Senate calls on governor to remove Thompson

The Senate has decided to deal first with the vice chairman of the Board of Directors of the Retirement Fund Board Sonny Thompson.

Togiai cleared by the Fono for Retirement Fund Board

This morning Senators voted to confirm businessman Tony Togiai to serve on the Retirement Fund Board.  

Amata pursues minimum wage delay

We’re coming down to the final stretch before the due date for the next 50 cent hike in the local minimum wage, September 30.  

Ace makes mattress and paint donation

Juvenile detainees can thank Neil’s Ace Home Center for the mattresses they’re sleeping on.  

DOD case lot extended to Friday

The Department of Defense has extended the lot sale for active duty personnel, retirees and dependents of service men and women in the territory.

No response to request for removal of directors

Governor Lolo Moliga says he has not responded to the request by the chairman of the Retirement Fund Board Vaanatiu Toafala Iafeta to remove two of his directors from the board because they have a conflict of interest.  

Big crowd on first day of lot sale

Today is the final day of a case lot sale by the US Department of Defense at the US Army Reserve Center in Tafuna.  

Alleged theft of gasoline referred to AG's Office

Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele has referred to the Attorney General’s Office for prosecution a case of four employees of the Port Administration for alleged theft of government gasoline. 

LDS Church donates paint for Red Cross Building

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints today made a sizeable donation of building materials and paint for the new Red Cross Building now under construction in Tafuna. 

DOC uses OIA grant to stop litter flow into ocean

The Department of Commerce (DOC) will use a grant from the Department of Interior of $138,718 to conduct a pilot project at Utulei Beach aimed at eliminating the outflow of litter into the harbor.  

Man sentenced to time served

A man who pled guilty to stealing for removing a vehicle from a residence in Iliili was released from jail Friday.  

Samoa keeps out Sierra Leone team due to Ebola

The Samoan Government rejected the Sierra Leone team's attempts to enter the country for the Commonwealth Youth Games, which begin in Apia this weekend. 

Green paper for birth certificates due in Friday

The Office of Vital Statistics has run out of the green security paper  that birth certificates are printed on.  

School repair money pays salaries

The school maintenance account received heavy scrutiny during review of the Department of Public Works budget for the new fiscal year yesterday.

Virtual launch of underwater and land treasures

Tomorrow morning at the Tauese P Sunia Ocean Center will be the launch of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa underwater and terrestrial imagery that have enabled people who've never been to the territory to discover our sea and land treasures.

No confidence motion targets Board members

Senator Tuaolo Fruean has proposed with support from senators to introduce a motion of no confidence against  the chairman and vice chairman of the Hospital Authority Board. 

Teachers resign as schools start

While the Department of Education hoped all schools would be fully staffed at the start of the new school year, up to last week, teachers were still submitting resignation letters.  

DBAS still waiting for $2 m loan from Retirement Fund

The Development Bank of American Samoa is still waiting for the $2 million loan that was approved several months ago by the Retirement Fund Board to assist with housing loans for DBAS.  

More division on LVPA amendment

The US National Marine Fishery Service proposal to allow large US flagged longline to fish within certain boundaries of the Large Vessel Protected Area of American Samoa waters now limited to alia fishing has attracted both support and opposition.

American Samoa upsets Tonga 2-1

American Samoa upset Tonga in their back yard yesterday  to set up a tense three-way finale to Oceania’s Round 1 qualifying for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

Governor accepts resignation of Parks & Rec Director

Governor Lolo Moliga says Parks and Recreation Director Tamaaiga Pili Gaoteote informed him at the beginning of the year of his intention to step down from his cabinet post so he can devote time to his role as a pastor.  

Dedication of Youth Center postponed again

The Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs has postponed the official opening of the Youth Center in Pago Pago, awaiting the arrival of a large delegation from Indonesia.

Lots of activities for PALS celebration

The annual celebration of People, Air, Land and Sea is coming up and agencies are putting the finishing touches to the program of activities lined up for the month long celebration.

Galea'i says apprenticeship program should have rules

The governor’s apprenticeship program for returning degree holders piqued the interest of Senator Galeai Tuufuli during review of the Governor’s Office proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2016. 

Coast Guard requires MV Sili to repair deficiencies

The Coast Guard Safety detachment Unit is requiring the MV Sili to undergo repairs to fix deficiencies which have already been made known to Port Administration. 

Man on probation found with ice

Two months after the court released Pouono Muasau  based on recommendations by the Probation Office, he appeared in High Court again this morning for another violation of conditions of his probation.   

Senate confirms Edda Wyberski for Immigration Board

The Senate has approved the governor’s nomination of Ms. Edda Wyberski of Pago Pago to serve on the Immigration Board. 

Number of probable dengue cases at 370

The latest update from the Department of health concerning the dengue fever outbreak which has gripped the territory since May shows that the number of probable dengue cases has climbed to 370 as of August 23.  

Measure to recall Thompson's confirmation being drafted

Senate President Gaoteote Palaie says the Legislative Counsel is drafting a resolution to recall the Senate’s confirmation of member of the Retirement Fund Board, Sonny Thompson.
Commissioner Save Liuato Tuitele

Retirement Fund Director informed of probe results

The Executive Director of the Retirement Fund Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua has been informed that the police investigation into allegations against him has produced evidence of possible criminal activity involving Retirement Fund monies. 

Lawmaker points to effects of unrealistic projections

The proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget for the American Samoa Government totaling $417.8 million projects local revenues of $104 million. 

Fund chairman says directors compromised duties

The Retirement Fund’s purchase of bonds from the American Samoa Economic Development Authority may be a done deal but there’s still fallout from what occurred at the board level. 

Enjoying the cool weather?

People wearing jackets, scarves and warm clothes have become a common scene this winter season in the southern hemisphere.   

USDOT awards $67,033 for American Samoa

The US Department of Transportation has awarded a grant of more than $67,000 to American Samoa. 

Kids excited to be back in school

While school officially started last Thursday, many students are just starting school today. 

Lawmakers ask about unpaid increments

As was the case during last year’s budget hearings, lawmakers have again questioned when ASG employees will be paid their annual increments.  

Retirement Board Chairman questions police removal of Luatua

The chairman of the Board of the Retirement Fund says he does not understand the basis for police removing the Executive Director of the Retirement Fund, Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua from the Retirement Fund Office this morning.

ASNAP clients will receive $200 bonus payment

Over 4,100 residents now receiving monthly vouchers under the American Samoa Nutrition Assistance Program, or Food Stamps will receive a $200 bonus payment with their September vouchers.  

Fono straightens out Budget Director re: budget books

The Fono began joint hearings this morning on the proposed fiscal year 2014 budget  for the American Samoa Government totaling $417.8 million.   

Am Samoa within reach of victory against Samoa

Samoa edged American Samoa 3-2 thanks to a dominant first half of their OFC Stage 1, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia match yesterday at the Loto-Tonga Center in Tonga. 

Police remove Director of Retirement Fund from office

Two detectives of the Department of Public Safety removed the Executive Director of the Retirement Fund Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua from the Retirement Fund Office this morning.  

High Court orders DOH Director to pay for medication for inmate

The High Court is ordering the. Director of Health to pay for medication and blood tests for murder defendant Arthur Blake, believed to suffer a mental condition.   

Off-island referrals are covered by Medicaid but match is required

 It’s already in the State Medicaid Plan for American Samoa that medically necessary off island referrals by the LBJ Hospital are covered by Medicaid.  

Governor asked to remove cabinet members from Retirement Board

The Chairman of the Retirement Fund Board says he has written to Governor Lolo Moliga asking that his two cabinet members on the Board, Treasurer Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a and Director of Human Resources Sonny Thompson be removed from the Board. 

Book company refers ASDOE to collection agency

Several private schools begin the new school year with news that their book orders made several years ago under the consolidated grants for the Department of Education are not being processed by the book company, McGraw Hill Education. 

Director of Retirement Fund returns to work today

The Executive Director of the Retirement Fun, Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua is scheduled to return to his job today.  

Hope House fundraiser a huge success

The Annual Hope House Golf Tournament and Raffle held Saturday grossed over $45,000, and donations are still coming in. 

Retirement Fund earns over $600,000 per year from ASEDA bonds

The ASG Employees Retirement Fund will earn interest of over $600,000 annually from its investment in the American Samoa Development Authority bonds.  

Former bank & airline manager, Brent Schwenke passes away

A former bank and airline manager  and long time resident Brent Schwenke passed away Wednesday , Samoa time at the National Hospital in Motootua.  He was 58. 

Mother released from jail, PD throws doubt on complainant

Carmen Hunkin, who pled guilty to sexual abuse first degree involving a 16 year old boy  was released from the Territorial Correctional Facility today.
Pres Lina Chang SVSG

Samoa Victim Support Group helps Fijian woman

The Samoa Victims Support Group stepped in to help a Fijian woman who claims she was mistreated by the family who brought her  here in June.  

StarKist CEO says wage subsidy unlikely

The President and CEO of Star Kist Co Mr. Andrew Choe has urged Governor Lolo to clarify his position to the US Congress that the American Samoan economy cannot sustain a mandatory increase in the minimum wage at this time.  

Congresswoman visits forest firefighters from Am Samoa

Congresswoman Aumua Amata visited the 16 member crew of the National Park of American Samoa who are helping fight forest fires in California.  

Chamber Chairman unhappy with lack of action on minimum wage

The Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce David Robinson says  American Samoa was given six years to address the next scheduled hike in the minimum wage but just four weeks away from the next increase, a meeting is taking place to discuss a plan. 

Annual Hope House Golf Tournament Saturday

And some of the teams who have signed up for the Annual Hope House Golf Tournament tee off this afternoon at the Iliili Golf Course.  

Medicaid funding can pay for referrals

One positive piece of information that came out during questioning of  Hospital Authority Board members and the LBJ CEO by the Senate Health Committee yesterday is that the American Samoa State Medicaid Office has said Medicaid funding can be used to pay off-island referrals.

Women of the House want statement on women included

One of the two women in the House of Representatives Atalina Asifoa stood her ground and insisted that comments made by one of her male colleagues on the House floor  Wednesday  be entered into the record of House proceedings.  

Governor relays concerns to Coast Guard

Governor Lolo Moliga has asked that the US Coast Guard inform the American Samoa Fisheries Task Force whenever a fishing boat is held for longer than 24 hours.  

ASG pays off Retirement Fund loans

ASG ‘s loans with the Retirement Fund has now been paid off with today’s bond sale by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority. T

The kids are back in school

Except for two schools, today was the first day of school for all public schools.  

House confirms Dr. Moreli Niuatoa

The House of Representatives today confirmed the governor’s nominee for the Board of Higher Education, Dr. Moreli Niuatoa, President of the Kananafou Theological Seminary. 

Polynesian granted another 30 day waiver

The U.S. Transportation Department has granted only a 30-day cabotage waiver for the Samoa government own Polynesian Airlines to operate American Samoa’s domestic flights. 

Chairman 4, vice chairman 3 trips on referral program

The Chairman of the Board of the Hospital Authority Mase Akapo Akapo traveled four times on the Medical Referral Program while board member Dr. Victor Tofaeono had 3 trips on the program. 

Leaders celebrate bond sale-$55.2 m in bank

There’s $55 million of new money in the bank from the bond sale by the American Samoa Economic Development Authority.   

Top educator leads workshop for ASCC faculty

Faculty and staff of the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) took part in a three-day Assessment Workshop presented by renowned authority on the subject Dr. Mary J. Allen. 

Unity needed on minimum wage, but time is running out

A common sentiment echoed at a meeting called by Governor Lolo Moliga  to formulate a territorial position on the federal minimum wage was that American Samoa needs to present a unified voice on the issue. 

Opening of Matafao & Le'atele delayed

Two public elementary schools, Le’atele Elementary in Fagasa and Matafao Elementary in Fagaalu will not open tomorrow with the rest of the territory’s public schools. 

Director says not enough desks and chairs

Director of Education, Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau, says there wont be enough desks and chairs for students when schools start tomorrow.   

NOAA promises you a rain garden

American Samoa is getting its first rain garden at Fagaalu Park and a demonstration was held this morning on how to install it.

BLAST coming to a home near you

The  American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is optimistic that by the wrap up date for the Broadband Linking American Samoa territory or BLAST project, September 30, all homes on Tutuila, Aunuu and Manu'a will be hooked to the new fiber optic network.


Court questions sponsors of sex offender

Two men who sponsored Pelenato Maiava, a convicted sex offender who was able to re enter American Samoa on 30 day permits despite being banned from the territory until his probation period is over, took the witness stand this morning.  

Thompson rejoined Retirement Fund in last pay period

Senate President Gaoteote Palaie says he conveyed all of the concerns that has been raised by senators regarding the composition of the Retirement Fund Board and the bond purchase using Retirement Fund monies at a meeting with Governor Lolo Moliga this morning.

Solar City gets contract for Ta'u Solar Hybrid Project

The contractor that‘s been awarded the Ta’u Solar Hybrid Project, part of the comprehensive plan to make Manu’a completely powered by renewable energy sources, is Solar City.  

Fijian woman claiming mistreatment hurriedly removed

A resident who helped a citizen of Fiji who claimed she was mistreated by a woman from Samoa she was living with, believes immigration authorities have sprinted to remove the woman from the territory so that her case will not come to light.   

DOE strives to raise the bar in new school year

Director of Education Vaitinassa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau has identified 3 critical areas in which DOE needs to raise the bar for the new school year.  

ASG hosts closing for SYEP participants

Participants of the Summer Youth employment Program  received their last paychecks today and were treated to a BBQ and games at Suiga ula o le Atuvasa.  

Tuaolo: Governor didnt know Thompson not a member

While the Senate is awaiting  an official confirmation from the Retirement Fund Office concerning whether Director of Human Resources Sonny Thompson is a member of the Fund,  Senator Tuaolo Fruean informed the Senate today that Governor Lolo didn’t know that Thompson wasn’t a Fund member when his name was sent to the Fono for confirmation.

AG supports spirit of drug test bill but...

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale says the spirit of a bill that would subject government employees to drug testing is good however what’s lacking in the bill is a source of funding to carry out the tests.  

Court ponders work release for prostitution convict

The High Court has taken under advisement a motion for work release for a woman who’s serving time for promoting prostitution. 

President of Kananafou Seminary named to Board of Higher Ed

The President of Kananafou Theological Seminary Dr. Moreli Niuatoa has been nominated by the governor as a member of the Board of Higher Education, which oversees the American Samoa Community College.

Prices tumble at the pump

American Samoa is catching up with the lower prices at the pump in the mainland and Hawaii.  

Coach says loss to St. Louis was good lesson for Vikings

  55-6 was the final score of Friday night’s game between the Fagaitua Vikings and St. Louis Crusaders at the Aloha Stadium, Honolulu.  

Local business to pay almost $70,000 in back wages and overtime

The owners of Island Image Creations, Polynesian Picks and Pacific Sales and Marketing have agreed to pay close to $70,000 to 45 employees for minimum wage and overtime violations under the Fair Labor Standards Act.   

DOH seeks funding to retain 200 employees

Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua says DOH is still trying to look for funds to retain almost 200 employees after current federal funding runs out. 

Congresswoman offers condolences to families of Baby Lydia and Klement

Congerswoman Aumua Amata has offered her condolences to the parents and families of two children who were critically ill at the LBJ Intensive Care Unit, four month old Lydia Fataua and nine year old Klement Meke Pua'auli.  

Rep. Vui donates paint for Tafuna Elementary

The Principal of Tafuna Elementary, Laloleva Polu, has thanked Tuala-uta Representative Vui Florence Saulo for enabling their school to get a fresh coat of paint when school begins Thursday.   

Chairman has change of heart, signs bond purchase

The Chairman of the ASG employees Retirement Fund Board yesterday signed the release of $11 million of Fund monies to purchase bonds from the American Samoa Economic Development Authority. 

American Samoa fire fighters spread culture

The team of firefighters from the National park Service of American Samoa who are helping battle forest fires in northern California is attracting attention.   

Governor: Education is everybody's business

Governor Lolo Moliga said in his address at the Back to School orientation for Department of Education teachers today at the Tafuna High school Gymnasium that “Education is everybody’s business. 

Senate holds off on confirmation of Togiai

The Senate Retirement Committee has places on hold a vote on the governor’s nomination of businessman Tony Togiai as a trustee of the Retirement Fund Board. 

Retirement Board member worried about takeover by Governor's Office

A member of the Retirement Fund Board, Mrs. Aloma Langford has written to Governor Lolo Moliga expressing her concerns about the manner in which the Retirement Fund is now being handled by the governor and his office.

Fagatogo faipule thankful for new sewerline

Fagatogo Representative Maugaoalii Leapai Sipa Anoai is elated that after several attempts in the past ten years through resolutions and personal visits with past CEOs of the American Samoa Power Authority, work has finally begun on a new sewerline for his village.

Women SHINE at SIS Conference

Women took the spotlight and center stage at the first Sisters Imparting Strength SHINE Conference held Thursday and Friday at the Lee Auditorium.  

American Samoa Football team off to OFC World Cup qualifiers

The OFC Stage 1, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia qualifiers takes place in Tonga from Aug. 31.-Sept. 4, 2015, with American Samoa featuring a different coach and a new infusion of players. 

Schools sprayed for mosquitoes

The spraying of public and private schools to get rid of mosquitoes before schools start got underway yesterday.   

Retirement Fund Chairman orders stop to transfer

The Chairman of the ASG Employees Retirement Fund says he has put a stop to what he called an illegal effort to transfer Retirement Fund money to the American Samoa Economic Development Authority.

Testimony of LBJ Board members called into question

The Senate is now asking the LBJ Hospital to provide all the names of people who have been on the off island medical referral program since January. 

ANZ donates top prize for Hope House raffle

The top prize for the Hope House raffle, to be drawn during next Saturday’s annual golf tournament, a  49 inch TV was handed over today by ANZ  Bank.  

Man charged with stabbing girlfriend pleads not guilty

A man charged with the stabbing of his girlfriend earlier this week in Laulii pled not guilty when he was arraigned in High Court this morning.  

West siders loving smooth road

Drivers and residents on the west side of the island are enjoying the smooth road between Futiga and the Leone Bridge.   
Photos: Mrs Etenauga Lutu

Territory's athletes recognized, medal winners get cash

In the first of its kind ceremony, ASG today thanked and awarded athletes who represented the territory in recent off island competitions, and gave monetary awards to those who won medals. 

Senator Galea'i wants bond purchase stopped

Senator Galeai Tuufuli is upset that  the Retirement Fund is being used to buy the American Samoa Economic Development Authority bonds and has urged the Senate to act quickly to stop the purchase which he said is violating the law. 

Businessman cautions against sales tax

Aside from being introduced by House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale, there’s been no further action on the bill proposing a 7% sales tax. 
Photo: Pei Raynar

Three star hotel envisioned at old Rainmaker site

A Request for Proposals for development of the old Rainmaker Hotel site will soon be issued, paving the way for what the administration hopes will be a springboard for the enticement of tourists.  

Ocean Global Fisheries withdraws objection to petition

The Partner and Owner of Ocean Global Fisheries and Sea Global Fisheries, Mr. Douglas Hines, now agrees that the US fleet and vessels operating our of American Samoa may be experiencing a disproportionate burden.

The Best of American Samoa, You Decide

Twenty-five businesses and a government entity were recognized last night as winners of the first, "The Best of American Samoa You Decide Survey,"  sponsored by Southseas Broadcasting Inc., owners of 93 KHJ and V103 radio stations. 

Chairman: Only Bill Gates will buy junk bonds

The Chairman of the ASG Employees Retirement Fund Board, Vaanatiu Toafala Iafeta says he is still opposed to the Fund purchasing bonds from the American Samoa Economic Development Authority.  

Faga'itua Vikings take on St. Louis

Fagaitua High School football team wraps up their tour of Hawaii with their final game against St Louis High School at Aloha Stadium this evening. 

Senate not convinced LBJ left no stone unturned

Senators were persistent in their questioning of LBJ Hospital officials about the case of the 9-year-old boy from Alao who died from a severe heart condition earlier this month, 

Four members of shipyard board resign

The chairman of the Shipyard Services Authority Board David Robinson and three other board members have resigned. 


ASEDA: Bond purchase by Retirement Fund is at 7.5%

The American Samoa Economic Development Authority ("ASEDA"), through its Chairman Ueligitone Tonumaipe'a, and Secretary Steve Watson, today clarified remarks attributed to  the chairman of the Retirement Fund Board Va'anatiu Toafala lafeta with respect to the upcoming ASEDA bond issuance.

Immigration sponsors must have a job

A new policy by the Immigration Board requires that a person who sponsors foreigners must be employed. 

Number of dengue fever cases tops 300

The number of probable cases of dengue fever seen at the LBJ Hospital and community health centers has reached 338 as of August 16.  

Murder defendant waives preliminary hearing

Murder defendant Michael Schuster has waived his rights to a preliminary hearing in District Court and his case has now been bound over to High Court where he will be arraigned tomorrow morning.

Budget hearings will begin August 31st

Joint Fono hearings on the proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget for ASG are now scheduled to begin August 31st.  

DOC Director Keniseli Lafaele recovering well

Director  of Commerce, Keniseli Lafaele is reported to be recovering well after undergoing an emergency surgical procedure to drain a subdural hematoma at Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.  

Retirement Fund is buying ASEDA bonds

It’s a done deal.  The ASG Employees Retirement Fund buying bonds from the American Samoa Economic Development Authority.  

Snafu holds up ambulance donation from Hawaii

Efforts to get ambulances for the LBJ Hospital from Honolulu  are proving more difficult than anticipated.  

ASCC presents progress report on accreditation

Faculty of the American Samoa Community College were updated on  progress made over the last several months in the effort to remove the college from its current status under sanction by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

ASG celebrates Workforce Day Sept 4

The third ASG Workforce Day celebration is set for September 4th at the Veterans Memorial Stadium. 

Amata joins CODEL in Hawaii

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has joined  a Congressional delegation in Hawaii led by Hawaii Senator Mazie Hirono.  

Dr. Saleapaga tells faipule to retract statement

The LBJ Hospital’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Iotamo Saleapaga had to correct a statement by Vaifanua Representative, Fatulegae’e Palepoi Mauga that it seemed that the hospital did not do anything to save the life of Klement Meke Pua'auli.

Tough sailing for sailing school vessel

Under graduate students and professional crew members of the SEA Semester's Sailing School Vessel Robert C. Seamans have experienced first hand dramatic changes in weather on their way from Hawaii to American Samoa. 

OIA awards funds for Utulei Beach restoration

American Samoa is receiving funding under the Office of Insular Affairs Coral Reef Initiative Program.  

Hawaiian Air has 3 specials for holidays

Hawaiian Air ‘s special flights for the summer ended last week and the airline has reverted back to two  weekly flights on Mondays and Fridays. Yesterday Local Station Manager for Hawaiian Air Tuli Fruean announced the airline’s Christmas and New Year holiday schedule.

Man stabs girlfriend when she called it quits

A man was arrested Monday for allegedly stabbing his girlfriend at her home in Laulii.   

Rep Asifoa tells top doc hes slacking off

Representative Atalina Asifoa boldly told the LBJ Hospital’s chief Medical Officer.  Dr. Iotamo Saleapaga yesterday  that he is slacking off with his responsibilities at the hospital. 

Lolos apprenticeship program has hired 106 grads

Director of Human Resources Sonny Thompson says the governor’s apprenticeship program for returning degree holders has employed a total of 106. 

Retirement Fund Board hasnt decided bonds

The new chairman of the ASG Employees Retirement Fund Vaanatiu Tofala Iafeta says the board has not made a decision regarding the purchase of American Samoa Economic Development Authority bonds.  

Grant money in account of DOC employee

A police investigation has been launched into how federal grant money was deposited in the account of an ASG employee instead of the Department of Treasury and also why the employee never disclosed this.

Republicans set March 22 for Caucus

Members of the American Samoa Republican Party  have begun preparations for election year, 2016. 

Tony Togiai named to Retirement Fund Board

Businessman Tony Togiai has been nominated by the governor to be a member of the Retirement fund Board of Trustees replacing Fanene Morris Scanlan who resigned from the board recently.  

StarKist employees worried about paychecks

For now StarKist Samoa employees are happy they are still working though for how long is uncertain. 

Budget books delivered to the Fono

The printed  books with the proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget were delivered to the Fono this morning.  

DPW employee believed to have died from heart attack

A Department of Public Works employee who was found dead in Laulii last night is believed to have died from an apparent heart attack. 

Governor appoints Moefa'auo as Interim Acting CEO of shipyard

The governor has appointed Moefaauo William Emmsley as Interim Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Shipyard Services Authority.

StarKist corrects statements about fish supplies

StarKist has corrected statements made by Douglas Hines, Partmer and Owner of Ocean Global Company and Sea Global, in comments submitted on Tri Marine International ‘s petition for an exemption for US purse seiners based in American Samoa, from catch limits on high seas in the Central and Western Pacific Ocean.

Filipino businessman allays concerns about workforce

A concern raised regarding the proposed food manufacturing plant by Filipino company, AVM Bernardo Engineering, is that it will be bringing in employees from the Philippines.  

Senate questions ANZ Bank officials

Senators had a chance to question ANZ Bank officials yesterday morning at a hearing by the Government Operations Committee.  

ASG finds that Mrs. Aileen Solaita was not convicted

The Manager of the Department of Health Maternal and Child Health Program, Mrs. Aileen Solaita, has been informed that ASG will no longer be seeking to terminate her employment.

DYWA Youth Center will be dedicated Sept 3rd

Director of Youth and Women Affairs Jonathan Fanene announced at Friday’s cabinet meeting that the dedication ceremony for the new Youth Center in Pago Pago is set for September 3rd.  

Do the Right Thing group will hit the road

The citizens group, "Do the right thing," solicited about 1,000 signatures in a two day campaign for two petitions that the group is spearheading.  
Rev. Dr. Falana'i Ala & Mrs Ala

Founder of Manumalo Church and school passes away

The man who founded the Manumalo Baptist Church and Manumalo Baptist School in Malaeimi, Rev. Dr. Falana’i Ala, passed away yesterday in Honolulu.

BlueSky donates $10,000 to Talavalu rugby team

Just ahead of their departure for the Oceania Rugby Cup 2015 in Papua New Guinea, American Samoa’s national team received a generous donation from BlueSky Communications. 

Governor: FY2014 was not a good year

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga has blamed himself and the Lt Governor for not spending enough time to oversee the administration's budget spending that resulted in a huge overrun in FY2014. 

Fanene comments on resignation from Retirement Fund Board

The former chairman of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund, Fanene Morris Scanlan, says he resigned from the board due to the "demanding needs of the chairmanship position." 

Amata says US citizenship should be a personal choice

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has publicly declared that she and former Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, the Obama administration as well as the American Samoa Government are opposed to automatic US citizenship for US nations born in American Samoa.

Murder defendant makes initial appearance

The parents and several relatives of the defendant facing a murder charge for the death of a man last week, were present when he was led into District Court for his initial appearance  this morning. 

Directors told not to send deputies to budget hearings

After meeting with the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House, Governor Lolo Moliga has informed directors that the Fono leaders do not want to see any deputy director at budget hearings. Unless the deputy is with the director.

Why are ANZ loans approved from Guam?

ANZ Bank officials got an earful of complaints from members of the House during a hearing Friday by the House Commerce Committee.  

Finau places 10th in PGA Championship

Tony Finau, trhe first American Samoan Tongan to make it to the top ten of the PGA survived an adventurous final round Sunday, earning a tie for 10th place in the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin. 

Production continues at StarKist, Bumble Bee objects to petition

Production continues at StarKist Samoa for now.  

Defendant charged with second degree murder

Twenty one year old Michael Schuster of Leone and Iliili has been charged for the alleged stabbing death of a man whose body was found last Wednesday in Vailoa.  
Tony Finau hits on the ninth hole during the third round of the PGA Championship golf tournament Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015, at Whistling Straits in Haven, Wis. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)

From fire knife dancing to PGA Tour, Tony Finau is in top form

By any measure but talent, Tony Finau should not be at Whistling Straits this weekend. 

Governor tells directors to clean up schools

Governor Lolo Moliga has instructed his cabinet to spend next week going out to their designated schools under the Adopt-A-School Initiative to make sure they are cleaned, safe and ready for the beginning of the new school year.   

ANZ Guam CEO says ATM fee will not be reduced

The CEO of ANZ Guam, Mr. John Wade, said the bank will not reduce its ATM charge of $6 for non ANZ customers.

Greenpeace and Rainbow Warrior are in town

Rainbow Warrior, the campaign vessel for the international environmental group Greenpeace sailed into port this morning on a weekend stop over.  

Ex- credit union employee arrested in San Antonio

A former credit union employee was arrested after she withdrew more than $31,000 out of a member’s account by writing a cashier’s check payable to herself. 

FirstNet is wireless network for public safety

The Department of Homeland Security spearheaded the FirstNet and American Samoa's Initial Consultation meeting held yesterday at the Lee Auditorium. 

Governor calls meeting on minimum wage

Governor Lolo wants to bring together the canneries, Chamber of Commerce, department directors and lawmakers to formulate a position on the minimum wage issue.  

ANZ Bank officials get an earful of complaints

Play Audio

That’s how the chairman of the House Commerce Committee Rep Larry Sanitoa described ANZ Bank’s service and recently instituted bank fees and charges in American Samoa.   

Governor requests exemption for purse seiners

Governor Lolo Moliga has written to the Regional Administrator of the National Marine Fisheries Service, Mr. Michael Tosatto, asking that he take immediate action to approve the petition seeking an exemption for locally based purse seiners to fish in now closed high seas in the Western and Central Pacific Ocean.

Arrest warrant of suspect in the works

Police are gathering evidence and conducting more interviews to help with the arrest warrant and eventual prosecution of a suspect now in custody for the killing of a 23 year old man whose body was found on Wednesday morning. 

Vaanatiu Tofala is acting chairman of Retirement Board

Vice chairman of the Board of Trustees of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund Vaanatiu Tofala Iafeta has assumed the chairmanship of the board in an acting capacity after the resignation of Fanene Morris Scanlan. 

Fono honors Special Olympians

Our medal winning team to the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles has received a commendation from the Legislature  

DOE Director not worried about Aab's departure

Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau is not worried about the resignation of Deputy Director of Finance, Russ Aab.   

Manu'a faipule has reservations on petition

Manu’a representative Toeaina Faufano had reservations about exempting only purse seiners that deliver half their catches to the local canneries from the limit on fishing effort in the high seas. 

Fanene Morris Scanlan resigns as Chairman of Retirement Board

The chairman of the Board of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund Fanene Morris Scanlan has resigned.  

Suspect in custody for apparent murder

A 21 year old man from Leone was taken into custody last night for what police are calling the murder of a man  whose body was found in bushes close to the intersection of Vailoa and Taputimu yesterday morning. 

Fisheries Task Force gives credit to Governor Lolo

A point repeatedly made by members of the American Samoa Fisheries Task Force at a House hearing yesterday is that there’s no consultation by the United States regarding fisheries regulations and arrangements that impact the territory’s tuna canning industry.

National Park sends crew to fight CA fires

A 16-person National Park of American Samoa crew and crew leader departed on Wednesday from American Samoa for Northern California to fight wildland fires for 30-days. 

Teacher pleads guilty to sexual assault of minor

The High Court has accepted a plea agreement for high school teacher Rose Lose Auvaa who faced five charges for allegedly having sex with a minor. 

AVM Bernardo owner says financing is set

The owner of the Philippines company AVM Bernardo is hopeful that they can finally start construction of their food processing plant before the end of this year.  

Exciting summer for BGCAS

The Boys & Girls Clubs of American Samoa held a special ceremony last week Friday to celebrate its 3rd Year Anniversary and to officially close its 8-weeks Summer “Brain Gain” Program. 

Victim was hard working and likeable

The 23 year old man  whose body was found in bushes near the Vailoa and Taputimu intersection yesterday morning has been described by those who knew him as a hard working and well behaved young man.

Dr. Oreta Critchon confirmed as CPO

Dr. Oreta Critchon has been confirmed as the Chief  Procurement Officer.

Manu Lefatia pre trial set for September 4

The government did not raise any objections and the High Court has granted a motion by the attorney for one of the defendants charged in the shooting of the Leone substation, Manu Lefatia, to compel discovery from the government.

Amata optimistic of moratorium approval

Congresswoman Aumua Amata is optimistic that the temporary measure she’s pushing  through Congress for a one year moratorium on the 50 cent increase in the local minimum wage would be approved. 

No access no fish, no fish no jobs

House Representatives received a full briefing on the most immediate threat to the tuna industry and the territory’s economy,  the lack of access to fishing grounds for US tuna boats that supply the local canneries. 

Man's body found in bushes

The body of a man was found in bushes near the intersection of Vailoa and Taputimu this morning.  

Governor seeks discounted fares from Hawaiian Air

Governor Lolo Moliga says the CEO of Hawaiian Airlines gave a positive response  to his request for discounted air fares for government paid travel when they met in Honolulu recently.  

Amata seeks temporary moratorium on wages

Congresswoman Aumua Amata held a town hall meeting yesterday in Laulii and will hold another one tomorrow in Pavaiai. 

StarKist Samoa certified to sponsor foreigners under new law

As of last week, the Attorney General’s Office had certified only one local company to sponsor foreign employees under the new law which was passed by the Fono in the last session.   

Sen Tuaolo wants salaries of authorities reigned in

The day after he suggested that the Senate approve the governor’s proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget without review, Senator Tuaolo Fruean lashed out about the soar away salaries of CEOs and employees of ASG authorities. 

Moderate increase in dengue cases

The number of probable cases of dengue fever seen at LBJ Hospital and the Community Health Centers went up by just under 50 in one week. 

Order of new school buses delayed due to rebid

There are no new buses for the new school year, however five buses which were down, have been repaired and serviced to transport students.

Magic Circus of Samoa is back

The Magic Circus of Samoa has returned.   

Cop placed on probation for 9 months

Police Officer Aukuso Lafaele today pleaded guilty to a charge of public peace disturbance before District Court Judge Elvis Patea.

Galeai: You would feel the hurt if it was one of your children

The death of a boy who desperately needed treatment that was not available at the local hospital  has prompted a call by Senator Galeai Tuufuli for members of the Hospital Authority Board and the CEO to be questioned about policies for the off island referral program.

Taxi driver stabbed over the weekend

Police are following leads in the stabbing of a taxi driver in Leone on Friday night.  

Many teachers fail Praxis test

Many of the 600 public school  teachers who have taken the Praxis test did not pass the exam and will have to retake it until they do.     

Summer Health Academy prepares students for health careers

With the aim of encouraging the territory’s young men and women who are interested in entering the healthcare professions, the American Samoa Area Health Care Center (ASAHEC), a program of the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) held its 2015 Summer Health Academy from July 20th to August 4th. 

Sen. Galea'i suggests election of senators if....

If the Senate is not going to review the ASG budget then its best that this chamber is elected by the people of this territory. 

Services available from kitchen incubator explained

If a commercial kitchen incubator becomes a reality, businesses which are accepted to set up in the incubator will be charged a fee .  

DOE Director says NUS BA on par with US degree

Bachelor of Educations degrees from the National University of Samoa (NUS) are equivalent with US accredited degrees.

ANZ officials miss flight, House hearing cancelled

The House Commerce Committee was scheduled to question ANZ Bank’s boss from Guam John Wade and local Country Manager Terese Salumbides this morning about ANZ’s new bank fees and charges. 

Boy dies while waiting for off-island treatment

An eight year old boy with a rare heart condition who has been in the Intemsive Care Unit of LBJ Hospital for nearly two months, died early yesterday morning.

StarKist warns of closure if there's no fish by August 17

StarKist has warned that if there are no fish deliveries to their plant in Atuu by August l7th, the plant will be closed putting more than 2,000 people out of work. 

Samoana looks forward to new school building

Last Friday government leaders attended the blessing and turning of ground where a new school building for Samoana High School will be constructed. 

Sale of Chinese cabbage still banned

Last Friday the Department of Agriculture confiscated about 300 pounds of locally grown Chinese cabbage and other vegetables.   
Rep. Asifoa with ula

Leasina lawmaker spends own money on school project

Leasina Representative Atalina Asifoa got  tired of waiting for the government to build a covered walkway for Siliaga Elementary School and started the project herself with her own money. 

DOE ready for the new school year

All public secondary schools in the territory should be fully staffed when schools reopen on August 27th. 

Oil company asks NOAA to consider plight of US fishermen

More local businesses have filed letters with NOAA in support of Tri Marine International’s petition to exempt the local purse seiner fleet from limits on fishing effort on the high seas. 

Court wants ID for detainee

The High Court has ordered the Immigration Office to move on with the process of getting a defendant’s immigration identification card

Tuaolo suggests approval of budget without review

This morning, Senator Laolagi. Chairman of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee said he is now leaving the matter about the budget to the Senate President and House Speaker to deal with as the response from the Budget Director does not agree with the Fono’s opinion.  

ASG saving money and trees with budget

Budget Director Catherine Saelua believes the executive branch has met requirements of the law as far as submission of the Fiscal Year 2016 proposed budget. 

DOE's finance man Russ Aab resigns

The Department of Education’s Deputy Director of Finance, Russ Asb, who has been DOE’s contact man with the US Department of Education for many years, has resigned.

Applicants told 30 day permits require police & medical reports

Applicants of 30-day entry permits were caught by surprise when they were told last week that they need to provide a police record and a medical certificate of the person they are applying for from their home country.

FFA Director warns tuna treaty under threat

The Director General of the Pacific Island Forum Fisheries Agency, James Movick, says while the interim fishing deal struck between Pacific island Countries and the United States is financially beneficial to Pacific nations, the difficult negotiations are threatening the existence of the South Pacific Tuna Treaty beyond 2016.

Contract let for excavation of land for Taputapu Elementary

Six years after the 2009 tsunami destroyed Taputapu Elementary and the Early Childhood Center in Poloa, work is finally underway for construction of a new school building, this time in the next door village of Fagali'i.

AVM Bernardo here with third party

The company from the Philippines with plans to set up a multi food processing plant at the Industrial Park in Tafuna, AVM Bernardo, hopes that their visit to American Samoa this week will result in a definitive date from the government on when to break ground for their operation.

Governor wants to meet with LBJ Board

Governor Lolo Moliga says he ‘s waiting for all members of the Hospital Authority board to return from off island so he can discuss with them their oversight of the hospital. 

Alot of interest in kitchen incubator

 A meeting to discuss the need for a kitchen incubator attracted a lot of interest.  

Lack of insurance hampers referrals for critically ill children

At present two critically ill children remain in the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital needing off island treatment.

Many havent completed Amnesty Program requirements

A large number of people who registered for the Amnesty program have not completed the process to become legal immigrants in the territory.   

House confirms Dr. Oreta Critchon by unanimous vote

Dr. Oreta Mapu Critchon has been unanimously confirmed by the House of Representatives to serve as Chief Procurement Officer. 

Chairman of AS Republican Party in Cleveland for GOP debate

The chairman of the American Samoa Republican Party, Utu Abe Malae, was in the audience for last night’s debate among ten GOP presidential hopefuls in Cleveland.  

Tri Marine disappointed with outcome of tuna treaty talks

Tri Marine International‘s Chief Operating Officer, Joe Hamby, says their company is disappointed with the results of negotiations for renewal of the South Pacific Tuna Treaty. 

SPED holding toy drive next week

The Special Education Division is holding a toy drive all of next week at the SPED office in Fagaalu. 

LBJ Chief of Staff calls for review of housing allowance

The Chief of Staff of the LBJ Hospital Dr. Reese Tuato’o says the decision made by hospital management to standardize housing allowance for doctors at $500 must be revisited. 

Ocean Global Fisheries opposes Tri Marine petition

A letter of opposition has been filed by the owner of Ocean Global  Fisheries , Douglas Hines, against Tri Marine International’s petition to exempt locally based purse seiners that deliver half of their catches to the local canneries from fishing limits in the Pacific.

Governor disappointed with FY2014 deficit

Governor Lolo Moliga is disappointed with the deficit incurred by ASG in Fiscal Year 2014 and takes the blame for not exercising stronger control on government spending. 

Dr. Marrone's contract good till December 1st

The head of the Pediatric Department at the LBJ Medical Hospital, was able to shed light on the status of his employment when he appeared before the House Health and Hospital Committee yesterday. 

Senator says CPB should look into complaints

Senator Tuaolo Fruean says the Consumer Protection Bureau should be looking into concerns by the public regarding the new fees and charges by ANZ Bank. 

What's up with case of cop accused of rape?

Investigation of alleged offences involving  police officers which have been publicized by the media are still pending awaiting word from the Attorney General's Office, according to Commissioner of Public Safety, Save Liuato Tuitele.

DOH employee entered deferred acceptance plea

The Department of Health employee who has been served a termination notice by the Director of Human Resources, Aileen Solaita, entered a deferred acceptance of guilty plea  in the Honolulu Circuit Court in 2001 for insurance fraud and attempted theft.

Senate confirms Utoofili Asofaafetai Maga for LBJ Board

The Senate has confirmed Utoofil Asofaafetai Maga as the newest member of the Hospital Authority Board.    

Negotiations for new US tuna deal fail

South Pacific Tuna Company executives have reported that parties failed to agree on a long-term renewal of the 1987 South Pacific Tuna Treaty, which provides US purse seine vessels access to the Western and Central Pacific Ocean fisheries. 

Doctors say working conditions unsafe

A pediatrician who’s decided not to renew her contract with LBJ Hospital told the House Health Committee yesterday that doctors are being stretched thin,  not getting support from the administration and working conditions can jeopardize the safety of care.

Optimism in Governor Lolo's budget message

In his message regarding the Fiscal ear 2016 budget, Governor Lolo gives an optimistic account of things to come in the new fiscal year that should turn the territory’s economy around.   

Do the Right Thing petitions for new bank

The new citizens group "Do The Right Thing" organization has made contact with the Navy Federal Credit Union Bank to open up a branch in American Samoa. 

ASEDA issues notice of bond sale

The American Samoa Economic Development Authority is moving forward with its bond sale to pay down ASG‘s debts, set up a government bank and finance major infrastructure projects.  

Pediatricians tell of tough working conditions

It was an emotional hearing when the House health Committee met for the first time with a group of physicians from the LBJ Hospital Pediatric Department including some who are returning  to their homelands. 

Attorney asks DHR Director to retract and apologize

The attorney for Department of Health Manager Aileen Solaita, Sharron Rancourt, has asked Director of Human Resources Sonny Thompson to retract his allegation that her client has a felony conviction and issue a public apology.  

SYEP participants happy with jobs

About $80,000 of new money is circulating in the economy thanks to the release of paychecks for the Summer Youth Employment Program.  

Cops are walking the beat

If you’ve seen cops walking the streets it’s a strategy that the Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele is using to deter crime.  

High Court dismisses assault case, releases bond

On Monday the High Court granted a motion to dismiss charges against a man accused of assaulting his girlfriend in December of last year. 

ASG's proposed FY2016 budget totals $417.8 million

The Lolo Lemanu administration‘s proposed Fiscal Year 2016 budget totals $417,854,900, a decrease of $6.6 million or 2% less than the current fiscal year budget of $424.4 million.  

LVPA amendment still in review process

An amendment that would open some of the now closed waters surrounding American Samoa to longliners to fish is expected to be available for public comment sometime this month. 

Man charged with trespassing in Faleniu PPD

The government has charged a man with trespassing stemming from an incident reported to police yesterday in Faleniu.  

Hospital Board members off island, no hearings

The Senate Health and Hospital Authority Committee will hold a confirmation hearing for the governor's nominee to the Hospital Authority Board, Utoofili Asofaafetai Maga on Thursday morning. 

Do the Right Thing group seeks signatures

The “Do The Right Thing” organization of American Samoa is leading a petition signing campaign next Friday and Saturday at the Su’igaula Beach Park in Utulei. 

DOH manager appeals her termination, files grievance

Department of Health Manager Aileen Solaita is appealing her termination and is filing a grievance against the Director of Human Resources and all involved in the attempt to remove her. 

John Faamaoni Utu resigns from ASPA

John Faamaoni Utu has resigned from the American Samoa Power Authority.


Only $2.4 of $9.7 million tax receivable is collectable

One of the material weaknesses in internal controls identified by ASG’s auditors Moss Adams in the Single Audit report for Fiscal Year 2014 was the monitoring and reconciliation of tax accounts. 

New group from World Teach arrives

A new group of educators from the World Teach Organization arrived last night and are now undergoing a two week orientation before the start of the new school year.

Senator disputes ASG response on overruns

The Chairman of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee Senator Laolagi Vaeao is taking issue with ASG’s response to audit findings in the Single Audit report for Fiscal Year 2014 relating to overruns. 

Husband of DOH manager also served termination letter

This morning we reported on the letter of termination for one of the managers at the Department of Health Aileen Solaita.  Her letter of termination followed that of her husband Anthony Solaita who was employed on contract at DOH

Chamber of Commerce supports petition for purse seiners

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce has pledged its support for an exemption to allow locally based purse seiners to fish in open seas in Pacific waters close by.  

Resolutions to confirm CPO & Board member for Hospital Board

Resolutions for the confirmation of two administration nominees were introduced in the House and Senate this morning. 

Electronic Health Record system faces delays

There’s no pre-registration with the hospital’s new certified Electronic Health Record system.  

Welcome home Special Olympians

Part of the Special Olympics delegation to the World Games in Los Angeles returned to the territory last night with Governor Lolo to a warm welcome at the airport.

Senate wont touch FY2016 budget if it's not in a book

Senate President Gaoteote Palaie declared yesterday that the Senate will not review ASG’s Fiscal Year 2016 budget if it's not in a book format.  

DOH manager receives termination letter, fights back

One of the division heads of the Department of Health was served with a termination notice from the Director of Human Resources Sonny Thompson yesterday. 

ANZ Bank fees attract Senate's attention

In response to complaints from the public, Ituau Senator Alo Faauuga has called for a hearing into new fees charged by ANZ Bank.  

Paychecks for SYEP to be issued Tuesday

Today was when the Department of Human Resources Training and Employment Division was scheduled to release paychecks for about 700 participants of the Summer Youth Employment Program.  

Our Special Olympians return home

Team American Samoa to the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles return home tonight.  

Attorney General was acting governor for 3 days

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale has been acting governor since Friday when Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga left the island for Honolulu. 
Photos: NMAS

Sanctuary summer programs help students choose careers

One of the participants of the Youth Ocean Summit last Friday says her summer experience has helped point her to what she wants to study in the future. 

Call to remove all members of Hospital Authority Board

When the Senate resumed this morning Senate President Gaoteote Palaie called for a moment of silence in remembrance of Senator Saole Mila who passed away last Wednesday in Seattle, Washington.  

Legal Aid Executive Director resigns due to health reasons

The Executive Director of the American Samoa Legal Aid Martin Geer has resigned due to medical reasons.  

Hawaiian Air screens film on American Samoa on flights

Hawaiian Airlines Saturday began screening its first destination film on American Samoa on all its North America and international flights.  

USDOT extends cabotage waiver for Polynesian Airlines

Polynesian Airlines has been granted another 30-day exemption to continue operating domestic flights in American Samoa. 

Two letters of support of petition to NOAA for purse seiners

Two letters have been filed with NOAA in support of a petition from Tri Marine International and the American Samoa Fisheries Task Force to exempt locally based purse seiners from a federal limit on fishing on the high seas.  

CDC and DOH aim to speed up testing for dengue

Having the rapid diagnostic testing that would determine if a patient has dengue fever available at all health centers in the territory is a goal that the Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are working on. 

Students demonstrate what they learned in sanctuary programs

Participants of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa's Youth Science Ocean Swimming and Ocean Star Summer Youth programs have created a variety of ideas to deliver the message that what you do on land affects the health of our ocean.

ASG ponders future of American Samoa Hawaii Cable

ASG is considering the future of the American Samoa Hawaii Cable the company which manages the undersea fiber optic cable between American Samoa, Samoa and Hawaii, in light of new developments in the telecommunications industry.

CDC officials leave, make recommendations

Officials  from the Centers for Disease Control leave the territory tonight with good impressions of the territory’s response to the dengue fever outbreak, The acting team leader at the CDC Dengue Fever Branch in Puerto Rico, epidemiologist Dr

Amata engages in debate on Veterans bill

Congresswoman Aumua Amata was one of only eight members chosen to speak in support of the VA Accountability Act yesterday/

Fagaitua High School football team says thank you

We say bon voyage to the Fagatiua High School football team who leave for Hawaii tonight on a two week tour to expose the players to off island competition. 

Chief Justice tells deputy AG she serves the people not employees

Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop Taase was reminded yesterday that she doesn’t serve the employees of the Immigration Office but she serves the people of American Samoa.

Justin Lutu wins gold in 100 meter race

And the gold goes to Justin Lutu of American Samoa. 

ASG budget carries weight of territorial law

ASG’s auditors, Moss Adams, have reminded the government that the budget for ASG is approved by the Fono and carries the weight of Territorial Law..  

Soloalii Faalepo named as Director of Honolulu Office

Governor Lolo Moliga has appointed Soloalii Faalepo Faalepo Jr., as the Director of the Governor’s Office in Hawaii.

Immigration could not produce "look out list" for court

Who really is in charge of Immigration? 

ASPA online service also helps reduce traffic congestion

The Executive Director of the American Samoa Power Authority Utu Abe Malae says the online purchase of debit meter credits is a continuation of ASPA’s 24-hour service and also takes care of traffic congestion at their Tafuna compound,  

Rep. Sanitoa puts ANZ Bank on Committtee's agenda

While the Fiscal Year 2016 budget for ASG will be the main topic on the Fono’s agenda when lawmakers return from a two and a half week break next week, the House Commerce and Economic Development Committee intends to delve into pressing issues the territory.

Apati Tua wins our second bronze medal

Team American Samoa at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles have captured another medal. 

Daniel Kelin inspires creativity and imagination

Bringing out the creativity in people is the main goal that Daniel Kelin aimed for in his story telling workshop.  

Customs intercept smuggled cigarettes

Customs agents clearing the Lady Naomi’s trip from Apia this morning uncovered contraband cigarettes consigned to a store in Atuu.  
Photo:RNZI/Autagavaia Tipi

Samoa police raid finds drugs, weapons, cash

The police in Samoa have uncovered drugs, illegal weapons and cash in a raid in a house near the capital Apia.

Talking story with Daniel Kelin

Daniel Kelin, a story teller scholar, author, researcher, artist and educator is back in the territory to inspire locals to express their creativity.   

CJ: Answers lead to more questions about look out list

Chief Justice Michael Kruse appears to be running out of patience with the Immigration Office as the court tries to get to the bottom of how a convicted sex offender, Pelenato Maiava or Pelenato Lino, re-entered the territory.

Sen. Saole Mila passes away in Seattle

The Senate was informed today of the passing of Senator Saole Mila in Seattle, Washington yesterday.

Court accepts plea agreement for mother

The High Court yesterday approved a plea agreement for Carmen Galumalemana Hunkin who faced six counts for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old boy.

List of depts, agencies and programs with overruns in FY2014

Since our story yesterday about overruns reported in the Fiscal Year 2014 Single Audit for ASG, KHJ News has received enquiries about the other 28 departments, agencies and programs which we did not mention.

BlueSky agrees to pay $80,240 to 20 employees

Bluesky Communications has agreed to pay more than $80,000 in back wages to 20 employees following an investigation by the US Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division.  

Auditors find Treasury not in control of all finances

ASG’s Single Audit for Fiscal Year 2014 found as a material weakness in internal controls, that a portion of ASG's accounting and financial functions continued to be decentralized for the majority of the year. 

Retirement Fund Executive Director calls it politics

The Executive Director of the Retirement Fund Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua says allegations of fraud and misconduct levelled against him are baseless.

Womens Hospital Auxiliary donates to Pediatric Dept

When all else has failed, medical personnel at the LBJ Hospital know they can always count on the Women's Hospital Auxiliary to provide.

Loss of purse seiners will be catastrophic

The Chairman of the Governor’s Fisheries Task Force, Solip Hong, says there will be catastrophic effects for the territory’s economy if the current fleet of US purse seiners pack up due to loss of fishing grounds in near waters. 

SYEP participants await word on paychecks

The Department of Human Resources which administers the Summer Youth Employment Program says it is doing its best to have paychecks for participants issued on Friday. 

Am Samoa Chamber newest member of PIPSO

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce has been accepted as the newest member of the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization or PIPSO.

Lauren Meredith wins bronze medal in shot put

The first of our special athletes to win a medal at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles is Lauren Meredith.  

Sports Commissioner sees potential in gymnastics

Sports Commissioner for the Department of Youth and Women Affairs Ethan Lake says one only has to look at the example of the greatest diver of all times, Greg Louganis, to see what can be achieved through gymnastics. 

ASG spent $6.4 million more than what it earned in FY2014

ASG spent $6.4 million more than what it earned in revenues, grants and other monies for Fiscal Year 2014. 

CNR works with local farmers on taro breeding

Scientists still cannot explain the 1993 arrival in these islands of the taro leaf blight, a leaf disease caused by a fungus, but once here, it quickly spread by wind and rain to all of American Samoa and Samoa. 

Federal employees take KAP survey on health issues

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) representatives here to help with the dengue outbreak are carrying out a Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) survey for all  federal employees stationed in the territory. 

Gymnastics not tailored for specific body or age group

A visiting gymnastics trainer believes there’s potential for the sport to take root in the territory.

ASG records deficit of $13.1 million in FY2014

The American Samoa Government recorded a deficit of $13.1 million for Fiscal Year 2014

PM asks Airlines PNG to fly to Samoa

Samoan Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has invited the Airlines PNG Limited to land their planes at Faleolo Airport connecting Samoa to Los Angeles and Hong Kong.   

Assault during Leone clean up

The clean up by Leone village a week ago resulted in the assault of a Leone matai with a cane and machete.

StarKist awards four scholarships

Four students were awarded $20,000 four year scholarships by StarKist Samoa today to help with their college education.    


Retirement Fund Board reiterates decision on Luatua

The Board of Trustees for the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund expects that Director of the Retirement Fund Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua will follow the board’s directive that he take leave with pay for 30 days.

ANZ customers upset with new fees

There’s angry reaction from customers of ANZ Guam bank regarding new fees that the bank implemented Monday of last week. 

USDOE awards $2.3 million for Head Start

The U.S. Department of Education (USDOE) has awarded a $2.3 million grant for American Samoa's Head Start Program.

Our Special Olympians are holding their own

 Some results from the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles.


Mayor of Burnsville City presents key to her city

The mayor of Burnsville City in Minnesota, Leloaloa native  Elizabeth Malae Langkilde Kautz, paid a courtesy visit to Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga this morning. 

Statement and lawsuit draw attention to political status

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale says the statement that American Samoa made at the UN Committee on Decolonization in Nicaragua in May, along with the lawsuit for automatic US citizenship for people born in American Samoa have spotlighted the need for the territory to seriously engage in discussions concerning its political status. 

USDA reconsiders removing local preference for SLP

The grantor fort he School Lunch Program, the United States Department of Agriculture appears to be changing its mind about doing away with the local preference for vendors who supply produce for the School Lunch Program.

You can buy ASPA cash power online

The American Samoa Power Authority is promoting a new service. 

Court ponders motion to dismiss in assault case

The government has filed an amended motion to dismiss criminal charges against a man for assaulting his girlfriend two years ago.  

Wanda Miles encourages women to run for office

Old age has triggered a yearning in a woman who was adopted by an American couple and lived away nearly all of her life to return to see where her life began. 

Rotarians induct officers, recognize outstanding leaders

The Rotary Club of Pago Pago inducted new officers at a dinner at Sadie Thompon Inn on Saturday at which outstanding Rotarians were also recognized. 

Explosive load out at main dock

This morning an explosive load out operation took place at the main dock in Fagatogo during the unloading of a container of explosives intended for construction work. 

ANZ Guam Inc. disputes court's findings

ANZ Guam Bank’s motion for reconsideration and or a new trial contends that the Trial Court’s  opinion and order of July 13 which found in favor of the defendants Pago Pago Village Council and individual chiefs of the village, contained errors of law and fact. 

The bank disputes nearly all of the court’s findings and we highlight only some. 


How much trash is too much?

About 117.64 tons of solid waste was collected during the two day clean up of Tuala-tai and Tuala-uta districts in response to the dengue fever outbreak.

Judges receive legal training at UH law school

Four local judges attended an intensive week of legal training about consituttional law at the William S. Richardson School of Law m University of Hawaii last week.

US House approves bill to stop illegal fishing

The U-S House has passed major legislation to crack down on illegal fishing.   

Increase in dengue numbers not cause for alarm

The number of suspected dengue fever cases surpassed 150 as of last Wednesday and health authorities are anticipating that the numbers will continue to increase with increased public awareness about the illness and people heeding advice to seek treatment early if they suspect they have dengue.

Sea side villages concerned about high surf

Villages on the eastern and western side of the island situated right along the coast have been experiencing unusually high wave action.  

Retirement Fund Director snubs board

The Board of Trustees of the ASG Employees Retirement Fund  is meeting tomorrow to discuss its next course of action concerning Director Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua.

Great start to Special Olympics World Games

Team American Samoa to the Special Olympic World Games in Los Angeles is getting off to a good start.  

AG's Office has plans to issue 12 month CIs

The six month Certificates of Identity issued by the Attorney General‘s Office have created problems for travelers from American Samoa in some countries.  

ANZ Guam Bank files motion for new trial

ANZ Guam Inc. has filed a motion for a new trial and reconsideration of the High Court ruling of July 13 which found in favor of the Pago Pago Village Council and chiefs of the village who guaranteed repayment of a loan that the council made from ANZ. 

Bid opening for Samoana building extended one week

The bid opening for construction of Samoana High School’s new school building did not take place Wednesday as scheduled. 
Photos: NMAS

NMAS Youth Summit set for next Friday

The National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa will host its Youth Ocean Summit next  Friday capping off the 3 week long Ocean Science Ocean Swimming and Ocean Star Summer Youth programs. 

Let the Special Olympic Games begin!

After four days of fun and festive activities with host town Oxnard, California, the American Samoa athletes are ready to compete at the Special Olympics LA World Games 2015. 

ASPA looks for land for solar farm

If you have land to spare the American Samoa Power Authority wants to hear from you.   

Telecom Cook Islands rebrands as BlueSky Cook Islands

Bluesky Cook Islands was launched this week in Rarotonga when Telecom Cook Islands rebranded with the BlueSky name.

Acting Governor orders lowering of flags

Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga yesterday ordered the lowering of flags in the territory to honor the victims of last week's shooting in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  

Amata chairs first congressional hearing

Freshman Aumua Amata Radewagen has served barely 7-months in Congress…but last Thursday, American Samoa’s first woman delegate to the US House took the gavel at a hearing of the Small Business Subcommittee on Health & Technology.

Director of Retirement Fund placed on 30-day admin leave

The Director of the American Samoa Government Employees Retirement Fund Luatua Filisouaiga Taafua is being placed on 30-day administrative leave. ​

Company president praises fire fighters

The President of GHC Reid Co. Olivia Reid-Gillet says the fire which destroyed the old Daewoosa Samoa dormitories yesterday was unfortunate but their company is thankful that no one was hurt. 

Sterling Fuga laid to rest

Sterling Mane Fuga, aka superman, aks Batman, aka "e iai sou tala?" of Leone was laid to rest yesterday.  

Man held without bail on sex and weapons charges

A 56-year-old man faces multiple sex charges involving a five year old girl. 

President orders lowering of flags for Chattanooga victims

A presidential proclamation issued Tuesday orders that flags of the United States be flown at half staff across the nation and territories and all US embassies, vessels and other installations in honor of service members killed last week in a shooting at two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Court denies motion to suppress in case of Aute Bar owner

The High Court has denied a motion by Tumuatasi Lefatia, one of the defendants charged as a result of a police raid of the Le Aute Bar in March, to suppress evidence that were seized from her home. 

Half of ASG workforce in village clean up

Refrigerators, washing machines and dryers, toilet seats, tires of all sizes, roofing iron and containers and bottles made up the bulk of trash collected today from Tuala- tai and Tuala-uta. 

Fisheries Task Force needs support for petition

The American Samoa Fisheries Task Force is urging support for a petition that’s been filed with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to exempt US  purse seines that deliver at least 50% of their catch to the American Samoa canneries, from the limits on high seas fishing effort for 2015.

Senator queries status of new Samoana Building

Yesterday was the bid opening for construction of the new school building for Samoana High School to replace the History Building that was condemned last summer.

Man charged in assault using machete

A man is being held on bail of $50,000 for allegedly assaulting another man with a machete.   

ASPA issues RFP for electric rate study

The American Samoa Power Authority has issued a Request for Proposals from qualified firms to conduct an electric rate study.

Tips on how to stop spread of dengue in homes

The village clean up by the Office of Samoan Affairs and the island Wide Clean Up Committee to stop the spread of dengue fever starts today in the Tuala-tai and Tuala-uta districts 
Photos: John Raynar

Old Daewoosa Samoa dorms burn to the ground

A fire broke out at the old Daewoosa Samoa dormitories at the Industrial park in Tafuna this afternoon.  

Retirement Fund Board asks Director/Ceo to resign

The Department of Public Safety has initiated an investigation into allegations of misappropriation and misuse of funds  by the ASG Employees Retirement Fund and Office. 

Lawmaker thankful for communications meeting

A two day meeting to gather input from emergency responders in the government,private sector and the community for American Samoa’s Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan ended today.

Almost 200 employees of DOH told they may lose jobs

Almost 200 employees of the Department of Health who were hired on federal grants were told yesterday of the possibility that they will lose their jobs by the end of next month.

Village clean up begins in Tuala-tai and Tuala-uta

The campaign against dengue fever will see government agencies out in the villages tomorrow and Friday to clean up and get rid of containers in which mosquitoes breed and multiply.

Court grants motion to dismiss in burglary & assault case

The High Court yesterday granted a motion by the government to dismiss the case of a man accused of breaking into the home of his estranged wife and beating her.

Jean P. Haydon Museum reopens

The Environmental Health Division of Public Health lifted the closure notice for the Jean P. Haydon Museum last Monday.

Moody's gives Am Samoa bonds a Ba3 rating

Moody’s Investors Service has assigned an initial Ba3 rating to general revenue and refunding bonds to be issued through the American Samoa Economic Development Authority.

VA Committee hearing looks into budget shortfall

American Samoa’s congresswoman says it’s unacceptable that the Veterans Administration is seeking additional funding from Congress halfway through the year. 

Stakeholders review and make input on emergency communications

Communications is very important before, during and after a disaster.  

Leone Village begins monthly clean up

Last Saturday, Leone conducted the first of what will be a monthly clean up for the whole village. 

ASPA hopes to remove Boil Water Notice next year

The American Samoa Power Authority‘s target date to completely lift the Boil Water Notice for villages from Iliili to Pago Pago is December 2016. 

CDC: take precautions, dengue is serious

The team from the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta now in the territory to help local authorities contain the spread of dengue say everyone should take precautions as dengue is a very serious disease.  

Case of TSA employee now in High Court

US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee Cindy Mailo yesterday waived her rights to a preliminary examination in District Court and her case has been bound over to the High Court. 

DPS investigates possible child trafficking

Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele has confirmed that the Criminal Investigations Division is looking into what appears to be child trafficking and exploitation involving a church denomination.  

Nominations being forwarded to the Fono

Nominations of a director and a new member of the Hospital Authority Board will be forwarded to the Fono for confirmation by the time lawmakers are back in session in the first week of August. 

Governor travels off-island

Governor Lolo Moliga left the territory last night for two weeks.  

CDC team praises concerted response to dengue

A three member epidemiology team from the Centers for Disease Control  got down to work today to get an overall picture of the dengue fever outbreak. 
Photo: Talamua Media

US Army retiree charged in Samoa

In Samoa, a US Army retiree, Mr. Mualia Salamo, has pleaded not guilty to 5 charges relating to possession of drugs and illegal weapons.

Village mayor fined $1,000

The court today sentenced the mayor of Fagatogo village Petelo Lefeau to 18 months probation and fined him $1,000 after he pleaded guilty to a charge of public peace disturbance, a class A misdemeanor.  

Dialysis Unit resumes treatment after brief suspension

Good news for dialysis patients,  A container of bicarbonate solution which arrived by freighter yesterday is not affected by the latest recall by manufacturer Fresinius, therefore the treatment of dialysis patients resumed this afternoon. 
Photos: Solomona Aoelua

Samoan missionaries in PNG leave lasting legacy

During their trip to Papua New Guinea for the Pacific Games,  local leaders were able to visit a part of Papua New Guinea where the influence of Samoan missionaries of the early London Missionary Society are still felt today.

Top Samoan comedian here for benefit show

Few can argue that Taavaomaalii Petelo is in a league of his own when it comes to Samoan comedy or faleaitu.

Lawmaker disputes Nu'uuli involvement in rugby brawl

Nu’uuli Representative Manumaua Wayne Wilson disputes reports that spectators from Nu’uuli were involved in the fight that took place during the rugby shield match between Pago Pago and Fagatogo on Saturday.

LFO report says revenues fall short by over $10 million

A report by the Legislative financial Office on revenue collection for the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2015 shows that actual revenues collected fell short of budgeted amounts by over $10 million.   

Concerns raised about dengue in schools

The Department of Health has assured that clean up of schools in areas where the dengue fever outbreak is concentrated will be carried out before students return to class.

Plaintiffs file for full court to review citizenship case

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit for automatic US citizenship have now filed for the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to review a June decision that constitutional citizenship by birth on U.S. soil does not apply in U.S. territories.  

Cop arrested for PPD at home

A police officer was arrested and charged with public peace disturbance over the weekend. 

'Serious dengue cases waiting too late'

The Department of Health media campaign on dengue fever will  begin focusing on the different stages of dengue fever. 

New batch of tax refund checks released

As July draws to a close, the waiting is over for some who have been waiting for tax refund checks.  

Court denies release of drug defendant pending sentencing

The High Court Friday denied a motion by a man facing drug and assault charges to be released from jail. 

Another recall of solution used in dialysis treatment

Another recall of bicabornate solution used in the dialysis process  has forced the suspension of dialysis treatment at LBJ hospital effective this evening.  

Fight breaks out during rugby shield match

A fight broke out during the shield rugby match at the Veterans Memorial Stadium on Saturday.

Report: Raising minimum wage would cost more than $11 million

Raising the local minimum wage by 50 cents when the current moratorium expires at the end of September would cost more than $11 million.

ASPA Board told not to hike fees without consulting Fono

A month after the American Samoa Power Authority implemented a hike in waste water and solid waste fees, Senate President Gaoteote Palaie has advised the ASPA board not to  make any decisions to raise utility rates until they have consulted with Fono leaders.

Team American Samoa wins 8 medals at Pacific Games

The remaining members of Team American Samoa to the Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea who are not yet home, are scheduled to arrive today.  

Call for unified effort to stop spread of dengue fever

A concerted effort involving multi government departments, and the community is being mounted to respond to the dengue outbreak  

Special Olympians leave tonight for World Games

American Samoa’s team to the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles leaves the territory tonight. 

New citizens group, "Do the Right Thing"

A citizens group calling themselves, "Fai mea Sa’o" or "Do the Right Thing," plans to circulate a petition for the dismissal of the US citizenship lawsuit and to get the Navy Federal Credit Union to set up in the territory, 
Photo: Games NEws Service

PNG dazzles with star studded closing

 With fireworks, music, grass skirts and a sample of the Pacific’s rich and diverse culture, Port Moresby said a fond goodbye the 2015 Pacific Games in Saturday night’s closing ceremony at BSP Stadium. 

Women's indoor volleyball team wins gold

American Samoa bagged women’s volleyball gold and Wallis and Futuna took the men’s title as sport at the Port Moresby 2015 Pacific Games drew to a close at the BSP Arena on Saturday. 

Gold winners head home after game

The American Samoan pair of Rachelle Suaava and Litara Sisitina beat Vanuatu’s Loti Joe and Leeslyn Ler in three sets to take women’s beach volleyball gold. 

Community urged to help stop spread of dengue

Early detection of dengue fever can help prevent a person from developing the severe stages of the disease,  says epidemiologist for the Department of Health, Scott Anesi.


Amata gives input on use of unmanned aircraft

Earlier this week, the House Committee on Small Business (HCSB) held a hearing to examine how small businesses will use unmanned aircraft for commercial activities in the United States.

Tausani Airlines conducts fourth medivac

Tausani Airlines today operated its fourth medivac to Manu’a since it got the Segaula aircraft flying again last month.

Drilling set to start next month for geothermal power

Drilling is scheduled to start next month at three sites identified as potential spots for geothermal  power.   

Womens beach volleyball team captures gold

Add a second gold to our medal tally at the Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea . 

Up close with gold winning body builder Ursula Te'o Martin

American Samoa ‘s gold winning bodybuilder Ursula Te’o Martin  returned from he Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea yesterday and she’s leaving again tonight for a states side body building competition. 

Tupulaga keeps Pacific song and dance alive

Tupulaga, a dance troupe from Carson California, will take to the stage tonight at the Lee Auditorium for a sold out performance scheduled for 7pm.

Taxi driver sentenced to 28 months in prison

A taxi driver who was convicted of false imprisonment, stealing and third degree assault has been sentenced to 28 months in prison.

Four confirmed dengue deaths

The number of confirmed dengue deaths has gone up to four. 

Our women going for gold in PNG

Our womens volleyball team has won its semi final game against Papua New guinea and they face Tahiti in the gold medal match today.  

Speaker asks if ASPA will reduce workforce

Lawmakers attending a presentation by the American Samoa Power Authority board for Governor Lolo and his staff, Fono leaders and lawmakers on Wednesday asked about any plans by the authority to reduce personnel.