Council urges Obama not to expand monument

"Do you really want your legacy to be the President who destroyed the US fishing industry in the Western Pacific?”


Tuaolo: $100,000 not enough for election

Election Commissioner Tuaolo Fruean says $100,000 proposed for the November elections in the Fiscal Year 2015 budget is not enough.  

Fautasi will escort the Hokule'a to shore

The Fealofani Samoa and Iseula fautasi will join several outrigger canoes of the American Samoa Paddlers Association in escorting to our shores the renowned Hawaiian voyaging canoe, the Hokule’a, tomorrow afternoon.


Bench warrant issued for ATM attacker

The High Court yesterday issued a bench warrant for the arrest of a man who failed to make his court appearance on several occasions.


Pacific auditors meet here next week

150 auditors and finance people from 11 countries are meeting in American Samoa next week for the 25th Annual Conference of the Association of Pacific Island Public Auditors.

SIDS main venue

Territory well represented at SIDS

Several directors have been asked to prepare reports to be presented at the United Nations’ Third International Conference of Small Islands Developing States in Samoa next month.


Call to raise pay of ASG workforce

Calls have been made during hearings on the proposed fiscal year 20l5 budget to raise the salaries of the ASG workforce especially those at the bottom of the payscale.


Leilua Mase is now acting CEO of LBJ

The Chairman of the Board of the Hospital Authority Leilua Mase Akapo is now acting CEO of LBJ Hospital.  


Is it 4,000 or 6,000 ASG employees?

Just how many employees does ASG have? 


Two men missing at sea not found

Two men reported missing at sea have not been found.


Governor wants new jail opened in 1 yr

Governor Lolo has urged the company contracted to build a new jail facility in Tafuna as well as ASG officials involved in the project to make sure the new structure is completed within a year’s time.


Fined $300 for breaking niece's arm

A man who assaulted his niece with a PVC pipe, breaking her arm was ordered to complete anger management and fined $300.


Lawmakers question 2% wage tax

Treasurer Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a says one reason why the government has been slow in paying proceeds of the 2% wage tax to the LBJ Hospital is because businesses are not paying the taxes.  


Stop work order on Fagaalu quarry lifted

The Director of Commerce has temporarily lifted the stop work order imposed against Samoa Maritime Inc., relating to its operation of a rock quarry in Fagaalu.


Bill would ban food on Election Day

An administration proposal that would make it illegal for candidates or their supporters to make customary presentations of money or items of value or give out free food on Election Day is now before the Fono.


Trial for Le'iato title set for September 30

The trial for the paramount chiefly title “Leiato” of Fagaitua is set for next month.


Treasurer admits administration was wrong

Newly confirmed Treasurer Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a yesterday admitted that the administration was wrong in processing $10,000 bonuses for recently retired employees. 


Judge commands AG release Indonesians

Associate Justice Lyle Richmond yesterday signed a writ commanding the Office of the Attorney General to release the four Indonesian men it put in the Territorial Correctional Facility early this month.


CDC issues travel advisory for AS

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention yesterday issued an advisory for travelers bound for American Samoa regarding the chikungunya virus which has affected more than 500 people.


Swains film premieres here Friday

You’ve read and heard about it, now you have a chance to view the film, "Swains Island one of the last jewels of the planet."  


High Court denies reconsideration

The High Court has denied a request from a company that carried out a re-roofing project for the Fono many years ago for a reconsideration of its ruling last year or a new trial.


Increases for directors in FY2015 budget

ASG employees have not received pay increments for the past two fiscal years even though the money had been budgeted. 

Mandatory training for directors next week

Directors and heads of semi-autonomous agencies will be attending a mandatory cabinet leadership training next week.


Proclamation of election issued

The Election Office today issued an election proclamation regarding the date, time, place and purpose of the upcoming 2014 elections as required by law.


Tautai Assoc opposes Monument expansion

More opposition to President Barack Obama's proposal to expand the Pacific Remote Islands National Marine Monument (PRIMNM) was filed last week.


ASG will go after businesses who dont file

Review of the proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget for the American Samoa Government began this morning with Treasurer Ueligitione Tonumaipe’a and Budget Director Cathy Saelua fronting before the joint Senate and House Budget and Appropriations Committee.


Governor gives speech of thanks on TV

In a televised speech on KVZK-TV Governor Lolo Moliga has thanked the people of American Samoa here and abroad for their prayers and well wishes during his recent illness. 


No comment from ex-ASTCA CEO

Moefaauo Bill Emmsley has declined to make a statement at this time about his termination by the board of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority as CEO of ASTCA.


Local divers scour area where plane crashed

Local divers were out Friday and Saturday to scan the area where the small plane that crashed off the airport last month is believed to have gone down.  


Case against ex-SLP supervisor dismissed

The government's case against a former supervisor of the School Lunch Program accused of the theft of numerous food items intended for school children, was dismissed by the court on Friday.


Tafuna, Nu'uuli, Pago Pago have most Chik cases

Villages with the most cases of chikungunya are being targeted in village visitations by the Department of health, Environmental Protection Agency, Public Works and the American Samoa Power Authority.      

Immigration Board has little knowledge of amnesty program

  Members of the Immigration Board informed lawmakers yesterday that they have not been privy to some of the specifics of the amnesty program especially when it comes to hearings to review individuals for amnesty.   

Films about sea treasures win international fame

    Two films highlighting American Samoa's ocean treasures and the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa will be featured at the renowned international Blue Ocean 2014 Film Festival in November.  

Defendant pleads guilty in Ofu sex case

A man from Ofu, Manu'a accused of committing sex crimes against women he brought from Samoa as domestic workers has pleaded guilty to several felony charges under a plea deal with the government.


Senators briefed on plan of attack for Chik

How to stop the spread of the chikungunya disease and other mosquito borne diseases was the main focus of a Senate hearing this morning.  


Mileage from all those ASG trips

The government has accumulated close to 2 million in Hawaiian Airlines frequent flyer miles for the use of patients needing medical treatment off island or students on educational trips. 


DBAS issues five business loans

As of last month, five business loans have been made utilizing a $1 million allocation to the Development Bank of American Samoa for private sector economic development.


ASG closes FY2013 with $4.8 m deficit

ASG 's General Fund had a deficit of $4.8 million at the end of Fiscal Year 2013 according to the government's audited financial statements prepared by its independent auditors Moss Adams.

Terence Trotter

ASG to pay $177,300 in overtime

Hundreds of employees of the American Samoa Government can expect a paycheck for their unpaid overtime coming their way soon.


indonesians not detained as prisoners

Acting Attorney General Mitzie Jessop says the Indonesian men who were taken under the government's custody last week are not being detained as prisoners.


Moefa'auo is no longer CEO of ASTCA

The Board of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority has voted to end the contract of Moefaauo Bill Emmsley as Chief Executive Officer of ASTCA effectively immediately. 

New Treasurer mulls payroll deductions

New ASG Treasurer Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a says he will review whether to restore ASG payroll deductions.


Lolo: time is right to give Fono veto power

Governor Lolo says the territory is now at the right time to change the American Samoa Constitution in order to give the Fono veto override authority of legislative measures.


Ground broken for new TCF

The Department of Public Safety held a groundbreaking this morning for its new jail facility in Tafuna.


Fono opposes Pacific monument expansion

The Legislature has added its voice to the band of local opposition against President Obama’s move to expand the Pacific Remote Islands National Monument.  


Lolo has media talk with cabinet

Governor Lolo Moliga told his cabinet yesterday that they are free to speak to the media about their department operations just as long as they are promoting the vision of the administration and not their own.


Three arrests in Gold Conda armed robbery

Police have arrested three men alleged to have been involved in the robbery at gunpoint of the former Gold Conda store in Fagaalu in early May.


Ruth Matagi Faatili confirmed as DBAS Pres

Ruth Matagi Faatili is confirmed to be the President of the Development Bank of American Samoa. 


Ueligitone Tonumaipe'a confirmed as Treas

Ueligitone Tonumaipe'a has been cleared to serve as the next Treasurer of the American Samoa Government. 

Chamber of Commerce opposes monument

The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce has expressed disappointment to US President Barack Obama about the lack of consultation and public hearings in the territory to discuss his proposed expansion of the Pacific Islands Remote Islands Marine National Monument (PRIMNM).


Attorney petitions for release of 4 Indonesians

An attorney is requesting the High Court to compel the Attorney General's Office to explain why four Indonesian men are held at the Territorial Correctional Facility without cause or why they have not been afforded a hearing before Immigration or the court prior to their arrest.


FEMA estimates of damages is over $2 m

A team from the Federal Emergency Management Agency will be on island in four weeks’ time to get detailed information of the damages caused by the recent flood and landslides, which an official from FEMA has estimated at over $2 million.


Former deputy comish received $10,000

The former Deputy Commissioner of Public Safety Leseiau Laumoli received a $10,000 bonus when he retired earlier this year.

Eight CIP projects get funding

Eight projects have been approved for funding under the Capital Improvement Project grants from the Department of Interior, Office of Insular Affairs for American Samoa. 


Congressman supports State Dept brief

Congressman Faleomavaega offers his support of the U.S. Department of State’s recently filed brief against the plaintiffs in the citizenship case formally known as Tuaua v. United States.


Restrictions considered to keep out disease

Governor Lolo Moliga has directed the Department of Health and the Attorney General’s Office to review the territory’s travel policies and see whether any travel and health restrictions should be enforced to prevent the entrance of travelers who may be carriers of harmful diseases.


Senate delays vote on Matagi-Faatili

The Senate has delayed a confirmation vote for Ruth Matagi Faatili as President of the Development Bank of American Samoa until more senators are present.

DPS leaders say DHR okayed test

While the leadership of the Department of Human Resources is now questioning the entrance exam for the Department of Public Safety police academy, the official in charge of training at DPS told a Senate hearing this morning that the test was reviewed and sanctioned by a DHR representative assigned to work with DPS.

Gov Lolo asks president not to expand

Governor Lolo Moliga has appealed to President Barack Obama not to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument because the proposal would spell economic disaster to the territory's already fragile economy.


Update on search for bone marrow

The family in search of a bone marrow donor for their three month old baby boy has received support from the Bone Marrow Registry, Hawaiian Regional Office for their search.  


Ex-manager pleads not guilty

The former manager of Polynesian Shipping Services has pleaded not guilty to charges of embezzlement, forgery and stealing during his arraignment in High Court this morning.


ASCC B. Ed students qualify for financial aid

Students enrolled in the American Samoa Community College's Bachelor in Education Program can now qualify for federal financial aid.


Budget Committees will only accept directors

Fono leaders have asked Governor Lolo Moliga to ensure that directors be present when their Fiscal Year 2015 budgets are reviewed.  

New members of the Retirement Fund Board

Three more nominations to the ASG Retirement Board of Trustees were sent to the Fono yesterday for confirmation. 


Voting power for Swains Rep needs more review

A House Joint resolution that would give the Swains delegate voting power in the House of Representatives has been referred back to committee for more review. 


SSV Seamans has arrived

Now docked at the marina in Malaloa is the SSV Seamans a sailboat which serves as a floating classroom and research vessel.

Two months before Farm Fair

The Department of Agriculture will host its annual Farm Fair in November.


New task force named to study airline options

A new task force has been established by Governor Lolo Moliga to identify air transportation options for American Samoa. 

Attorney reacts to State Dept. filing

An attorney representing the plaintiffs in the Tuaua v. United States citizenship lawsuit says they are not suprised with the position taken by the US State Department in its brief filed with the Appeals Court in Washington D.C.


Report raises concerns about weapons plan

The author of the Department of Public Safety's assessment report believes that since a large number of police officers do not have prior experience in handling and using fire arms, their training should be extensive and cover more than what's listed in the proposed training program for DPS.


Burglar jailed for five years

A man who assaulted an elderly Korean woman during a store burglary in Kokoland last year will serve 5 years at the Territorial Correctional Facility.


NTSB issues accident report on plane crash

The father and son team whose plane crashed into the ocean shortly after taking off from Pago Pago International airport last month, had been cautioned about strong nights that ngiht.

FEMA rep hints at possible public assistance

The official from the Federal Emergency Management Agency who inspected damages from the recent floods and mudslides will turn in his final report to ASG on Wednesday. 


Manu'a reps ask Polynesian to fly to Manu'a

At a meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of Polynesian Airlines yesterday, two House Representatives from Manu’a, Talia Faafetai Iaulualo and Fetu Fetui Jr. requested that the Samoa airline provide air services to Manu’a, temporarily.


Residents urged to oppose monument expansion

Residents have until this Friday, August 15 to make comments about President Obama's plan to expand the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument.


Sen. Galea'i delves into police academy test

Senator Galea'i Tu'ufuli is not happy with reports in the media that the Department of Human Resources is questioning the validity of the entrance exams for the Department of Public Safety police academy. 

Few departments with budget overruns

The latest financial data from the ASG Treasury shows only a few government departments and programs have overspent their budgets by the end of the third quarter of the fiscal year.


School Lunch takes steps to prevent theft

Changes have been made at the School Lunch Program to improve the federally-funded program's operations to include the accounting of food items for the territory's school children.


Report documents inadequate fire equipment

The limited number of fire trucks to respond to fires in the territory and the condition of equipment used by firefighters are partly being blamed for the fire bureau's inability to put out structure fires.


Aumua Amata meets Co-del

Aumua Amata Radewagen says members of the congressional delegation which made a refueling stop in the territory yesterday are in charge of important issues that affect American Samoa. 


Fono is back in session

The Fono resumed this morning after a three week recess, during which several lawmakers attended church conferences here, Samoa and the mainland. 


Ex-manager allegedly stole a quarter million

The former manager of a shipping agency called Polynesian Shipping Services is alleged to have embezzled more than a quarter of a million dollars from his former employer.


Co-Del makes refueling stop here

Yesterday a congressional delegation stopped over at Pago Pago International
Airport on a refueling stop enroute to New Zealand. 


Treasury expects $7.6 million shortfall

The ASG Treasury is now projecting that the General Fund will have a shortfall of about $7.6 million by the end of the fiscal year.

Lt. Go Lemanu & Adm Locklear

FEMA official carries out assessment

An official from the US Federal Emergency Management Agency arrived Saturday to review damages caused by the recent floods and mudslides and help determine if the damage warrants a federal disaster declaration.


Ex school lunch supervisor charged

A former supervisor with the Department of Education's School Lunch Program is being accused of taking numerous School Lunch food items for his family faalavelave. 


No jail for cop who allowed inmate out

Corrections Officer Fiti Aina escaped prison when he was sentenced today by the High Court for allowing an inmate out of jail to go to the store unsupervised.

DOh has hotline for Chik

The number of recorded cases connected to chickungunya or the chik virus has now reached 390, up from 343 earlier this week.


DBAS waives loan fees for affected residents

The Development Bank of American Samoa is giving priority to loan applications from families whose homes were damaged in the recent floods and landslides. 


DPS reviews entrance exam for academy

The spokesman for the Department of Public Safety Fuega Moliga says DPS is currently reviewing its employment entrance exam amid concerns from the Department of Human Resources relating to the contents of the exam.


Budget Office delivers budget books

The Budget Office delivered earlier this week to the Fono 40 hard copies of the proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget for ASG.


Manu'a catamaran arriving August 31st

Port Administration is expecting the new catamaran for Manu'a to arrive in the territory August 31st.


Former Pepsi distributor sued

A Pepsi Cola company based in Guam has filed suit against a company that used to be the distributor of Pepsi products in the territory for failing to pay their bills.


Report: One alternative is to break up DPS

An assessment of the Department of Public Safety by the director of the Office of Fraud, Prevention and Investigations recommends three alternatives to the current organizational structure, including breaking up DPS in three separate and stand alone departments.


KS Mart agrees to pay $85,179 in overtime

K.S. Mart, a grocery-department store in Tafuna, has agreed to pay $85,179 to 87 employees for violations of the minimum wage and overtime provisions under the Fair Labor Standards Act.


BlueSky files complaint against ASTCA

BlueSky Communications has filed a complaint against the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority with Governor Lolo over their dissatisfaction with ASTCA's handling of negotiations for an interconnectivity agreement between the two carriers.


Agriculture, SLP pow wow with farmers

Officials of the Department of Agriculture and the School Lunch Program have encouraged farmers not to be afraid to experiment by growing different varities of produce to feed the territory's school children.


Samoa reports two deaths from acute fever & rash

Samoa's Ministry of Health has reported two deaths from acute fever and rash, saying it is now an outbreak.


Ross Riddell returns to work on plan

One of the latest projects Port Administration is working on is the development of a corrective action plan for the aircraft rescue and fire fighting facility.


Swains Islanders prepare to welcome Hokule'a

The Swains Island Community is gearing up for a memorable welcoming of the voyaging canoe Hokule’a in September.  


Shipyard had rough start in FY2014

The government shipyard at Satala expects to end the fiscal year close to its  2014 budget predictions.

No change to HA Friday night flight

There will be no change to Hawaiian Air’s flight tomorrow night. 

Respected educator passes away

A well respected authority on Samoan language and culture, Aiono Dr. Fanaafi Le Tagaloa died in Apia Tuesday night.


Prison guard sentenced tomorrow

The sentencing of corrections officer Fiti Aina is set for tomorrow after it was deferred from late last year.

Hawaiian Air waives charges

Hawaiian Airlines will know by this afternoon whether there will be any changes made to its Honolulu to Pago Pago flight tomorrow night due to the two approaching hurricanes Iselle and Julio.

Donor needed for Baby Kaimani

The family of a three month old baby diagnosed with SCID or Severe Combined immuno deficiency is looking for a bone marrow donor to save his life.

Appellate Court overturns decision

The Appellate Division of the High Court has reversed a Trial Court ruling which found that rental car companies like taxis and buses are all subject to the same levels of financial exposure for insurance. 

Communicating climate impacts

Representatives from the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources, Coral Reef Advisory Group, Department of Commerce and the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa attended a NOAA/US AID Climate Services Dialogue focusing on coral reefs and fisheries in Apia last week.


Taufetee says he's temporary CEO

Taufetee John Faumuina Jr, the acting CEO of the LBJ Hospital says he’s only taking over the position until the rest of the Hospital Authority Board members return from off island. 


Travel agents begin to see ASG checks

Local travel agents report they are beginning to receive payments from ASG after Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga‘s directive to departments with unpaid travel bills to pay up or their off island trips will be suspended. 


Two Samoas have cheapest gas prices

The newest edition of  the Pacific Fuel Price Monitor (PFPM), for the first quarter of 2014 shows that American Samoa, Samoa and Fiji have again achieved the lowest cost (i.e. retail price not including tax) freely-traded motor gasoline (Mogas) prices in the Pacific Island region.

ASCC happy with Praxis test results

The Teacher Education Department (TED) at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) reached a milestone during the spring 2014 semester with its highest yet number of Bachelors in Education (B.Ed.) students sitting the national Praxis 1 examination. 


Woman tries to drown herself & daughter

A woman who tried to end her life and the life of her baby by attempting to walk deep into the ocean while carrying her toddler told police that it was best for her and her daughter to die so no one will ever hurt them again.

Chikungunya not confirmed in Samoa yet

Samoa's Director General of the Ministry of Health, Leausa Tole'afoa Dr. Take Naseri, says suspected cases of chikungunya in the country have not been confirmed.


Report of FAA land audit ready in a month

Port Director Taimalelagi Dr Claire Tuia Poumele expects a report of an audit of airport land conducted by Federal Aviation Administration back in May to be completed within the next month.

ASG to file insurance claim for damages

ASG is expected to make an insurance claim for damages to government property caused by floods and landslides last week. 


Man refuses to return to yacht

When a yacht drifted into Leone Bay with a broken mast last week, a crew member apparently walked to shore and took off.  


DOH confiscates more expired goods

The Department of Health confiscated a large quantity of expired food items that were on shelves of two stores this week.

Funeral for teen victim on Friday

Funeral services for Faavaeina Maualalo, who drowned after beign swept from the stream in Fagaalu during last Tuesday’s heavy rains will be held Friday.


DOC prepares for 2015 household survey

A $300,000 technical assistance grant awarded last month by the Department of Interior's Office of Insular Affairs to ASG will be used to conduct a Household Income and Expenditure Survey.


No flights to Samoa since noon yesterday

There were no flights between the two Samoa since noon yesterday after Polynesian's airplane developed problems as it was trying to leave Fagalii Airport in the afternoon.


ASG on track to privatize shipyard

The administration has not changed its mind about privatizing the Ronald Reagan Marine Railway at Satala. 

Final estimate of damages known Wednesday

A final estimate of damages to homes, businesses, church and government property and infrastructure caused by last week's floods and landslides will be known by tomorrow.


Feleti Barstow Library has internet, lab closed

Internet service for the territory's only public library was restored on Friday however as of today, the computer lab used by library goers was still offline.


Five streams in Bay Area assessed

Five streams in the Fagaloa or Bay Area are covered in an assessment of damages from last Tuesday’s flooding.  


Slight drop in food index

The American Samoa Monthly Basic Food Index at the end of July dropped by –0.1%.


Drug defendant jailed for 40 months

A 36-year-old man who ordered marijuana through a dispensary that sells medical marijuana off island was sentenced by the High Court today to 40 months in jail for unlawful possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute.


Local students attend indigenous events

Director of the Samoan Studies Institute at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) Okenaisa Fauolo-Manila and four Samoan Studies majors recently returned from two events in Washington D.C. centered on the indigenous peoples of America.   


Jehovah Witnesses Convention opens Friday

Jehovah Witnesses in American Samoa invite the public to attend its three-day international convention that opens this Friday at the Lee Auditorium.

Court denies plea agreement

Chief Justice Michael Kruse and Chief Associate Judge Logoai Siaki have denied a plea agreement in an assault case earlier this year after the defendant told the judges it was the victim who initiated their altercation.


If you suffered damages, call EOC

Property owners and residents who suffered damages caused by the weather are asked to contact the Emergency Operations Center. 


DOE mulls what to do with e-Rate building

The Department of Education is assessing how best to accommodate the e-Rate office before making a decision on whether or not  to move it.

Senators will get budget books

For sure the Senate will be getting hard copies of the proposed Fiscal Year 2015 budget. 


Drug defendant enters plea deal

Punefuolemotu Tuaolo admitted yesterday in High Court to possessing 12 stamp sized baggies containing methamphetamine and an unlicensed rifle in 2012.


More about the amended SSBCI program

Director of Commerce Keniseli Lafaele expects the necessary documents for establishing American Samoa's State Small Business Credit Initiative Program to be signed in the next few days.


AG not planning to replace computer system

Attorney General Eleasalo Talauega doesn’t plan to install a new computer system for the Immigration Office.  


$10,000 bonuses paid to select few

Questions have been raised regarding $10,000 retirement bonuses which have been paid to a select group of ASG retirees.


SSBCI will provide capital for businesses

The Governor's Office today provided some information about American Samoa's recently approved State Small Business Credit Initiative Program.


Lolo tells cabinet dont look back

Governor Lolo Moliga said there were three main things that were reaffirmed in his mind when he was living off island.


DYWA grant tapped for affected families

A grant for homeless prevention administered by the Department of Youth and Women Affairs is being tapped to help families who have been displaced due to landslides and flooding last week, find temporary housing.


Chickungunya cases top 300

The Department of Health says it has confirmed that the fever, rash and joint pains outbreak affecting American Samoa is Chickungunya, a viral disease transmitted to people by mosquitoes.

Floating school, SSV Robert Seamans coming

A sailing school vessel called the SSV Robert C. Seamans will be spending close to two months in American Samoa for educational purposes.


Governor adds cost containment measures

Governor Lolo has issued additional cost containment measures and policies which are being enforced for the remainder of the fiscal year and were effective August 1st.

Locator beacon on Suleman plane found

The personal locater beacon registered to the Suleman aircraft which crashed two weeks ago off the airport has been found. 



8 plus years in jail for sexual crimes

A man who repeatedly had sex with his wife's 15-year-old step sister resulting in her pregnancy was sentenced Friday to more than 8 years in jail.

Gov Lolo: directors should know what to do

Governor Lolo told his cabinet Saturday that he wants to see all outstanding assessement reports, assistance that ASG can provide for displaced families, and documents relating to ASG's request for declaration of an emergency disaster to the federal government, completed by this week.


Strong winds blow off roof top in Seetaga

Strong winds Saturday night blew off the roof of a home in Seetaga forcing a family of eight to seek shelter with neighbors. 


Beacon signal received in Panama City

A signal was transmitted from a personal locater beacon that was registered to the single engine aircraft that crashed near the airport on the night of July 22.  

Prison guard jailed for 3 months

Corrections officers Sianava Nuusila has been sentenced to 90 days in jail for assaulting an inmate last year.

Governor returns with good news of SSBCI

Governor Lolo Moliga had some good news to announce when he returned to the territory Friday night after a five month absence. 

Cost U Less gets all clear from DOH

The Department of Health has given the all-clear for all Cost U Less operations after a final inspection late Wednesday.  

Visitors Bureau hosts NZ travel writer

The American Samoa Visitors Bureau is hosting a travel writer from a travel magazine in New Zealand Island Time. 

Man jailed for 3 months for assault

A father who assaulted a young man behind a church last year was sentenced today to 90 days in jail for third-degree assault.  

Manumalo Academy postpones school opening

Manumalo Academy is delaying the opening of school for one week. Due to the recent bad weather, the school will begin August 11, 2014.   

Lemanu, cabinet to greet Governor Lolo

Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga informed the cabinet this morning that Governor Lolo Moliga will be arriving tonight.  

ASG clean up will be dependent on weather

If weather permits, ASG ‘s planned clean up of departments and public areas which were affected by Tuesday’s flooding and landslides will take place tomorrow. 

Asian man still not found

 An Asian man who went missing Sunday has still not been found. 

Farmers donate to displaced families

 Local farmers some of whom suffered damages due to Tuesdays severe weather have donated fruits, vegetables and staples such as taro and bananas to feed families being housed in shelters. 

Request for disaster declaration sent today

The American Samoa Government hopes to submit a request for declaration of an emergency disaster to the Federal Emergency Management Agency today. 

Winds picking up, rain continues

Expect more wet weather today and into the weekend.Expect more wet weather today and into the weekend.     The National Weather Service this morning canceled the flash flood warning for Tutuila and Aunu’u.       National Weather Service meteorologist Hans Malala says

DOE, schools, library without internet

  Department of Education offices, public and private schools and the Feleti Barstow Public Library are without internet access since Tuesday.

Governor Lolo returns home tonight

  Governor Lolo Moliga is expected to return home tonight.     

Some may be moved from shelters

Government departments are looking at relocating some or all of the families who have been staying at a reverend's house in Gataivai since their homes sustained damages from this week's floods and landslides.   

DOH closes freezer & chill coolers of store

The Department of Health today shut down the freezer and chill coolers at the Young Mart Store in Utulei due to unsanitary conditions.   

Marijuana found in Folgers coffee

Police have detained a man in his 20s in connection with marijuana that was hidden inside four coffee cans that came through the mail.   

Bill would provide SS & Medicare coverage

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin has cosponsored a bill that would include American Samoa in Section 218 of the Social Security Act. 


Quick thinking saves files

One government office that took on water during Tuesday’s heavy rainfall was the Territorial Registrar's Office in Fagatogo.  


Weather related losses estimated at $4-5 m

A preliminary estimate from the government of damages to homes, government property and infrastructure caused by landslides and flooding this week puts the losses at between $4 - $5 million.


It's official StarKist Samoa has a new GM

The first Samoan General Manager of StarKist Samoa Brett Butler is leaving the cannery.  

More wet weather expected

More rain is expected today as an active trough remains stationary over the islands.  


Parks & Rec asks for village input

The Department of Parks and Recreation has asked village leaders to help them identify the type of outdoor recreational activities they would like implemented at public parks in or near their homes.


Poor response to recycling RFP

The American Samoa Power Authority will have to extend a bit longer its recycling program request for proposals due to low response.


Family of missing man to continue the search

The family of the father and son team whose small plane crashed off Pago Pago International Airport Tuesday of last week, will continue the search for the father, Mr. Babar Suleman using a private dive company. 


Weather damage assessed before clean up

Families whose homes were damaged by mudslides, flooding or other causes related to yesterday’s severe weather have been told not to clean up just yet. 


ASG trying to improve ADA access

The Office of Protection and Advocacy for the Disabled will be providing information at the next cabinet meeting on services and projects they are working on with other government entities to improve services for those with disabilities.


Assault lands 19 year old in court

A 19-year-old man was charged this week in connection with his role in the assault of a 21-year-old man in Aua.

The CCCAS Church at Gataivai

Directors urged to step up in response

Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga called an emergency meeting of the cabinet this morning at which response efforts to incidents caused by yesterday’s severe weather were discussed.

Siaumau loses appeal of bond forfeiture

The Appellate Division of the High Court has denied a request from Eliota Siaumau Sr., for a rehearing relating to the forfeiture of the $100,000 he posted for his bond in a criminal case several years ago.


Samoa has 3 cases of Acute Fever & Rash

Samoa's National Health Services has confirmed three suspected cases of Acute Fever and Rash disease, with blood samples being sent to Tahiti for testing.


Report: Maggots found in box of cereal

A father filed a complaint with the Department of Health yesterday after discovering maggots in a box of cereal he bought for his children.


Fono wants budget book not budget disc

The executive branch can expect to hear from lawmakers as to why the proposedfiscal year 2015 budget for ASG is being submitted in digital format and not published. 


More rain today, be careful out there

The National Weather Service forecasts continuous showers today but winds are lighter than yesterday.  

ASG will celebrate Labor Day again

Just like last year, the American Samoa Government is throwing a big celebration this year to honor its workforce as well as employees in the private sector.


Drowning victim was a senior at Samoana

A young life was lost yesterday in Fagaalu. 


ASG jobs for Manu'a only for Manuans

Director of Homeland Security Utualii Iuniasolua Savusa today called on ASG Human Resources to review a recent memo stating that only Manu'a residents are qualified to apply for government job openings in Manu'a.


Early morning power outage in west

Two of the largest engines for the American Samoa Power Authority shut down this morning causing a power outage in the Western District.

ASG owns 757 vehicles, abuse continues

An issue which has repeatedly made the agenda of cabinet meetings is the government's vehicle policy.



Eerie experience for Marine Patrol Unit

Crew of the Marine Patrol Unit of the Department of Public Safety had an eerie experience last night.  


When will Manu'a Airways begin service?

A vital part required by the Federal Aviation Administration for the government aircraft Segaula is to be installed in August, paving the way for the plane to be certified for commercial use. 

Travel agents sought help from Lemanu

The memo from Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga suspending all future travels for any department or agency that has an outstanding bill with local travel agents came after a group of travel agencies met with him. 


Teenage girl dies in Fagaalu

A teenage girl from Fagaalu has died after she was swept out to sea in raging stream waters near the quarry behind the hospital.


Heavy rainfall cause flooding, closes ASG

Non-stop rainthroughout the whole day caused flooding everywhere today.

Sulu Eliu wins 1st ASG employee award

Sulu Eliu of Vatia village received today Governor Lolo and Lt Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga's inaugural ASG employee award for his dedication to making American Samoa a better place.


Pilot Haris Suleman heads home

The body of Haris Suleman, the 17-year-old pilot who was trying to be the youngest to fly around the world in the fastest time in a single engine plane, was flown home last night.


From CEO of LBJ to Yale University

Joseph Davis-Fleming's next job will be with Yale University.


Report of air transport study ready soon

The American Samoa Government is expecting this month the results of an air transport marketing study of the territory from a company out of Washington DC.


Local students at Redlands Summer Piano Camp

Three talented students from Dancing Fingers piano studio are participating in the Redlands Summer Piano Camp at the University of Redlands School of Music in southern California.


Lemanu orders: No pay, no travel

Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga is putting the brakes on government travel.

Polynesian Airlines explains landing incident

A statement from Polynesian Airlines says one of their aircraft experienced a "controllable runway excursion" at Fagalii Airport last Friday Samoa time, Thursday our time.


Samoan woman admits fraud for benefits

A Samoan citizen living in Alaska has admitted to making false statements in an application to get a US passport so she could get state and federal benefits.


Davis-Fleming: too much politics at LBJ

The former hospital CEO says about 80% of citations the hospital is being cited for by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in its latest visit are for repeat violations from the last CMS visit in 2010.


Asian man feared missing at sea

An Asian man is feared missing at sea after he failed to return home last night.


Clean up to combat Chikungunya

The government is conducting a major clean up Friday in an effort to eliminate breeding sites for mosquitoes, which is believed to be spreading the  latest illness outbreak in American Samoa - the chikungunya virus.


ROV may be brought in to help search

One of the options being considered by the family of the plane crash victims is to bring in a remotely operated underwater vehicle or ROV that can take pictures of the ocean floor and possibly locate the plane wreckage.

ASCC teacher attends climate change wkshop

This summer American Samoa Community College (ASCC) Marine Science instructor Jameson Ka’eo Newtson joined colleagues form the Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Northern Marianas at a Climate Change Science workshop held in Palau.


Suleman family overwhelmed with support

Wreaths were tossed in the ocean yesterday at the spot where the body of  l7-year-old pilot Haris Suleman was found last Tuesday night after the plane he and his father Babar Suleman were flying crashed shortly after it took off from Pago Pago International Airport.


DPS still short for next police academy

Commissioner of Public Safety William Haleck is still short of people for the next police academy.

Poly plane suffers damages on landing

Polynesian Airlines is again down to one aircraft after the wheel of one of its Twin Otters was apparently damaged during landing at Fagalii Airport last Thursday.


Workshop responds to cases of abuse

A workshop held last week was described by local and off island participants as a very effective and valuable training course to help the Catholic Church in the Pacific respond to cases of abuse involving those in leadership positions.  

Memorial Service for crash victims

At a memorial service this afternoon for the father and son team whose plane crashed off the airport last Tuesday, wreaths were laid at the spot where the body of  l7 year old pilot Haris Suleman was found.

Cyrus Suleman in black shirt is a son of the missing Mr. Babar Suleman. He's shown here with a cousin of his father.

Relatives anxious to have a dive team out

Four relatives of Haris and Babar Suleman, whose plane crashed near the airport Tuesday night have arrived are now in the territory.


Nothing new in sea and air search

As of 3:30 this afternoon the search for Mr. Suleman has not been successful.


Loss of tuna treaty will hurt canneries

Tri Marine International, owners of Samoa Tuna Processors says the competitiveness of their cannery will be impacted if their fishing vessels cannot fish in nearby fishing grounds.


Faleomavaega will run again

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin is running for re-election in November and the American Samoa Democratic Party is endorsing him.


Chamber suggests how to implement EDIP

One of the suggestions the Chamber of Commerce made yesterday to the co-chairman of the task force that developed the Economic Development Implemention Plan is to have an individual or group dedicated specifically for moving the plan forward.


Joint effort to return home pilot's body

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin has been requested by the Ambassador of Pakistan to the U.S. to ensure that the family of Haris Suleman, the 17 year old pilot whose plane crashed off Pago Pago International Airport this week can take his body home on Monday night’s Hawaiian Air flight.


Ex LBJ CEO not surprised with firing

Former LBJ CEO Joseph Davis-Fleming says it's no secret that he and the LBJ board did not see eye to eye over the managing of the hospital so he was not suprised at all when he was served this week with an employment termination letter from the board.


Congressman returns to Foreign Affairs seat

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin returned to his seat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee for the first time since he fell ill, nine months ago.

Search continues despite bad weather

Weather has become a factor in the search for the missing victim of Tuesday night’s plane crash, Mr. Babar Suleman.

DOH cites Cost U Less for 6 violations

While the Department of Health has allowed Cost U Less to re-open, the department has slapped the biggest retail store on island with six health violations.


Chamber members comment on EDIP plan

The Chamber of Commerce expects to submit their final comments about the Economic Development Implementation Plan (EDIP) to the Department of Commerce by next week but the co-chair of the EDIP task force got to hear first hand some of the concerns from the Chamber at a meeting this afternoon.


Weather becomes a factor in search

There’s been no sign of Babar Suleman of Indiana since local and federal authorities scoured the waters between the airport and Aunu’u since Tuesday night.

Three Chikungunya cases confirmed

The Department of Health and the LBJ Hospital have confirmed that three specimens of the acute rash outbreak that were sent off island for testing are cases of Chikungunya. 


Fono asked to confirm new Treasurer Tonumaipe'a

Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga has submitted for Fono confirmation the name of Ueligitone Tonumaipe’a to be the next Treasurer of the American Samoa Government. 


Cost U Less re-opens

Cost U less has re-opened for business.  


Family members of crash victims arrive Friday

Strong gusts and high swells this morning created some difficulty for vessels involved in the search operation for Mr. Babar Suleman of Indiana, who has been missing since Tuesday night.

Local students immerse in voyaging

Patricia Penitito of Manu'a High School and O'Riley Siona Lea'u of Fagaitua High School are getting an experience of a lifetime in Hawaii as part of the Hokule'a Student Exchange Program.


More charges filed against intruder

A man who was caught breaking into a home over the weekend was charged today in District Court for several felony and misdemeanor crimes.


Man jumps from 3rd floor of EOB

A man in his 30’s jumped from the third floor of the Executive Office Building onto the atrium on the ground floor this morning. 

No dive yet in search operations

Divers are not able to dive in an area that has been pinpointed as where the last signal was received from the single engine plane carrying Mr. Babar Suleman and his son Haris.

Teacher salary plan finalized at year's end

A reclassification and pay proposal for Department of Education teachers is expected to be finalized by the end of the fiscal year.


BHE approves self study

The  Board of Higher Education (BHE) has approved a document the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) has spent the better part of eight months preparing as part of its accreditation renewal process with the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.


Gasoline prices going up

Prices at the pump are seeing double digit increases under the new Maximum Allowable Price chart effective this week.

All day search fails to locate missing man

The search for one of the two victims of Tuesday’s night’s plane crash began at daylight this morning. 

ASG to continue employment initiative

ASG is proposing a half a million dollar allocation for the new fiscal year to continue an initiative of employing returning graduates.


19th Hole Club donates $1500

The 19th Hole Club in conjunction with the Ali'i Golf Club and the Hawaii Samoa Golf Club have donated $1,500 to Hope House at Fatuoaiga and the Junior Golf Association.


Olympic Triathlon Saturday

Samoa Prosthetics, a company that supplies artificial limbs is sponsoring a triathlon this Saturday to promote good health.  


Search fails to locate missing man

An extensive search involving local and federal agencies has not been able to locate the body of one of the two people who were on board a small plane that crashed into the ocean last night.


Atuatasi Lelei Peau leaving DOC

Deputy Director of Commerce Atuatasi Lelei Peau is leaving DOC to become the
deputy superintendent of the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa.


Youth see value in conference

Students participating in a youth conference this week say the presentations by police officers, social services representatives and counselors are helping them turn a new leaf. 


Steve Watson temporarily at Treasury

The governor’s chief counsel Steve Watson has been temporarily assigned to Treasury effective this past Monday.


Crash victims are Haris and Babar Suleman

The two people on board a private plane that crashed off Pago Pago International Airport last night have been identified as 17-year-old Haris Suleman and his father Babar Suleman. 


More from licenses/permits, less from fees

The government is projecting to collect a bit more revenues from licenses and permits but believes there will be a decrease in monies coming in from charges levied at the port and other government fees in the new fiscal year.

StarKist appreciates help

StarKist today issued a statement expressing appreciation to the American Samoa Government and local diving company for helping the cannery get back into operation.



National Park tourism creates jobs

A new National Park Service report shows that 17,919 visitors to the National Park of American Samoa in 2013 spent $987,700 in villages near the park. 

Private jet crashes off airport last night

A private plane that arrived yesterday for refueling crashed minutes after taking off from the Pago Pago International Airport last night, killing its two passengers - a father and son.


Joseph Davis-Fleming removed as LBJ CEO

As of 4pm today Joseph Davis-Fleming is no longer the Chief Executive Officer of the LBJ Hospital. 

Youth talk about social problems

More than 100 youth are sharing their experiences on major social problems they face nowadays such as bullying, school violence, smoking and drinking alcohol.

Cost U Less cooperating with DOH

Cost U Less says its fully cooperating with the Department of Health.

Lots of TAOA hotmeal leftovers

It’s now been nearly three months since the Territorial Administration on Aging Office switched from monthly food vouchers to hot meals for the elderly citizens. 

No change in Consumer Price Index

There was no change in the Consumer Price Index for the second quarter of 2014 compared to the first quarter. 


OSHA issued 158 violations last year

The US Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration issued a total of 158 violations against employers last year following inspections of 38 businesses in the territory.

DHR Director explains rules for contracts

Director of Human Resources Sonny Thompson says the position of grant writer for the Department of Education will be advertised so that qualified individuals including the person holding the position at the moment - Dr. Amy Blizzard - can apply for it.


Finally, DMWR floating docks get fixed

Work has begun on a project that has been held up for many many months awaiting federal clearance...repairs to the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources floating docks at the Malaloa marina. 


Blood samples sent off island for testing

The LBJ Hospital and Department of Health are awaiting lab results of blood samples sent off island for testing before determining if the death of a 28 year old man was caused by the acute fever rash disease which appears to be spreading in the territory.

ASG still pushing for Labor Dept

The government's plan to establish an ASG Department of Labor is still in the works.


Administration continues subsidies in FY2015

The Lolo-Lemanu Administration is seeking funding to continue initiatives it started last year.


Man jailed for one year

Isaako Tausaamalu was sentenced by the High Court to a year in jail for recklessly causing injuries to a villager and friend Kalena Atalima of Fagaalu last year.

DOH closes down Cost U Less

The biggest retail store on the island, Cost U Less, has been shut down by the Department of Health until it has rectifed a problem with rat infestation.


First Safety Fest well attended

More than 200 employees and employers from the government and private sector are taking part this week in a training about safety and health in the workplace.


OIA awards two grants to ASG

The Department of Interior Office of Insular Affairs has awarded ASG two Technical Assistance Program grants totaling $320,000.


Court accepts plea agreement for Tofaeono

The High Court has accepted the plea agreement in the government's case against a former Business Office Manager for LBJ Hospital, Jennifer Tofaeono.


Dr. Blizzard in center with Sunrise crew

DHR not renewing Dr. Blizzard's contract

The Department of Education will be losing its grant writer for the last four years, Dr. Amy Blizzard.  


$6 million subsidy for LBJ in FY2015 budget

The administration is proposing millions of dollars in subsidies for the LBJ Hospital and the American Samoa Community College.


Leala P. Reid Foundation donates $25,000

The Leala Peter E Reid Foundation has donated $25,000 for repairs to Catholic schools during the summer break.  


Immigration computer system not working

The latest budget proposal for the American Samoa Government reveals that the immigration computer system that ASG spent about a $1 million in the past years to put up is useless.


American Samoa wins All Samoa Open

Team American Samoa took home the 37th All Samoa Open golf tournament Team Championship with a low net score of 1182. 


Acute fever rash outbreak spreads

The number of people seeking medical attention from an illness that health officials are describing as an "acute fever rash outbreak" has now reached 48 with more people presented with similar symptoms at the health clinics and Emergency Room as of yesterday.


Non tax filers hurting ASG revenues

People not filing their taxes are hurting the government’s coffers.


Fitiuta Greens plans to set up factory

Manu’a is being eyed for a major replanting and farming project by Fitiuta Greens, owned by Sosene Leau and his wife.  


Bonvavista II to the rescue

The Department of Marine and wildlife enforcement boat Malolo was towed into port late last night after it died half way between Tutuila and Manu’a. 


PM confirms All Blacks game in Samoa

Samoa Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, has confirmed the All Blacks will play Manu Samoa in Apia on Wednesday July 8th next year.

DOC attempts to gauge unemployment rate

What is the territory’s unemployment rate?  


BGCAS gets into rugby

The Boys and Girls Club of American Samoa is getting into rugby.  


ASG workforce up by 300 + in FY2015

The ASG workforce increases a few hundred according to the new fiscal year budget. 


Tofa soifua CG Lt. Garcia

The head of the local Coast Guard Safety Detachment Unit for the past year Lt. Rven Garcia has completed his tour of duty in the territory and departs tonight. 

Thief jailed for seven years

A man who stole $700 from a woman's purse while she was sleeping told the High Court that he took the money because he was hungry.


Manu'a DG notices changes for the better

Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga challenged Manu’a residents to continue to fulfill the dreams of their ancestors by seeking to do great things for the benefit of future generations.


ASG increases net position and lowers debt

Governor Lolo reported to Fono leaders that some of ASG's accomplishments in Fiscal Year 2013 include the increase in its net financial position and reduction of the General Fund deficit and long term debts. 

Proposed FY2015 budget totals $424.5 m

The administration is proposing a $424.5 million budget for the American Samoa Government for Fiscal Year 2015 which begins October 1st.


Kia'aina plans to visit all insular areas

Newly-installed Interior Assistant Secretary Esther Kia'aina says she she'll use her executive power where she can to get things done for the islands. 



Sen. Atualevao takes issue with exec orders

Senator Atualevao Asifoa is of the opinion that executive orders are being used to carry out what the administration wants, instead of following the law. 


DOE Director says they're just preparing for dual language

Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin- Finau told a Senate hearing today that DOE is just making preparations for the introduction of dual language instruction in schools while praying that a law will be passed to make Samoan just as important as English in classroom teaching.


Hawaiian Air plane needed part

The reason for the delay of Hawaiian Air ‘s Wednesday night flight is because a slide on he aircraft needed replacement.


Polynesian's back to two planes

Polynesian Airlines second Twin Otter aircraft which has been undergoing maintenance for the past month was back in service this morning.


Sharing data on climate change

The Pacific Islands Climate Services Dialog opened today at the Tauese PF Sunia Ocean Center. 


Suit #19 filed in Section 1602 debacle

The Development Bank of American Samoa has taken to court another 1602 project owner for not completing their low income housing project on time.


Catholic Church focuses on the famioly

Parents as first teachers, spirituality in the family and the sacrament of marriage are topics covered in the first of three mini synods which began last month in parishes throughout the local Catholic Diocese.


Commute-a-walk and ramp ready next month

Port Administration hopes to have in full operation by next month a ramp and commute-a-walk systems that would make boarding and disembarking from airplanes at the airport much safer and comfortable.


Hawaiian AIr Wednesday flight delayed

Hawaiian Air’s Wednesday night flight from Honolulu  has been delayed until this afternoon.


James Barlow guilty of 16 counts

The former college instructor who was on trial for subjecting three teen boys to sexual activity has been found guilty of more than a dozen counts of sex crimes, child endangerment and traffic violations.

College students included in SYEP

This year's Summer Youth Employment Program is also putting to work college students who are studying off island but are here to spend their summer vacation with their famillies.


Betham is Interim Director of Catholic Ed

Former vice president of the Development Bank of American Samoa Jason Betham has been appointed as Interim Director of Catholic Education for the Diocese of Samoa-Pago Pago.  


Solar power is helping reduce fuel surcharge

While the amount of energy produced by the solar photovoltaic farm at the Pago Pago International Airport is small, it is making an impact on fuel consumption for the American Samoa Power Authority.


House measure honors CWO Robert Yandall

A son of Leone who has just retired from the US Army after 42 years is being honored in a House concurrent resolution that the House approved yesterday.


Guilty of assaulting brother-in-law

A man who assaulted his brother in law pleaded guilty yesterday to third-degree assault.


Twenty one nurses graduate from ASCC

Twenty-one nurses graduated Friday from the American Samoa Community College's Nursing Program.

ASPA considers retirement incentive package

The American Samoa Power is working on an incentive package to entice eligible employees to retire early.


Catholic Bishop discusses workshop

What are appropriate professional boundaries between priests and parishioners?  

Between teachers and students or leaders of youth groups and young people?


Senate approves House measure on LVPA

The Senate approved by unanimous vote yesterday the House concurrent resolution requesting the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council not to reduce the Large Vessel Prohibited Area from 50 to 25 nautical miles. 


Plea deal in Afono death

35-year-old Eric Naiuli pleaded guilty yesterday to criminal negligence homicide in connection with the death of a man in Afono earlier this year.


No live coverage of Manu'a Flag Day

Last year KVZK-TV was able to broadcast live the Manua Flag Day celebrations. However that is not happening this year.

ASPA chief explains hike in personnel costs

The executive director of the American Samoa Power Authority says the request from Governor Lolo to ASPA chairman Fonoti Perelini for a reduction in the electricity rate will be a difficult task, but not impossible.

Sen Tagoa'i supports dual language

Senator Tagoa’i Tuiolemotu is throwing his support behind the Department of Education’s dual language program which will increase the use of Samoan in classroom instruction,


Dog trapping begins in golf course area

The Department of Agriculture Veterinary Clinic will be trapping dogs roaming on government land in the Iliili Golf Course area beginning Monday, July 21, 2014.  


Pending measure questions governor's absence

Senate President Gaoteote Palaie today responded to complaints from Senator Soliai Tuipine that the Senate attorney was not doing any work on bills from Senators.


Workshop on professional standards

The Catholic Bishop of American Samoa, Bishop Petelo Brown and the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago, are sponsoring a training workshop on professional standards for members of Professional Standard Committees from the Dioceses in the Oceania region.


Alcohol counseling ordered for puncher

A man who punched his sister for fighting with his wife was ordered by the the District Court to successfully complete alcohol counseling.


Security cameras a solution for Tafuna

The Criminal Justice Planning Agency says it has no funding to hire security for Tafuna High School but it has suggested an alternative way to provide surveillance for the public school.


StarKist hopes to resume production this week

StarKist Samoa is hoping to resume full production this week, after being shut down for all of last week. 


Manu'a Day a low key event

A farm fair held today at the Manu'a High School is one of activities that will prelude the Manua Flag Day celebrations this year.


Fitiuta Greens promotes food security

After running a successful entertainment business in Hawaii, Island Breeze Productions, for decades Mr. Sosene Leau has decided its time to return home and give back to the island.  


Senate questions 2% wage tax for LBJ

Senators are still after answers from Treasury as to why ASG hasn’t paid the full amount from the 2% increase in the wage tax to the LBJ Hospital.  


MV Sili to Manu'a this morning

The MV Sili didn’t finish inspections until last night so it wasn’t able to sale to Manu’a last night.  


Leilua: CMS approves action plan

The LBJ Hospital’s Plan of Correction for the Nursing Division and Dialysis Unit have been approved by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services.  


Measure asks to keep LVPA as is

The House of Representatives has approved a concurrent resolution requesting the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council to keep the Large vessel Prohibited area at 50 nautical miles from territorial shores. 


Man charged for stoning ambulance

A 22-year-old man is accused of throwing a beer bottle at an ambulance unit as it was responding to an emergency in Leone early Sunday morning.


Soliai complains about Senate lawyer

The Senate counsel was the target of complaints by Senator Soliai Tuipine.  


Mrs. Iva Pisia Salazar scholarships

The Iva Alofa Pisia Salazar Memorial scholarship was awarded for the first time Friday night at the  graduation ceremony for registered nurses.


Sen. Galea'i unhappy with DOE

The move by the Department of Education to increase the use of Samoan in classroom instruction in the new school year is not sitting well with Senator Galea’i Tu’ufuli. 


MV Sili should be ready to sail tonight

The MV Sili came off the slipway yesterday and if it passes sea trials today, will be on its way to Manu’a tonight. 


Cop accused in cockroach scheme

A veteran police officer is being accused of taking money from three restaurants in a scheme which involved his claims that the food they served contained cockroaches.


Fourth Regular Session begins today

Lawmakers return to work today at the start of the Fourth Regular Session of the 33rd Legislature.  


ASG proposes OT payment of $177,300

The American Samoa Government is waiting to hear from the US Department of Labor whether it will approve the figure it presented to the federal agency to cover overtime pay for ASG employees.


Temperature drops to 66 degrees F

We’ve had some chilly nights over the past few days and some have had to get out blankets and don jackets and sweaters.  


Rape suspect deported from Seattle

A 37-year-old man charged with raping four disabled students at a school in Samoa was found in the Seattle area and deported last Tuesday.


ASG pays $50,000 in disallowable costs

The American Samoa government has paid the federal government close to $50,000 in disallowable costs relating to the State Small Business Credit Initiative or SSBCI Program.


Tutorials for Praxis planned for school campuses

To accommodate teachers planning to take the Praxis, the Department of Education’s Teacher Quality Division is looking at conducting Praxis tutorial sessions at the teachers’ respective campuses.


Participants enjoying work experience

Students employed under the government's Summer Youth Employment Program say they are enjoying their time at work.


DOH issues health advisory about outbreak

More than 30 people have fallen ill with similar symptoms in the past 10 days, resulting in the Department of Health issuing a health advisory this afternoon.


"Safety Fest Week" planned for later this month

The recently-formed American Samoa Industrial Health & Safety Association (ASISHA) is organizing a “Safety Fest Week” later this month for local businesses and interested government agencies.


Very few teachers passed Praxis test

The majority of public school teachers who sat the Praxis test earlier this year did not pass all three parts of the teacher certification examination.

MV Sili should be off the slipway this weekend

Repairs to the MV Sili are expected to be completed by this weekend and if the vessel gets the thumbs up from the US Coast Guard, it will make a trip to Manu’a in time for the Manu’a Flag Day next week.


Administration hopes to restore Americorp Program

The Lolo-Lemanu Administration is hoping to restore the federal Americorp Program in the territory.

Court takes plea deal for Tofaeono under advisement

The High Court has taken under advisement a plea agreement proposed by the parties in the criminal case of former LBJ business manager Jennifer Tofaeono.


DOL gives ASG more time to respond to $2.5 m payback

The US Department of Labor has given the American Samoa Government additional time to respond to the federal agency’s decision that it payback $2.5 million in disallowable costs for the National Emergency Grant Program.

Methodist church celebrates 50 yrs of independence

Acting Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga departs today for Samoa to attend the 50th anniversary of the Methodist Church.


Double Z's opens in Malaeimi

If you love eating burgers, try out the new burger joint in Malaeimi called Double Z’s.


Five years for marijuana possession

35-year-old Misi Iti will serve 20 months in jail for possessing methamphetamine on February 10 of this year.

Happy 15th birthday Bluesky

Bluesky Communications is celebrating its 15th anniversary with a lot of activities including the launching of its $30,000 annual scholarship program, a community service project and heaps of phone promotions of free giveaways.


Gov tells boards not to go directly to DOI for CIPs

Governor Lolo has told the chairmen of semi autonomous agencies that the practice of authorities sending their requests for Capital Improvement Project funding directly to the Department of Interior without the input of his office or the local CIP Committee should not be repeated in the future.


Polynesian is getting a 3rd aircraft

Polynesian Airlines is getting a third aircraft next month, according to Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele.


Convict sentenced for marijuana possession

A convict who was caught bringing marijuana inside the Tafuna Correctional Facility when he was on work release was sentenced today to 20 months in jail for drug possession.


Pulu: Give Amata a chance

Give Amata a chance.    That was the public plea made by Aumua Amata’s Campaign Chairman Pulu Ae Ae Jr., during Amata’s campaign kickoff today in Pago Pago.   

Will power rate drop if other services are removed?

Governor Lolo Moliga has told the American Samoa Power Authority Board that he would welcome an assessment of a possible reduction in the power rates if services such as solid waste and wastewater are removed from under ASPA.   

PBS docu on Swains premieres here soon

A screening of a PBS documentary about Swains Island will be held in American Samoa next month.


DOH confiscates expired food items

The Department of Health removed food items from several stores this week because they were expired.  

Governor expects 5 cent drop in power rate

Governor Lolo Moliga wants the American Samoa Power Authority to find a way to reduce the cost of electricity by 5 cents by the end of this year.


At present the electricity rate is 39 cents per kilowatt hour and in a letter last week to the ASPA Board Chairman Fonoti Perelini, Lolo said that this rate is an improvement from the 43 to 45 cents rate that was in place when the

PE plans fuel exports from here

The CEO of the company that has been operating the fuel terminal for the American Samoa Government in the past four years says Pacific Energy hopes to restart fuel exports through Pago Pago.


2nd Annual Tina Drabble Foundation tournament

The Tina Drabble Foundation is hosting it's second annual golf tournament at the Iliili golf course Saturday.


DOH will notify schools of inspection results

The Department of Health is planning to send out next week letters to schools that have already undergone health inspections in preparation for the new school year.


Governor raises concern about Bumble Bee in Samoa

The governor has sounded a cautionary note about the impact on the territory of Bumble Bee setting up in Samoa.

Hope House volunteers

Net profit for Hope House tournament-$31,000.

After paying expenses for its recent golf tournament, Hope House is banking a profit of about $31,000.



Aunuu gets health education

Representatives of the American Samoa Area Health Education Center held an outreach visit to Aunuu as part of their mission to increase health care professionals in rural and underserved areas.


Jamias worried about military cutbacks

Retired US Army Lt. Colonel Mapu Jamias says American Samoa’s delegate to Congress must make every effort to protect the local Army Reserve from military cuts.  

Man caught touching other men's legs

The government is looking at filing additional charges against a man caught touching the legs of two other men who were on a bed.


Governor considers RF loan for Manu'a boat

Don’t be surprised if ASG makes another loan from the Retirement Fund. 

Governor wants solutions for payroll problems

The Director of Human Resources and Acting Treasurer have been tasked with assessing ASG’s payroll system and make recommendation to correct any deficiencies. 


Rtd Lt. Col Mapu Jamias runs for Congress

Retired US Army Lt. Colonel Mapu Jamias is making a bid for American Samoa’s seat in the US Congress.  


Teachers urged to be advocates of dual language

Teachers have been urged to learn and understand bilingualism so that they can convince decision makers about the benefits of bilingual education.  


Tina Drabble Foundation donates to Jr. golfers

Four local junior golfers will compete in the Callaway Junior Golf Championships in San Diego next week. 


Auditors concerned with unfunded liability

Governor Lolo Moliga met yesterday with representatives of ASG’s auditing firm Moss and Adams to go over the Fiscal Year 2013 ASG audit which has been issued.


OpenVista would open door for incentives

The contract that the LBJ Hospital and Department of Health have signed with US company Medsphere covers support and services, including future upgrades to the electronic health records system known as OpenVista. 


Asbestos removal at Rainmaker Hotel

Local company E&W Construction has begun the removal of asbestos from the old Rainmaker Hotel. 


Special Olympics fundraiser tops $40,000

More than $42,000 was raised by the Special Olympics of Amerika Samoa during its benefit dinner and tele-and-radio-a-thon on July 4th.


Over 200 would retire if given bonuses

More than 200 ASG employees have indicated their willingness to retire if they were given a retirement bonus.


New electronic health records system

A doctor at the LBJ Hospital will soon be able to get instant access to health records of a patient at the health center at Tafuna, Amouli or Leone.


Ocean Star offers fun learning experience

Thirty-five students between the ages of 10 and 12 are learning about the ocean and its resources under the Ocean Star Summer Program.


Report on BlueSky promotions probe ready

A report from the probe by the Consumer Protection Bureau of the Attorney General’s Office regarding promotions by BlueSky Communications is now on the Attorney General’s desk.


'Language is a gift from God'

A noted linguist from New Zealand, John McCaffery says American Samoa will be a leader in dual language education when it embarks on increasing the use of Samoan in classroom instruction.  


Am Samoa awarded $50,000 grant

American Samoa is awarded a grant of more than $50,000 under the Land and Water Conservation Fund administered by the US Department of Interior.


Am Samoa awarded $50,000 grant

American Samoa is awarded a grant of more than $50,000 under the Land and Water Conservation Fund administered by the US Department of Interior.


How does climate change affect freshwater?

Representatives from the government and private sector will be discussing later this month the impact of climate change on American Samoa and its limited freshwater sources.


ASTCA offers promotions after cell upgrade

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority yesterday launched its first promotion using its newly upgraded prepaid cellular network. 


Samoan judge sits on UN committee

A Samoan Supreme Court judge, Justice Vui Clarence Nelson, has been elected to sit on the Committee on the Rights of the Child, based in Geneva.


StarKist to resume production Wednesday

StarKist Samoa is to resume production on Wednesday according to a notice from cannery management issued this afternoon. 


Domestic violence now widely discussed

A victims’ advocate says American Samoa is making a dent in the fight against domestic violence because the issue is being talked about alot in the community.


Lt. Gov & Lokeni to sail on Hokule'a

Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga and 27-year-old Junior “Rex” Lokeni, an intern with the National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa are the only two Samoans who will sail on the Polynesian leg of the Hokule’a Voyage next month.

Taotua is 1st Teacher-Ranger-Teacher

A teacher from Manulele Elementary School has joined the National Park of American Samoa as its first Teacher-Ranger-Teacher.


July 4th arrests one of lowest for a holiday

Nine people were taken into custody over the July 4th weekend.


DOE launches dual language program

Gagana Taumualua or Dual Medium Language is a phrase that you can expect to hear a lot of in the new school year as the Department of Education introduces dual language instruction in the classroom. 


ASEPA issues stop order to StarKist Samoa

StarKist Samoa will not be in production until it can fix a problem with its outfall discharge pipeline which the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency believes is contributing to the discoloration of Pago Harbor water.


Double celebration on Friday

The laughter, screams and cheering of the youth and their famillies filled the air at Utulei Beach on July 4th as American Samoa celebrated Independence Day and Youth Day.


James "Superman" Aulava wins Mr. AS

Mr James “Superman” Aulava of Lauli’i will be the face that will be promoting health and wellness for the Sosaiete o Faafafine i Amerika Samoa’s chronic kidney disease awareness campaign.


Group eyes flights from US west coast to AS

A group is looking to start flights between the US west coast and American Samoa in the near future. 


ASTCA Board appoints deputy CEO

The Board of Directors of the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority approved several changes in its last board meeting which have changed the semi autonomous agency's organizational chart and limited the authority of the ASTCA CEO.


Lawmaker thanks DPW for soak pit

Tuala-uta faipule Larry Sanitoa has sent a letter of thanks to Public Works Director Faleosina Voigt for the soak pit drainage improvement near Cost U Less.


Thirty-two candidates pick up petitions

As of yesterday 32 individuals have picked up nomination petitions for the November general elections from the Election Office. 

Encouraging men and boys to end violence

The executive director of the Alliance for Strengthening Families says the recent summit on violence against women in the U.S. Virgin Islands brought together a wide range of professionals to share information and strategies on how best to end violence against women.

More gas for your buck

Fuel prices are falling this week just in time for the long July 4th weekend. 

DOE Director hunts for "informants"

Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau has informed DOE staff she is conducting an internal investigation to identify informants who are releasing information to the media. 

Maugaoalii seeks CMS report, LBJ finances

The Chairman of the House Health Committee Rep. Maugaoalii Leapai Sipa Anoa’i wants to be fully informed of the findings of an inspection of the LBJ Hospital by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the hospital’s response.

Bid notice out for new jail

Commissioner of Public Safety William Haleck says the bid notice for the new jail facility has been issued.

Slight increase in June food index

Of 18 basic food items selected for the monthly basic food index, only one, vegetable oil, registered a drop in price.  



After three years, rape defendant in court

The pretrial conference of a man accused of raping a woman twice at knifepoint in 2011 is set for August 11.

Industrial Gases expanding in Malaloa

At a time when other businesses are tightening up and watching every penny, one company is making another substantial investment in a new venture. 



Chiefs welcome delay in WPRFMC vote

Traditional leaders who petitioned against changing the rules to allow longliners to fish in near shore waters now relegated for small alia vessels, have welcomed the decision by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council to delay a vote until more discussions in the territory.