has cast doubt on statements that there are not enough desks and chairs in public classrooms. 

House Ways & Means concerned about PX abuse

Representatives are looking at creating a law to send a stern message to local businesses who are abusing and violating federal regulations at the post exchange or PX in Tafuna. 

DOH says there's alot of unknowns with Zika

There is a lot more the local Department of Health does not know about Zika and that is why they have requested the presence of a Centers for  Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention representative.

Raffle to raise money for Flag Day

The Office of Samoan Affairs Flag Day Fundraising Committee is sponsoring a raffle to help raise money for this year’s Flag Day celebration.  


Election Office prepares for voting day Nov 8

There have been no announcements of candidates running for the gubernatorial, congressional and House of Representatives elections in November.  

Hooray! Twenty-two sign letters of intent

There were smiles all around when 22 high school seniors signed letters of intent with US college and universities that have offered them football scholarships.   
Palepua with Samoa PM

Fa'afo'i Palepua is new GM of Samoa Tuna Processors

Samoa Tuna Processors has appointed a new General Manager to replace Herman Gebauer who was appointed in 2014 as GM of the local cannery.

Governor puts a stop to customs scanners for now

The purchase of a $10 million scanner for customs has reportedly been put on hold by Governor Lolo Moliga.  

Lawmakers say it's not their fault

Senators and representatives have expressed their feelings about the groundswell criticism  directed at the fono  for matters that are really not their doing. 

Cleanliness is a line of defense against Zika

Medical Director of the Department of Health, Tamasoali’i Dr. Joseph Tufa said that all it takes for American Samoa to prevent themselves from such mosquito borne diseases such as Zika is to keep their residences and environment clean. 

Operation Love Letters 2016

The United States Army Reserve American Samoa Survivor Outreach Services is spreading love the day before and on Valentine’s Day.  

Burglaries, theft and vandalism cases unsolved

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Department of Public Safety has yet to finalize their investigation of the Tafeta and Mapusaga break-ins late last year. 

Twenty five suspected cases of Zika

While the World Health Organization has declared the ZIKA virus to be an international public health emergency, lab tests off island to confirm the presence of the virus have not happened.

Astca hearing delayed due to Board chaiman's travels

The Samoana students who spoke with KHJ News today said they also don’t have enough text books and some books are missing pages. 

More than 300 voters could be charged in Samoa

More than 300 eligible voters in Samoa could be charged with failing to register for the general election being held on March 4th.
The acting electoral commissioner, Faimalotumua Mathew Lemisio, has told the Samoa Observer that data from Births, Deaths and Marriages show about 300 had not registered, and there could be more found from other sources.
He said the law makes it

5-7 students per class dont have chairs

Students of Samoana high School who watched but didn’t participate in today's protest by the United Citizens of American Samoa said in nearly every classroom at their school, about five to 7 students don’t have chairs to sit on.

Senate will delve into $10 million scanner

Senators will continue to scrutinize the $10 million scanner for customs being purchased with proceeds form the bond sale at a hearing tomorrow.  

NMFS Administrator disputes governor's claims

The Regional Administrator for the National Marine Fisheries Service in Hawaii says the agency disagreed with Governor Lolo and non-commercial fishermen in their arguments against relaxing American Samoa’s Large Vessel Prohibited Area. 

United Citizens of American Samoa has their say

The community group, United Citizens of American Samoa, joined by a large group of Samoana High School students and several teachers, staged their first protest against the bill to raise salaries for the legislature this morning.  

Former airline employee charged with stealing & embezzlement

A former cargo supervisor for Polynesian Airlines who managed to skip the territory even though a stop order was issued to stop him from leaving has been charged in Distinct Court.  

Protest against Fono pay hikes goes ahead

College students, teachers, returning degree graduates and mothers and fathers, who have formed a group called United Citizens of American Samoa are still going ahead with their demonstration at the Fagatogo malae this morning, despite the Senate’s chnage of plans.

NZ traces confirmed Zika case to American Samoa

The Department of Health is investigating the case of a 46-year-old man who has been diagnosed in New Zealand as having Zika, and whom health authorities there say contracted the virus in American Samoa. 

Governor Lolo thanks Fono for bond sale

In a press release issued today, Governor Lolo Moliga announced on behalf of the Fono leaders and members that through collaboration of the Legislature and the American Samoa Economic Development Authority Board, the sale of the Series b bonds was closed early last Friday morning

Meetings planned to explain support for payraise bill

Sua District Representative Puleleiite Li’amatua Tufele Jr. has said that the House Ways and Means Committee will be going out to the districts to explain why they supported the salary increase bill.

Senate Pres: Senate not doing anything about protest

Senate President Gaoteote Togafau Palaie says the Senate will not have anything to do with a planned demonstration by a citizens group against the bill to increase Fono salaries.  

No drivers licenses, just receipts

Residents turning up at the Office of Motor Vehicle to obtain new drivers licenses or new their old ones have been issued receipts.  

The citizenship case is now before Supreme Court

The case of Tuaua vs the United States has been filed in the US Supreme Court. 

State Dept says it's doing all it can for tuna industry

The State Department insists it’s doing everything possible to achieve viable fishing access terms for American Samoa’s tuna industry.  KHJ News Washington correspondent Matt Kaye reports— 

Cruise ship season starts today with Pacific Princess

American Samoa's cruise ship season kicks off today with the arrive of the Pacific Princess which is bringing in more than 600 passengers and more than 300 crew members.  

Alataua advised to charge car repairs to ASG

The Chief of Staff of Congresswoman Aumua Amata’s local field office, former representative Pulu Ae Ae Jr, told residents of the Alataua districts that they should charge to the government repairs for fixing their vehicles due to the bad roads in their district.

Organizers circulate petition against Fono pay raise

The group that’s organizing a peaceful demonstration against the bill to increase lawmakers salaries, United Citizens of American Samoa  is also circulating an on line petition. 

Tautai President thankful for NMFS decision

The president of the association of locally owned longliners, Tautai-O-Samoa Longline & Fishing Association, has thanked  the National Marine Fisheries Services (NMFS) for issuing the final rule which allows vessels with American Samoa Longliner Limited Entry permits to fish in certain areas of the Limited Vessel Prohibited Area (LVPA).

Bond sale for government bank concluded Friday

The Series B bond that will finance the American Samoa Government bank, was sold at 2:40 last Friday morning to a Texas based company Preston Hollow Investment. 

Risk analysis needed for myna eradication

A risk analysis will be carried out before the eradication of myna birds gets underway. 

LBJ to accept off-island dialysis patients when repairs completed

Off-island dialysis patients will be accepted again at the LBJ Hospital Dialysis Unit once the renovation work for the old dialysis unit is completed. 

'We're not agents of the Bible, we're agents of the law

Chief Justice Michael Kruse said the court doesn’t have a hard job to do in deciding sentences; it only becomes hard when the decision making is cluttered with emotions.   

ASCC holds recognition dinner for faculty

Faculty members and administrators of the American Samoa Community College highlighted faculty accomplishments of the last 12 months at a Recognition Dinner at the Nighthawk/Country Club.

Tafuna JROTC takes1st place in national competition

Tafuna High School JROTC put American Samoa JROTC units on the map the second time.  

Public involvment needed in myna eradication efforts

The expert in invasive species management contracted by the Department of Marine And Wildlife Resources to help  the eradication of myna birds in the territory said the success of her strategy relies heavily on the cooperation of the community.

Michael Schuster gets 28-month jail term

Twenty one year old Michael Schuster has been sentenced to 28 months in jail and fined $5,000 for the stabbing death of his cousin Aiesi Natuitasina last August.  

NMFS allows longliners to fish within 12 miles from shore

In a decision issued today, the US National Marine Fisheries Service has allowed locally based longliners to fish within 12 miles from shore. 

Utulei Youth downs Tonga 3-2 at OFC tournament

Lets hear it for the Utulei Youth soccer champions representing American Samoa at the OFC Champions League Preliminary Tournament in the Cook Islands. 

United Citizens of American Samoa plans demonstration

A community group, calling themselves United Citizens of American Samoa, has mobilized for a peaceful demonstration for change in the territory, and have chosen as their first cause, the bill to raise the salaries of the Fono.  

PNRS to issue another stop notice for Fono Fale Samoa

The government’s land use permitting group, Project Notification and Review System Board, (PNRS) paid a site visit to the Fono Fale Samoa project yesterday.  

Congresswoman forms Women's Advisory Council

Congresswoman Aumua Amata, says she will form a Women's Advisory Council in American Samoa, so that she can hear directly from the women leaders on the island regarding their concerns, goals, and objectives.

Pres: Retirement Fund has become a bank

At the urging of Senator Galeai Tuufuli, the Senate Retirement Committee is calling in the Retirement fund Board to answer questions about several issues that have been reported in the media.   

Manu'a NHS donates $1,000 to Dialysis Unit

Manu’a High School’s National Honor Society is spending a week in Tutuila on an educational trip, the first such visit by the Manu’a NHS. 

Senate Committee to review salary bill next Thursday

The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee will review the bill to raise the salaries of lawmakers next Thursday.

Samoa has two new deputy heads of state

Two long serving Members of Parliament and cabinet ministers have been elevated to the Council of Member of Deputies or Deputy Heads of State.   

Francine Gaisoa heads the Am Samoa Chamber of Commerce

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce has elected a woman as its new chairman. 

Senate swiftly passes bill for bond repayment, 13-2

Excise tax revenues previously earmarked to repay ASG loans from the Retirement Fund will now be assigned to service the debt for the bonds of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority.

Money leftover in DPS budget but no money for overtime

Commissioner of Public Safety, Save Liuato told the House Public Safety Committee yesterday that the only overtime being paid out for police officers is for time worked on the Utulei landslides and flooding last year.   

Bond repayment bill takes priority

The House bill for the salary raises for the Fono has yet to be introduced in the Senate.  

TRI for your LIFE a success

The American Samoa Triathlon, in conjunction with Samoa Prosthetics and South Pacific Watersports & Fitness held “TRI for your LIFE Triathlon” Saturday. 

Governor asks, Senate obliges, bill passes

There was a rushed Senate hearing yesterday on an administration bill leftover from the last session,dealing with repayment of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority bonds. 

DOH awaits results of tests of suspected Zika cases

No confirmed cases of Zika in the territory yet but lots of suspected cases seen at the Emergency Room of the LBJ Hospital and community health centers.  

Expert arrives to help DMWR get rid of myna birds

A Spanish expert in endangered and invasive species management has arrived to help the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources get rid of myna birds.   

American Samoa wants to be part of fish negotiations

Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat Program said in its feature of American Samoa’s dilemma due to restriction on fishing grounds for U.S. tuna boats, that the US fleet is facing a perfect storm.

Bluesky signs deal with satellite company, ABS

A leading satellite company, ABS, and Bluesky Pacific Group (Bluesky) have signed a multi-transponder contract which will enable Bluesky to provide high quality telecommunication services to hard-to-reach areas. 

No compliance, company awaits payment

A mainland company that the American Samoa Government contracted to get the territory in compliance with federal regulations for drivers’ licenses is refusing to provide any services for the territory until ASG pays outstanding bills. 

Catechists conclude week long retreat

The annual retreat of catechists of the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago concluded Saturday at Fatuoaiga.  

Pago Pago feels the effects of idle fishing boats

The dilemma American Samoa faces due to restrictions on fishing grounds for US tuna boats is attracting the attention of overseas media.  

Farmers applying for business licenses

The Business Licensing Division of the Department of Commerce is seeing a steady flow of farmers coming into get business licenses for 2016.

Rapid scanner for customs arriving soon

The $10 million rapid scanner for customs, a purchase to be made with proceeds of the bond float by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority, is being finalized according to sources in Treasury.  

Former boss of Retirement Fund seeks reinstatement

The former Executive Director of the Retirement Fund Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua is asking the Administrative Law Judge to declare the Retirement Fund Board’s action to terminate his employment illegal and void and to reinstate him.

Puleleiite: Constituents seek financial help

Lawmakers who approved the bill to raise the salaries of Fono leaders and members in the House yesterday said during committee discussion of the bill  that the increase in salary would help them assist constituents who seek financial assistance. 

Sua Faipule Puleleiite Tufele Jr. thanked the sponsor of the bill, Rep. Faimealelei Anthony.Allen for taking the initiative to introduce

Arts Council offers fale Samoa to senior citizens

The Territorial Administration On Aging (TAOA) is networking with other government agencies to create activities that make use of the talents and expertise of senior citizens.  

Opponents comment on salary increase for Fono

Despite a wave of public criticisms, the first bill that the House of Representatives has approved since the start of the third regular session of the 34th legislature is the one to raise the salaries of the Fono leaders and members.  

Woman diagnosed with Zika at LBJ

A woman who was diagnosed at the LBJ Emergency Room last week with the Zika virus doesn’t believe there’s enough awareness about the disease especially for pregnant women. 

Senate confirms ASVB board members

Four of the six members of the American Samoa Visitors Bureau Board have been confirmed by the Senate.  

Utulei Youth represent AS in OFC championship

Utulei Youth, 2015 FFAS National League champions, have arrived in the Cook Islands to represent American Samoa at the four-team, OFC Champions League Preliminary tournament.

Senior citizens can dial a free ride

Senior citizens in the territory can now Dial a free Ride under a new program launched two weeks ago.  

Sen Galeai wants phone allowances for lawmakers

Senator Galeai Tuufuli wants the Fonoto get the same privileges as directors …specifically $300 a month phone allowances.  

Lavata'i performers wow the crowd with fire

Last Saturday, the Samoa Sports Center or Bowling Alley was packed to capacity for the Polynesian Fire show by the Lavatai brothers, Brandon and Jerryl, Jerryl's wife and their sister Tasha and friends.  

Bill for Fono payraises clears House, 13-4

It’s now up to senators whether or not to approve the House bill for salary increases for lawmakers in the 35th legislature. This morning the bill was approved in final reading by the House of Representatives by a vote of 13-4. 

CPO comments on sole source contract

More information has been revealed concerning the contract for Mike Mcdonald which we reported on in yesterdays’ news.   

Audit report alleges Luatua misappropriated over $112,000

The former Executive Director of the Retirement Fund, Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua, is filing a complaint against the Retirement Fund Board of Directors, alleging that he has been denied due process. 

TAOA to serve hot meals 4 days a week

There's good news for senior citizens! 

Sporadic fighting among Leone HS students

There have been daily fights among Leone High School students since last week.   

Former educator inspires & encourages educators

Director of Human and Social Services, Taeaoafua Dr. Meki Solomona was the keynote speaker at Professional day for Western District DOE personnel including teachers, cooks, bus driver and janitors. 

Senate puts brake on supplemental budget bill

The Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee is taking its time to review the governor’s supplemental budget bill for Fiscal Year 2016 of $2.5  million. 

DOE yet to complete Consolidated Grant application

The Department of Education is expecting to complete this week a re write of its consolidated grant application which has twice been rejected by the US DOE. 

StarKist: critical time for canneries, NOAA urged to act

The parent company of StarKist Samoa, StarKist Co., has underscored the importance of the US flagged purse seiner fleet that direct deliver to its local plant.  

300% increase in useage causes power outages

Two separate faults and a 300% increase in load results in power outages in the Fogagogo area. 

House approves bill for Fono payhikes in 2nd reading

The House of Representatives has approved in second reading Rep. Faimealelei Anthony Allen’s bill proposing salary increases for the Fono leaders and members. 

ASTCA seeks loan from Retirement Fund

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is requesting a loan from the Retirement Fund.   

Canneries seek concessions from ASG

Tri Marine International, the parent company of Samoa Tuna Processors, and StarKist Samoa are seeking concessions from the American Samoa Government to help offset conditions created by restrictions on access to fishing grounds  and  the collapse of the South Pacific Tuna Treaty . 

Tri Marine, which dedicated its more than $70 million fish processing plant just a few days

Rep Sanitoa says salary increase bill unconstituional

Tuala-uta Representative Larry Sanitoa says the bill proposing a salary increase for lawmakers lacks a funding source and this makes the proposed legislation unconstituional. 

$10 million scanner under Senate microscope

Senators raised lots of questions regarding one of the projects to be funded with proceeds from the sale of bonds by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority.

AVM breaks ground for processing plant in territory

It was a proud moment for Governor Lolo Moliga, Director of Commerce Keniseli Lafaele and his staff as well as a persistent businessman from the Philippines, when ground was turned at the site where a multi line food processing plant is to be opened

Buyer makes offer for Series B bonds

A Dallas-Texas based investment company, Preston Hollow Investor has made an offer to purchase he Series B bond intended to finance  the government bank to be called the Territorial Bank of American Samoa. This is revealed in documents distributed by

Tribute to Attorney Henry Kappel

The media lost a good friend today.  Senate Counsel Henry Kappel died this morning at the Intensive Care Unit of the LBJ Hospital. 

Moefaauo is new CEO of ASG shipyard

Moefaauo Bill Emmsley has been appointed as the next Chief Executive Officer of the Ronald Reagan Marine Railway. 

Aumua gives report on her work in Congress

Congresswoman Aumua Amata reported to a joint session of the House and Senate yesterday that American Samoa is getting a 40% increase in education funding in the new fiscal year. 

LBJ paying 5% excise tax on medication & supplies

The LBJ Hospital is paying the 5% excise tax on medical and pharmaceutical supplies, despite an opinion issued by the Attorney general to the contrary. 

Polynesian Air cleared for another 30 days for Manu'a service

The US Department of Transportation has granted Polynesian Airlines another 30 day extension to operate flights between Tafuna Airport and Fitiuta and Ofu, Manu’a   

DOH investigates if Zika is here

The Department of Health is investigating possible cases of Zika in the territory.  DOH says in a statement that at this stage there are no confirmed cases. 

Vaitinasa tells Democratic Party she's running for Congress

It's not a formal announcement but at a meeting of the American Samoa Democratic Party last night, a member made known her intention to run for Congress.    

Fisheries Task Force reviews implications of US withdrawal

The implications of the withdrawal of the United States from the South Pacific Tuna Treaty, which allowed purse seiners top fish in Pacific island waters, is being reviewed by the American Samoa Fisheries Task Force.  

Ground breaking tomorrow for food processing plant

It’s been two years since a businessman from the Philippines first made known his interest to set up a food processing plant in the territory.  


Interim CEO of ASG shipyard asks those who owe to pay up

The American Samoa Government owes the Satala shipyard a total of $114,000.

Congresswoman answers Fono questions on many topics

Federal assistance for the LBJ hospital, why American Samoa‘s operations grant has not increase, the US South Pacific Tuna Treaty, air transportation and federal regulations affecting American Samoa were among topics that Congresswoman Aumua Amata was asked about at a joint session of the Senate and House today. 

Treasury admits it held funds for LBJ due to cash flow

The outcome of a Senate Health Committee hearing with Deputy Treasurer Tina Onosai Vaa and CEO of the LBJ Hospital Taufetee John Faumuina Jr. was that the Senate will introduce a bill to write off a $5 million loan that Treasury believes the hospital owes

PNRS reviews Fono violation of stop order

The Fono guest fale project, which has been built without a land use permit, was on the agenda of the Project Notification and Review System Board today. 

Governor's top assistant disputes debt claims

KHJ News reported earlier that the  LBJ Hospital has temporarily replenished critical supplies that it ran out of earlier. 

US Fish & Wildlife urges public to attend hearings

Agents from the US Fish and Wildlife Service  are on island to conduct informational and public hearings regarding a proposal to include local birds, snails and bat species on the US Endangered Species list,

Global appeal for Samoa's Flea Market vendors

An official global appeal has launched in support of Samoa's flea market in Savalalo which was destroyed by fire last week. 

Centennial Building trees chopped to stop damage

Two trees which have been providing shade in front of the Centennial Building even before the three story building was constructed are no more.

High Court dismisses case of ex-bank teller

The High Court has granted a motion by the defense and suppiorted by the government, to dismiss criminal charges against a former employee of ANZ Guam Bank, Aialani Foster, who was accused of embezzling  more than $1,800 from the bank. 

Rotary leaders respond to concerns about pool project

The Rotary Club of Pago Pago’s Swimming Pool project is running into some objections from various members of the community who contend that the pool should be an olympic lap-style swimming pool. 

Board of Trustees fires ex-director of Retirement Fund

The services of former Executive Director of the Retirement Fund, Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua have been terminated.   

LBJ gets some medical supplies, but not enough

The LBJ Hospital has been able to replenish medical supplies which it ran out of, however officials in charge of procurement for the hospital say the new shipment is not going to completely solve the shortage. 

ASG hiring buoyed consumer spending in 2014

Director of Commerce Keniseli Lafaele explained at Friday’s cabinet meeting what the numbers mean in the estimates of Gross Domestic Product for American Samoa for the year 2014.  
Tri Marine CEO Renato Curto at STP

Tri Marine not surprised by US withdrawal from Tuna Treaty

Tri Marine International is not surprised by the US Government’s announcement its withdrawing from the South PacificTuna Treaty . 
ASVB Dep Dr Vaito'a & Director Vaeafe

First Chinese cruise liner arriving later this year

The first cruise ship from China to visit American Samoa is expected to arrive towards the end of this year. 

Senate confirms two new LBJ Board members

Senators have confirmed by unanimous vote two new members of  the Hospital Authority Board, Tamasoalii Dr. Joseph Tufa and Filifaatali Mike Fuiava.  

Court accepts plea for Ottoville burglar

The High Court has accepted a change of plea by 24-year-old James Taito in connection with the 2014 break-in  of a home in Ottoville during which a laptop was stolen.

No witnesses to testify on Fono payraise bill

Representative Faimealelei Anthony Allen does not plan to call any witnesses to testify on the administration’s $2.5 million supplemental budget bill as well as his bill proposing pay increases for the Fono.

US gives notice of withdrawal from SP Tuna Treaty

It’s now official.  The United States is withdrawing from the South Pacific Tuna Treaty, according to the State Department.  KHJ News Washington D.C correspondent Matt Kaye reports— 

Samoana High School hit by burglars/vandals

There have been four break ins at Samoana High School over the last four days, and the culprit or culprits have stolen computers, trashed classrooms and gone as far as defecating in one of the classrooms. 
Photos: Lina Scanlan & Melesio Gurr

Iseula ole Moana III blessed

Saturday was a day of celebration for the village of Fagatogo when its newest fautasi, a high tech  Iseula o le Moana III, was blessed. 

Police hand over report on Retirement Fund investigation

Police who investigated the former Executive Director of the Retirement Fund Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua handed their report to the Attorney General’s Office last Thursday.  

Jeb Bush rep says candidate will listen to Am Sam

Republican Presidential Candidate Jeb Bush Campaign rep Alan Philip was on island this holiday weekend reaching out to local Republicans.  

Power restored to Mt. Alava, we're back on air

At 1:30 this afternoon, the American Samoa Power Authority restored power to the transmitter site at Mt.Alava which powers KVZK-TV and our radio stations 93 KHJ and V103 Radio. 

Warnings to stay away from the sea, ignored

There were no further reports of land inundation by high surf generated by Hurricane Victor as it headed farther away from American Samoa today.  

Samoa makes Ethical Traveler Top 10 Destinations

For the second year in a row and for the third year since 2013, Samoa has featured in the Ethical Traveler’s Top Ten List. 

Overtime claims remain an issue in ASG

At Friday’s cabinet meeting, the first for the new year, Governor Lolo Moliga stressed that directors should stay on top of overtime hours for their employees.
Debris litters Letuli property Fogagogo

Lawmaker visits families affected by wave action

Tuala-uta Representative Larry Sanitoa today surveyed damage form wave action over the weekend in Fogagogo and Vaitogi.

Aumua congratulates 1st woman president of Taiwan

Congresswoman Aumua Amata sent a letter of congratulations to the first female president of Taiwan  President  recognizing her historic election to the highest office in Taiwan. 

Rep. Faimealelei sponsors bill for Fono salary increase

Another move is a foot in the Fono to raise the compensation of lawmakers.  
Coconut Point Nu'uuli

Powerful waves wash away shoreline protection

Hurricane Victor’s winds generated damaging surf which drew water into beach front homes and covered roads and front yards along the coast with sand, rocks and debris from the sea.
Photo: Talamua Media

PM moves quickly to find premises for flea market vendors

A gas tank explosion is suspected as the cause of a fire which has left Samoa’s iconic flea market at Savalalo in ashes. 

Uiagalelei Dr. Lealofi is confirmed as Election Cmmissioner

Uiagalelei Dr. Lealofi Uiagalelei is now cleared to take the helm of the American Samoa Election Office. 

Storm warning cancelled, high surf and small craft advisories remain

The National Weather Service cancelled the TROPICAL STORM WARNING for Manu’a islands at 2:55 p.m., Sunday, January 17. 
Aumi road on Saturday

Surf's still up, please stay away from sea

5:00am Sunday: Hurricane Victor was centered about 280 miles southeast of Manu’a…340 miles southeast of Tutuila, and it continues to move south slowly.

Hurricane Victor make the seas rise up

Hurricane Victor’s high surf "covered roads with sand, rock and debris washed up by the ferocious seas.

Bill to aid small businesses clears Committee

Congresswoman Aumua Amata and the House Small Business Committee held a markup, Wednesday approving bipartisan legislation to expand and improve opportunities for America’s small businesses to compete for federal contracts. 

2nd review of variance for swimming pool

Yesterday’s Zoning Board hearing  for a variance for the community swimming pool project in Tafuna  allowed the applicant, Rotary Club of Pago Pago, government agencies and private citizens to present views and concerns before the board.

High surf wash debris on Coconut Pt road

At around 5 Saturday morning the Emergency Operations Center received a report from Coconut Point in Nu'uuli that high surf had washed up debris from the sea onto the road.  

Samoa flea market destroyed by fire

By Lagi Keresome Talamua Media It's a sad day for owners of stalls and shops at the Savalalo Flea market as they watched  in vain as fire consumed the building and everything in it.  

Victor is now Hurricane Category 1

Tropical Cyclone Victor intensified from a Tropical Storm to a Hurricane Category 1 on Friday afternoon. 

Judge Fiti Sunia replaces Judge Ward in District Court

The Senate has confirmed by unanimous vote, 13-0, Fiti Alexander Sunia to serve as District Court Judge of American Samoa.  

Yesterday no, today yes for Drabble

The House of Representatives has cleared Mr. Thomas Drabble to serve on the Board of Directors of the American Samoa Visitors Bureau.  

Governor Jeb Bush strategist arrives tonight

Alan Philip, a strategist for the Jeb Bush Presidential Campaign, will be in American Samoa this weekend courting local Republicans  

High school students join Future Health Professionals

A Territorial Wide Induction of Health Occupation Students of America-Future Health Professionals (HOSA) will take place at the Lee Auditorium on January 22, 2016 at 2:00pm.  

Public holiday Monday to honor Martin Luther King Jr

Monday is a federal and American Samoa Government holiday commemorating the birthday of the slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. 

Tropical Storm Victor moving away

Tropical Storm Victor is moving south and away from American Samoa.  

Court approves plea agreement in 2015 killing

The High Court has accepted a plea agreement for a 21-year-old man who was charged with the murder of his cousin in August of last year. 

DOI releases $18.3 million for ASG

ASG’s coffers got a boost this week when Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas Esther Kia’aina released $18.3 million remaining in grant assistance for Fiscal Year 2016 to the American Samoa Government.   

Drabble gives candid views about what's blocking tourism

A businessman who has built a name in the local tourism industry and operates two small hotels in the territory, Mr. Thomas Drabble, spoke his mind about what he sees as stumbling blocks to improving the territory’s fledgling visitor industry.

Manu'a is under a tropical storm warning

Manua is under a tropical storm warning right now. The tropical depression that was near Manu'a has been named Tropical Storm Victor and is 200 miles east of Manu'a.  Tropical Storm Victor is 200 miles east of Manu'a. Weather models hav

New Board of Directors for Chamber of Commerce

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce elected a new Board of Directors at a meeting last evening.  

Not much progress on Taputapu Elementary

Six years after the tsunami destroyed Taputapu Elementary School in the village of Poloa, excavation of the land where the new school building will be located is all that has been done.  

Senate confirms Uiagalelei as Election Commissioner

Senators voted unanimously this morning to confirm Dr. Lealofi Uiagalelei as the next Election Commissioner of American Samoa.   The vote was 15-0.  

House rejects Drabble, moves for reconsideration

Businessman Thomas Drabble, owner of Sadie’s by the Sea, Sadie Thompson Inn, Transpac and other local businesses, did not garner enough votes to be confirmed as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Samoa visitors Bureau. 
Samoa Tuna Processors

GDP increased 1.6% but ASG and private sector declined

The estimates of gross domestic product (GDP) released yesterday by the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA), US Department of Commerce show real GDP for American Samoa for 2014, GDP adjusted to remove price changes -- increased 1.6 percent in 2014. 

Supreme Court decides on legal status of Puerto Rico

A simple case about illegal firearms sales put the Supreme Court in a delicate position Wednesday, faced with deciding the legal status of Puerto Rico. 

Beware of high surf beginning tonight

A tropical depression that was nearly 400 miles away from American Samoa this afternoon is generating dangerous swells –over the next 72 hours.  

Traditional punishment will be dished out for suspect

A high chief of the area which was targeted in break ins and theft in the last three months of 2015 says the Village Vouncil will mete out punishment for the family of the suspect or suspects. 

Biggest drop is in ultra low sulfur

Fuel prices continue to tumble and it means savings for businesses and consumers. 

DOE continues induction of teachers

The induction of public school teachers meeting DOE certification requirements is continuing.

Rep. Vesi: cut salaries of high paid employees of LBJ

Cut salaries of high paid employees of the LBJ Hospital…is the solution that the Chairman of the House Health and Hospital Committee Rep , Vesi Talalelei Fautanu is recommending as an emergency measure to resolve the shortage of supplies at Fagaalu

Dr. Saipale Fuimaono asks to be withdrawn from Hospital Board

One of the two people that Governor Lolo nominated for the Board of Directors of the Hospital Authority Board, Dr. Saipale Fuimaono has asked that his name be withdrawn.   
2014 nurse graduates

Nursing students awaiting decision on stipend

Nursing students at the American Samoa Community College are praying that the governor will continue financial assistance that has helped them with tuition, book fees and other charges for their studies. 

FAA wont consider funding unless audit findings addressed

Four directors met with the Honolulu Division of the Federal Aviation Administration last week to discuss the FAA land use audit of Pago Pago International Airport.  

Neil's Ace Home Center donates $16,527 to Cancer Coalition

Neil’s Ace Home Center continues to make good on matching public donations as it has for the past 6 years in its partnership with the American Samoa Cancer Coalition. 

After Jan 31st, businesses without 2016 licenses should close

The Department of Commerce is letting business owners know that the grace period for them to renew and pay for their business licenses for 2016 comes to and end January 31st.  

Police arrest 17-yr-old in Tafeta and Mapusaga burglaries

Police have a suspect in a series of breakins, theft and trespassing in homes at Tafeta and Mapusaga.    

Governor directs payment of DPS overtime for FY2015

The governor called a meeting yesterday with the Commissioner of Public Safety to discuss overtime pay for police.  

Bigger aircraft coming for inter Samoa service

Polynesian Airlines still has plans to introduce bigger aircraft on the inter Samoa route.

Governor concerned about loss of language, culture

Governor  Lolo Moliga has expressed concern that English is becoming  the dominant language of the youth and this is a threat to the Samoan culture and way of life.

Bed sheets for dressings, trash bags as underpass

Nurses at the LBJ Hospital are speaking up about the shortage of medical supplies at the hospital which they say is affecting the quality of patient care. 

LBJ problems is focus of first hearings in House

The state of affairs at the territory’s only hospital generated discussion in the House of Representatives on this first working day of the Third regular Session.  

Food prices drop 2.8 percent in December

There was a 2.8 percent drop in the monthly basic food index for American Samoa at the end of last month.

Fono to review nominations for ASVB Board

On this first working day of the third regular session of the 34th legislature, resolutions for the confirmation of the governor’s nominees for the Board of directors of the American Samoa Visitors Bureau were introduced.  

Aumua commends Council for scholarships

Congresswoman Aumua Amata commended Kitty Simonds, Executive Director of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council and its Education Committee for their announcement of the availability of three scholarships for academic years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.  

Purse seiners head to eastern Pacific waters

The majority of US purse seiners that normally deliver their catch to the two local canneries are heading to the eastern Pacific.

DBAS warns of imposters posing as collection agents

The Development Bank of American Samoa is warning the public of two individuals posing  as collection agents for the bank.

Governor submits FY2016 supplemental budget bill

Governor Lolo Moliga has sent the Fono a supplemental budget bill which totals $992,500, the amount that he had vetoed in the Fiscal Year 2016 budget law plus $13 million that was recently returned from Vietnam.  

Welcome home All Star Seniors

The All Star Senior football team returned from the Junior Prep Sports Classic in Hawaii last night to a low key welcome by parents, siblings and classmates. 

Cops ask why they're not paid overtime when there's a surplus

Upon hearing Governor Lolo Moliga’s announcement yesterday that ASG is expected to close Fiscal Year 2015 with a surplus, some government employees have asked, if that’s the case, "why haven’t we been paid  overtime from last year/"

ANZ Bank explains cause of last month's cash shortage

ANZ Bank suspects that the cash shortage it experienced last month was due to customers taking cash off island over the festive season.  

Governor : we need to diversify economy

The need to diversify the economy, and lessen dependence on the tuna industry got a mention in the governor’s State of the Territory Address before the Fono this morning. 

Government asks for continuance in rape case

The pre trial conference for a 23 year old man facing multiple sex charges has been continued for a month after the government requested more time to thoroughly investigate the case. 

Three receive scholarship offers during JPS Classic

Despite their 44-27 loss against Hawaii West All Stars, Team American Samoa came away with more positives.  


Lions Club to launch first Campus Lions Club at ASCC

The Lions Club of Pago Pago will soon be launching the first ever Campus Lions Club at the American Samoa Community College, a first for the Lions District as well. 

Governor predicts $4 million surplus for FY2015

Governor Lolo Moliga said in his State of the Territory address this morning that ASG is forecasting to close its books for Fiscal Year 2015 with a surplus of $4 million plus.  

No water for Lepuapua for several hours

Residents of Puapua were without water for several hours from Saturday night to Sunday morning, disrupting preparations for Sunday church services and to'anai.  
Photo: Lalelei Nomura
L-R: Troy Nobriga, Robert Faleafine, Dorian Salave'a

Robert Faleafine: focus should be on kids

The Director of the Junior Prep Sports Hawaii Classic, Robert Faleafine, says his goal for bringing players from American Samoa to Hawaii was so that they could gain exposure and also to develop friendships with other Samoan players.

Airline boss sees benefits for Am Samoa in Air Tahiti Nui links

It’s the view of the CEO of Polynesian Airlines that the airline’s partnership with  Air Tahiti Nui offers many viable opportunities not only for Samoa but American Samoa in terms of freight and a doorway to Asia through Japan.  
Governor Lolo & Leilua Mase Akapo

Governor Lolo tells Treasurer to find funds for LBJ Hospital

Governor Lolo Moliga has instructed Treasurer Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a to find money to pay ASG subsidies wage tax and other funds owing to the LBJ Hospital. and arrears to the LBJ Hospital. 

Mismanagement at SBA draws House Committee's attention

Mismanagement at the Small Business Administration (SBA) was the focus of a hearing by the House Committee on Small Business (HCSB)  on Capitol Hill Friday.  

Purchase of drugs must be curtailed to meet payroll at LBJ

The Chairman of the Board of the LBJ Hospital Leilua Mase Akapo had informed Governor Lolo Moliga last month about the grave financial condition of LBJ Hospital.

Our boys put up a good fight, wins admiration of many

American Samoa may have fallen to Hawaii in the JPS Classic Championship 47 - 22 but not without a fight.   

Hawaii West 47, American Samoa 22

Team American Samoa put on a stellar effort in the junior prep school championship.   

Coaches Loso & Arona preview game

The Offensive Coordinator for Team Amerika Samoa at the JPS Hawaii Classic 2016 is Loso Iaulualo, of Tafuna High School.  

Message from Head Coach Pati Pati Jr.

Head Coach for Team Amerika Samoa Pati Pati Jr. says the team is ready for their final game against Hawaii West. 

American Samoa vs Hawaii West at JPS Hawaii Classic

And the showdown between American Samoa’s Senior All Stars and Hawaii West is on. 

Governor calls on leaders to work together

The invitees to last night’s State dinner heard a plea from Governor Lolo Moliga for territorial leaders to work together.  

Commissioner says there's progress in solving crimes

Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele met this week with  residents of Tafeta and Mapusaga fou who have called on police to solve  a recent series of break ins and prosecute those responsible.  

Fofo/Alataua Parish takes down oldest house

This year is when the Congregational Christian Church of American Samoa will again host its annual conference at Kananafou.  

Scholarships are available for territories

Three scholarships are being offered by the Western Pacific regional fishery Management Council and its Education Committee for students from American Samoa, Guan and the CNMI for fisheries related studies  

New mental health facility to be federally certified

The new mental health facility at the LBJ Hospital is intended to be certified by the federal government as a behavioral health provider for the US Army Reserve, Veterans Administration and Tri Care beneficiaries. 

Samoa University recruits archaeologist Epi Suafo'a

An American Samoan is joining the faculty of the National University of Samoa.

Farmers strategize for School Lunch Program

Farmers are forming small groups of five to bid for the supply of vegetables, fruits and produce for the School Lunch Program.  

Leti Paaga stand out player in 14-7 victory

We take you back to the excitement of yesterday’s game between the Amerika Samoa Senior All Stars and Northern Cal.  LJ Solo calls the action. 

Tax preparer ventures into tourism

It’s never too late to run a business.  At 72, while others her age may be thinking retirement, Niuamoa Lilly Hunt is getting into not just one but four businesses, including one that is a totally new line of work for her.

Congresswoman nominates 17 for service academies

Seventeen students have been selected for nomination by Congresswoman Aumua Amata to the US military academies. 

Our boys upset Northern California 14-7

In a stunning upset in Aloha Stadium, American Samoa’s Seniors went the distance and defeated the Northern California All Stars 14-7!  

Lolo & Lemanu host dinner at 6pm

The tables have been set and Lee Auditorium is transformed into a stately dinign hall for Governor Lolo Moliga and Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga's state dinner this evening. 

Galea'i calls Fono disregard of stop notice an embarrassment

 Senator Galea’i Tu’ufuli says the Fono’s disregard of the land use permitting system is an embarrassment.   

American Samoa vs Northern California is on

And history is being written…a territorial high school football team has taken the field at Aloha Stadium going against an All Star team from Northern California in the JPS Hawaii Classic 2016.   

Death of yachtsman treated as homicide for now

Police are treating the case of a man found dead on his yacht on Monday as a homicide for now.   

ASG behind on subsidy for LBJ Hospital

Last week we reported that the LBJ hospital delayed payment of employee payroll deductions for utilities, insurance and bank loans.  This was due to a cash flow problem. 

Residents want intruders caught & punished

A group of residents of Tafeta and Mapusaga fou whose homes have been burglarized and whose family members have been touched by suspects while they were sleeping, is pressing the police to find the culprits and have them punished.   

Team Amerika Samoa ready to rumble

Team Amerika Samoa at the JPS Hawaii Classic 2016 is pschyched up mentally, spiritually and physically for their battle against the Northern California team. 

Tri Marine says South Pacific Tuna Treaty is obsolete

The owners of American Samoa’s second cannery, Samoa Tuna Processors,  say the Treaty which allows US fishing boats to fish in waters of Pacific island countries is obsolete and needs to be revised.

Coastal Management Spatial Planning training

Federal agents are working with their local counterparts on putting together an ocean plan for American Samoa which would be a guide  for agencies, companies and individuals with projects that involve coastal areas. 

Two new vessels for Pago Pago Marine Charter

Despite a downward turn in the territory’s economy, local businesses continue to make investments in the territory.

Congresswoman attends US Navy briefing

Congresswoman Aumua Amata was in the audience for a  luncheon briefing on the status of current worldwide United States Naval operations and the Navy’s role in national security. 


Team Amerika Samoa ready for action

When the All Star High School football team from American Samoa plays the team from Northern California tomorrow it will be the first time that a territorial high school football team will play in an off island meet. 

Fono Fale: No permit, no stop, no show

The Fono was a "no show" at a meeting today of the Project Notification and Review System Board to review their after the fact application for a land use permit. 

Recap of criminal case involving I'aulualo Faafetai Talia

The appointment of Iaulualo Faafetai Talia as the new Executive Director of the Retirement Fund has prompted questions from the public concerning the criminal case he was involved in when he was Director of Human and Social Services.

Hawaiian Air presents: Samoa Sunrise crew at JPS Classic

Since 2009 , V103 radio has been airing weekly high school football games live from the Veterans Memorial Stadium.  

Man found dead on yacht

Police are investigating the death of a yachtsman in his 60’s who was found dead onboard his yacht on Monday.  

Tinted windows & decals an issue with tenants

The owners of four businesses now set up at the Small Business Incubator at the Fagatogo Marketplace are grateful for the government’s efforts to promote small locally owned businesses.   

Any takers for Master's degree in information science?

The University of North Texas is recruiting local students for the  Library education for the American pacific or LEAP –ll Program.   

Chief Justice: Same old song from ASG on mental health

A doubting Chief Justice Michael Kruse was not swayed by statements from ASG officials of their plans for the new mental health facility that will soon be opened at the LBJ Hospital.  

Unanimous vote on Iaulualo to head Retirement Fund

The Board of Trustees for the American Samoa Government Employees Board of Trustees was unanimous in its decision to appoint Iaulualo Faafetai Talia as the new Executive Director of the Retirement Fund.  

CEO responds to request to lower freight

At last month’s meeting of the Joint Samoa Task Force for Economic Integration, the American Samoa delegation asked that Polynesian Airlines reconsider its freight charges. 

Four opened at Small Business Incubator at marketplace

Four small businesses now occupy the Small Business incubator at the Fagatogo marketplace.   

Man charged with rape of 16-yr-old

A man in his early 20's, Loren Muasau, was arraigned in High Court this morning on several felony charges. 

What's administration doing for canneries?

The Lolo Lemanu administration is said to be working with leading Republican Senators on ways to help the two local canneries while there’s uncertainty over where their fish supplies will come from.  

Iaulualo Faafetai is new Executive Director of Retirement Fund

The American Samoa government employees Retirement Fund has a new Executive Director. 

'We need to strike while the iron is hot'

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has briefed her staff on the legislative priorities she intends to focus on this year.

Michelle Wie is newest spokesperson for StarKist products

StarKist Company, owners of StarKist Samoa, announced today that professional golfer, Michelle Wie , is the StarKist brand’s newest spokesperson.

Kingdom Hall built where Pila F. Patu Store once stood

A new church building, or Kingdom Hal,l for the Jehovah Witnesses will be rising from the former site of one of the oldest family owned stores in the territory, Pila F. Patu in Pago Pago.  

Election Commissioner to be confirmed in new Fono session

Confirmation of the territory’s new Chief Election Commissioner Dr. Uiagalelei Lealofi is on the agenda for the third regular session of the Fono which begins next Monday.  

Ex-Tafuna Warrior Destiny Vaeao takes NFL leap

Mark the name Destiny Vaeao.  He’s another standout football player from Tafuna High School who has made his presence felt in college football, and is headed for bigger and greener pastures. 

Uncertainty looms over fish supplies for local canneries

A shadow hanging over the territory during the festive season and which still remains as we start 2016, is where the two canneries StarKist Samoa and Samoa Tuna Processors are going to get their fish. 

Man missing in Manu'a is father of three

The 31-year-old man who was swept out to sea while fishing in Faleasao last week has been identified as Kupa Leo.  

Great support in Honolulu for our football team

There’s great support in Hawaii for the high school football team from American Samoa.   

Large crowds at commercial banks

The court wasn’t the only place with a big crowd and long lines.  Both Bank of Hawaii and ANZ were also packed, as customers swarmed in to take care of their banking after the long New Year’s Day weekend.

Thirty-six cases on District Court calendar

The District Court was packed this morning. There was a waiting line at the entrance and it took longer than usual to go through the security check by District Court staff.    

USFWS re-opens comment period on listing of five species

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is reopening a 30-day comment period on a proposal to list five species of animals from American Samoa as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

State Dinner Thursday to thank Fono

Governor Lolo Moliga  and Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga are hosting a state dinner this Thursday at Lee Auditorium to express appreciation to the Fono. 

ASPA apprenticeship program fills need for special skills

One of the biggest problems developing countries face is brain drain where young people opt to pursue education and careers off island and end up staying there permanently.   

Three New Year's Day babies

 Three babies were born at the LBJ Hospital on the first day of 2016..two boys and one girl.  

DOE Director explains why volleyball team not in Honolulu

Lack of organization by Hawaii Junior Prep Sports is the reason why American Samoa is unable to send an all-star volleyball team to the first annual Junior Prep Sports American Paradise Classic 2016 in Hawaii.   

Church leader: use time wisely to serve God

The advice from the chairman of the Congregational Christian church of American Samoa Rev Elder Leatulagi Faalevao for leaders of government, church, villages and families is to make use of their time to serve God and others, instead of creating their own wealth and status.

Treasury vehicle impounded during holiday enforcement

The New Year’s Day weekend was relatively peaceful with fewer arrests than the Christmas holiday. 

Last minute rush to renew business licenses

Yesterday and this morning, business owners have kept departments involved in business licensing busy such as Department of Commerce, Revenue office and Tax Office busy.  

Happy New Year from your news team

As we count the hours before we change our calendars, we at KHJ News want to express our thanks to you our listeners for your support and continued patronage. 

Governor sends message of condolence to CNMI

Governor Lolo Moliga has sent a message of condolence to the new governor of the Northern Marianas, Ralph Deleon Guerrero Torres on the passing of the late governor of the CNMI, Eloy Inos.

DOE Director defends team uniforms

Some parents are struggling with preparations for the high school football team from American Samoa for the Junior Prep Sports America Paradise Classic 2016 in Honolulu. 

National Council of Churches holds service Saturday

A memo issued by the governor this morning asks directors and CEOs for ASG departments, agencies and authorities to attend a prayer service of the National Council of Churches to begin the new year.   

Man feared drowned in Manu'a, too dangerous for search

There’s been a tragedy in Manu’a.  Early this week a 31-year-old man who was fishing at Faleasao village was washed out to sea and hasn’t been found up to now.  

Revelers usher in 2016 with fireworks

Millions of people around the world have welcomed the arrival of 2016 with parties and fireworks, although security concerns have disrupted celebrations in Europe and parts of Asia. 

Tofa Tropical Storm Ula

Tropical Storm Ula is making the final day of 2015 wet and windy

CJ gives government five days to get records from ANZ

Chief Justice Michael Kruse has given the government five days to get records from ANZ Bank that the attorney for a former employee facing theft charges requested some time ago.   

More than 60 headed to Hawaii for JPS America Paradise Classic

Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau says taking our star high school football players to Hawaii will expand their skills and knowledge of football and also expose them to college recruiters from around the nation.

Nine pallets of mail arrived on Monday

Nine pallets of mail arrived on the cargo flight Monday night.  P

Hope House resident has the trip of his lifetime

When Mrs Theodora Polamalu visited Hope House in July, she asked one of the young residents of the home, Philip Faualo, if he had a wish. 

Governor to submit supplemental budget in next sesson

A supplemental budget is one of the pieces of legislation that the Lolo Lemanu administration will be submitting in the next session of the Fono which opens January 11. 

All I want for Christmas is water

Residents of Lepuapua had a simple wish for Christmas...uninterrupted water supply.

Locals urged to join the Chamber of Commerce

The outgoing chairman of the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce, David Robinson, says it's been a struggle trying to attract business people to join the Chamber.

Two felony assault cases from Christmas weekend

Two felony cases from the Christmas weekend have been bound over to High Court.

Tropical Storm Ula moves within 100 miles

As of 1:30 this afternoon, Tropical Storm Ula was 160 miles south east of Tutuila and 100 miles south east of Manu'a.  This is closer to the American Samoa Islands than the earlier update this morning.  

285 DOE employees first to receive pay increments

A total of 285 Department of Education employees have been evaluated and are eligible to receive pay increments for the months of October and November. 

Cargo flight brings late holiday mail

If you didn’t get your holiday packages in time for Christmas, chances are your packages came on the cargo flight which arrived on Monday afternoon. 

Tropical Storm Ula not a hurricane threat

While you were asleep, the tropical depression near the Samoa islands yesterday was named Tropical Storm Ula.  

It's happening, purse seiners are tying up

At least 14 US purse seiners out of 37 that are licenses to fish under the US South Pacific Tuna Treaty are idling their operations following a directive from the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) that all US vessels in the Western Pacific Ocean under the Treaty are to cease operations as of December 31st.

Zoning Board re-hears swimming pool application Jan 14

The Zoning Board will re hear the application  of the Rotary Club of Pago Pago to build a community swimming pool in Tafuna next month. 

Tropical Storm Ula intensifying into Cat 1 hurricane


Work continues on Fono guesthouse despite stop notice

Despite a stop notice by the Project Notification and Review System Board (PNRS) on renovation of the Fono’s guest house, the work is continuing. 

David Robinson resigns as Chamber chairman

After six terms as the head of the chamber of Commerce, Chairman David robinson is calling it quits. 

Alert: Tropical Depresson 05 F near American Samoa

A tropical depression located about 300 miles north west of Pago Pago at around 3 this afternoon. is expected to intensify within the next 24 hours.  

LBJ faces cash flow hiccup, delays payroll deductions

The LBJ Hospital is struggling with its cash flow and recently delayed payment of employee payroll deductions.


OIA Assist Secretary sad at passing of Gov Inos

Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas, Esther Kia’aina has expressed sadness at the passing of the Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Eloy  Inos.  

Immigration chief must pay fine by 4pm today

The High Court has taken under advisement Chief Immigration Officer Tamasa Dennis Lutu’s motion for reconsideration of the court’s contempt of court ruling against him.


DPS responds to 100 cases in one week

Since the  Department of Public Safety holiday enforcement began last Monday up to yesterday, police responded to 100 cases, nearly all of which were public peace disturbances involving alcohol.   

Rain lets up, wind subsides for a bit

The rain actually stopped and the winds subsided for a bit last night but the weather system that’s causing them is still around.  

Value of imports from Samoa disputed

Private sector officials present at the recent meeting of the 2 Samoa Task Force on Economic Integration say ASG customs records of the value of exports from Samoa to American Samoa were no where close to the real figures.  

Interviews held yesterday for Exec Dr. of Retirement Fund

Interviews for the position of Executive Director of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund were conducted yesterday. 

Renovation of Fono guesthouse stopped

Repairs to the Fono guesthouse  have been forced to stop after a stop notice was issued to the Legislature by the Project Notification and Review System Board.

Nothing more serious than heavy rains & strong gusts

For now the National Weather Service doesn't expect the weather system now pummeling the territory with rain and occasional strong gusts with anything more serious.    

CNMI Governor Eloy Inos dies in Seattle

The governor of the Northern Marianas Eloy Inos has died in hospital in Seattle. 

Ex-boss of shipping company released from jail

The former manager of Pacific Shipping Services, Lepuiai Allen Mayer, has been released from the Territorial Correctional Facility.
Photo: Tala

Mother, child and rescuer drown in Samoa

Police in Samoa are investigating the drowning of three people, a man and a mother and her eight year old son, who died while swimming behind the Met Service office at Mulinu'u the day after Christmas. 

PNA accused of making Pacific fishery expensive

The chief executive of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement says the Pacific tuna fishery is well placed for 2016 after the recent AGM of the PacificTuna Commission. 
Photo:Talamua Media

Samoa's top cop responds to military charge

Samoa's Police Commissioner Fuiavailili Egon Keil says police officers who are unhappy with changes being made to the force should find new jobs. 

There was a surge in arrests for Christmas Day weekend

The District Court was packed with arrests from the Christmas Day weekend.  

Non stop rain causes landslides, flooding, etc

Its been a busy morning for Public Works crews responding to landslides, flooding and other incidents caused by heavy rain.  

Governor not planning any changes to cabinet

As he begins the final year of his first term as Governor of America Samoa, Lolo Moliga doesn’t see any need to make changes to his cabinet.  

No Christmas Day babies at LBJ Hospital

There were no Christmas babies born at LBJ Hospital this year. 
Photo: Joey Cummings
Fagaima road

Very wet last week of 2015

The last week of 2015 may set some records for rainfall count.


Don Bosco students get time served, face 5-year ban from AS

Don Bosco students Susuga Falesefulu lesefulu and Nomani Tepa have been sentenced to five years probation  for having sex with a minor while their school was in the territory for the Flag Day celebrations in April. 

Polynesian Airlines has 18 flights per day

Hundreds of residents are traveling to Samoa for the holidays and Polynesian Airlines  has nearly doubled its normal number of flights. 

Another meeting on mental health facility

The governor wants the new mental health facility at the hospital to start off on the right footing from the get go.

Congresswoman: We have accomplished a lot in one year

Congresswoman Aumua Amata says a lot has been accomplished in her one year as American Samoa’s delegate to Congress. 

SOFIAS bring smiles to faces of young patients

SOFIAs, the Sosaiete O Faafafine I Amerika Samoa brought smiles to the children of the Pediatric Ward at LBJ Hospital on Tuesday. 

Filipino Community continues caroling tradition

Members of the Filipino Community are keeping a tradition from their homeland alive. 

Christmas messages from Governor & Catholic Bishop

In his Christmas message Governor Lolo Moliga reminds the territory of the significance of Christmas, the birth of baby Jesus for the atonement of mankind’s transgressions.  

December 31st is last day to complete amnesty process

The deadline for those who haven’t completed the immigration amnesty program to do so,  is next Thursday. 

US tuna boats could lose licenses

The chief executive of the Parties to the Nauru Agreement says the US tuna fleet has till the end of the month to pay up or lose its fishing license.   

Happy Meal on inmate's Christmas wish list

An inmate at the Territorial Correctional Facility has sent a Christmas wish list to judges of the High Court.


New Dialysis Unit opened

The new Dialysis Unit at the LBJ hospital was officially opened this morning. 

ASTCA Building becomes Aleki Sene Sr Telecommunications Center

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority Building in Tafuna is now officially named the Aleki Sene Sr. Telecommunications Center.

Bingo players beware, gambling laws will now be enforced

The Attorney General's Office has issued a public notice to warn that gambling is "expressly prohibited", and the gambling laws will be stircly enforced from now on. 

Aumua Amata hosts Congressional art competition

Local students will again have the chance to have their art work displayed in the Halls of Congress in the new year.  
Photo: Talamua Media

Assault rifles turned in under gun amnesty

In Samoa, December 31st is the deadline for the Ministry of Police's gun amnesty program and Police Commissioner Egon Keil is urging anyone with unregistered or illegal weapons and ammunition to turn them in and avoid harsh penalties.

Be forewarned, police are out in force

The Department of Public Safety holiday enforcement has begun. 

Governor responds to critics of his ASCC speech

Governor Lolo Moliga says critics of his speech at the American Samoa Community College graduation are entitled to their own opinion but what he was telling the graduates is the situation we’re faced with and they have to be aware of what lies ahead

Lt. Governor Lemanu visits Juvenile Detention Center

An emotional Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga told juvenile detainees he was happy for the chance to visit them but was saddened that they are not at home with their parents and loved ones during this festive season. 


Solaita Family continues to delight with Christmas Carnival

The Solaita Family in Nu'uuli is continuing a tradition that has delighted thousands of children and adults for more than ten years.   

Governor tells inmates they are not forgotten

Governor Lolo Moliga told inmates at the Territorial Correctional Facility that despite their situation  the  government cannot forget them …neither will their  churches and families. 

Man in jail for sexual assault abuse

A man was arraigned in High Court Monday on charges of first degree sexual abuse, sodomy, first degree burglary and felonious restraint.  

Court awards Le'i title to Nuutai Sonny Thompson

The Lands and Titles Division of the High Court of American Samoa has awarded the title Le’i of Manu’a to Nuutai Sonny Thompson. 

Study: sentences shortened due to gender bias

A new regional study shows most people convicted for domestic violence have been given reduced sentences after courts took into account factors like myths aboutrape and traditional forgiveness ceremonies. 

A gift to yourself-get tested for HIV/AIDs

The Department of Health has issued a public service accouncement saying that one of the special gifts you can give yourself this Christmas is to be tested for HIV AIDS.  

Post Office will be closed Christmas Day

It’s the busiest time of the year for the Pago Pago Post Office. 


Governor tells lawmakers to leave hospital to those in charge

Governor Lolo Moliga says he has advised lawmakers who sought his intervention to help keep doctors from leaving the LBJ Hospital to let the people in charge at LBJ deal with the situation. He says when members of the House recently approached him concer

Mixed reviews on holiday shopping

There’s differing opinions from store owners about holiday shopping this Christmas season. 

7th year for Ace Angels at Neil's Ace Home Center

They say giving is better than receiving and a local company that puts that into practice year round is Ace Neil Home Center in Malaeimi.  

Hiring of ASTCA CEO on hold

The Board of Directors of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is putting on hold plans to hire a new CEO.  

Business license renewals very slow

Only about 1600 businesses have renewed their business licenses for 2016 since the business license renewal period opened in October. 

Faamaoni John Utu is a business consultant for ASPA

Faamaoni John Utu who was sentenced in July to 36 months probation for theft of government property in a federal case, is doing work for the American Samoa Power Authority as a business consultant. 

Cabinet & Governor's staff sing & present gifts for Hope House

Cabinet members greeted, serenaded and presented gift baskets to residents of Hope House this mornin . 

DOC Director optimistic about Samoa cooperation

Director of Commerce Keniseli Lafaele is pleased with the progress made in forging an agreement  for economic cooperation between Samoa and American Samoa. 
Jaylynn and her Dad

McDonald's making wishes come true

McDonald’s American Samoa with the help of Southseas Broadcasting Inc granted the wishes of 16 people who entered the annual My Christmas Wish contest. 

Twenty PPD cases after a weekend of celebration

Alcohol turned some gatherings for the festive season into public peace disturbance events, making for a busy District Court calendar today. 

A day of celebration for Argosy University graduates

Ten local professionals ,all government employees now have the letters Dr. in front of their names.   
Photo: Samoa Observer
Digicel CEO

Regulator finds BlueSky willfully damaged Digicel equipment

BlueSky Communications' competitor in Samoa, Digicel Samoa, has not ruled out legal action against its rival, over an incident at Apia Park, during the historical Manu Samoa and All Blacks test match in July. 

Samoa advertises bids for new Tui-Samoa Cable

Samoa is now advertising for bids for the Tui Samoa cable,  the new undersea fiber optic cable that will link Samoa to the Southern Cross Cable Network.

StarKist thankful but says it needs permanent extension

The owners of StarKist Samoa say passage of the American Samoa economic development credit helps companies including StarKist to level the playing field in the face of competition from countries that heavily subsidize their tuna canneries. 

Two Samoa to identify goods for duty reduction

Officials of the two Samoa are aiming for the end of January to come up with a draft document that would guide trade of goods and services, labor, investment and other economic fields between Samoa and American Samoa. 

Donate for Love spreads holiday cheer and more

Everyone had something to take home at the Donate for Love distribution on Saturday.  

Joey Iosefa stands out in Patriots vs Titans clash

One of American Samoa’s own was featured in the bright lights in yesterday’s NFL action.  

Concern of doctor burn out in Pediatric Department

In the wake of Dr. James Marrone, former head of the Pediatric Department leaving LBJ Hospital when his contract was not renewed, the LBJ is now down to 5 pediatricians and 1 pediatric nurse practitioner. 

A lesson for Miss Am Samoa: Avoid procrastination

One of the main lessons that Miss American Samoa has learned from competing in the Miss Pacific Islands pageant is not to procrastinate.  

Lealaifuaneva Peter E Reid Foundation donates $110,000

Private schools, Hope House, the Catholic Diocese, and the National Olympic Committee have received a financial shot in the arm from the charitable foundation of one of American Samoa’s most successful businessmen, Lealaifuaneva Peter Reid.

Weather serves up thunder, lightning & rain

In the countdown to Christmas, we’re getting thunder, lightning and rain..not ideal weather for the festive season. 

Datamatics seeks guarantee of low rates from ASG

Plans by an India-based company to set up business processing operations in the territory have not changed. And ASG is doing all it can to make sure that the company, Datamatics, doesn’t change its mind.

Victim's advocate thankful uphill battle is over

The immigration sponsor for Merlie Gumanab, the Filipino woman  whose application for amnesty was denied by the Immigration Board is overjoyed that the woman’s immigration ID Card has been issued.

Argosy University holds biggest graduation Saturday

Argosy University is conferring degrees to more than 88 candidates who have successfully completed the course work for graduation. 

McDonald's makes Jordan Molipe's wish come true

McDonald’s American Samoa made a little boy’s wish come true.  

Site preparation begins for new playground in Fagatogo

Another recreational facility is under construction where the still unused playcourts between the fagatogo fautasi shed and Tedi’s building is situated. 

Jury finds Tito Malae not guilty

A man who was charged for assaulting another man with a rock in 2012 over a disagreement over land has been acquitted of the charges against him. 

Governor wants everything in order for mental health facility

Governor Lolo Moliga has stressed to departments and agencies with a role in the new mental health facility that‘s been built at the hospital, he wants everything in order and by the book before the facility is opened. 

Hurdles exist for businesses from Samoa

While businesses from Samoa are now part of the local business landscape, they are facing challenges due to local and federal laws for foreign owned companies. 

Renovated Fale Samoa at Museum dedicated

A dedication ceremony was held today to bless the renovated fale Samoa for the jean p Haydon Museum.  

HA take off is at 12:30 pm

Hawaiian Air’s return flight to Honolulu is leaving at 12:30 this afternoon.

Woman who said CIO harrassed her finally gets ID card

The only individual whose application for the immigration amnesty program was turned down by the Immigration Board, Merlie Gumanab, was finally issued her American Samoa Immigration ID card today.

Acting shipyard boss confident purse seiners will come

The Interim Manager for the ASG Shipyard, Moefaauo Bill Emmsley says they are going ahead with an upgrade of the chainlink for the shipyard to accommodate bigger vessels on the slipway.

Miss Am Samoa says she should've been better prepared

Miss American Samoa Suluga Taliau says her experience at the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant in the Cook Islands has given her confidence and ideas of how to use her reign as the territory’s ambassador. 

Omnibus bill extends key tax break for StarKist

American Samoa and its largest employer will see a key tax break extended, as part of a massive tax and spending bill the Congress is about to pass, to keep the government funded for the rest of the fiscal year.  

Business taking the lead in 2 Samoa economic cooperation

Economic cooperation between Samoa and American Samoa is the focus of discussions that got underway this morning between CE’s of both sides of Samoa. 

Miss American Samoa reflects on "amazing" pageant

Miss American Samoa Suluga Taliau is still in a whirlwind after what she describes as the most amazing experience of her 19 year life…the Miss Pacific islands pageant. 

Hawaiian Air arrival & departure delayed

Travelers booked to fly out on Hawaiian Air’s flight to Honolulu last night, wont be leaving until this afternoon. 

Conditions at Retirement Office lend to criminal activity

Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele intends to give a report on conditions, practices, and common occurrences observed in the operation of the Retirement Fund Office which are conducive to criminal activity.    

Court orders man to stay away from airport

A young man involved in a fight at the airport last month has been ordered to stay away from Pago Pago International Airport for six months.  

High number of deaths in November

Members of the public are alarmed by the number of people who died last month.

Bidding for School Lunch Program will remain

The American Samoa Farmers Co op has been told that the decision to bid out the supply of local produce for the School Lunch Program will not be changed. 

Plea to president for new hospital

“It looks like a rambling one level school building that might be in Ewa Beach, Hawaii. That‘s how Mrs Kathy Pilimai, describes the LBJ Tropical Medical Center in the cover letter that accompanies the community petition she initiated to help save the canneries and tuna industry.

Jury trial of Tito Malae begins

 A jury trial began yesterday for a  man charged in connection with an assault incident that occurred in 2012 in Iliili. 

Joint Samoa Task Force prepares issues for leaders meeting

Director of Commerce Keniseli Lafaele says the meeting of the 2 Samoa Economic Integration Joint Task Force prepares issues to be reviewed and approved by the leaders of the two Samoa in the inter Samoa talks. 
Photo: Stallone Nua

Shaun Nua joins University of Virginia Cavaliers

A son of American Samoa, Shaun Nua, has been hired as the defensive line coach to round out the University of Virginia Cavaliers coaching staff. 

Samoa's former police commissioner dies

Samoa's Ministry of Police is mourning the sudden death of one of its former long serving officers and Police Commissioner for nearly ten years, Lilomaiava Fou Taioalo.   

Hawaiian Air transitions to smaller, fuel efficient aircraft

A smaller but more fuel efficient aircraft may be flying the Honolulu Pago Pago route in a few years.

Woman charged with forging $2,000 check

A woman has been charged with stealing and forging a $2,000 check from her employer.        .

Mrs. Pilimai: Mr. President we need your help

The business woman who instigated the community effort to save the canneries tells President Barack Obama that this movement was motivated an inspired by Obama’s own team of grassroots supporters at the 2012 election. 

Luatua still holds top job at Retirement Fund

As far as the chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Retirement Fund is concerned, Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua is still the executive director of the Retirement Fund.  
2-Samoa Trade Fair in April

Joint Samoa Task Force meets here

A delegation of close to 20 from Samoa is meeting with counterparts in the territory today and tomorrow.   

MSC certification for local Tri Marine fleet almost complete

Tri Marine International, the parent company of Samoa Tuna Processors has announced that its Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) assessment process of the American Samoa free school purse seine skipjack and yellowfin tuna fishery is nearing completion.

Bishop & priests commit to be Ambassadors of Mercy

During the Mass to open the Year of Mercy held Sunday evening at the Holy Family Cathedral in Fatuoaiga, the leader of the Catholic Church Bishop Peter Brown and priests of the diocese committed themselves to be ambassadors of mercy.  

BGCAS thankful to CTC for grandstand & sheltered canopy

A grandstand and sheltered canopy for the Boys and Girls Club of American Samoa Building at Tafuna was dedicated today. 

DHSS staff will sing songs of the season at Hope House

The Department of Human and Social Services is again sharing the gift of music with residents and staff of Hope House.

Esther Generation spreads the message of Christmas

Esther Generation, an organization established for the spiritual well-being of young women from different denominations is the sponsor of one of the two Christmas trees at the Malae o le Talu in Fagatogo. 

Supreme Court attorney joins Tuaua vs. US appeal

Does Congress have the power to switch the Constitution's guarantee of birthright citizenship on and off in U.S. territories? 

HA keeps meals & throws in free ear phones

Hawaiian Air is not going the way of other airlines which are cutting in flight services such as meals and entertainment to save costs. 


Unleaded gasoline drops by 12 cents/gal

Drivers are getting an early Christmas present from Santa Claus..a 12 cent drop in the wholesale price of unleaded gasoline. 

Man killed by SWAT marksman named

Police have identified a man killed by a SWAT marksman in Lacey, Washington State as 30-year-old Nephi Leiataua.

ASG to discuss Hawaiian Air miles program with visiting officials

Governor Lolo Moliga is scheduled to meet today with officials of Hawaiian Airlines who arrived last night from Honolulu. 

Petition to save canneries collects more than 7,000 signatures

The petition result was more than expected. Kathy Pilimai, who organized the petition for “Citizens Movement of the Territory to Help Save our Tuna Fishing Industry”, said the targeted number of signatures was 10,000.  

UN experts say islanders are being violated by climate change

UN rights experts say Pacific Islanders losing their homelands to encroaching seas show that human rights are already being violated by climate change. 

Donate for Love still accepting donations

Donate for Love, a cause organized to help struggling families, has received incredible community response. 

Catholics celebrate Year of Mercy

A  Mass at the Holy Family Cathedral at Fatuoaiga yesterday, officially started the Year of Mercy celebration for the Diocese of Samoa–Pago Pago.   
Photo: The Olympian

Samoan man shot dead by marksman

From Washington State, a man shot and killed by a SWAT marksman last night is believed to be a Samoan. 

Amata serves on Republican's Committee of the Call

Aumua Amata, long active in the Republican Party at the local and national levels, is playing a role in assembling the nation’s Republicans to nominate the next presidential candidate. 

KVZK-TV secures free broadcast rights with CBS

Governor Lolo Moliga has congratulated Director of Public Information/KVZK TV Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde for successfully negotiating program rights with CBS Television.  
Photo: Samoa Observer

Polynesian signs MOU with Air Tahiti Nui

A Memorandum of Understanding signed between Polynesian Airlines and Air Tahiti Nui, the airline of Tahiti, is envisioned to open up a new link between Samoa and Asia, North America and Europe.  And American Samoa is to be included in the plans.

High Goals Times Hard Work Equals High Rewards

Commencement Address by Congresswoman Aumua Amata Coleman Radewagen.


First win for PNG in regional pageant

In the 29th year of the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant - ‘the Pageant with a Difference’, Miss Papua New Guinea (PNG) makes history and wins the region’s beauty contest for the first time.