Taylor Jessop receives offer from Air Force Academy

The Air Force Academy notified Congresswoman Aumua Amata’s office today that they are extending an Offer of Appointment to the United States Air Force Academy to Miss Taylor Va’alele Jessop to be a member of the Class of 2019.  

Reps plead with BOH to stay

Vice President and Branch Manager of Bank of Hawaii, EJ Ozu has reiterated that BOH has not set a date of departure and that it will remain until it’s confident the territory's banking needs are taken care off.   

Rainfall not letting up

Over four inches of rain fell overnight and the National Weather Service is continuing a flash flood watch for Tutuila and Aunuu until tonight and a warning for Manu’a.

Alia vs longliners at LVPA heairng

Operators and owners of alia and longline vessels continue to be divided over a proposal to allow longlines  to fish temporarily in areas designated only for alia vessels.  

DOE Director unhappy with reps

Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau takes on House Representatives who she says "ran to the governor" to stop changes to the Special Education Division which were supposed to take effect on Monday.  

KVZK-TV airs Super Bowl 49

KVKZ TV, the local NBC affiliate, will air the clash between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl 49 on Sunday.

Renovated fish market opens

Fishermen now have a well equipped area at the Fagatogo market to sell their catches. 

'Revenue from non airport leases should be shared'

The Federal Aviation Administration says the revenue that the American Samoa Government earns from leases of government land initially dedicated for airport use should be shared with the airport to cover the airport’s capital and operating costs.

Tribute to former DOE Director

A man who left a mark on his students both in formal and theologian education has been honored in a House concurrent resolution.  

Heavy rains and gusty winds tonight

The National Weather Service has issued a flash flood warning for Tutuila and Aunu’u islands until 7:00 tonight due to heavy rainfall from a trough over the Samoan Islands.  

Shipping delays bad for business

A local wholesaler says his sales has dropped dramatically because his business doesn’t have much to sell as a result of the work slowdown on the US west coast which has delayed shipments. 

Same judge will preside in Vaitautolu-Langford case

The federal judge presiding over the criminal case against Native Hawaiian Holding Company official Quin Rudin will also be presiding over the case against former Department of Human Resources Director Evelyn Vaitautolu-Langford. 

Weapons ordered by former Commish secured

Acting Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato says all of the weapons that were acquired in preparation for the arming of police officers are accounted for. 

Polynesian to continue Manu'a service

The US Department of Transportation has granted another 30-day cabotage waiver to Polynesian Airlines so it can continue flights to Manu’a next month. 

Repairs underway at Alava trail and road

The National Park advises that due to erosion issues, emergency repairs are in progress along the Mount ‘Alava trail and road for the next few weeks.

Change proposed to protect bond holders

As ASG awaits Fono approval to get into the banking business, the governor has submitted an amendments to ensure that pledged revenues for bond repayment is not touched unless the bond has been paid off.     

Measure seeks pay increments

Three lawmakers Larry Sanitoa, Vailoata Eteuati Amituanai and Puleleiite Tufele Lia’s Jr. are requesting the governor in a resolution introduced yesterday to lift the freeze and give eligible government employees their step increments in this fiscal year.

Deputy AG: Cops didn't abuse authority

Deputy Attorney General Mitzie Jessop has confirmed that the police officers alleged to have assaulted a mentally ill 17-year-old resident of Pago Pago early last year have been cleared of wrongdoing. 

ASG owes road contractor

Meanwhile a senate hearing with Public Works this week brought out that ASG still owes a lot of money for old road projects.  
FAA briefing last year on audit

FAA audit of airport land finds non compliance

A federal audit of airport land revealed that American Samoa did not comply with federal grants guidelines when it allowed the transfer of land originally dedicated for airport use for non-airport related projects. 

Woman charged for having sex with minor

A woman was charged yesterday for allegedly having sex with a minor boy.

Senators have mixed opinions about bank

There was mixed reaction from senators today to an administration proposal to set up a government owned bank. 

Shipping delays cause food shortages

The School Lunch Program says it has enough supplies for the time being but if there;s any further delays to the arrival of freighters from the US west coast, they will run out.


LBJ faces serious shortfall

The LBJ Hospital is facing a serious budget shortfall. 

Democrats lose bid to reverse GOP

Majority Republicans on the U-S House Natural Resources Committee, swiftly defeated a Democratic proposal to keep separate subcommittees for insular issues versus those of Native American Indians and Alaskans.   

Samoana NHS cleans up tramway site

On  Saturday, students from the Samoana National Honor Society joined in the effort to restore the Utulei Tramway site.  

Attorneys learn from NAAG

Government attorneys are currently undergoing trial advocacy training provided by the National Association of Attorney’s General or NAAG. 

Iaulualo named VP of DBAS

Former Vice Speaker of the House of Representatives, Iaulualo Talia Faafetai has been voted by the Board of Directors of the Development Bank of American Samoa as the new Vice President of DBAS.


Feds say deterrent needed to crime in AS

Federal prosecutors in the 1602 criminal case against Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga John Kruse and his wife Elaine say a 24 month prison sentence for each of the defendants will serve as deterrent for future criminal activity in American Samoa.

SPED decentralization resisted

A plan by the Department of education to assign key leaders of the Special Education Program out in schools as part of corrective measures to address weaknesses identified in an independent review of SPED last year is being met with resistance.   

Woman faces sexual charges

A woman was charged yesterday for allegedly having sex with a minor boy. 

Support for ASG drug tests

There were repeated calls at a House hearing today for government employees to undergo random drug tests. 

Eight attorneys apply for Legal Aid CEO

The American Samoa Legal Aid Board is to make a final selection this week on who will be the legal aid services program’s executive director. 
FBI photo Feb 2014
Kruses unfinished 1602 project

Feds seek 24 months jail for CPO

The federal government is asking the federal court in DC to send Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga John Kruse and his wife Elaine to jail for 24 months and then place them on probation for three years.

Longline owners explain LVPA

House members got a crash course yesterday about fisheries regulations and the function of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council.

Man found dead at stadium

A regular jogger at the Veterans Memorial Stadium was found dead there yesterday morning.

Sen. Tuiasina pushes for repeal

Senator Tuiasina Esera wants a repeal of the immigration law provision which grants permanent residency to aliens who have resided here for 20 years and allows them to sponsor other people. 

Pastor charged with assaulting blind boy

The Independent Seventh Day Adventist pastor for Leone is being accused of assaulting a blind boy.
Malali Maiava

Call for community help to prevent tragedies

The Principal of Leone High School Peni Te’o says schools need all the help they can get from the community to prevent tragedies like the drowning that ended a 16-year-old girl's life last Friday. 

Tax Office says pastors income will be taxed

The Tax Office has served notice that Church pastors, priests and other clergy who receive income in various forms will have that income taxed.  

BOH manager to discuss plans

Members of the House of Representatives will have the chance to question the local manager of Bank of Hawaii EJ Ozu on Friday morning on when the bank plans to leave the territory and Boh’s views on the government’s charter bank.  

CPO's attorney argues for probation

Chief Procurement Officer Tiotalaga John Kruse is scheduled to plead guilty in federal court and his attorney has recommended that he not be given jail time.

ASM: ASG should not pursue cabotage waiver

Consulting company Air Strategy and Marketing Ltd., doesn’t think ASG should seek legislative action for cabotage waiver. 

NZ Ambassador urges sustainability

One of the guests who attended the inauguration of Samoa Tuna Processors new cannery in Atuu was New Zealand’s Ambassador for economic development in the Pacific Mr. Shane Jones. 

Sen. Galea'i raises doubts about charter bank

The Senate member on the American Samoa Economic Development Authority, the group which has the power to float bonds to finance many government projects, has raised doubts about the administration’s plan to set up a charter bank. 

Tri Marine hopes for duty free access to Europe

The new Samoa Tuna Processors cannery at Atuu will not start production until next month.  

Suspect arrested for cousin's murder

Honolulu police officers arrested Dean Victor Matuu, 19, Saturday for the fatal stabbing of Frank Kapesi at Pacific Palisades. 

ASG talks to United Airlines & Alaska Air

Air Transport Marketing Study recommends that the American Samoa Government continue the dialogue with not only Hawaiian Airlines but also with United Airlines and Alaska Airlines.

Tafuna reconnected to Satala power plant

Power generators in Tafuna and Satala can now share power loads if need be with the completion of the American Samoa Power Authority’s tie line replacement project. 

OIA seeks Climate Change Coordinator

Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas Esther Kia’aina has established a new Climate Change Coordinator position in the Department of the Interior.

Man arrested for 'touching' minor in church

From Anchorage Alaska, police arrested a Samoan man for inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl attending a Samoan church service.  

No response from NHHC to ASG civil suit

There has been no new development in the civil suit filed last year by the American Samoa Government against Native Hawaiian Holding Company and its top officials and NHHC partners that temporarily set up shop here. 

$70 million STP plant opens

The territory can lay claim to having the most modern tuna cannery in the world with the inauguration Saturday of the Samoa Tuna Processors cannery at Atuu.   

Catholic Education Week opens with Mass

A Eucharistic celebration at the Holy Family Cathedral yesterday opened Catholic Education Week In the territory.

17-year-old drowns in Sogi

A 17-year-old student at Leone High School drowned Friday after a wave dragged her into the ocean while she was sitting on rocks in Sogi.    

Plan recommends replacing undersea cable

The final version of what’s been regarded as the roadmap for the territory’s economic development is now out and copies of the report were distributed to lawmakers this week.

Reps react to funeral spending comments

Rep Fatulegaee Mauga has suggested that a bill be introduced to stop Fono information from leaking out. 
Photo: Thomas Nilsson

Aumua presses VA Committee on mismanagement

Congresswoman Aumua Amata  in her opening statement at the first hearin of the House Veterans Affairs Committee this week said solving veterans issues are very important to her. 

Semi finals of OFC soccer Saturday

The semi-finals of the OFC Men’s U-17 Championship kicks off tomorrow at Pago Park Soccer Stadium. 

BOH says it hasn't set a closing date

Bank of Hawaii has not set a date to close its operations in American Samoa.  

Territory celebrates new STP cannery

The territory celebrates a $70 million economic development project tomorrow with the inauguration of Samoa Tuna Processor’s tuna cannery at what used to be the Samoa Packing plant in Atuu.   
Photo: Johann Vollrath

Judges impressed with students' creativity

Judges at last week's Pacific Symposium for Science and Sustainability in Hawaii were impressed with the students representing American Samoa.

Twenty months for assault

An Asian man who slashed the arm of another man with a knife last year has been sentenced to five years probation for second degree assault. 

Governor supports DPS informant program

Governor Lolo has given his support to a confidential informant program for the Department of Public Safety as a way to solve crimes in the territory.  

Soliai: Fono shouldn't use people's money

Ituau Senator Soliai Tuipine has advised the Senate President that in future the Fono should not use government money on cultural presentations for funerals of lawmakers. 

Casamar Inc. is out of the main dock

ASG is allowing another company to use space on the west end of the main dock that’s being leased to Casamar Inc. so net repair services for the boating community can continue.    

Police on alert based on tip

Police officers have been told to be on alert and be conscious of their surroundings after a report reached officials of the Department of Public Safety that the police west substation is a target. 

Fono asked to confirm Save as commissioner

Governor Lolo Moliga has submitted for Fono confirmation his nomination of Save Liuato Tuitele as Commissioner of Public Safety.

Leiato title trial put on hold

The trial over the paramount chiefly title “Leiato” of Fagaitua has been put on hold while the parties attempt to resolve the dispute through the Office of Samoan Affairs. 

District #6 election set for March 20

A special House election to fill the vacancy left by the passing of House Representative Lemapu Talo Suiaunoa will be held March 20. 

How far does aumaga pule go?

Several suggestions were made at yesterday’s senate hearing into the recent police shootings for the Department of Public Safety to involve village aumaga or untitled men in police work. 

162 applications cleared under Amnesty Program

The Immigration Board has approved 162 applications under the amnesty program since the board began reviewing applications in mid November. 

Matagi & Rep. Timusa for Immigration Board

Governor Lolo Moliga has resubmitted for fono confirmation two nominees for the Immigration Board who were not approved in the last legislature.   

Murder trial of Siaumau set for March 24

A new date has been set in the murder trial of Siaumau Siaumau Jr., following a status hearing this morning in High Court.  

Alia owners seek training

A request made by alia owners to the US Coast Guard is for training on how to use safety equipment they will be required to have after October 15.

Committee not moving fast enough for Speaker

House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale is putting pressure on the chairman of the House Commerce Committee to move on the administration bill to set up a charter bank, the Territorial Bank of American Samoa.

Some families want bus stops removed

The Department of Public Works says several families with bus stops close to them don’t want them there anymore. 

Local fishermen land unusual fish

Several fishermen have taken a fish which they have never seen before to the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources this week.

ASG still negotiating $2.5 million payback

The American Samoa Government is still trying to negotiate with the US Department of Labor for repayment of $2.5 million in unallowable costs for the National Emergency Grant Program, which were spent by the Native Hawaiian Holding Company. 

Coast Guard explains mandatory inspections

About a dozen alia owners attended a session with the US Coast Guard this morning to explain the mandatory safety inspections that all commercial vessels have to pass effective october 15 this year.   

PBS returns to air this weekend

KVZK-TV expects to have the PBS channel back on air this weekend if all goes according to plan.   

Tornadic waterspout spotted in Manu'a

The National Weather Service says a video of what appeared to be a tornado occurring in Ofu yesterday morning is most likely a tornadic waterspout, which is associated with severe thunderstorms.

Changes made to airport road

There have been some changes made to the airport road project which were not included in the original scope of work.   

Man jailed for 18 months for felony driving

A man who was repeatedly caught operating a vehicle while his license is suspended was sent to jail for 18 months for several traffic offenses. 

Call for police to take drug tests

Get your house in order first, clean up that place.    That’ was the advice from Senator Galea’i Tu’ufuli to Acting Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele at a Senate hearing this morning to discuss the recent police shootings. 

DPW told to tackle drainage first

Public Works has been urged to deal with the source of all that water which collects in the Tuala-uta area first or road repairs and new road construction in the district will be wasted.  

SSBCI program officially launched

The American Samoa's State Small Business Credit Initiative Program is anticipated to generate at least $105 million in new private capital for American Samoa's small businesses. 

21-yr old charged with rape of minor

A 21-year-old man who dated a 14-year-old girl has been charged with committing sex acts to the minor.  

TCF lieutenant reassigned after dismissal

An officer with the Territorial Correctional Facility has apparently admitted his involvement in the releasing of three inmates that were found with corrections officer Fatu Enari in a police van in the east side.

Fono farewells Rep. Lemapu Talo today

The body of the late Representative Lemapu Suiaunoa Talo will lie in state at the Fono guest house this morning.  

Feds charge former DHR Director

Former Director of Human Resources and Governor’s Authorized Representative for Disaster Recovery Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford has been charged in the Northern District of California, San Francisco Division with wire fraud and bribery.

Magalei questions use of revenues to pay bond

The use of ASG revenues as collateral for the American Samoa Economic Development Authority is making one senator nervous. 

Trough blankets American Samoa

After scorching heat the last several weeks, the rain has cooled things down but also caused flooding throughout Tutuila today.  

Surfer prevents tragedy at Leala

A boy who got swept out while swimming at Leala yesterday was saved by a man who lives near the beach.  

Tonga triumphs over Am Samoa

American Samoa lost narrowly to Tonga 2-0 yesterday in a thrilling match of the ongoing OFC Men’s U-17 Tournament being co-hosted by the territory. 

Charges against Enari & inmates dismissed

The corrections officer who was implicated of taking three inmates out of jail without authorization became a free man today. 

Sen. Galea'i wants action on police shootings

Senator Galeai Tuufuli wants the Fono to take a strong position on the recent shootings targeting police officers.   

Chamber congratulates administration

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce has congratulated Governor Lolo Moliga and the administration for overseeing a fiscal year which broke records for putting the government in the black with more revenues than expenditures.   

Tiara Drabble wins 3rd place in Hawaii

Tiara Drabble of South Pacific Academy will be competing at the national Junior Science and Humanities Symposium in April after placing third at the regional science symposium in Hawaii this past weekend.  
Satele wearing tie

Lualemaga Faoa is acting secretary

Western District Governor Lualemaga Faoa is now acting Secretaray of Samoan Affairs after Governor Lolo Moliga placed Satele Galu Satele on leave.  

Top mental health expert helps task force

The task force appointed by the governor to come up with an integrated health system that will transform the delivery of health care in the territory taking advantage of benefits that the territory qualifies for under Obama care has the help of one of the leading experts in mental health.

Chief Justice hopes age limit is removed

Chief Justice Michael Kruse said he hopes the Fono will remove the provision that provides a retirement age for associate judges at 65. 

District #6 election date set after writ

Election Commissioner Tuaolo Fruean says the date for a new election to select a member of the House of Representatives for District #6, Sua number 2 will be set after Governor Lolo issues a writ of vacancy.  

STEM Festival promotes student interest

Students who showcased projects at the STEM festival Saturday used the opportunity to convince their peers to get involved in a STEM subject. 

Trade Academy operates under DYWA

One of the new initiatives by the Lolo Lemanu administration to build a local cadre of skilled tradesmen is the establishment of a Trade Academy.

DOA eyes bulb onions for export

More than 1,000 bulb onions have been planted in Manu’a in what the Department of Agriculture hopes would one day be a good export source for the territory.

OSU coach on recruiting mission

The defensive line coach from Oregon State University Chad Kauha’aha'a hopes to sign up a handful of local football players to don the Beavers uniform in the next school year.

Kauaha’aha'a says it’s been a busy and rewarding recruiting trip during which he’s met with the families of three recent OSU recruits from the territory, Fred Lauina of Tafuna, Noke Tago

Beware those not filing taxes

The Lolo Lemanu administration is considering ways to crack down on individuals and businesses who don’t file taxes.  

Flu, Chik & pink eye down

The spread of the flu, chikungunya and pink eye is on the decline. 

Nichols Brothers builds Manu'a vessel

Ice Floe, LLC dba Nichols Brothers Boat Builders (NBBB) has been contracted by the Government of American Samoa to build a multipurpose vessel to travel between Tutuila and  the Manu’a Islands.

Sec of Samoan Affairs placed on leave

Secretary of Samoan Affairs Satele Galu Satele has been placed on leave by Governor Lolo Moliga so he could attend to solving problems in his village of Vailoa tai which have been festering for some time. 

More than 1,000 attend STEM Festival

Students as young as two -years old got a chance to build wheelbarrows made up of wooden sticks and strings, race tracks made up of colorful mini tubes, and learn and see up close how photo voltaic panels work.

Polynesian seeks extension of Manu'a flights

Polynesian Airlines has requested another30 day extension to cabotage exemption so it can continue domestic flights in American Samoa. 

ASPA installs 181 debit meters in Manu'a

181 debit meters have been installed in the Manu’a Islands to help residents there not only monitor their power usage but make it convenient for them to purchase power.

Fono honors Afimutasi Gus Hannemann

The House and Senate unanimously approved today a concurrent resolution paying tribute to Afimutasi Gus Hannemann for his service to the government and people of American Samoa.

One family using rental home paid by DYWA

Only one more family affected by the landslides and flooding last year is still getting housing assistance from the government.

Monday holiday honors Martin Luther King Jr.

Federal and local government employees will have a three day weekend as Monday is Martin Luther King Day.

AS loses to Tahiti

The Vanuatu national soccer team is leading the Group B Pool for the Oceania Football Confederation’s Under 17 Men’s Championships that’s being held in American Samoa. 

Senate confirms two judges

The Senate has unanimously endorsed two judiciary appointments made by Governor Lolo Moliga on the recommendation of Chief Justice Michael Kruse.  

18-yr-old seller gets 20 months

The 18-year-old woman who used the public highway as a restroom and later was found with cash, methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia will serve 20 months in jail for drug possession. 

Safety inspections a must for vessels

Safety inspections by the US Coast Guard will be mandatory this year for all commercial fishing vessels including alia.   

Pres: Charter bank plan needs careful review

Senate President Gaoteote Palaie says while the territory is in need of another bank, the proposal for a charter bank should be thoroughly scrutinized and not be rushed through.  

DPS Police Academy began Monday

The latest police academy for the Department of Public Safety started on Monday with 16 people. 

Amata named vice chair

American Samoa’s freshman Congresswoman Aumua Amata Radewagen has jumped over several other Republicans with seniority to become Vice-Chair of the subcommittee that will handle insular affairs.  

Gasoline prices tumble some more

Enjoy it while you can…gas prices continue to tumble and the new price list for fuel products means you will be paying the lowest prices in six years 

US gives green light to SSBCI Program

The US Department of Treasury has given American Samoa the thumbs up to start its State Small Business Credit Initiative Program. 

Roadside fundraisers called traffic hazards

Senator Alo Faauuga says groups fundraising by the roadside should be stopped from running onto the road to collect money. 


Bill raises limit on small claims

A bill raising the limit for small claims cases from $3,000 to $7,500 has been resubmitted to the Fono.  

Man pleads guilty to sex charges

A 24-year-old man who performed sex acts to a 16-year-old whom he held against her will pleaded guilty to his crime. 

ASG to recruit more teachers from off-island

With the push by the Department of education to promote studies in STEM subject areas, it appears that ASG will be bringing in more teachers from foreign countries to teach these subjects.  

OIA releases $18 million for ASG

ASG’s money men can breath a sigh of relief.    
Crowd at last hearing

Another hearing set on LVPA

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council is having another public hearing to discuss a proposal to open some of the now closed waters surrounding American Samoa to help the struggling longline industry. 

Unusual sighting in the sky Saturday

Did you see something unusual in the sky Saturday night? 

2014 hottest in 60 years for Samoa

The Head of the Meterology Division in Samoa says 2014 was the hottest year in nearly 60 years for the islands. 

Lolo suggests probe of Retirement Fund

The funding capacity of the ASG Employees Retirement Fund to pay dropped from 80.77% in 2013 to 63.5% in 2014. 

Couple seeks stay in local 1602 case

The Trial Court has continued for 30 days a motion from one of the 1602 project owners to stay proceedings in the civil matter levied against them by the Development Bank of American Samoa. 

Fono honors former lawmaker & judge

Funeral services for a former senator, representative and associate judge, Tauanuu Faisiota of Seetaga, are being held today.  

STEM Festival this Saturday

Getting students and their parents hooked on science, technology, engineering and mathematics is the aim of an educational festival happening at the Samoana field  this Saturday.    

Tauiliili-Langkilde named to the bench

Governor Lolo Moliga has appointed attorney Gwen Tauiliili-Langkilde to serve as judge pro tempore for the District Court. 
Reps. Sanitoa & Toeaina

Shootings & ASPA rates a concern in House

Tuala-uta lawmaker Representative Larry Sanitoa today called on the House Public Safety Committee to treat with a sense of urgency the recent shooting incidents in the Western District. 

Results from 1st day of U-17 OFC soccer

American Samoa lost its first game of the Oceania Football Confederation Men’s Under 17 Championship which officially opened yesterday at the Pago Park Soccer Field. 

DOH Director gives his side

Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua says the employment matter relating to former DOH program director Siitia Soliai-Lemusu is being referred to the Director of Human Resources for his review and final disposition. 

Cop has successful operation in Honolulu

The police officer who was injured in a shooting last month is recovering well after an operation in Honolulu to remove remaining pellets from his body. 

Board to review scholarship amounts

The ASG Financial Aid or Scholarship Board is being asked to review the amount of scholarship awards for students to continue higher education.

Employee takes on DOH Director

Director of Health Motusa Tuileama Nua has recommended the employment termination of a longtime DOH employee following work related differences and an email exchange that had the employee calling the director an “insane man.” 

Lolo resubmits bill to limit sponsorship

The governor is resubmitting to the Fono a bill which would limit the ability of businesses to sponsor aliens.  

Tuiasina calls for hearing on shootings

Senator Tuiasina Esera says recent shootings targeting police are of grave concern.   

House Committee chairs named

The House of Representatives now has twenty standing committees, seven more than in the last legislature.   

Governor urges Fono action on canneries

Governor Lolo Moliga has urged the Legislature to help secure American Samoa’s canneries which are being threatened by external actions beyond the territory’s control.  

Galea'i upset with Fono decorum & food

Senator Galea’i Tuufuli said the opening of the Fono yesterday was not dignified and respectful because it did not follow usual protocol.   

DOA continues cabbage ban

The Department of Agriculture is still banning farmers from selling cabbages to the School Lunch Program, local stores and near the roadside. 

Look out for the turtles please

The Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources is asking the public for help in reporting any threat to turtles after a large, old and healthy turtle was mauled to death as it was coming on to shore to lay eggs. 

Ex ASCC teacher jailed for 24 years

The former ASCC instructor who was convicted of sex offenses against three teen boys will serve a straight sentence of 24 years in jail for his crimes. 

Administration explores new airline

The Lolo Lemanu administration is exploring the possibility of establishing a local airline to fly between American Samoa and Honolulu and the mainland.  

Young scientists to present in Hawaii

Six high school students departed last night to represent American Samoa at the Pacific Symposium for Science & Sustainability in Hawaii. 

Cops cleared in assault of 17-yr-old

The police officers alleged to have assaulted a mentally ill 17-year-old resident of Pago Pago early last year have been cleared of wrongdoing. 

Tunupopo Alalafaga named as associate judge

Chief Associate Judge Logoai Siaki has retired and Governor Lolo has nominated Talking Chief Tunupopo Alalafaga of Ta’u village to replace him. 

Cop & inmates want probable cause hearing

Corrections officer Fatu Enari and the three inmates he was found with in Alofau last week have opted to have preliminary examination hearings in their cases. 

Governor plans to repeal 2% wage tax

The 2% wage that was earmarked for the LBJ Hospital is to be repealed.   

Lolo optimistic govt bank will be up by June

Provided the Fono approves legislation to establish a charter bank, the Territorial Bank of American Samoa should be up an running in June.    

Suspect in Immigration theft in NZ

Local authorities have maintained contact with a former employee of the Immigration Office who is suspected of stealing more than $30,000. 

Philippines company gets the okay

Governor Lolo Moliga has given the go ahead to a company from the Philippines with plans to set up a multi food processing plant in the territory. 

More charges filed in domestic assault

A man accused of strangling and threatening to kill his wife is scheduled to be arraigned in High Court today. 

Lolo gives positive financial report

At the close of Fiscal year 2014, ASG increased local revenues by $6.7 million or
7.2 % over actual collections for FY2013.

Top teacher attracts interest in STEM

Samoana High School Science teacher Monica Murhpy Lui is using her popularity as the Territorial Teacher of Year to push programs and encourage more interest in STEM or Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. 

Gaoteote wants equality for Manu'a

Senate President Gaoteote Palaie in his response to the governor’s state of the territory address cited a comment by Assistant Secretary of the Interior Esther Kiaina after she had visited Manu’a.  

Gold Conda robbery defendant enters plea

Another defendant implicated in the store robbery of the Gold Conda store in Fagaalu has struck a plea agreement with the government. 

'Many challenges overcome by cooperation'

Governor Lolo Moliga said while 2014 started off with many challenges, the cooperation of the three branches of government with the help of God enabled the territory to weather those challenges.    

Demolition of Rainmaker plan under review

The last remaining step before the old Rainmaker Hotel can be taken down is public review of an environmental assessment of the long planned demolition . 

Cop & inmates appear in District Court

Corrections officer Fatu Enari and the three inmates he drove last week to the east side without authorization made their initial appearances in District Court this morning. 

CJ: Why is it easy to bring in workers?

Chief Justice Michael Kruse questioned the government Friday as to why it's so easy to bring in workers such as bar attendants and store stockers from off-island.

Amata's District Office opens in Fagatogo

Congresswoman Aumua Amata’s local office was officially opened on Saturday with Rev Patolo Mageo offering a prayer of blessing and territorial leaders pledging their support to work hand in hand with the new Delegate. 

34th Legislature opens this morning

A joint session of the Fono at 9 this morning in the Fono guest house will officially open the 34th legislature of American Samoa.   

DOI subsidy for LBJ late

The Chairman of the Board of the LBJ Hospital Leilua Akapo Akapo has confirmed that the Department of Interior subsidy for January which is due on the 1st of the month still hasn’t been received.   

Former business manager jailed

The former business manager for the LBJ hospital Jennifer Tofaeono will serve 20 months in jail for the theft of close to $51,000 from LBJ for over a two year period beginning in May 2009. 

Charter bank bill ready for the Fono

Governor Lolo Moliga  is expected to submit to the Fono on Monday legislation to authorize the establishment of a charter bank for American Samoa. 

ASG will be represented at Afimutasi's funeral

Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and Mrs Pohakalani Mauga and First Lady Cynthia Malala Moliga will be attending the funeral services of Afimutasi Gus Hannemann, Director of the American Samoa government Office in Honolulu. 

Cop and inmates in east side outing charged

Arrest warrants were served late Friday to a correctional officer and three inmates who made an unauthorized and suspicious trip to Alofau in a police van on Wednesday night. 

Women in prostitution case jailed for 28 months

The owner of Karaoke Bar, Faasaina Park, and her second in charge Lusia Tusi were sentenced by the High Court today to  28 months in jail for promoting prostitution and assault. 
Suspects in shooting

Man shot in Anaheim from Fagatogo

The victim of a shooting Wednesday in Anaheim California has been identified as Alexander Raymond McMoore.

Faiivae re-elected to OFC executive committee

Faiivae Alex Godinet, president of the Football Federation American Samoa, was re-elected on to the Oceania Football Confederation executive committee earlier this week during the OFC elective congress in Papua New Guinea. 

Suspect leaves island

A woman who is suspected of stealing money from the ASG Tax Office is said to have left the island and is somewhere in the mainland.    

Inmates' night out puts spotlight on TCF

The arrest of a corrections officer found driving a Territorial Correctional Facility van with three inmates inside on the east side Wednesday night has again drawn the spotlight on what goes on at the local prison. 

ASDOE agrees to pay overtime

The Department of Education has agreed to pay $17,430 in overtime wages to 20 employees and 6,675 hours of paid leave to an additional 44 workers who can use them as compensation for unpaid overtime hours of work in the future. 

House passes Hire More Heroes Act

The Hire More Heroes Act, a bipartisan legislation to incentivize small businesses to hire veterans has been unanimously approved.

Tausani Airlines awaits Segaula airworthiness

The President of Tausani Airlines, the new company which hopes to start air service to Manu’a, says they are making slow but steady progress towards getting off the ground. 

Rep. Vui thankful roads will be fixed soon

Tualauta faipule Vui Florence Saulo has expressed appreciation to Public Works Director Faleosina Voigt and Governor Lolo for the news that the Fagaima Road will be fixed soon.

Drug case bound over to High Court

The government’s case against April Peric was bound over today to the High Court following a probable cause hearing in District Court. 

Youth Center opening planned for April

The new Youth Center being built in Pago Pago is tentatively planned to be dedicated in April. 

Asst. Sec Kia'aina announces scholarship

Interior's Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas announces Summer 2015 openings in the Office of Insular Affairs (OIA) for post-secondary level students to participate in an Insular Affairs Internship.

Police tipped about van with inmates in Alofau

It was an anonymous caller that tipped police about a Territorial Correctional Facility van parked suspiciously at a dark spot in Alofau last night. 

Stricter village enforcement urged

Leaders of the Western District were encouraged yesterday to have their village councils meet and discuss rules and policies to be implemented in their villages. 
Rep. Fetui Fetu & wife

Rep. Fetu Fetui is Vice Speaker

House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale has selected district no one Representative Fetui Fetu Jr, as the vice speaker for the 34th Legislature.  

Prison guard drove TCF van with 3 inmates

A correctional officer was arrested after he was found driving a Territorial Correctional Facility van with inmates inside around 8 last night on the eastern side of the island.  
Rep Atalina Asifoa with ula

Rep. Atalina Asifoa aims to tackle health

The new female representative Atalina Asifoa of Aoloau begins her term with a desire to make improvements to the health care system.   

Neil's Ace Home Center gives again

The American Samoa Cancer Coalition’s bank account got a more than $8,000 infusion yesterday thanks to Neil’s Ace Home Center in Malaeimi.   

Womens Auxiliary donates $5,000 for Loia

The Women’s Hospital Auxiliary stepped in to help the police officer who was injured in the shooting a week ago in Lepuapua.

Director allows roadside sales of melons

Despite objections from the Department of Commerce, a water melon importer has been authorized by the Director of Agriculture to continue selling water melons by the roadside in Nu’uuli.    

School secretary charged for stealing check

The secretary for Lupelele Elementary School faces charges of stealing, and embezzlement for allegedly stealing a check belonging to a teacher, which she endorsed and cashed.

Save surprised with appointment

The newly appointed Acting Commissioner of Public Safety Save Liuato Tuitele says he was caught by surprise when the governor announced his appointment.  

Village leaders deal with foreigners

Leaders of the Western District will  inquire with the government as to what authority villages have when it comes to foreign nationals and immigration.  

Drug bust on the MV Sili

The captain and the first mate of the MV Sili made a drug bust on the government vessel last Sunday which landed a man  in jail. 

Five new faipule attend orientation

The five new members of the House of Representatives attended a three hour orientation this morning.   

Census recommended to identify all WD residents

Western District Governor Lualemaga Faoa today asked village leaders to conduct a census of the Western District so they know each person and family living in every village.

Haleck: "I feel this is the best decision..."

Public Safety William Haleck says being on leave with his family in Utah this past holiday season gave him much time to reflect on his personal and life commitments.

StarKist Samoa plant has aircon!

StarKist Samoa employees returned to work Monday after their two week holiday to a cool work place.   

Assistance for officer Loia confirmed

Governor Lolo Moliga called a few meetings yesterday to discuss the status of the investigation and assistance for the injured police officer Time Loia.  

FBI are helping investigate shootings

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is already involved in the investigation of the shooting of the Leone police substation .

Tax Office employee suspected of stealing

An employee of the Tax Office is under investigation for allegedly stealing what sources in Treasury say is a substantial amount of money.  

Stop order for junk yard in Matu'u

The Department of Commerce yesterday issued a stop order ceasing all activities at a location near the main road in Matu’u that’s now being used as a junk yard. 

Man arrested for assaulting wife

A man made his initial appearance in District Court yesterday on allegations that he assaulted his wife. 

PD says counselors & therapists needed

One of the traditional leaders who met with the governor and lieutenant governor following the police shooting a week ago has suggested that the territory set up a detox center to help alcohol or drug addicts overcome their addiction.  

Rep. Sanitoa requests ASG reports

With the Fono starting next week, the legislative financial officer is now getting requests from lawmakers for financial reports from the ASG. 
Matautu Wharf- Apia

Bumble Bee plant in Samoa under review

Bumble Bee Foods and Thai Union Frozen Products are to review the former’s plan to build a processing plant in Samoa. 

Haleck remains at DPS for 30 days

Commissioner of Public Safety William Haleck says he will stay on at DPS for 30 days to help transition in new acting commissioner Save Liuato Tuitele. 

Aumua Amata takes oath

It was an historic day for American Samoa, as the territory’s first-elected woman delegate took office in the US Congress.  

Governor stops non job related trips

Governor Lolo has told directors not to make non job related trips off island until the hurricane season is over. 

Car thief didnt get far

A man accused of stealing a vehicle was arraigned in High Court today on charges of  first degree burglary and felony stealing. 

Clean Up Committee set by exec order

The committee that the governor set up to find permanent solutions to the territory’s trash problem was last week established via executive order. 

ASPA Board will decide rate increases

The board of directors of the American Samoa Power Authority will determine the next step in the utility’s rate plan.


Haleck resigns, Save appt acting commissioner

Commissioner of Public Safety William Haleck today submitted his resignation to Governor Lolo Moliga. 

Flu affects school attendance

The Department of Education is assessing the number of students and teachers who are affected by the flu outbreak.  

Call for federal help to solve shootings

Members of the public have suggested that the government seek assistance from the Federal Bureau of Investigations or Drug Enforcement Agency to help solve and make arrests in the shooting of a police officer and the Leone substation.

PPD at restaurant puts three in jail

Three women were arrested early Sunday morning from McDonald’s Restaurant in Tafuna after allegedly beating up a young girl and smashing a glass window panel at the restaurant in the process.  

Tri Marine thankful for support

Tri Marine International, owners of the soon to be opened Samoa Tuna Processors cannery, has welcomed the support of Govenror Lolo in its efforts to gain access to the European Union for seafood products from American Samoa.  

Seven fired at Samoa's EPC

Seven employees of the Electric Power Corporation have been sacked for stealing and selling property belonging to the Corporation. 

Injured cop leaves Wednesday

Police officer Time Loia is scheduled to leave for Honolulu on Wednesday’s Hawaiian Air flight but his family says they have yet to receive confirmation who will pay for his travel and medical bills.  

Positive feedback about Philippines company

The delegation that went to the Philippines to check out the company interested in setting up a food manufacturing plant in the territory has so made a positive report about their trip to the governor. 

24-yr-old woman faces drug charges

A vehicle stop made by police over the holiday enforcement led to arrest of a 24-year-old woman on drug charges.
Afimutasi & daughter Kara

Governor loses close friend and colleague

Governor Lolo Moliga says Afimutasi Gus Hannemann epitomized the best of our Samoan cultural values evidenced by his enormous sense of compassion and kindheartedness to any who sought his help.  

14-yr-old from Samoa tells tall tale

The local Red Cross received a call from their counterparts in Samoa Friday that a 14-year old boy from here had traveled on an alia to Apia and was trying to get back to the territory.  

NOAA predicts an active hurricane season

The NOAA National Weather Service predicts that there will be between 13 to 20 named storms with winds of 39 miles per hour or higher affecting American Samoa this year. 

Only 2,870 businesses have 2015 licenses

There were about 4,000 business licenses issued in 2014 but as of this morning just over half had been renewed.   

Man accused of sex acts on 9-yr-old

A man was arraigned in High Court this morning on sex charges which he allegedly committed to a nine-year-old girl. 
Afimutasi & First Lady Cynthia Moliga

Afimutasi: "fiercely proud of culture & heritage"

A statement released by the family of Afimutasi Gustav Hannemann says he was fiercely proud of his culture and heritage.  

Savali Talavou Ale is Speaker again

Twenty of the 21 members of the House of Representatives pledging to uphold the laws of the United States and the laws of American Samoa.   

Church leaders pray for government

Government leaders received spiritual encouragement at a church service Saturday organized by the National Council of Churches. 

Pago gets rid of 'eye sore'

Getting rid of the eye sore was the main reason why the Pago Pago Community Center was demolished on New Year’s Day.    
Afimutasi, daughter Kara and brother Muliufi

Afimutasi Gus Hannemann dies at 78

The Director of the American Samoa Government Office in Honolulu, Afimutasi Gus Hannemann, passed away last night at Straub Hospital.   

Lawmaker wants business license suspended

Leone lawmaker Puletu Dick Koko believes the license for the business which has been mentioned in connection with the latest shooting targeting police should be yanked until the police investigation is completed. 

ASG prepares report for IGIA

The administration is preparing a document to present to the Interagency Group on Insular Areas (IGIA) about American Samoa and how the federal government can help in the territory’s development. 

Pago Pago Community Center demolished

Pago Pago Community Center which was destroyed in the 2009 earthquake and tsunami has been demolished.

Man charged with assaulting wife

A man is facing public peace disturbance and assault after he allegedly fought with his wife when she questioned him about his affair with another woman.

New fisheries task force appointed

A new ASG task force has been established to track recent developments posing a threat to the canneries and present recommendations to the governor to deal with them.  

Fourteen spent New Year's at TCF

14 people spent New Year's Day behind bars for public peace disturbance and driving under the influence of alcohol. 

Governor thanks directors & departments

Governor Lolo Moliga has thanked directors for the work they and their departments have accomplished in the past year. I

Returning traffic keep Polynesian busy

Hundreds of residents who flew the week before and the week of Christmas to spend Christmas in Samoa, New Zealand and Australia, will keep Polynesian busy as they return home.  

Slight drop in food index for December

Prices for basic food items such as rice, lamb and corned beef dropped this month, resulting in a slight decrease in the American Samoa Monthly Basic Food Index. 

Rep. Lemapu Suiaunoa Talo passes away

The House representative for Sua #2, Lemapu Suiaunoa Talo of Masefau passed away Wednesday afternoon at the LBJ Hospital.  

Injured police officer out of hospital

Police Officer Time Loia was discharged yesterday from the LBJ Hospital and preparations are being made to send him off island to remove pellets that are still lodged in his body. 

No New Year baby at LBJ Hospital

There were no babies born on the first day of 2015 at the LBJ Hospital, the first time in many years that not a single baby was born on the first of the year.


SSBCI to start ths month

The launching of the State Small Business Credit Initiative or the SSBCI Program, is still set for sometime this month.

Immigration deported more than 500 in 2014

More than 500 overstayers were deported by the Office of Immigration in 2014.  

StarKist returns to work Monday

StarKist Samoa is getting ready to resume production for 2015 on Monday after a two week shutdown for the Christmas and New Year Holidays.

Tofa 2014, hello 2015!

In a  few hours we say goodbye to 2014 and usher in a new year.  

Methodists celebrate night of lights

 New Year's Eve services are special for the 16 parishes that make up the Methodist Synod in American Samoa. 

Observer's Person of the Year is Dr. Viali

A well known heart doctor in Samoa Professor Dr. Satupa’itea Viali has been chosen by the Samoa Observer newspaper as its Person of the Year.

Acting Commish says thank-you

Acting Commissioner of Public Safety Vaimauga Maiva today expressed appreciation to government leaders for providing assistance to DPS following the police shooting early Sunday morning. 

Fire on Kona Wind

The fishing boat that caught fire at the shipyard at Satala was identified as the Kona Wind. 

Satele seeks resources for law enforcers

Secretary of Samoan Affairs Satele Galu Satele has called on the government to provide the needed resources to government employees with law enforcement functions so they can catch whoever is bringing illegal drugs into the territory.  

Take care when you wish Happy New Year!

A hug and a peck on the check to wish relatives and friends a happy new year may not be wise while the territory is experiencing a flu outbreak.


ASG sets planning for new dock in motion

Owners of longliners, recreational fishermen and interested business people had the chance at a meeting yesterday to provide input on plans to build a dock specifically for longliners.   

Lolo sees no improvement in leave managment

Governor Lolo has again written to directors about the need to manage annual, sick and compensatory time within  their departments.  

Cop's family requests off-island referral

The family of the police officer who was injured in a shooting at Lepuapua early Sunday morning says he will be taken off island to remove pellets that are still lodged in his body.  

Immigration collects $84,000 in fines

The Office of Immigration collected $84,000 in fines and penalties levied against businesses from January to December 2014.  

Flu spreads rapidly

The flu outbreak is sending more and more people to the hospital and health centers. 

Polynesian continues Manu'a flights in 2015

Polynesian Airlines has received the thumbs up to continue flights to Manu’a for the month of January. 

Traffic stop leads to marijuana

The government's case against Calvin Tupuola who is accused of possessing marijuana in the vehicle he operated on December 20 is now in High Court. 

Leone aumaga beefs up curfew, policing

The Leone aumaga is beefing up its nightly curfew in the wake of the latest shooting targeting police officers. 

Prostitution conviction upheld

The Trial Court has denied Karaoke Bar owner Faasaina Park's request to disregard a verdict from a jury which found her guilty of promoting prostitution. 

Two Samoa host OFC Mens U17 soccer

American Samoa will cohost the OFC Men’s Under 17 Championship, a FIFA qualifying tournament, with Samoa this year. 

Marist review recommends decentralization

One of the recommendations made by a team who recently assessed Catholic education is for the creation of separate board of directors to run each of the five Catholic schools. 

Savali Talavou Ale gets unanimous support

The longest serving lawmaker, Alataua Representative Savali Talavou Ale yesterday expressed his thanks to the entire membership of the House for unanimously supporting him for Speaker. 

American Samoa leads the way

A representative from the Office of Petroleum Management attended the Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s 2014 Petroleum Price Workshop in Fiji this month to talk about the territory’s fuel model.


Duke Viena faces new ppd charge

The man accused of causing a public disturbance onboard an Hawaiian Airlines flight has another public disturbance case filed against him this morning. 

Winner of Pago Pago election will take oath

The winner of the Pago Pago House election Meauta Lauoi Mageo will be sworn in with the rest of the House Representatives at noon on Saturday.  

Administration is helping secure canneries

Efforts by Governor Lolo Moliga on behalf of Tri marine have paid off in removing export requirements that would have added costs to the cannery’s operations.   

Man said he was smoking weed to relax

A man who allegedly smoked a marijuana joint outside of the Night Hawk Club in Iliili is now facing unlawful possession of a controlled substance.  

Governor calls on chiefs to help police

Governor Lolo wants traditional leaders to step up and help the police in protecting the public amid a weekend shooting that has injured a police officer, angered a village and shocked a community. 

Samoa Bowl tops all other Polynesian Bowls

The head coach for the Hawaii Football All Star Team says out of all the Polynesian bowls that their kids could be part of, most of them would no doubt pick the Samoan Bowl as their favorite because the event gives them an experience they’ve never had before.

2015 starts with a 30 cent drop in unleaded

The New Year will usher in good news for motorists. 

Elusive defendant jailed until he posts $5,000

A man who repeatedly failed to appear for his case in the High Court is now behind bars and will not be released until he posts a $5,000 bail. 

Victims in Samoa receive scholarships

Six  youngsters under the care of the Samoa Victim Support Group (SVSG) will continue their education in New Zealand and Australia on scholarships. 

AG's Office expands probe of gambling

The Attorney General’s Office is still probing a complaint made by the chairman of the American Samoa Telecommunications Board over whether promotions by private competitor Bluesky Communications are considered gambling.


Leone chief speaks out about shooting

The father-in-law of police officer Time Loia who was shot in Lepuapua early yesterday morning says up to nine pellets are believed to have entered the officer's body.   

House members to be sworn in Saturday

Members of the House of Representatives will be sworn in at noon on saturdau January 3rd, according to House Speaker Savali Talavou Ale.   

Va'amua seeks decision by House Speaker

Unsuccessful candidate in the House election for Pago Pago Vaamua Henry Sesepasara is now asking the Speaker and members of the House of Representatives to make a decision on whether the winner of the Pago Pago election Meauta Mageo can be accepted into the Fono.

Rtd Colonel Tavai Yahn is Amata's COS

Congresswoman elect Aumua Amata has picked Leafaina "Ina" Tavai Yahn as her chief of staff in her Washington DC office and High Chief Pulu Ae to head the congressional office in American Samoa as District Director.

American Samoa wins Samoa Bowl XII

The American Samoa Football All Stars will have its name etched on the tanoa for the 12th annual Samoa Bowl championship. 

Police injured in shooting

A police officer was shot at during a routine police patrol in the Lepuapua, Leone area between 3 and 4 yesterday morning  

Leaders pow-wow in two weeks

Leaders of the three braches of government will be meeting with Congresswoman elect Aumua Amata when she returns to the territory in two weeks to attend the opening of the 34th Legislature on January 12.  

Nothing new in substation shooting probe

Police are still continuing their investigation into the drive by shooting targeting the Leone police substation on November 1st. 

Jaryl Mamea plays in St. Petersburg Bowl

A son of American Samoa Jaryl Mamea played in today's St. Petersburg Bowl for University of Central Florida.  

Husband charged with burglary of wife's home

A husband separated from his wife is facing burglary and assault charges after he allegedly broke into his wife’s home. 

Warning for business non-filers

Businesses who have made it a habit not to file their taxes should be forewarned that the Tax Office will be targeting them in the new year.  

Court denies Ripley's motion to dismiss case

The Trial Court has denied a request from former manager of the Office of Motor Vehicles Mrs Marie Ripley to have her three year old criminal case dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Have you renewed your business license

As 2014 draws to a close, business owners are urged to please renew their business licenses and not wait till the last day to renew which is next Wednesday, December 31.    

More than 20 spent Christmas in jail

More than 20 people spent Christmas behind bars because of public peace disturbance complaints and driving under the influence of alcohol cases. 

Two burned in Koko Bean accident

Two employees of Koko Bean Restaurant at the Laufou Shopping Center were admitted to LBJ Hospital with burn injuries after an accident at the restaurant shortly before noon on Christmas Eve.    

Alcohol fuels PPDs on Christmas Day

Alcohol related public peace disturbances, underage drinkers, and drivers behind the while intoxicated kept police busy over the Christmas Day holiday.  

Only one Christmas Baby

There was only one Christmas Day baby delivered at LBJ Hospital.  

It was a fine Christmas Day

Christmas Day turned out to be a fine day and there was not a drop of rain until early
this morning in the Bay Area.

Feds closed, ASG opens today

Federal government employees get today off but ASG employees are returning to work after the Christmas Day holiday. 

Sex offender registry bill is now law

Legislation establishing a sex offender registry to be maintained by the Attorney General’s Office is now law. 

Latest update on tropical disturbance

A tropical disturbance near Savaii island has hardly moved and this has delayed its expected arrival over American Samoa until tomorrow night or early Saturday morning. 

PPDs top arrests in holiday enforcement

Most of the people arrested by the police since their holiday enforcement started last week are for public peace disturbance and all of them are alcohol related. 

First Lady & elves visit children patients

First Lady Mrs Cynthia Moliga, members of the Governor’s Office staff and employees of the Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs delivered gifts to children hospitalized at various wards of LBJ Hospital this morning.

Flu outbreak close to epidemic levels

More than 300 people were seen at the hospital and the health centers with flu like symptoms in the past week alone.  

24 hour watch of nearby disturbance

The National Weather Service is keeping a 24-hour watch on a tropical disturbance that was about 250 miles west of Savaii at 6 this morning. 

"Mariner" spends Christmas Eve in port

The arrival of the cruise ship Mariner today has added to the hustle and bustle of the last shopping day before Christmas.   

Rep. Vui requests repairs for Fagaima road

With the recent heavy rains causing flooding in several parts of Tualauta, Representative Vui Florence Saulo has asked Public Works Director Faleosina Voigt if Fagaima area can be improved as part of the current airport road project. 

Bids out soon for incubator remodeling

The Department of Commerce is hoping to put out for bid soon the remodeling project for the space that will be used as an incubator for new businesses at the Fagatogo marketplace. 

Parker: Please stop pirating our music

Pirating of music is a major hurdle that recording artists face.  

Leaders share message of hope, love

Christmas messages from government, community and church leaders urge residents to think of the less fortunate and offer prayers for the safety of Toa o Samoa who cannot be with their families at this special time of the year. 

AVM owner will return here next month

While ASG is still reviewing the proposal by a company from the Philippines to set up a food manufacturing plant in the territory, the owner of the company is making another trip to the territory next month.  

Chamber targets women, ethnic groups

The new chairman of the Chamber of Commerce says some of the initiatives he hopes to push in the new year include reaching out to ethnic business owners and encouraging more women business leaders to join the Chamber. 

Marcus Mariota is AP's top player

Recent Heisman winner Marcus Mariota has notched another big college award, this time, it’s the Associated Press College Football Player of the Year Award. 

Woman breaks into judge's home

A woman who allegedly broke into the home of a judge and stole coins, a pair of sandals and ate ice cakes in the home was arraigned in High Court yesterday. 

Port delays action on tugboat fees

Port Administration has delayed action on its proposal to raise charges for tugboat services. 

Tax Office will follow the money trail

The Tax Office will follow the money trail.   

Utah over Am Samoa in volleyball

Utah opened the Samoa Bowl 2015 volleyball tournament with a win over American Samoa. 

First Lady hosts Special Olympians

First Lady Mrs Cynthia Moliga hosted a luncheon today for the Special Olympics of Amerika Samoa athletes and their parents. 

Mirando Galo receives ASCC scholarship

The American Samoa Community College (ASCC) Alumni Association has awarded its  Fall 2014 scholarship to Ms. Miranda Galo of Matu’u. 

Lots of holiday mail this Christmas

Staff at the Pago pago Post Office are trying to sort holiday packages and mail as fast as possible and the postal facility has opened earlier than usual beginning yesterday so everyone can get their Christmas presents on time.  

Robinson returns to Chamber helm

The new chairman of the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce Mr. David Robinson has set his sights on getting the chamber active in matters that affect the economy. 

Richard Parker on stage tonight at Lee

One of the most popular Samoan recording artists Richard Parker will be crooning at the Lee Auditorium tonight in a benefit concert.  

Man gets 20 months for possession

A man who was caught with marijuana while at a club was sentenced to 20 months in jail for unlawful possession of a controlled substance. 

Tax Office says more fraud cases coming

Filing tax claims for which a woman from the territory who moved to Alaska has been charged by the federal government is exactly what the local Tax Office has been warning local residents about for the last several years.  

Pago Pago Elementary vandalized

Classrooms at Pago Pago Elementary School were vandalized over the weekend and police found two suspected culprits sleeping in one of the buildings yesterday morning. 

Leaders host luncheon for inmates

Prisoners at the Territorial Correctional Facility entertained the governor, lt governor, and First Lady during a holiday luncheon at the TCF. 

16 picked for next Police Academy

Sixteen individuals will participate in the Department of Public Safety’s next police academy – 11 of them are new police recruits while the other five are from homeland security and customs. 

ASG will be opened Friday

ASG is not getting the day after Christmas Day, Friday December 26 off.

Local woman charged with tax fraud in Alaska

A woman who moved to Anchorage, Alaska from American Samoa has been charged with more than two dozen federal offenses after she allegedly used her clients’ tax status to defraud the U.S. government of more than $200,000. 

Administration donates $10,000 to Hope House

The Lolo and Lemanu administration today donated $10,000 to Hope House and gift baskets for the residents of the Fatuoaiga home. 

Forecasters predict a wet Christmas

Santa’s sleigh may have to dodge flooded roadways this Christmas.  

Lady Naomi fully loaded for Christmas sailing

The Lady Naomi took the maximum number of passengers, 220, on its return voyage to Apia this evening.  

Delegates may not get limited floor votes

American Samoa’s newly-elected GOP delegate to Congress says House Democrats have suddenly made it harder for all the delegates to get back the floor vote they had when Democrats ran the House.   

Amnesty program progressing slowly

Some individuals who registered for the amnesty program have already appeared before the Immigration Board and have received approval to remain here legally.   

Ionatana & Rakiiba picked for "Congress"

Two students from American Samoa are among 12 students from the Pacific Islands that will travel to Washington DC next year to take part in the Junior Statesmen of America’s 23rd Annual Winter Congress Convention. 

Repeat burglar jailed for 17 yrs

A man in his 20s who burglarized over a dozen stores, restaurants, residential homes and even a church will serve 17 years in jail for his crimes. 

Construction company faces immigration fines

McDonnell Dowell could be paying close to $80,000 in immigration fines if the Immigration Board upholds the findings of the Immigration Office that the construction company allegedly employed people without proper authorization. 

Philippines trip an 'eye opener'

Members of the American Samoa delegation that went to the Philippines say they want to brief the governor first about their trip before making any public comments.

LDS leaders learn about diabetes

Leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints received a crash course Saturday about diabetes in an effort to help their membership fight the non communicable disease. 

Ms. Am Samoa will help next Miss

The sophistication , creativity and educational abilities exhibited  at  the 1st Miss pacific islands pageant was way above the level that Miss American Samoa had expected. 

Chik down, pink eye and flu still up

The Department of Health continues to see a drop in Chikungunya cases however cases of conjunctivitis “pink eye” and the flu are still rising. 

Team reports on Catholic school facilities

Except for Faasao Marist High School, the other four Catholic schools on island have spacious and excellent facilities. 

Now faster to get US visas in Apia

Residents from American Samoa applying for US visas at the US Embassy in Apia will be happy to hear that the embassy can now take double the number of visa applicants than before. 

SOFIAS spread holiday cheer at LBJ

There were smiling faces all around as the Society of Faafafine in American Samoa handed out Wednesday gifts to patients at the LBJ Pediatric Ward as well as treats for nurses during their Annual Christmas Gifting program. 
PhotoL Talamua Media

Policeman shot in Samoa

There was a shootout between Samoa police and men who were suspected of carrying marijuana in the village of Fasitoo- uta yesterday.

No further charges against Viena

The government will not be filing any additional charges against the Hawaiian Airlines passenger who is accused of creating a public disturbance during the flight Friday night from Hawaii to American Samoa.  
Photos: Brenden Kim

Miss American Samoa says faafetai tele

Miss American Samoa Anneliese Faaitumalo Sword  says she gave the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant her all and she hopes the territory will be happy with how she did. 

You'll be watched this holiday season

You better watch out...and you better not get behind the wheel drunk this holiday season because the police will be out in full force for their holiday enforcement. 

Governor congratulates Marcus Mariota

Governor Lolo Moliga has sent a congratulatory message to University of Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota for winning college football’s most prestigious award, the Heisman Trophy.
Photos: Brenden Kim

Miss Samoa wears Miss Pacific Islands crown

Emcees of the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant last night at the Tuanaimato Sports Complex  Dwayne Bentley and Tepora Wright announcing Miss Samoa as the winner..

Thai Union to buy Bumble Bee Seafoods

Thai Union Frozen Products, the world's biggest producer of canned tuna, has agreed to buy Bumble Bee Seafoods for $1.5 billion as part of a plan to double revenue through overseas acquisitions. 

Review of Catholic schools completed

An assessment of the territory’s Catholic education system that was carried out by two Marist Brothers and a lay teacher has found that Catholic schools are quality schools with quality teachers. 

TAOA hearing today

&& The Territorial Office on Aging Administration will be holding a public hearing today to discuss modifications to American Samoa’s state plan relating to the Senior Community Employment Program, the SCSEP. 

Miss Samoa wins Miss Pacific Islands Pageant

Miss Samoa Latafale Auvaa has won the first Miss Pacific Islands Pageant in Apia. 

Health authorities clear fisherman of Ebola

Health officials have cleared a fisherman who was sick on a fishing vessel which arrived in port yesterday of any infectious disease including Ebola. 

Reid Foundation donates to Hope House

The Lealaifuaneva Peter E Reid Charitable Foundation continued to spread the holiday cheer today when it made another $25,000 donation, this time to the Hope House at Fatuoaiga. 

'Constituents must okay release of files'

Congressman Faleomavaega’s Chief of Staff Faiivae Alex Godinet says their office cannot release pending or unresolved constituent case files unless the constituents give their permission. 
Photos by Mania Photography

Tonight's the night, Miss AS is ready

The countdown begins for the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant in Apia.  

New airline is banking on a loan

The new airline that plans to serve Manu’a is banking on financial supportvfrom the governor’s commercial loan program to get their operations started. 

New airline is banking on a loan

The new airline that plans to serve Manu’a is banking on financial supportvfrom the governor’s commercial loan program to get their operations started. 

Final EDIP out in January

The final version of the Economic Development Implementation Plan for American Samoa will be released early next year. 

Polynesian Airlines seeks another cabotage extension

Polynesiam Airlines has filed another request for cabotage waiver with the US Department of Transportation so it can continue flying to Manu’a. 

Who picks the pageant judges?

Who chooses the judges for the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant? 

ASPA's net metering policy attracts interest

There was not much opposition yesterday regarding the American Samoa Power Authority’s proposed rate increases for water, wastewater and solid waste services. 

Cooks to host next year's pageant

Cook Islands has won the bid to host next year’s Miss Pacific Islands Pageant, the new name of the Miss South Pacific Pageant. 

Reid Foundation donates $25,000 to SPA

The Lealaifuaneva Peter E Reid Chartiable Foundation presented a check of $25,000 to South Pacific Academy yesterday evening to help with the school’s construction projects. 

Aumua asks constituents to help with file transfer

Congresswoman elect Aumua Amata is asking constituents who have remaining or unresolved casework with the office of the delegate to Congress to please contact Congressman Faleomavaega’s Office to retrieve their files. 

Polynesian caters for Pago transit passengers

Local travelers  who transit in Apia will be happy to know that Polynesian Airlines is adding a direct flight between Faleolo Airport and Tafuna Airport early next year. 

Customers will pay more under ASPA's rate plan

A residential customer will typically pay a little over $4 more per month beginning next year for increases in water, waste water and solid waste rates  which are being proposed by the American Samoa Power Authority. 

LBJ gets $2.7 million for e-health record system

The LBJ hospital is $2.7 million richer today. 

Anneliese talks diabetes in pre pageant interview

Miss American Samoa Anneliese Sword gave an engaging and lively presentation on diabetes during the pre pageant interviews for the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant in Apia this morning. 

Treats and light show to conclude Holiday Program

Tonight is the final night of the ASG Holiday Program and the organizers – the Arts Council and Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs -have something special for the audience especially the children.

Millions of dollars available to implement healthcare plan

American Samoa could get several million dollars from the federal government to implement a comprehensive healthcare plan that health officials will work to create from previous plans that were partially or never implemented. 

PM tells women not to neglect their God chosen duties

Samoa  Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi has reminded women participating in the government’s program to promote the participation of women in Parliament that they should not neglect their duties of looking after their families. 

Sale of Sea Ram mackeral stopped

The Department of Health has ordered California Mart and distributor Ocean Star Enterprise to temporarily stop the sale of the brand of mackerel known as  “Sea Ram” after a customer reported finding a plastic strap while eating the mackerel.

Tafuna JROTC delivers toys to Manulele

There will be lots of smiling faces at Manulele Elementary School when Santa’s helpers make a stop there this morning. 

Natural Resources Committee reorganized

Majority House Republicans have reorganized the Natural Resources Committee, disbanding the key subcommittee for the US territories, and combining it with another panel.  

Contestants get emotional at Mapuifagalelei

Some of the contestants for the Miss Pacific islands Pageant shed tears when they hugged and shook hands with the elderly fathers and mothers at the Home of the Aged in Mapuifagalele yesterday. 

Tonga inaugurates regular boat trips to American Samoa

A Tonga Government owned vessel will begin making regular trips to American Samoa bringing cargo to and from the island kingdom.

Miss Am Samoa gets into regional issues

Miss American Samoa Anneliese Faaitumalo Sword is thankful with the preparations she’s had to make for the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant because its given her a wealth of knowledge about other Pacific islands. 

Ex-LBJ employee offered plea deal

The government has offered a plea deal to former LBJ Hospital employee Felise Toilolo. 

Bill trades citizenship for foreign investment

A bill which would grant Samoan citizenship to foreigners who make substantial investment in Samoa was introduced in the Samoa Parliament yesterday. 

Passenger may face additional charges

The government may file additional charges against a man accused of creating a public disturbance on Hawaiian Airlines flight Friday night. 

ASG awarded $750,000 to test healthcare payment models

American Samoa has been awarded $750,000 from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to design and test health care payment service delivery models that will improve health care quality and lower costs.


Governor to decide on Dec 26 holiday

Governor Lolo is expected to make a decision this week whether to declare the day after Christmas a holiday.

Poe Mageo is now a published author

Poe Mageo, music instructor at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC), can now add “published author” to his already impressive list of credentials.

Territory's corals for all the world to see

The world will be able to see and experience American Samoa’s coral reefs once the team that has been collecting coral data and pictures upload the information on Google Street View. 

District Office for Aumua Amata in Fagatogo Square

The District Office for Congresswoman-elect Aumua Amata Coleman Radewwagen will be located on the ground floor of Fagatogo Square. 

AS-Tokelau MOU is for two years

With the Tokelau-American Samoa Memorandum of Understanding now in place, the next step is for leaders of both island countries to set a schedule where they can regularly meet to follow up on issues outlined in the MOU. 

Fire at ASCO Motors in Pago Pago

Firefighters were able to contain a fire that destroyed thousands of dollars worth of fishing equipment at the ASCO Motors building in Pago Pago yesterday evening. 

Veterans ask for government land for military cemetery

Two Army veterans have called for the government to designate land for a cemetery for fallen military service men and women. 

Volunteers work behind the scenes with Miss AS

A committee of volunteers has been working with Miss American Samoa Anneliese Faaitumalo Sword for the last month to prepare her for the Miss Pacific Islands Pageant. 

Some are feeling the ATM blues

Long lines are a common sight this time of the year not only at the banks, but at ATM machines.

Stairs to top of Mt. Alava closed

Due to unsafe conditions, the National park of American Samoa has temporarily closed the stairs near the summit of Mount Alava until further notice. 

Pago Pago Alia Fishing Association unites in tourney

Twelth alia boats took part in a fishing tournament that has been described by organizers as one way to revive the alia industry.