AG puts a stop to confiscation of passports

A memo from Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale  puts to rest a practice which has been going on at Pago Pago International Airport for many months: seizure of passports even for travelers with valid entry permits and travel documents. 

American Samoa benefits from DOI grants

American Samoa is to benefit from grants awarded by the US Department of Interior Office of Insular Affairs for regional efforts. 

Tua'au to help families cope with cost of living

Congressional candidate Tua’au Kereti Matautia believes the government should come up with ways to help families cope with the rising cost of living.  

Cans are top trash collected

Groups participating in the Environmental Protection Agency;s Keep American Samoa Beautiful Program removed a total of 3,223 pounds of trash from roadsides, streams and coastal areas. 

Needed part for MV Sili arriving today

There’s some help on the horizon for Manu’a.   

Celebrate International Jazz Day Saturday

We take you back to the Samoana Jazz and Arts Festival 2015 . 

Fono leaders dont support Retirement hike

The Retirement Fund’s proposal to raise the combined employee and employee contributions by 16% in order to address the unfunded liability of the pension fund is not being well received by government leaders.  

No Fotu o Samoa for Manu'a charters

As the week draws to a close, transportation relief for Manu’a remains elusive.  

Rep Vui seeks enforcement of statute

Tuala-uta Representative Vui Florence Saulo is hopeful that departments which have jurisdiction over land use will enforce existing regulations that can help alleviate flooding of public highways in her district.

Repeat escapee strikes again in Samoa

A repeat escapee from Tafaigata Prison is back behind bars after striking again.  

National Park offers student essay contest

The National Park of American Samoa has launched a youth essay contest that invites local fifth through twelfth grade students to share their National Park of American Samoa story.  

Homeland Security records cyclone damage

As of Wednesday, April 27, the Department of Homeland Secuirty had checked and documented13 homes which suffered some damage from Cyclone Amos over the weekend. 

Girl mauled by dogs in Kokoland

A girl who was attacked by dogs in Kokoland was admitted with serious injuries in the Pediatric Ward at LBJ Hospital. 

Celebrating National Asia Pacific Month

Congresswoman Aumua Amata, gave the keynote address during the Library of Congress' (LOC) presentation on Samoan culture in honor of Asian-Pacific Islander American Heritage Month.

Football bug bites NZ

A historic football match between American Samoa and New Zealand at the Veterans Memorial Stadium in June is shaping up nicely.   

3 Wise Cousins have fun, making fun

You’ve read about them, seen their faces on FaceBook and trailers of their movies on You Tube. 

No decision yet on ASTCA loan request

The Retirement Fund Board has not made a decision regarding a loan application of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority.  

Man charged for rape of 15- year-old

A man  charged with rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse in the first degree involving a minor will be arraigned in High Court today.

Tua'ua says no to changing status

Three time congressional candidate Tuaua Kereti Matautia says the negative impact of federal laws on American Samoa should not be reason for the territory to change its political status. 

600 mynah birds have been trapped

Since the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources hired an expert to get rid of the myna bird, more than 600 mynan birds have been trapped.

A must see musical prodution

Just a few hours now before the curtain is raised and it’s show time for the American Samoa Community College Fine Arts Department.  

Old guardrails replaced from Avau to Pago Pago

The coastline from Avau to Pago Pago will soon sport new guardrails.


Knife assault at marketplace leads to arrest

A man who assaulted another man with a butcher’s knife on the week of Flag Day was arraigned in High Court this morning.   

Training for special ed parents and teachers

About 50 parents and teachers have a better understanding of how instruction for children with special needs are designed taking into account the students' abilities and needs.  

No bail reduction for man facing sex charges

Judge Elvis Patea yesterday denied bail reduction for a man charged with attempted sodomy of his step daughter. 

High School Vocational Trade Fair

The  Annual Vocational Education; Business, Trades, and Family Consumer Science Fair will be held tomorrow - Thursday April 28, at the Pago Pago Gym - DYWA Center. 

Researcher says .as domain name not secure

A British security researcher that goes online only by the name of InfoSec Guy revealed today that American Samoa domain registry ASNIC was using an outdated domain name management system that contained a bug allowing anyone to view the personal details of any .as domain owner.

Man faces multiple sex charges

A man  charged with rape, sexual assault and sexual abuse in the first degree involving a minor will be arraigned in High Court today.   


OIA Asst Secretary advocates for US nationals

In her Flag Day address , Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs, Lupesinaosamoa Esther Kiaaina mentioned the name of a young woman from Nu’uuli who had interned with her Washington D.C. Office last summer, Fuatino Solaita.

Bluesky to shut down 2G network May 2

As Bluesky continues to make improvements to its network a project that will involve retiring older equipment and replacing them with newer equipment, the phone company is phasing out an older generation of phones.  

Mission unaccomplished at Aunuu

They pulled and they tugged but they couldn’t remove the fishing vessel that’s been  on the reef near Aunuu island  for more than a week. 

Tua'au Kereti makes third bid for Congress

Third try a charm? Tua’au Kereti Matautia is making his third bid for American Samoa's seat in Congress.  

Flu like bug spreading like wildfire

Schools and workplaces are reporting high absenteeism because of the flu like disease which seems to be spreading like wildfire in the territory.  

Polynesian Airlines gets 30 day green light

The US Department of Transportation has again given Polynesian Airlines the thumbs up to continue flights to Manu’a. 
Lupesinaosamoa Esther Kia'aina & Lydia Nomura

Lupesinaosamoa "stunned" with title bestowal

Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Affairs Esther Kia’aina says she was stunned when she was bestowed the honorary matai title Lupesinaosamoa. 

Governor absent at Retirement Fund briefing for leaders

Governor Lolo Moliga did not make it to the meeting in Honolulu where Actuary advisers of the Retirement fund were to give a briefing for government leaders concerning the pension fund’s unfunded liability.

Archbishop Alapati is 1st Samoan to offer Mass at Basilica

The leader of the catholic Church in Samoa, Archbishop Alapati Lui Mataeliga  became the first Samoan priest in history to celebrate Mass at the largest Catholic Church in the United States.  

FEMA impressed with AS Homeland Security

Other than for a team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to be on island when Tropical Cyclone Amos hits,  ASG is not submitting any other request for assistance from the federal agency.

Delegates seek bankruptcy deal in Puerto Rico debt bill

Territorial delegates to Congress including our own Congresswoman Aumua Amata are expected to attempt an amendment to the  Puerto Rico debt bill, if territories are denied key economic relief.

No major damages in Samoa

Four families in Savaii and one in Upolu had to evacuate to higher ground when Cyclone Amos struck at the weekend, according to the government.  

No damages, FEMA help not needed

The Federal Emergency Management Agency's Incident Management Assistance (IMAT) Team came ready to respond to any situation as a result of Tropical Cyclone Amos however their help was not needed.

ASPA advises boil water before using

The American Samoa Power Authority is stressing that people boil their water before using. 

Long lines at banks and EOB

The effects of the two commercial banks closing early on Friday due to Cyclone Amos was the extra long lines seen at Bank of Hawaii and ANZ this morning.

Luatua unable to draw out retirement monies

The former Executive Director of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua has waived his rights to a probable cause hearing in District Court and his case now heads to the High Court. 

DOE sorts through recurring payroll issues

The Department of Education is taking steps to address discrepancies which have continually come up in the deprtments payroll.   

FEMA arrives on island before TC Amos

The Federal Emergency Management Agency sent a team to the territory on Friday’s Hawaiian Air flight.


Number of suspected Zika cases tops 500

The number of suspected Zika cases in American Samoa has topped 500.  

Life imprisonment for Siaumau Siaumau Jr.

Despite all the fine words and great testimonies presented in court this morning for murder defendant, Siaumau Siaumau Jr., the court sent him to jail for  life for the murder of detective Liusila Brown five years ago. 

Rep. Vesi wants complaints to come to him

Manu’a Rep. Vesi Fautanu Junior would prefer that Manu’a residents with complaints take it up with him or the ASG representative in Manu’a instead of going to the media.  

Removal of grounded vessel delayed

Today the US Coast Guard team from Honolulu, working with local response agencies and companies was supposed to remove the fishing vessel #1 Ji Hyun from the reef near Aunuu island.  

Territory's population increases by 2000

American Samoa's population stands at 57,436, an increase of more than 2000 people from the last survey in 2010. 
Photo: Manuatele Community Face Book

Manu'a resident pleads for help

A resident of Ta’u, Manu’a is pleading with government leaders to please send a boat to Manu’a as its been more than a month since the MV Sili has been down and they don’t know when it will be back in service. 

EOB gets the first of a few ATMs

The AP Lutali Executive Office Building is the latest spot on the island to have an Automated Teller Machine,  and this one doesn’t belong to either of the local banks.  

Family of Tuvalu man worried

The family of a Tuvaluan fisherman who was a crew member on a purse seiner that was based here are appealing for information on his whereabouts.  

Young researcher praised by NOAA scientists

A  young man from  American Samoa has won admiration and praise from leading US marine scientists who mentored him in research work on board the NOAA Vessel Oscar Elton Sette.

Beware of falling rocks along highway

A word of caution about falling rocks and other debris from mountain sides along the high way during heavy rains. 

Treasury releases third batch of refund checks

Treasury is ready to distribute the next batch of tax refunds at 10 AM Friday, April 22nd.  

Fautasi reps happy with money distribution

Village fautasi were happy with the decision by the co chairs of the Main Flag Day Committee, Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and Secretary of Samoan Affairs Mauga Tasi Asuega to award $10,000 to each of the village fautasi.

Survey shows 46% hide sexual assault

Results of a recent survey by the American Samoa Community College and the Alliance for Strengthening Families makes it clear how urgent it is to continue sending the message that sexual assault is wrong and more needs to be done about it. 

No public schools, ASG cleans up

The Department of Homeland Security in collaboration with the Department of Education has issued a CANCELLATION OF ALL PUBLIC SCHOOLS tomorrow, Monday, April 25, 2016. 

Fautasi: villages-$10000, ASG & Fono-$2000

The Flag Day Committee today presented checks of $10,000 to all of the village fautasi that competed in the controversial Flag Day fautasi races. 

Fishing boat was on an ASPA charter

The  longliner which ran aground the reef last Friday #1 Ji Hyun, was on its way to Manu’a on a charter by the American Samoa Power Authority to deliver fuel and supplies.

Goodbye Amos, no more warnings

CycloneAmos Saturday Night Update: The National Weather Service has issued a CANCELLATION of all TROPICAL CYCLONE WATCHES AND WARNINGS for Manu’a. 

Gale warning & wnd advisory for Manu'a

Amos is 60 miles to the South East of Manua and moving away but there is some high pressure that could likely stall Amos.  As such, there is a Gale Warning and Wind Advisory in affect for Manua until late tonight.   

Hurricane warning over, some damage

12:30PM, Saturday: American Samoa is no longer under a Hurricane Warning while Manu'a is downgraded to a tropical storm warning and Flash Flood warning. 

Cabinet level meeting discusses response

 "What are the chances of Cyclone Amos making a U-turn?"

Post Amos:Airport closed, Boil water

Boil Water notice from ASPA:As a precautionary measure please boil your water before consuming, due to heavy rains. 

First half of Amos passes Tutuila

6:15AM Saturday: NWS says the first half of Amos has passed Tutuila, highest wind speed was 59 miles an hour.  

Waiting for Cyclone Amos to clear

6:20 am Saturday: At day break, as I wait for the tail or whatever part of Amos body is expected to whip American Samoa, I look outside to see a tree blocking my driveway.  

Eye of storm directly over Am Samoa

0530am, Saturday: The National Weather Service says the Center of Amos is now atop of American Samoa. 

Latest has TC Amos arriving sooner

According to the National Weather Service, Amos is now 64 miles west of Tutuila and right over the eastern side of Upolu moving towards us at 10 miles per hour.   
Polynesia Shipping all boarded up

Ridge weakens, Cyclone Amos heads our way

Cylcone Amos is now 200 miles west of Pago Pago and moving towards us.   

A flurry of activity as territory awaits TC Amos

Tropical Storm Amos is currently 250 nautical miles north west of Pago Pago moving north eastward over the last few hours, shifting it closer to Samoa. 

Cyclone Amos stalls and arrival is delayed

Cyclone Amos’ expected time of arrival has been delayed until Saturday afternoon stretching into Saturday night. 

Cyclone Amos takes its time to pass through

Cyclone Amos’s expected time of arrival has been delayed until Saturday afternoon stretching into Saturday night. 

And the heavy rains have started

It's now raining heavily in the Bay Area and from reports of callers from around the territory the whole island is getting a down pour.  

More closures due to Tropical Cyclone Amos

The LBJ Dialysis Unit will be closed on April 22, 2016, Saturday, and will be re-opened on Monday, April 25 if everything goes well. 

Storm watch continues, upgrade to warning delayed

7:00am Friday: Tropical Cyclone Amos is still 370 miles to the west of Pago Pago and is now a Category 3 Hurricane (130 MPH Winds).

TC Amos veers closer to Savaii & Upolu

As of midnight Tropical Cyclone Amos had stalled near Savaii and intensifying. 
U.S. fencer Jonathan Tiomkin soars above Russian opponent Renal Ganeev in the bronze-medal bout of the men's team foil competition at the Athens Olympic Games. Russia went on to win, 45-38.

Want to try the sport of fencing?

Fencing, one of the original sports of the Olympics is being introduced to the diversity of sports under the American Samoa National Olympic Committee. 

DOE cancels all public schools Friday

Due to heavy winds forecast by the Tafuna Weather Service, all public schools, including ECE, elementary and high schools will be closed tomorrow, Friday, April 22nd. 

Longliner goes on reef near Aunuu island

A longliner, ran aground the reef west of Aunuu island last Friday morning. 

Am Samoa awarded $75,013 in park funds

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell today announced nearly $95 million will be distributed from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to all 50 states, U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.

Protest signs greet Indonesian envoy during Flag Day

During the Flag Day ceremony at Veterans Memorial Stadium yesterday, a mother and her children displayed placards with messages saying Free West Papua.  

Fexco launches new business payment service

Local businesses are already showing interest in a new service that was launched today at the Flag Day Trade and Farm Fair. 

We're now under a storm watch

Effective at noon today a tropical storm watch for Tutuila, Aunuu and Manua is in effect.

Governor establishes office for constitutional review

The Office of Political Status, Constitutional Review and federal relations, a new division of the Governor’s Office has now been established by Governor Lolo Moliga. 

Leone group features World Teach performers

Nearly all of Leone performed in their pese and siva which culminated the 2016 Flag Day program. 

Benjamin Liaga wins congressional art contest

Congresswoman Aumua Amata, congratulated the winner of the 2016 "An Artistic Discovery" Congressional Art Competition upon her return for the Flag Day celebration. 
Michael Fishman & DOC Director Keniseli Lafaele

Nine Mile Botanicals eyes American Samoa

While there were many government and military dignitaries attending Flag Day not only from Hawaii and the mainland but from neighboring islands, there were also many business representatives. 

Big question: will there be a fautasi race?

Now the biggest question on everyone’s mind: will there be a fautasi race? 

Happy 116th Flag Day American Samoa

Happy 116th Flag Day. Its going to be a wet birthday celebration with the weatherman serving up rain, wind and high surf that’s expected to remain throughout the week. 

Seventh Day Adventist leader pays visit

A VIP guest that’s not here for Flag Day but is here to visit his flock, is the President of the General Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  

Fewer buyers at Pacific tourism exchange

Media coverage of Pacific disasters means there will be fewer European buyers at its upcoming tourism exchange on the Gold Coast, the South Pacific Tourism Organisation says. 

First hike in the price of unleaded gasoline

If you didn’t fill up your gas tank already, you’ll be paying a bit more for unleaded gas and other fuel products.

Dear Talanei Readers

You may have noticed that the posting of stories on Talanei of late has not been in chronological order.

Farmers didnt ask to be paid

Director of Agriculture, Lealao Melila Purcell, has clarified that it wasn’t the Farmers Cooperative who sought payment for their participation in the Flag Day Farm and Trade Fair.  

Luatua's probable cause hearing postponed

The probable cause hearing of former Executive Director of the Retirement Fund, Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua, in District Court did not take place today as scheduled.

Pacific Judicial Council says thank you

The Pacific Judicial Council, the organization of chief justices, judges and court officials from the US Pacific are wrapping up their annual conference at Sadies by the Sea today. 

Fono honors first woman to lead local Coast Guard

The  Head of the Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Unit in American Samoa, Lt. Vignette Kalstas leaves American Samoa in June  with a legislative commendation among her prized possessions.  

AG Talauega comments on un-served 2008 warrant

Samoa’s Minister of Justice Faleosa Katopau Ainu’u maintains that he was never served a 2008 arrest warrant that was the subject of a recent Samoa News story.

It's official, no more fautasi races

Governor Lolo Moliga, the Flag Day Committee co-chairs, Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and Secretary of Samoan Affairs Mauga Tasi Asuega, and the captains of all fautasi which raced on Saturday, have reached a decision concerning the finals of the 2016 Flag Day Fautasi Race.  

Fautasi race set for Monday cancelled

The Flag Day Committee advises that the fautasi race scheduled for 7:30am tomorrow has been cancelled until further notice. 
Photos: Tauva Esera

Governor to intervene before finals of fautasi race

Governor Lolo Moliga is expected to intervene in the finals of the 2016 Flag Day fautasi race. 

Here's the official 2016 Flag Day Program

The Governor's Office has released the 2016 Flag Day Program.


There's a lull as afternoon wears on

2:51pm, Saturday: Things have quieted down from a few hours ago when sirens were blaring and police cars were racing to and fro in the Bay Area.  

In wake of Committee's decision, flare ups occur

Following the Fautasi Race Committe's decision, several police cars were seen at Aua.  Young people got angry that their fautasi has been disqualified and not given a chance to compete in the finals.  

Four fautasi disqualified, six picked for finals

The Fautasi Race Committee has spoken and has selected six fautasi to race on Monday at 7:30 am Manulele Tausala - Nu'uuli Fuao - Vatia Fealofani - Fagasa Taema - Leone Aeto - Pago Pago Tama o le Muaau - Faleniu The other fautasi which raced: Paepae

Fealofani wins again, 3rd time

Fealofani is three times a winner.   It won the first heat, the repeat of the first heat and the race that was voided Thursday.  
Photo: Olivia

Paepaeulupo'o wins 2nd heat, Matasaua close 2nd

9:45 AM, Saturday The second heat is over and Paepaeulupoo ruled the seas, though Matasaua made a valiant effort and nearly caught up, but not quite. Results: 1. Paepaeulupo'o - Aua 2. Matasaua - Manu'a 3. Manulele Tausala II- Nu'uuli 4. Fuao
Photo: Valerie Adams

Committee calling captains of first heat

9:15am: Saturday-The Fautasi Race Commitee is trying to contact the captains of the fautasi that raced in the first heat to inform them that the results of that heat are being voided because it was not started properly.  

Fealofani wins first heat of fautasi races

8:30 am Saturday: First heat of the 2016 Flag Day Fautasi Race is over:  The course was from just off Aua to in front of Asco Motors.

1. Fealofani Samoa-Fagasa

2. Iseula o le Moana-Fagatogo
3. Aeto-Pago Pago

4. Taema-Leone

5. Tama o le Muaau-Faleniu


Our commentator Doug Tuigamala reports that they didnt hear a gun go off to start the race but the fautasi

Weather will decide Saturday's fautasi races

The weather will be the deciding factor for the Flag Day Fautasi Committee to make a call on whether to hold fautasi races tomorrow. 

One race voided, another cancelled

The Fealofani Samoa from Fagasa won the first of two qualifying heats in the 2016 Flag Day fautasi races this afternoon.  But the race was later voided by the Flag Day Fautasi Committee.  

Have tatau or malu? Come march Flag Day

In line with the theme of the 2016 Flag Day celebration, “Our People, Our Culture, our Home,” a group perpetuating the traditional tattoo, will display this most ancient art form of Samoa, in the Flag Day parade on Monday. 


Promoting awareness of labor laws up a notch

Cognizant of the fact that the majority of the workforce in the territory are Samoan language speakers, the US Department of Labor has translated important documents with information on laws, benefits and entitlements that employees and employers should know.

Hooray, ASG doesn't have to repay $2.5 million

The American Samoa Government doesn’t have to pay back $2.5 million in federal funds spent on purchases, and expenditures which the US Department of Labor determined to be disallowable. 
Photos: Etenauga Lutu

Captain Lemanu says his crew gave race their all

Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, captain of the ASG fautasi, which won their race against the Fono fautasi, says he and his crew gave it all they had.  

Congresswoman praises Transition Assistance Program

Congresswoman Aumua Amata, and the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC) conducted a legislative hearing on several bills that have been brought before the committee. 

Fautasi becoming a women's sport too

Two women who have been training with fautasi crews in the past months hope to make their debut in fautasi racing this year. 
Photo: Etenauga Lutu

Executive Branch too good for Fono

And the winner is ASG Executive Branch.  After several postponements due to bad weather, the first race for Flag Day 2016, took place this afternoon with just the Fono and Executive Branch.  
Photo: Tau Toluono

Fisherman's body found near cannery

A  body believed to be that of an Asian fisherman from a boat anchored at the Samoa Tuna Processors dock, was found in the sea in the vicinity of the cannery this morning. 

1st fautasi race-Fono vs Executive Branch

Provided the Flag Day Fautasi Committee is satisfied that conditions at sea are safe, a curtain raiser for the fautasi races is tentatively set for 1 pm today.
Apia Marist

Flag Day Sevens Rugby begins today

Checking out other Flag Day events, the Flag Day Sevens rugby Tournament get underway this morning at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. 

Many farmers stay away from Trade & Farm Fair

  The farm part pf the Trade and Farm Fair for Flag Day, hasn’t been very impressive.  

Human trafficking on agenda of judges' conference

For the first time in the 25 years that the Pacific Judicial Council has been in existence, the organization of chief justices, judges and court officers is meeting in American Samoa for the first time. 

Zika may keep Pacific athletes away from Olympics

The Zika virus is keeping some athletes at home from the Summer Olympics.  

Luatua held on bail of $100,000

The former executive Director of the Retirement Fund Office Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua is now behind bars on $100,000 bail. 

Governor decides Manono will not be in fautasi race

It’s official.  Manono will not compete in the Flag Day fautasi race.  

First night of evening entertainment cancelled

Heavy rainfall throughout the day which got worse this evening forced the cancellation of the Flag Day Performing Arts Festival at Suiga ula o le Atuvasa. 

Tafuna High's Louisa Mavaega paves the way

Tafuna Hgh School continues to set the bar.  Warrior Louisa Mavaega has become the first female athlete to sign an acceptance letter with a US college this school year. 
Samoa Head of State

Territory hosts many guests for Flag Day & before

The territory is hosting several meetings and workshops this week before Flag Day and some of the hotels are reported at near full or full. 

Food stalls most popular at Trade & Farm Fair

The food stalls at the Flag Day Farm and Trade Fair at Suiga ula o le Atuvasa are the big earners since the fair opened Monday .  

Manono seeks fautasi to race in

Governor Lolo Moliga yesterday allayed concerns of our Flag Day guests from Manono, who arrived in the territory yesterday to learn that their hosts have not found a fautasi for them to race in.

Wednesday update on fautasi race

The Flag Day Fautasi Committee met this morning with captains of all 13 local fautasi participating in the 2016 Flag Day race to give an update on the regatta which has been postponed for two days now because of foul weather. 

Former Director of Retirement Fund now in jail

The former Executive Director of the Retirement Fund Office Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua appeared before the District Court this morning facing multiple criminal charges.  

No new confirmed cases of Zika in two weeks

The latest report on the Zika outbreak from the Department of Health, shows that the number of confirmed Zika cases has not increased in the last two weeks. ‘

Lolo: dont coerce employees to march

Governor Lolo Moliga has made it clear to directors that employees are not to be "coerced" or forced to march in the 2016 Flag Day Parade next Monday.  

Tuna in the pouch gaining popularity

Tuna with lemon and spicy tuna are among the varieties of Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) that StarKist Samoa is producing for the US military.  

PNA vote to keep Vessel Day Scheme

Fisheries officials who belong to the bloc of Pacific island countries that have the largest exclusive economic zones in the Pacific, Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA) agreed at their annual meeting in Kiribati last week to recommend to their fisheries ministers that the vessel day scheme be continued.

Air New Zealand will land here in June

Air New Zealand, which used to connect the two Samoas to New Zealand and the Americas in the 1960’s and early 1970’s, will be landing at Pago Pago International Airport in two months.  

All fautasi races now postponed to Thursday

The weather has thrown a spanner in the Flag Day fautasi race schedule and fans have to wait one more day to see their favorites in action on the high seas.

Robert Ho Chee named to head Office of Financial Institutions

Governor Lolo Moliga has appointed  Mr. Robert Ho Chee as Commissioner to head the head the Office of Financial Institutions. 

History Day winners now prepare for national competition

Tafuna High School senior Charu Joserose has clinched two first places in high school academic competitions this year:   

Students flood short story contest, few Samoan entries

More than 220 stories from American Samoa students have been entered in a story competition sponsored by Samoa Stationery and Books, Pago and Eveni, Pago and organised by the Samoa Observer. 

Trade and Farm Fair great start to Flag Day

The weather man served up sunshine this morning as the 2016 Flag Day got off to a great start with the opening of the farm and trade fair at Suiga ula o le atuvasa. 

Samoa: everything above board in dealings with Panama

The Samoa government is addressing reports of its involvement with the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca, recently highlighted in the Panama Papers. 

Pacific Judicial Council here for conference

The American Samoa Judiciary is hosting chief justices and judges from the US Pacific territories and jurisdictions this week.   

Tuesday fautasi races called off, planned for Wednesday

The weather has intervened and fautasi races scheduled for tomorrow have been called off.  

Charu Joserose is overall winner of History Day competition

Congratulations to Tafuna High student Charu Joserose who topped the Annual History Day competition.   

Despite rain, Farm & Trade Fair is on

The weather is turning out to be a  factor in the Flag Day festivities but organizers are forging ahead. 
Photo: Airl

Three birds strike Hawaiian Air plane

Passengers scheduled to depart Hawaiian Air Friday night did not leave until Saturday evening due to the second consecutive bird strike of a Hawaiian Air plane at Pago Pago International Airport. 

High Court gives probated sentence in drug case

LJ solo, who pled no contest to possession of marijuana, escaped jail time when he was sentenced Friday in High Court.  

Alao reports fish kill similar to Amouli & Laulii

Another village has reported a major fish kill...that is thousands of dead fish on their beaches and shallow waters today, similar to what occurred in Laulii and Amouli earlier this week. 

Dr. Urhle says no to tax on bottled water

The head of the Veterans Affairs Clinic in American Samoa, Dr. Fred Urhle, recommends that the legislature reject a bill that slaps a tax on imported bottled water.  

Patriotism runs high in lead up to Flag Day

Utility poles are woven with coconut leaves, flags of the United States and American Samoa are hung from posts and windows, and red, white and blue fabric drape fences and walls.  

Fautasi races set for Tuesday postponed

As of this afternoon, upon checking the tide condition and the latest weather forecast for tomorrow, the Fautasi Race Committee has decided to CANCEL all Fautasi races initially scheduled for Tuesday, April 12.

Community responds to linen drive for LBJ

The LBJ Hospital asked and it received. Last month a hospital letter went out to organizations, churches and businesses seeking linen like bed sheets, pillow cases, towels and the like for LBJ.
Dr. Stephen McGarvey

Obesity among Samoans attracts international attention

A local doctor agrees with the findings of a survey by a US physician who has been studying the weight problem of Samoans for years, Dr. Stephen McGarvey of Brown University. 

Samoa signs deal with investors in new marine cable

A signing ceremony of the Equity Investors for the Samoa Submarine Cable Company (SSCC), an undersea fiber optic cable from Samoa to Fiji was held in Apia this week.


NOAA research vessel waste refused here, but accepted by Samoa

Samoa accepted a request from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration research vessel Oscar Elton Sette to dispose refuse that had collected on the boat after several weeks at sea.   
Ferried plane and bird struck plane on Tuesday
Photo: Mel Gurr via FB

Hawaiian Air suffers 2nd bird strike in a week

For the second time this week a bird strike delayed the return flight to Honolulu for Hawaiian Airlines.

ASCC presents Pacific on Stage next Thursday

The American Samoa Community College (ASCC) Language and Literature Department will present “A Literary Experience: Pacific on Stage” this coming Thursday, April 14th, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. in the college’s Lecture Hall. 

Scientists to deliver fish stock assessments

Fishery scientists from American Samoa, Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI) and Hawaii will join NOAA scientists next week to review last year's performance of federally managed fisheries in the Western Pacific Region. 
Photo: DMWR

Thousands of baby fish found dead in Amouli & Laulii

A repeat of what occurred in Amouli yesterday, that is thousands of baby fish dead on the beach and in shallow waters, occurred again in the village of Laulii today.   

Manulele Tausala ready to defend fautasi championship

For twenty years church leaders of Nuuuli tried to change their fautasi’s name, to something other than Satani…the devil.   In the old days  Nuuuli  used to be a fautasi winner ujnder the name Satani.  

Reading made easier with e-books

E-books allow members of the Feleti Barstow Public Library to read a book without having to make a trip to the library. 

ANZ assures triplicate charges will be reimbursed

ANZ assures those impacted by the triplicate debit charges that their accounts will be reimbursed within the next 24 to 48 hours.   

Doctors from Shriners to hold clinics next week

Another medical team from the Shriners Hospital in Honolulu is arriving Monday, April 11th volunteering their services to check children with bone or burn conditions.  

The lanes are drawn for battle of the seas

Captains of the 13 local fautasi to race for the most coveted event of Flag Day, the long boat regatta, yesterday drew their lanes for next week's races. 

No paychecks in 2 pay periods for some DOH employees

Employees of the Maternal Child Health Program, the federally funded program which has been riddled with fiscal management problems and personnel issues since last year have not been paid for two pay periods now. 

Chair of House Education & Workforce Committee was here

Congressman John Kline who chairs the House Education & Workforce Committee that approved funding for American Samoa school using a new funding formula that Congresswoman Aumua Amata initiated, landed at Pago Pago International Airport yesterday. 

Customers unhappy over ANZ triplicate debits

ANZ customers are not happy campers. The reason is because the bank has charged them triple for EFTPOS transactions using ANZ machines. 

SPW hosts 1st Flag Day Half marathon

The Flag Day buzz is building and some of the hype is around a new health and fitness event this Saturday.  

Keeping the Zika virus in people's minds

With the attention on Flag Day it's easy to forget that the territory is experiencing an outbreak of the Zika virus. 

Old VA clubhouse and one next to it demolished

Public Health condemned the old American Samoa Veterans Association clubhouse in Tafuna and the one next to it, which had become a hang out for young people and drinkers.  

It's beginning to look alot like Flag Day

Floats will be part of the parade for Flag Day on Monday, April 18 which will have the theme, "Our people, our culture, our future." 

Pago Pago matai complains about unfair treatment

Pago Pago High Chief Pulu Ae Ae Jr, wants fair treatment for all government employees who are crew of fautasi in the  Flag Day race. 

Polynesian Airlines seeks another 30-day waiver to Manu'a

Polynesian Airlines is again seeking approval from the US Department of Transportation to continue air service to Manu'a. 

Lots of action at Suiga Ula next week

Fashion, tuna, phones, food, drink m, handicrafts, tattooing, money and media are some of the products and services that will be on display in the five day Flag Day Trade Fair and Farm Fair which kicks off Monday at Suiga ula o le Atuvasa.   

Man convicted of sodomy gets five years in jail

A defendant charged with molesting a girl who was attending rehearsals for White Sunday last year in Poloa has been sentenced to five years in jail. 

It's a fautasi filled Flag Day celebration

Lt. Governor Lemanu P Mauga, the co-chair of the Flag Day Committee provided details of the fautasi race at yesterday’s cabinet meeting. 

AG: Woman who missed probation hearing, not on look out list

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale says a woman who left the territory early in the year even though she has a pending case in High Court, didn’t have any lien on her to stop her from leaving the territory. 

Cargo flight delivers packages after 3-day delay

Residents who showed up Saturday and yesterday at the Post Office to pick up packages, learned that the cargo flight was delayed and their mail did not arrive.

Hearing on cabotage bill turns to other territorial issues

Federal legislation to improve air passenger service between Tutuila and the Manu’a islands got a boost today with a US Senate committee hearing on a larger territorial bill. 

Sentencing delayed as court has questions

Chief Justice Michael Kruse needs briefings from both counsels before sentencing can be handed down for 26 year old Erasi Valusaga convicted in conenction with the death of Futiga matai Namu Tuamasaga Aetui last year. 

Interior's Asst. Secretary Kia'aina to give Flag Day speech

Assistant  Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas, Esther Kia’aina will be the keynote speaker at the 2016 official Flag Day program which will be celebrated Monday, April 18 at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. 

Leaked papers connect Samoa to Syria

The Samoa High Commission in Australia is implicated in leaked documents as playing a role in setting up shell companies through Panama. 

Retirement Board Chairman defends off island meetings

  Many have complained as to why the Retirement Fund Board has to meet off island with its consultants k money managers and actuary advisors when it can convene the meetings here But Chairman of the retirement Fund Board Vaanatiu Toafala Iafeta says
Photo: Airline Pictures

Bird strike damages Hawaiian Air engine

Passengers booked to fly out on Hawaiian Air’s flight to Honolulu last night were unable to leave because the aircraft was damaged upon arrival at Pago Pago International Airport last night.

Waiting is over for TAOA vendors

Vendors for the Hot Meal Program for the elderly are thankful to finally receive payment for the hundreds of meals they’ve provided since late last year. ‘

StarKist president apologizes for recent cutback

The President and CEO of StarKist Co., owners of StarKist Samoa, Mr. Andrew Choe, predicts that production at the local cannery will remain in a  state of uncertainty if it doesn’t get additional fish freezer space.  

Man pleads not guilty to murdering wife

A man has been arraigned in High Court accused of killing his wife in February in Faleniu.  The couple’s 9-year old son is the only witness to how his mother died.    

Spotless crake bird doesnt make endangered species list

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has determined that the American Samoa population of spotless crake (Porzana tabuensis) does not warrant listing under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). 

"Career criminal" gets another five years in jail

A man whom Chief Justice Michael Kruse calls a “career criminal” was sentenced this morning to 5 years imprisonment  for his latest crime.  

More than 30 businesses sign up for Trade Fair

More than 30 local businesses have registered for the Flag day Trade Fair and local farmers are also expected to make a strong showing at the Farm fair which will prelude the 2016 Flag Day celebration. 

Under scrutiny: LBJ Electronic Health Record system

LBJ’s multi million dollar Electronic Health Record electronic system came under scrunity at the House Health Committee hearing with LBJ officials last week.  

Feleti Barstow Library offers e-books & amnesty

The Feleti Barstow Public Library is now offering free e-books. 


Lt. Governor explains tugboat's aborted trip

The reason why the Tug boat Sailele was heading to Samoa yesterday was to provide assistance in  contain the fuel tank fire that erupted at the wharf in Matautu yesterday.  

Samoa seeks help to prevent repeat of fuel tank fire

Petroleum Products Supplies Ltd (PPS) has confirmed that one of its employees died in a fire that started during work on one of the companys fuel tanks at the Matautu wharf yesterday afternoon.  

Uncommitted local Republicans are hounded for support

American Samoa continues to grab national headlines because of the presidential campaigning.  

Sailele is called back to port while enroute to Apia

The tug boat Sailele was forced to return to port yesterday evening on orders of the US Coast Guard while it was on its way to Apia. 

'Most urgent need for StarKist is more freezer space'

StarKist Samoa’s parent company assures it will do everything it can to remain in American Samoa but it critically needs more fish storage space to ensure a constant and stable supply of fish.

Chief Immigration Officer to be sentenced next month

Chief Immigration officer Tamasa Dennis Lutu is to be sentenced in May stemming from his testimony in the case of Pelenato Maiava a sex offender who entered the territory on many occasions despite a ban that he stay away.

LBJ urged to seek bond money to fix cash flow

During review of the use of proceeds from the sale of the American Samoa Economic Development Authority bonds, several senators had recommended that some of the bond earnings be used to prop up the LBJ Hospital. 

ANZ explains policy for cashing tax refund checks

Today is tax refunds Day #2.  

Zoning Board tells Rotary site for pools need to be re-zoned

The ball is back in the Rotary Club of Pago Pago’s court.

Samoa fuel company confirms death of one employee

Petroleum Products Supplies Ltd (PPS) has confirmed that one of its employees died in the fire which took place this afternoon at a fuel storage tank at Matautu 
Photos: Talamua Media

One person confirmed dead in fuel tank fire in Apia

(Talamua Media) - One person is confirmed dead from a major fire at one of three fuel storage tanks on the main wharf in Apia. 

Congresswoman greets Senate CODEL

Congresswoman Aumua Amata, met a few of her Congressional colleagues last night at Pago Pago International Airport, during a stop off for refueling on their way back to the mainland from South Korea. 

No new confirmed Zika cases since last report

As March drew to a close, the number of suspected Zika cases totaled 427, an increase of 24 in a week. 

Tafuna High School wins 2016 Speech Festival

Tafuna High School is the  overall winner of  this year's secondary School Speech Festival  which was held today Leone High School. 

High Court getting 'sick & tired' of Immigration

The Immigration Office will have to answer to the High Court for another probation case which has apparently slipped past their look out list.
ANZ longest serving employees Terry Taua & Makerita Polu

Happy 15th anniversary ANZ Guam Bank

Customers of ANZ Guam Bank were in for a surprise this morning. 

Businessman upset that ASG isnt paying vendors

One business owner has decided enough is enough an the time has come to speak out in the media about ASG's inability to pay local vendors.

Chamber says no to water tax

It’s the view of the Chamber of Commerce that the bill proposing an excise tax on imported bottled water will not get the intended results but will instead have an opposite effect.

SV Adventurer steps in to serve Manu'a

The MV Sili will be out of commission for a while as parts would have to be ordered to repair the propeller and other parts that were damaged during the vessel’s last trip to Manu'a earlier this month. 

Ocean planning meetings at village level urged

There should be  opportunity for traditional leaders and fisher men and women in the villages to provide their comments on how coastal and ocean resources of American Samoa should be managed.

Victory eludes Fealofani for four years

Fagasa village’s Fealofani Samoa I was the winner of the 1950’s Golden Jubilee’s Flag Day Celebration under Skipper Lili’o Mile. 

Faiivae Alex Iuli re-elected Pres of FFAS

Faiivae Iuli Alex Godinet was re-elected as President of Football Federation American Samoa for a third term during the association’s electoral, Ordinary Congress on March 30, 2016. 

ASG's IOU with the LBJ Hospital is $6.4 million

The LBJ Hospital hasn’t received a subsidy from ASG in four months.  

Second batch of tax refunds out Friday

The second batch of tax refund checks will be issued tomorrow April 1st, and that’s’ no April fool’s joke. 

Stigmata wounds real or hoax: debate rages in Samoa

A woman claiming to have suffered stigmata -- the injuries Jesus suffered when he was crucified -- has become the subject of hot debate.   

Mixed feedback at listening session for ocean plan

Federal officials and consultants who last night conducted an ocean and marine resource planning meeting billed asa public listening session, got a mixed reaction from the more than 40 people who showed up.  

LBJ's personnel costs are more than half of its budget

The chief Executive Officer of the LBJ Hospital says he’s looking at reducing personnel costs for the hospital, which accounts for more than 50% of LBJ’s annual budget, to about 28 or 29%.

Should Am Samoa voice be heard in tuna treaty negotiations

An ASG official who has done the rounds of discussions and negotiations surrounding the US South Pacific Tuna Treaty is of the opinion that American Samoa could be effectively used to lobby with Pacific island countries for fishing rights for US tuna boats.

'Dont be afraid to make decisions...for the public's good'

Governor Lolo says while criticisms are being thrown left and right against the administration by both the public and the Fono as long as they are taking calculated risks they shouldn’t be afraid to make decisions that they feel are for the public's good.

Breaking news: Drivers licenses have arrived

Drivers who have been carrying receipts as proof that they have valid drivers licenses can now pick up their official American Samoa drivers licenses from the Office of Motor Vehicles.


March ASPA bill will show lower power rate

Your next power bill will show a drop in the electricity rate.  

Senate resolution honors HTC Tuilefano Vaelaa

Before the third regular session of the Fono ended yesterday, the House of Representatives approved a Senate resolution honoring a prominent traditional leader who has held many leadership positions in the executive and legislative branches and in  his church, village and family: Tama Matua Tuilefano Vaelaa.

Keeping the canneries here is Gov's main goal

When Governor Lolo sits down with Mr. Andrew Choe, President and CEO of StarKist Samoa’s parent company today, the central issue of discussion will be improving the competitive advantage of the canneries. 

Slow progress on payment of increments

Only about 5% of 600 executive branch employees approved for pay increments have actually received them.  

Fono session concludes, Governor's bills approved

The Fono wrapped up its third regular session yesterday and almost all of the governor’s measures that were submitted for review have been approved.  

Retirement Board calls Honolulu meeting with leaders

It looks like government leaders will be heading to Honolulu for a meeting with the Retirement Fund Board and its consultants net month to discuss issues  regarding the unfunded liability of the government’s pension plan. A March 28 letter fro

Public invited to Listening Session

The highest official in charge of the US Pacific territories at the National Marine Fisheries Service, the arm of NOAA which handles fisheries regulations like the Large Vessel Prohibited Area, (LVPA)  is in the territory this week.  

Veterans complain about restrictions at PX

Veterans have been reminded that the American Samoa Post Exchange or PX store was established especially to serve US Army reservists in the territory. 

This is KVZK-TV broadcasting live from Aunuu island

The government television station KVZK-TV is touting a first of its kind live broadcast from Aunuu island last Saturday. 

Method of voting changed for last two TBAS directors

The Senate vote this morning on the remaining two directors of the Board of the Territorial Bank of American Samoa did not go through the usual voting process.


Five election petitions filed in Samoa

The Speaker of Samoa's Parliament and four other Members of Parliament (MPs) in the ruling HRPP party are facing corruption, bribery and treating allegations after this month's general elections.

Future of tuna treaty: Vessel Day scheme or catch based system?

US tuna boat owners have decried the policy of the Pacific island countries which are party to the US South Pacific Tuna Treaty to charge for fishing days rather than the amount of fish caught under the treaty. 

Chairman defends, senators unhappy with payout

Despite senators concerns regarding the recent payout for former Retirement Executive Director Luatua Filisouaiga Ta’afua, the head of the Retirement Fund board insisted at a hearing last week that the payout was legal.  

StarKist President arrives for meetings

StarKist President and CEO Mr. Andrew Choe arrived in the territory last night with officials from company headquarters in Pittsburgh on a four day visit.


Task Force named to identify LBJ problems

In response to the LBJ Tropical Medical Center’s critical situation, Governor Lolo Moliga  has appointed a special committee to do research, find out what’s causing the ongoing problems at the territory’s sole health facility and find long term solutions to solve them.

ASCC hosts international students

Twelve School of International Training (SIT) students in the Study Abroad program for spring 2016 spent five days in American Samoa last week.

Suspected Zika cases tops 400

The latest report from the Department of Health concerning the Zika outbreak shows that there are now 403 suspected cases as of March 22. 

Old cost containment measures now in force

ASG begins the 3rd quarter of Fiscal Year  2016  with cost containment measures similar to what the Lolo Lemanu administration implemented when it first took office in FY2013. 

Samoan Affairs will administer new office of self determination

A new ASG ffice will open after Flag Day to house a committee for the Territory’s Self-determination headed by Tapaau Dr. Dan Aga. 

Kapolei teachers here to learn

Teachers from Kapolei High School in Hawaii are in the territory this week on an educational exchange program. 


Alaska company hiring, 200 plus respond

About 200 job seekers turned up at the Tradewinds Hotel Saturday to learn about job opportunities offered by Silver Bay Seafoods in Alaska, an integrated processor of frozen salmon for domestic and export markets.

Fagatogo Rep thanks Fletchers Construction

Fagatogo lawmaker Maugaoalii Leapai Sipa Anoa'I has sent a thank you letter to Fletchers Construction for improving the boat ramp in his village. 

President & CEO Andrew Choe visits StarKist Samoa

StarKist Co. today confirmed that Andrew Choe, President & CEO at StarKist Co., will visit American Samoa the week of March 28th. 

Bishop Brown urges giving for others

The head of the Catholic Church in American Samoa is urging everyone to make someone’s Easter special this year especially for the sick and the elderly. 

Tugboat that disappeared in 1921 is found

A tugboat that disappeared in 1921 was discovered and finally identified late last year by a team of marine surveyors, archeologists, and naval personnel. 


Am Samoa qualifies to apply for EPA grant for water projects

Three of the Western Region’s largest municipal water agencies have partnered with federal agencies to kick off the latest round of an expanded competitive grant program aimed at discovering the next generation of water-saving devices and technologies.

SPA's Seung Ju Myun accepted at West Point

South Pacific Academy student Seung Ju Myun has been accepted to the US Military Academy at West Point.

Governor Lolo says Easter brings hope & joy

Governor Lolo says the greatest gift Easter Holiday brings us is hope and he prays hope and happiness fill our hearts as the territory celebrates Good Friday and Easter Sunday. 

Samoa PM names 13 associate ministers

In Samoa, 13 new Associate Ministers to Cabinet were sworn in yesterday.

ASCC QUEST graduates mentor marine science students

Six ASCC students gave up their vacation time to participate in the Quantitative Underwater Ecological Surveying Techniques (QUEST) field course, held from March 7th-12th in Nu’uuli uta, with surveys conducted at Avao. 

Rotary attorney tells Zoning Bd they dont have jurisdiction

The attorney for the Pago Pago Rotary Club and the Pala Lagoon Swimming Pool Inc., is insisting that the Zoning Board no longer has jurisdiction over their swimming pool project at the Lions Park.

Heavy turnout at Republican Caucus

In one of the best-attended caucuses in American Samoa’s history, hundreds turned out at the Veteran’s Hall for the Republican Party of American Samoa’s caucus. Attendees enjoyed hearing call-ins from all three remaining candidates, 

Alataua District breaks ground for seawalls & roads

After decades of waiting and being patient with the condition of their roads and eroded coastlines, Alataua district residents can now breathe a sigh of relief as their roads are finally getting attention. 

Parties come up with options on tuna treaty

A working group of the Pacific Island Parties met last week with the United States to hammer out some options for a possible structure for the US South Pacific Tuna Treaty. 

FBI says no threat to Hawaii & Pacific, Samoa Embassy safe

In the wake of the deadly terrorist attack in Brussels on Monday, the Federal bureau of Investigations Field Office in Honolulu has been getting inquiries about a potential threat for Hawaii and the Pacific. 

Pacific Media Summit begins with word of caution

The 4th Pacific Media Summit has opened in the capital of Palau with a call from the country's president to the media to be responsible in their use of technology in the practice of their trade.

Mr. Donald Trump gives views on American Samoa

One of the reservations that voters have about presidential front runner Donald Trump is that he would cut American Samoa off federally. 

Input invited on coastal & marine spatial planning

A Public Listening Session is planned for next Wednesday March 30th to collect opinions from local residents regarding coastal and marine spatial planning around American Samoa. 

Senator Galea'i reconsiders bill for new Manu'a senators

Manu’a Senator Galea’I Moali’itele Tu’ufuli is considering withdrawing his bill to add two additional senators for Manu'a . His bill has prompted other Senators to propose additional senatiorial seats for their own districts.

LBJ seeks donations of pillows, sheets etc

Service organizations, churches, businesses and other groups in the territory have received letters from the LBJ Hospital managenment soliciting funds to purchase bedding supplies such as pillows, bed sheets and recliners for the territory’s medical facility.

Republicans drum up support for the front runners

On Saturday at the home of Utu Abe Malae, president of the Local Republican Party, two members of Senator Ted Cruz's camp, senior advisor Saul Anuzis and Dr. David Panton, who  was Cruz'  best man at his wedding spoke via conference call about why Cruz should be the party's presidential candidate.

Suspected Zika cases edges close to 400

The number of suspected Zika cases has reached nearly 400.  

Bill begins a knowledge based economy

Legislation that would  allow foreign students primarily from Asian countries to enroll in tertiary education in American Samoa has been introduced in the Fono.

Only five jurors picked so far in Siaumau trial

Only one juror was selected yesterday during day 4 of jury selection at the High Court for the murder trial of Siaumau Siaumau Jr. 

TBAS Board members lobby for confirmation

While trying to stay optimistic about the government’s plan to set up a charter bank, some lawmakers are not totally sold on the idea while others are even nervous about the new development.


DBAS writes off loans that are unpaid for ten years

Development Bank of Amerika Samoa (DBAS) President, Ruth Matagi-Fa’atili told Fono leaders today that it’s okay that the bank has been operating on a loss for several years, saying as long as DBAS is serving the community with the programs it has. 


Many new faces in Samoa cabinet

Samoa made history yesterday when a women was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister.


ASG's Sinapioa crew is new kid on the block

In the absence of Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, captain of the administration’s long boat, retired Pago Pago Aeto Captain and former Faipule, Va’amua Henry Sesepasara is taking over the helm of the Aeto.

Board of Directors vital step in TBAS

While it is a highly risky operation, the American Samoa Government views the establishment of the Territorial Bank of American Samoa as a priority and is giving it serious attention. 

Still reduced production at StarKist Samoa

Production continues to be slow at the territory’s biggest private sector employer, Starkist Samoa, because of limited fish supplies. 

OIA awards $1.8 million technical assistance grants to AS

Assistant Secretary of Interior for Insular Areas, Esther Kia’aina today approved $1.8 million in grant assistance for Fiscal Year 2016 to the Government of American Samoa from the Office of Insular Affairs’ (OIA) Technical Assistance Program

DBAS records loss of $332,000 in FY2014

The Development Bank of American Samoa recorded a net loss before capital contributions of $332,000 for Fiscal Year 2014 , which is a huge improvement for the year before when DBAS recorded a net loss of $1.6 million, primarily because of bad debts.  

Tuaolo: Senate rules can be broken or set aside

It's the opinion of Ma'uputasi Senator Tuaolo Manaia Fruean that the Senate chamber is the epitome of the faasamoa in the Legislature and therefore senators can make decisions that do not necessarily follow Senate rules and policies.

Amata helps raise funds for Coleman Elementary

Congresswoman Aumua Amata was the keynote speaker at a Po Siva or night of entertainment to support the Uifaatali Peter Coleman Elementary School in Pago Pago.

Vendors still waiting for payment, TAOA submits report

Vendors providing meals for elderly citizens are still waiting for payments which were due in December from the Territorial Administration on Aging Office for the Hot Meal program.     

Update on MV Sili damage

The MV Sili damaged its starboard rudder and propeller in an accident at Faleasao Harbor last week.   

Republicans endorse Aumua Amata

The Republican Party of American Samoa named their new officers ahead of their caucus next Tuesday, March 22nd. 
WPFMC met in Pago Pago last year

Fisheries Councils praised for success in fisheries management

Samuel D. Rauch III, NOAA Fisheries Deputy Assistant Administrator for Regulatory Programs, has praised the U.S. Regional Fishery Management Councils as the "key for the success" of both "environmental and economic progress" in the natipn.

Senate rejects Roy JD Hall Jr,. for ASVB Board

The Senate today rejected  the governor’s appointment of Roy JD Hall Jr. as a board member for the American Samoa Visitors Bureau. 

DBAS explains use of $2 m loan from Retirement Fund

The president of the Development Bank of American Samoa Ruth Matagi Fa’atili says the $2 million loan that DBAS received from the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund has enabled the bank to offer an additional $1.5 million dollars in mortgage loans and $500,000 

Farm Fair, Trade Show & Fautasi

It will be a festival of fashion, food, entertainment and fautasi at the Suiga ula o le Atuvasa the week of April 11-15. 

How many businesses does the territory have?

Manu’a Rep. Vesi Talalelei Fautanu Jr. continues to press for information on the true number of businesses in American Samoa, information that he’s been seeking for some time. 
Filifotu Tinitali, Save Tuiwailevu & Sherry Sele

Bluesky presents donations for Fiji

What started out as a Bluesky employee relief drive for victims of the deadly Cyclone Winston in Fiji last month became a community cause.  


ASG stil behind on payments for LBJ Hospital

 ASG is still a long way from paying up what it supposedly owes the LBJ Hospital. 

Study points to demand for kitchen incubator

A report on the feasibility study on the demand for a commercial kitchen incubator in the territory has been completed.  

Tama Matua Tuilefano Vaelaa passes away

A descendant of the signors of the 1900 Deed of Cession between the chiefs of  Tutuila and the United States, Tama Matua Tuilefano, M. Vaela'a of Malaeloa, Aitulagi, passed away yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona.  He was 78. 

Heavier than usual flooding at new construction site

Since heavy rains last week, there’s been heavy flooding on the Iliili/Airport road near the intersection to Ottoville. 

Fautasi fever spreads as race day draws near

Fautasi fever is on and fans, villagers, and relatives as well as supporters of this much anticipated activity of the annual Flag Day Celebration are already busy preparing their longs boats and crews for this year's race. 

LBJ hires six new doctors

The LBJ Hospital is making some headway in hiring new doctors but it’s still short of numbers needed to adequately staff all clinics and wards.    

Boys & Girls Clubs Am Samoa attends Keystone Conference

A delegation from the Boys and Girls Club of American Samoa departed last night for the 2016 Annual Boys and Girls Club of America National Keystone Conference in Dallas, Texas. 

Western Union offers 'zero charge' to send money to Fiji

Western Union and its top agent Fexco, with 8 locations in American Samoa, are offering help for citizens of Fiji and locals who want to send money to victims of Tropical Cyclone Winston. 

Rotary President says pool project may not need variance

The developers of the Pala Lagoon Swimming Center are taking the position that since the area where the center  is being built is designated for recreation, the project may not need a variance from the Territorial Zoning Board.  

Victim of serious motorcycle accident medivaced to Honolulu

A member of the US Army Reserve who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in Laulii Friday afternoon was medivaced on a military flight to Honolulu Saturday. 

'Tourism will be top earner'- Hall

A budget work plans for the American Samoa Visitors Bureau has been presented to the House Government Operations Committee. 


Alot covered at Aumua's townhall meeting in Amouli

At a town hall meeting in Amouli last week, Congresswoman Aumua Amata learned that the Faga'itua High School Close Up Club only has two slots for the annual trip to Washington D.C.    
ASEDA Board with Governor Lolo

Fono receives nominations for TBAS Board

The Governor’s Office has now delivered to the Fono, draft legislation for the confirmation of members of the Territorial Bank of American Samoa Board of Directors.  

Day One: not 1 juror found for murder case

At the end of day one of jury selection in the case of murder defendant Siaumau Siaumau Jr., not a single juror was selected from the pool of close to 120 that was called in today.


Vice Speaker says no show directors should be handcuffed in

Vice Speaker Fetu Fetui was not joking when he repeatedly told House Representatives they are to instruct police to bring in any director subpoenaed by House Commitees who refuse to appear. 

Theory: 1st local Zika case was exported in

While the territory is trying to combat the spread of the Zika virus, Epidemiologist Magele Scott Anesi tells the media a theory on how the first local Zika case came to be. 

MV Sili suffers damage, goes on slipway

The US Coast Guard is investigating how the MV Sili suffered damage during its last trip to Manu’a late last week. 

Concerns about repayment of ASEDA bonds

The House Commerce Committee Chairman Rep Larry Sanitoa is  seeking information regarding how the projects picked by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority for funding were identified.   

Inmate escapes then turns himself in

An inmate escaped from the Territorial Correctional Facility over the weekend.  The prisoner apparently left during the day on Saturday and a search party was sent out to look for him in surrounding villages. 

Jury selection begins today in case of Siaumau Siaumau Jr.

Jury selection gets underway this morning for murder defendant Siaumau Siaumau Jr., accused of the July 22, 2010 shooting of police detective Liusila Brown outside what was then the High Court of American Samoa, downstairs of the GHC Reid Building in Malaloa.

Nominees picked for ASG bank Board

The Fono resumes today and among legislation that the administration is submitting for the Fono to review in the remaining two weeks of the Third Regular Session are nominations for the Board of Directors of the Territorial Bank of American Samoa, legislation relating to limited liability companies in the territory and a bill to set a container inspection fee. 

Increase in education funding is higher

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has informed Govenor Lolo Moliga that the anticipated increase in funding to elementary and secondary education will be even larger than previously expected. 

Captain Wong-Mageo promoted to major

Congratulations are in order for Captain Puletasi Wong-Mageo who has been promoted to Major in the US Army. 

Woman MP elected under new law is Fa'aulusao Rosa

A woman who challenged Samoa’s Speaker of the House has been elected to Samoa’s Parliament under legislation that was passed to ensure more women representation in Parliament. 

Now 362 suspected Zika cases

The Zika virus continues to spread. The latest Zika report presented at a meeting this morning of the Zika Response Unified Health Command are 362 cases of suspected cases of zika.   

Tax refund recipients pack EOB on release day

Lines had already formed on the ground floor of the AP Lutali Executive Office building in Utulei before 6 this morning when early morning ASG employees turned up at work. 

Another earthquake rattles the island

 It was a 5.0-5.3 magnitude earthquake but residents who felt it said it felt more like a 6-8 shaker. 

Kukui shares knowledge with local enforcers

The Coast Guard cutter Kukui which is patrolling American Samoa’s Exclusive Economic Zone will be taking on board later this month, an enforcement officer from the Department of Marin

No fish, no production at StarKist Samoa

There’s no production at StarKist Samoa today.  Employees have been given the day off because there’s apparently no fish to process and pack. 
It's 1:30 pm Fono fautasi in training

Daily fautasi races week before Flag Day

The program for the territory’s biggest holiday, Flag Day is shaping up.
Photo: Veni Tauanuu

Trough moving away S-L-O-W-L-Y

Yesterday’s weather models had the trough responsible for the heavy rains moving away from us by this afternoon. 

Controlled access to Zoning Board meeting

In an apparent change of procedures, the Territorial  Zoning Board, the government committee that reviews and approves applications from businesses to set up at their proposed sites has limited media access to their public hearings.

Mixed reaction to lawsuit over LVPA

Theres been mixed reaction to American Samoa’s lawsuit to overturn the rulem change by the National Marine Fisheries Service which now allows locally owned longliners longer than 50 feet to fish within 12 miles from shore.  

Active trough responsible for heavy rainfall

An active trough  that’s directly over American Samoa is expected to remain until tomorrow afternoon.  

CG Cutter Kukui checks on our EEZ

The Coast Guard cutter Kukui is  on a mission in American Samoa’s exclusive economic zone.  
Kitty Simonds & Lt. Gov Lemanu

Council satisfied with action by NMFS on LVPA rule

"We are in litigation and requests for comments on the lawsuit should be addressed to the Justice Department.”

Chief Justice gives AG's Office orders on plea deals

From time to time  defendants entering plea agreements with the government would answer no when asked if they understood what they have signed into.   

Suit argues for protections promised in Deeds of Cession

The territory of American Samoa’s suit against federal agencies and officials over the Large Vessel Prohibited Area rule change claims four causes of action. 

Mixed signals from AG & Immigration Chief on passports

There’s mixed signals from the Attorney General’s Office and the Immigration Office regarding the confiscation of passports for non-US nationals and citizens visiting the territory.   

Treasury announces release of "next batch of refund checks"

Here’s an announcement that many have been waiting for.  

Bribery allegations saddens Samoa election official

 Samoa's acting electoral commissioner says it's disappointing to hear allegations of vote buying in the election. 

Rep. Vui Florence thanks DPW for fixing Fagaima road

Tuala-uta Representative Vui Florence Saulo has sent a letter of thanks to Director of Public Works and her staff for helping make the Fagaima road safe again for motorists and pedestrians by fixing some very deep potholes that riddled the road after heavy rians.

Former AAG with Honolulu lawfirm handling LVPA suit

An attorney handling American Samoa’s lawsuit against the National Marine Fisheries Service, US Department of Commerce, NOAA and the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council over allowing longliners to fish within 12 miles from shore in local waters previously worked in the Attorney General's Office.

Treasury releases refund checks for medical reasond

Treasury has been quietly releasing tax refund checks supposedly for tax payers who have a medical emergency.  

NASAC promotes traditional & nutritional food

The Native American Samoa Advisory Council has had success in teaching young people native trees and plants which our ancestors used as medicine, and how to grow fruits and vegetables organically.  

Nurses Association asks womens groups for help

The American Samoa Nurses Association has asked womens organizations in the territory to help provide critically needed supplies for the LBJ Hospital.

StarKist declines to comment on reduced production

The parent company of StarKist Samoa is not answering questions about a cut back in hours for cannery employees this week.


Samoa Parliament may convene Friday next week

A possible date for Samoa’s parliament to convene after last week’s general election is next Friday, Samoa time.  

Am Samoa sues feds and Council over LVPA amendment

American Samoa  has filed a lawsuit in the US Federal District Court of Honolulu over the amendment to the Large Vessel Prohibited Area or LVPA.

Miss AS & friends open colorful playroom at LBJ

A project designed to put a smile on the faces of sick children was opened this morning.


Farmers cry foul over latest School Lunch Program bidding

Objections have been raised by the American Samoa Farmers Cooperative concerning the conduct  f the latest bidding for the supply of local produce for the School Lunch Program.

Trump promises to deliver for the territories

The most controversial candidate in the presidential race for 2016, billionaire, Donald Trump, has issued a position statement on the US territories  of American Samoa, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Commonwealths of Puerto Rico and the Northern Marianas.

DOE plans career fair for elementary level

A survey of 8th graders about possible career choices showed that most of them wanted to be singers, dancers, movie stars and athletes.   

CDC send Zika kits for pregnant women

Almost 500 Zika virus protection kits for pregnant mothers have arrived from the centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.  

High Court revokes probation for woman who stole

A woman whom the High court gave one year to pay restitution to her former employer is now behind bars.  

Employees say StarKist Samoa is staggering shutdown

Employees of StarKist Samoa are working reduced hours this week apparently because of a shortage of fish. 

Feds suggest amalgamation of nutrition programs

A group of federal agency representatives has recommended that all the federally funded nutrition programs in American Samoa be administered under one umbrella. 

Womens Business Center celebrates Women's Day

To mark the UN International Day for Women,  the Womens Business Center of the Native American Samoa Advisory Councilnvited women speakers to talk about their careers, their roles as mothers and wives and hurdles they've had to overcome along the way.

DOE still waiting for decision on consolidated grant

The Department of Education has yet to hear from the federal government concerning its  latest consolidated grant application. 

Heat pushes demand for drinking water in schools

The rains have cooled things down a bit otherwise the Samoan islands have  been experiencing extremely hot weather.  

Leone faipule proposes 5% tax on water imports

Before the Fono recessed after last Monday’s session, a bill proposing a 5% tax on imported bottled water was introduced in the House by Fofo Representative Puletu Dick Koko. 

Earthquake shakes Samoan islands

Did you feel it last night?   Social media exploded here in American Samoa with reports in various villages of an earthquake yesterday evening around 6pm...a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck 125 miles to the south west of the Samoan Islands.  

StarKist donates 500 pouch products for Fiji

One of the containers that’s heading for Fiji has 500 cases of Starkist pouch products that StarKist Samoa donated last week to the Help 4 Fiji relief drive.  

Congressional action needed to continue wage moratoriun

The US Department of Labor has informed Governor Lolo that it cannot meet his request to continue the moratorium on the 50 cent wage increase in the territory’s minimum wage.    

CJ continues sentencing of Tofaeono to Friday

Chief Justice Michael Kruse has postponed sentencing for Va’atausili Tofaeono until Friday this week. 

TAOA hot meal vendors waiting to get paid

It’s been a long wai for vendors of the Territorial Administration on Aging hot meal program to get paid.  And while they’ve been patient, believing since January that they will get partial payment, the vendors say they can no longer rema

Want to experience canoe voyaging the ancient way?

The Samoa Voyaging Society (SVS) is recruiting new crewmembers for Samoa’s Va’atele Gaualofa.   

Three containers & almost $20,000 for Fiji

American Samoa has responded generously to the call for help for victims of the deadly cyclone Winston.

Pregnant mothers concerned about Zika

The number of pregnant women infected with the Zika virus now stands at five.  

ASPA gets $2.4 m FEMA grant to relocate powerlines

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), has awarded a  grant  of $2,4 million to assist the American Samoa Power Authority’s  in its Underground Mitigation Project.   

Fiame had difficult time being accepted by men

For the first time since Samoa began electing its own leaders after gaining independence in 1962, a woman has been voted as the next Deputy Prime Minister.  

Special Olympic Amerika Samoa certified & accredited

Special Olympic Amerika Samoa has been certified and granted full accreditation status for another two years with Special Olympic International.   

Trump appoints Raynar as honorary campaign manager

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump has announced the appointment of John Raynar as honorary chairman for his campaign in American Samoa.   

Delayed arrival of fence pushes back opening of courts

Work should begin soon to complete the Fagatogo play courts between Fagatogo Square and the Fagatogo marketplace.    

13 confirmed cases of Zika, 5 are pregnant women

There are now 13 confirmed cases of Zika and five are pregnant mothers.  
Clementine with her brother Robert Uti Gebauer

Samoan Mama on board NOAA vessel

Clementine Gebauer Lutali  is known as Mama on the NOAA Research Vessel Oscar Elton Sette.  

Buoy off Aunuu gives real time weather data

A buoy now in the water off Aunuu is providing real time data on wave height, direction and sea surface temperature.  

STP cannery donates to "Help 4 Fiji" drive

Samoa Tuna Processors and staff today presented the local Fijian community a donation for the Cyclone Winston Relief Drive.  

ASCC business students celebrate diversity

Business Communication students at the  American Samoa Community College showcased their understanding of other cultures with their Celebrating Diversity presentation.

Defendant in Le Aute Bar raid pleads guilty

The High Court has accepted a plea agreement for one of the defendants in the Aute Bar raid from March of last year Ah Kiong or Ationo Talamoa.  

Ottoville II will house Argosy University campus

Ottoville II is the name of a new commercial building, the latest project of Haleck Enterprises, that will soon be going up on the vacant property on the  corner of Ottoville and FAA roads.  

NOAA vessel carries out research on data poo fish

The NOAA research vessel Oscar Elton Sette is carrying out fisheries studies in the waters of Samoa and American Samoa for the next 100 days.  

HRPP 44, Tautua Samoa 2

Samoa is left without an opposition party after voting in yesterday’s general elections returned only two members of the Tautua Samoa Party,  

Pacific Judicial Council meets here next month

Chief Justices from the US Pacific are meeting in American Samoa next month.  

Seven filings in support of U.S. citizenship for Am Samoans

Plaintiffs in the citizenship case that’s now before the Supreme Court have received support from a diverse array of academics, current and former territorial officials, and civil rights groups. 

Samoa PM delivers statement on election results

The Human Rights Protection Party (HRPP) have secured a significant victory in Samoa's General Elections today.


Opposition leader Palusalue Faapo loses seat

The Leader of the Opposition, Palusalue Faapo II has lost his seat to a new member Leaana Ronnie Posini, a HRPP Candidate. 
Photo: Verona Parker

Polls close in Samoa, the counting begins

Polls have closed in Samoa and counting has begun for the country's general elections.

StarKist thankful for tuna treaty but still worried

The owners of StarKist Samoa, StarKist Company, are pleased that an agreement has been reached that will allow the U.S. flagged purse seine fleet to resume fishing in their traditional fishing grounds near American Samoa for 2016.

Farmers briefed on certification as suppliers for School Lunch

Farmers were briefed today by Director of Agriculture, Lealao M. Purcell on certification criteria to be a supplier for the School Lunch Program. 
AB Sonny Bill Williams

KVZK-TV & BlueSKy deliver Las Vegas Sevens

Good news for rugby fans...KVZK TV will beam the Las Vegas Sevens into your  home.   

Challenges remain with SP Tuna Treaty

The Regional Administrator for the National Marine Fisheries Service in Hawaii won’t say if the US will rescind its pending ‘notice of withdrawal’ from the South Pacific Tuna Treaty…

High voter turn out in Samoa

Voters braved the mid-morning sun in umbrellas as they queued up to vote for their representatives in the 49-seat Parliament. 

ASG vehicles seen at Democratic Caucus

During the Democratic Caucus on Tuesday KHJ News noticed several government vehicles in the parking lot of the Veterans Memorial Center in Tafuna where the caucus was held. 

Governor happy with fish deal but still worried about future

Governor Lolo Moliga has welcomed with joy the positive outcome of negotiations between he United States and Pacifi island countries concerning the South Pacific Tuna Treaty.  

Voters go to the polls in Samoa

Voting is underway in Samoa to elect 45 of the 49 members of Parliament.  The other four members have been elected unopposed. 

Samuelu Wright convicted on three counts

Samuelu Wright had a blank look on his face when the verdict for his one and a half day trial was delivered yesterday.

Citizens group says salary hike bill is illegal

The United Citizens of American Samoa has continued to drum up support against the bill to raise the salaries of the Fono. 

ANZ staff sells hot dogs to help Fiji cyclone victims

Staff of ANZ Bank are selling hot dogs today to raise funds to help the bank’s staff foundation provide relief for victims of Tropical Cyclone Winston in Fiji. 

Campaigner urges youth to get involved

A campaigner for democratic candidate for president Rocky de la Fuenta, 20-year-old, Darius Berashi has been talking to young people about getting involved in politics.  

Fuao captain lays it down for Race Committee

The captain of the Vatia fautasi Fuao, Senate President Gaoteote Palaie didn’t hold back in telling the Flag Day Fautasi Race Committee that if they can’t do it right, they should not have a fautasi race at all.  

Amata has her say on DOD budget for new year

Congresswoman Aumua Amata appeared   before the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) on Capitol Hill today during the Member's Day hearing. 

Sen. Galeai wants two more senators for Manu'a

If Senator Galeai Tuufuli has his way, there’ll be 20 senators instead of 18 in the American Samoa Legislature.  

Tri Marine says return of tuna boats good for everyone

Tri Marine International's ten U.S. flag Cape fleet vessels and other U.S. flag boats based in American Samoa are once again allowed access to their historic fishing grounds in the Western and Central Pacific. 

DOC funds income generating projects

The Planning Division of the Department of Commerce has been lending support to community initiatives that help create jobs and generate income for residents. 

Lack of funding holds up CI replacement

Money is what’s holding up a replacement for the American Samoa Certificate of Identity, according to Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale.

Here's where ASTCA crews are this week

Crews from the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority are continuing the installation of the Broadband Linking American Samoa project. 
Image #: 20667743 Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) waits to be photographed with newly re-elected Speaker of the House John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) for the reenactment of her swearing in on the first day of the 113th Congress, Washington, D.C., Thursday, Janu

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard backs Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton was the clear choice of Democrats in yesterday’s Super Tuesday voting across the nation and was the overwhelming choice for local Democrats.