Dog trapping begins from Tafuna-Pago Pago

The Department of Agriculture yesterday began  trapping dogs which are roaming on government land in the Tafuna High School area and along the main road between Utulei and Pago Pago. 

Two DHSS grants no longer high risk

Two grants received by the American Samoa Department of Human and Social Services are no longer under high risk.   

Seniors contribute to student learning

Mrs. Theodora Polamalu has praised the inclusion of elderly citizens in the academic sessions for the Fa’aSamoa Initiative.  

To increase or not to increase the minimum wage

Governor Lolo Moliga is faced with a dilemma on what to do about minimum wages.  

Cop charged for assaulting wife

A police officer has been  charged with third degree assault and private peace disturbance for allegedly punching his pregnant wife. 

Toddler falls to his death in Aua

A young couple is mourning the loss of their 1 year-old son who passed away on the evening of Father's Day. 

VA to send another team here to promote benefits/services

The US Department of Veterans Affairs plans to send another team to the territory in a few months time for a bigger outreach program than lasty's week's community outreach.

Man charged for beating wife

Police arrested a man yesterday for allegedly assaulting his wife over the weekend.   

ASG closed Friday for Fourth of July

It’s a short work week for ASG as well as most businesses. 

ASG donates $50,000 for Team American Samoa

The American Samoa National Olympic Committee yesterday received a donation of $50,000 from ASG to help send Team American Samoa to the Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea. 

Datamatics send reps to finalize lease of premises

Officials of the India-based company that’s hoping to set up a business processing outsource operation in the territory were here last week to finalize lease arrangements for a site for their business. 

49er Jesse Sapolu promotes hearing mission

San Francisco 49er Jesse Sapolu is lending his name and talents to promoting the first Pacific mission of Starkey Hearing Foundation to help Pacific islanders hear better. 

DOH explains rules for health inspections

Businesses who wish to make renovations, relocate or add new food establishments in existing premises are required to have the Department of Health conduct an inspection before they open.

Documents in Evelyn Langford's case sealed

The federal judge who sentenced Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford Friday to 22 months in prison for wire fraud and bribery today issued an order to place under seal certain filings and documents submitted to the court in Langford’s case.  

BlueSky donates $10,000 for FaaSamoa Initiative

BlueSky Communications donated $10,000 today to the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation.


DOH raises funds for Baby Blessing

The Department of Health led a walkaton to raise funds for 3 year old Blessing Ta’aau who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, Ostosarcoma. 

USDOT awards grant to support highway safety programs

Congresswoman Aumua Amata announces that the American Samoa Government has been awarded a grant of nearly $100,000  by the US Department of Transportation.    

Man charged with assault at boat shed

A man was charged with assaulting another man at the Fagatogo boat shed last week.  

Emotional conclusion to FaaSamoa Initiative

Play Audio

Khary Darlington a recruiter for the Carolina Panthers summing up his experience of the Fa’a Samoa Initiative.

VA expands Agent Orange benefits eligibility

The Veterans Administration is expanding Agent Orange benefits eligibility to Air Force Vietnam veterans. 

Commissioner explains 48-hour hold

The 48-hour limit that a person can be held in custody without charges being filed against him or her actually starts from the time that they are taken in for questioning, and their movements are restricted.

FaaSamoa Initiative wraps up tomorrow

All good things must come to an end.  And so too the Faasamoa Initiative draws to a close tomorrow.  


Niagara water supplies on island not affected by recall

Unidentified government agencies have been harassing local store owners since photos of the recalled e-coli affected Niagra water were posted on social networks.

VA Clinics will be held at Amouli and Leone Health Centers

Veterans living on the eastern end of the island no longer have to travel all the way to the VA Clinic in Tafuna for their appointments.  

Money trickles in for Team American Samoa

The American Samoa National Olympic Committee is still accepting donations for Team American Samoa for the Pacific Games. 

Change of venue for "Get into Your Sanctuary Day"

Due to weather and wave conditions, the "Get Into Your Sanctuary Day" planned for tomorrow on Aunuu Island has been moved to the Veterans Memorial Stadium from 8am to 1pm, June 27th.  

Polynesian cleared for another 30 days to Manu'a

The US Department of Transportation has granted Polynesian Airlines cabotage waiver for another 30 days to operate flights between Tutuila and Manu’a.   

Shaun Nua's in the Navy

Tafuna High School graduate ad former Pittsburgh Steeler Shaun Nua says he’s never seen so much construction on the island than on this trip.   

Veterans urged to register so services can be improved

The Department of Veterans Administration hosted its first Community Information and Referral Workshop Wednesday at the Veterans Center in Tafuna.   

Lots of scholarships for female volleyballers

Play Audio  

That’s volleyball coach Allen Allen commenting on the volleyball clinics at the American Samoa Community College Gymnasium. 

Drug defendant released from jail

Mafoa Mikaele became a free man today after nearly 10 months in the Territorial Correctional Facility.   

Man charged with passing bad checks & stealing

A man faces felony charges of passing bad checks and stealing. 

Former Director performs ifoga in court room

Federal Judge Jon Tigar of the US District Court of Northern California -San Francisco today sentenced  Evelyn Vaitautolu-Langford to 22 months in prison and ordered her  to pay restitution of $260,000.   

Evelyn Vaitautolu-Langford jailed for 22 months

Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford has been sentenced to 22 months in prison and ordered to pay restitution of $260,000.

NFL Films Network captures FaaSamoa Initiative

A four member film crew from  NFL Films Network is on island for the very first time to capture and document the various activities of the 2015 Fa’aSamoa Initiative. 
Archive Photo of Rainmaker Hotel driveway

Demolition of Rainmaker Hotel completed

The demolition of the old Rainmaker Hotel finished a month ahead of schedule and the contractor, E&W Construction, has removed its machinery from the site.

Drug defendant released from jail

Mafoa Mikaele became a free man today after nearly 10 months in the Territorial Correctional Facility.

ASNOC Gen Sec says we can win medals

The General Secretary of the American Samoa National Olympic Committee Billy Young is optimistic that our team for the Pacific Games has strong medal prospects. 

Residents flock to see medical team

  Residents are taking advantage of the team of medical specialists here with the Troy and Polamalu Foundation.  

Does new hotel tax apply to seiner crew and yachties?

Officials of the Tax Office fielded many questions from business owners yesterday regarding the new hotel tax law which goes into effect next Wednesday. 

Hospital's new system cost a few millions

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services is funding the new Electronic Health Records system for the LBJ Hospital. 

Ex- minister convicted of murder in Samoa dies

The former Samoa Government minister convicted of murder, Leafa Vitale, has died.

Good luck Team American Samoa

Team American Samoa to the Pacific Games received a spiritual send-off at a Mass held at the Holy Family Cathedral at Fatuoaiga last evening.   

Owners seek answers on hotel tax

How to differentiate visitors from residents in deciding who should pay the new 5% hotel tax is a question that owners of hotels, motels, inns and other accomdations raised at a meeting with ASG officials yesterday.  

Paramount & ASPA fix Leone substation

The Leone substation will be reopened before the week is over.  

Man charged in December, 2014 burglary

James Taito has been charged with second degree burglary in connection with a break-in last December in which laptops, iPads, headphones, cell phone and a harmonica were stolen from a home in Ottoville.   

Congresswoman awaits details of wage plan

Congresswoman Aumua Amata says she looks forward to receiving details of Governor Lolo Moliga’s plan regarding local minimum wages. 

Owner of new business questions closure by DOH

The owners of "Corner Kitchen" were surprised when inspectors from the Department of Health closed down their new fast food operation. 

Dr. Uperesa plays key role in academic camp

Dr. Lisa Uperesa, a graduate of Matafao Elementary and Samoana High School is one of the key people who’s helping with the academic camp for the Faasamoa Initiative.  

DOH now re-registering patients for EHR

Just like the LBJ Hospital is re-registering everyone for the new Electronic Health Records system, the Health Department is also requiring everyone seen at the Community Health Centers to do the same.  

Woman faces sex charges

A 22-year-old woman, Martha Tavita, has been charged with sodomy, first degree sexual assault and first degree sexual abuse for allegedly touching a 16-year-old girl in a sexual manner. 

Local residents not subject to hotel tax

The Tax Office is going to make sure that hotel operators comply with the 5% hotel tax law which goes into effect July 1st.  

Governor says Interior will support political status decision

According to Governor Lolo, the Secretary of Interior has indicated support of AmericaN Samoa ‘s efforts to review and determine the territory’s political status.

Man charged with rape of 16 year old girl

A man is charged with rape and sodomy stemming form an incident in April in Malaeloa.   

ALJ stays Immigration Board order for Filipino woman to leave

Administrative Law Judge Toetagata Albert Mailo has approved a motion by a Filipino woman, Merlie Gumanab, to stay an order by the Immigration Board that she leave the territory since the Board has denied her application for amnesty.  

Famous 49er is back to lend Troy a hand

Seiuli Jesse Sapolu, who played 4 Superbowls for the San Francisco 49ers, is among the notable names on the group that the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation has been able to bring down for this 3rd camp.

Ava ceremony for Troy and company

Troy Polamalu and his entourage of athletes, coaches, doctors , nurses and professors were given a traditional welcome this morning, 

Tausani Air begins test flights

Yesterday Tausani Airlines started test flights of the overhauled government aircraft Segaula, which is now on lease to the company.  

GHC Reid supports FaaSamoa Initiative

One of the local sponsors for the FaaSamoa Initiative is the GHC Reid family of businesses.     

Reagan Maui'a Foundation focuses on bullying

Among the star studded group of athletes and coaches who are here for the FaaSamoa Initiative is fullback Reagan Maui’a 

District Court has to clear permit applications

Since last month those applying for 30-day entry permits from Immigration are now required to obtain clearances from the District Court. 

Cop arrested on rape allegation is out of jail

The police officer who was arrested Saturday on allegations of raping a 19-year-old girl was released yesterday at the expiration of the 48 hour hold without charges being filed.  

McDonalds increases scholarship awards

In celebration of its 15th anniversary, the McDonald's Family restaurant has increased the amount of its scholarship awards. 

ANZ EFTPOS machines down for a week

Many shoppers and customers who normally use EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point of Sale) machines have been frustrated that the ANZ machines have been out of service since last week.  

FaaSamoa Initiative donates medical supplies

LBJ Tropical Medical Center took delivery of $250,000 worth of medical equipment and supplies today donatedon behalf of the Troy & Theodora Foundation as part of the Fa’asamoa Initiative. 

Defense attorneys seek 12 month jail term

Twenty five people including her husband, children, former co workers at ASG and the US Army, pastors and friends have submitted letters in support for Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford as she awaits sentencing for wire fraud and bribery.

FaaSamoa sports camps open with lots of cheer

As the biggest group of NFL players and coaches to visit the territory at any one time watched, high school football teams entertained them with song and cheers.

New business provides transport for patients and clients

A new business catering to health related transportation needs has been set up in the territory.

Summer youth jobs needed

The Department of Human Resources is seeking the help of government agencies to provide employment opportunities for some of the young people who have applied for this year’s Summer Youth Employment Program.
:Photo: Andy Bruckner, NOAA

Comment period for green sea turtles listing extended

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and NOAA Fisheries are extending the public comment period to July 27, 2015, on the proposal to revise the listings of green sea turtles under the Endangered Species Act.    

Long waiting at LBJ to register for EHR

There were lots of angry people at the LBJ Hospital yesterday. 

Chamber doubts feds would subsidize wage bill

The Chamber of Commerce is doubtful that the federal government may provide funding to cover any increases in the local minimum wages.    

Players and coaches happy to get new gear

It was like Christmas Day for high school footballers yesterday when they were given shoes, jerseys and shorts courtesy of the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation.  

High Court hears arguments on Mama's motion

The High Court heard oral arguments Friday on the motion by the owner of Le Aute Sports Bar Tumuatasi Lefatia also known as Mama Lefatia to suppress evidence relating to methamphetamine found during a police search of her home on March 19.  

Former DHR Director was court martialed

The US Government’s sentencing memorandum in the case of former Director of Human Resources and Governor’s Authorized Representative Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford mentions an apparent motive in her decision to seek a loan from Native Hawaiian Holding Company.

Polamalu Foundation distributes sports gear

High school students were the first to receive brand new gear from the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation today.   

Directors urged to stick to budget ceilings

Review of the Fiscal Year 2016 budget will be the main task for the next session of the Fono which begins on the second Monday of July. 

Catholic Synod presents recommendations

Recommendations or remits from the third synod of the Catholic Diocese of Samoa -Pago Pago were officially handed over to Bishop Peter Brown at a Mass at the Holy Family Cathedral yesterday.   

Treasury holds meeting on hotel tax

Treasury will hold an information briefing for the new hotel tax at 9:30am Wednesday, June 24th.  

StarKist donates $15,000 for FaaSamoa Initiative

Troy Polamalu rubbed shoulders with the men and women who drive American Samoa's economy, the StarKist Samoa employees this morning.

NOAA says aviation weather services will continue

Governor Lolo has received assurances from the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration that aviation weather information will continue to be provided for aircraft arriving and taking off at Pago Pago International Airport.    

Troy pleased with response from parents

Retired safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu was pleased with the turnout and response from parents who turned up Saturday for the first event of the Faasamoa Initiative, a parents symposium.   

Governor Lolo takes new position on min wage

Governor Lolo Moliga is taking a different position on the minimum wage. 

AG: Langford should be made an example of

Attorney General Talauega Eleasalo Ale has described Evelyn Vaitautolu Langford who’s awaiting sentencing for wire fraud and bribery as someone greedy who wanted more and did not care she was taking from her own Samoan brothers and sisters. 

Police officer arrested on rape allegation

A policeman was arrested over the weekend on allegations of rape involoving a nineteen year old girl.   

Troy: Parents are the biggest influence on their kids

The retired safety of the Pittsburgh Steelers Troy Polamalu has arrived in American Samoa for his FaaSamoa Initiative, a combined sports, medical and academic camp for the youth of the territory.

Directors told to watch their spending to avoid deficit

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga told a cabinet meeting today that ASG is expected to incur a deficit of $5 million by the end of Fiscal Year 2015 if some directors don’t control their spending. 

Don Bosco defendants reject plea deals

The  three members of the Don Bosco group that was here for the Flag Day celebrations in April but ended up being arrested and charged for sexual offences involving a minor remain behind bars at the Territorial Correctional Facility on bail of $100,000 each,.  

All's set for ASNOC telethon for Team American Samoa

Next  Sunday the first of our athletes to the Pacific Games will leave for Papua New Guinea.  

Longline owner upset with lack of support

The owner of Longline Fisheries Company Carlos Sanchez made some strong statements at this week’s meeting of the Western Pacific Fisheries Management Council in Honolulu. 

Congresswoman proud of student reps

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has congratulated the three students from American Samoa who participated in the National History Day competition in Maryland this week.

Suit against office of ex-congressman dismissed

A federal judge has dismissed the discrimination lawsuit filed  by a former legislative counsel for Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin against his office.   

Polynesian seeks 30 day extension for Manu'a

Polynesian Airlines has applied to the US Department of Transportation to extend cabotage operations for its flights to Manu’a to the end of July.   

WPFMC urges revision of Tuna Treaty

The Western Pacific Fishery Management Council has made several recommendations to address increasingly restricted catch limits on US purse-seine and longline vessels in the Western and Pacific Ocean (WCPO). The Council recognized that the combination o

Polamalu Parents Symposium is tomorrow

Director of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin Finau  is urging parents of children registered for the Faasamoa Initiative to turn out tomorrow to hear Troy and Theodora Polamalu discuss their plans to help American Samoa's youth.  

Manu'a to be first fossil fuel free island

Manu’a is on its way to being the first fossil free island in the whole world and according to one speaker at the Pacific Islands Environment Conference this is attracting the attention of Silicon Valley, Hollywood and President Obama.

Woman petitions for stay of immigration ruling

The Filipino woman who has complained publicly about being harassed and intimidated by the chief immigration officer and immigration officials has petitioned to the Administrative Law Judge to stay a decision by the Immigration Board to deny her application.

LBJ turns on new Electronic Health Record

The LBJ Tropical Medical Center (LBJTMC) will turn on a new, certified Electronic Health Record (EHR) this Saturday, June 20 at 8:00 AM. 

Blistery weather for a few days

Windy and wet conditions were the order of the day and it would be advisable for any outdoor activities being planned for tonight to move indoors.  

Half billion dollar green project for Tutuila

There's big bucks coming to the territory for a renewable energy project. 

Public urged to make use of medical mission

Residents are urged to make use of the services of physicians on the medical team that the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation are bringing to the territory as part of the Faasamoa Initiative.

Cannery official concerned about fish supplies

The Chief Operating Officer of Tri Marine international Joe Hamby has cautioned that the canneris in American Samoa run the risk of not getting enough fish supplies because of limited fishing grounds nearby. 

DHSS and DBAS awarded federal grants

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has announced two grant awards for American Samoa. 

USEPA Administrator supports making ASEPA a department

It’s the view of the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency Region 9, which American Samoa falls under that making the local EPA a department will make the agency more efficient. 

You can donate now for Team American Samoa

Preparations for the last fundraiser to help send American Samoa's team to the Pacific Ganes, a telethon and radiothon on Saturday is reaching a feverish pitch.

Samoa Shipping pays up, uma le case

The Samoa Shipping Corporation paid up within 2 weeks after the LBJ Hospital sued to recover an unpaid bill.    

Plaintiffs to seek full panel to rehear citizenship case

Plaintiffs in the Tuaua vs United States case say they will request that the full Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia rehear the case en banc, or with the complete panel of judges.  

Catholics hold Diocesan Synod

The third Synod for the Diocese of Samoa Pago Pago since it became independent from the Catholic Church in Samoa in 1983, begins at 4pm today at Fatuoaiga.

Governor Lolo explains Workmen's claim

Governor Lolo Moliga says his staff should have answered questions about his workmans compensation claim and assures that everything was done above board.

Governor asks Council to reverse LVPA recommendation

Governor Lolo Moliga has asked  the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council to reverse its recommendation to the Secretary of Commerce to allow longliners to fish within the Large Vessel Prohibited Area, now reserved for small alia.

Pre-camp to prepare for Fa'aSamoa Camp

More than 1000 local youth have registered for the Fa'asamoa Camp sponsored by the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation.   

Loss of fishing grounds threaten canneries

One of American Samoa's representatives to the Western Pacific Fishery Management Council made a storng plea for help to ensure that the two local canneries get the supplies of fish they need.

Ex computer game designer promotes indigenous, renewable energy

One of the presenters at the Pacific Island Environment Conference is a former computer game designer turned green energy investor whose dream is to make Hawaii completely fossil fuel free. 

Am Samoa Democratic Party to elect chairman July 1st

 The American Samoa Democratic party hopes to elect a new party chairman and secretary when it holds its next meeting on July 1st.   

Port awaits responses in fuel theft case

The Department of Port Administration is awaiting responses from four employees who were implicated in a report about the theft of fuel belonging to the government on the main dock.  

Governor receives workmans compensation

Governor Lolo Moliga filed a workmans compensation claim against the American Samoa Government and the Governor’s Office and his claim has been settled and paid.  

MV Sili gets new generator

The MV Sili needed to have a generator replaced when it returned from its last trip to Manu’a more than two weeks ago. 

Leone substation wont be reopened for awhile

Despite concerns from residents of Fofo and Alataua districts about the closure of the Leone substation, it will not be reopened anytime soon.   

American Samoa one of 50 chosen communities

American Samoa has been chosen as one of the 50 communities across the United States for a federal program called Strong Cities Strong Communities.   

JROTC leadership camp underway

The JROTC Junior Cadet Leadership training kicked off yesterday at Maliu Mai Beach Resort in Fogagogo.  

Young man faces sex charges

Nineteen year old Tuitamailaveitiga Salati has been charged with first degree sexual abuse and sodomy involving an 11-year-old girl.

Leaders urged to step up their game

The Deputy Director of the Department of Education's Office of Curriculum and Instruction Netini Sene did not paint a rosy picture but told it like it is when she gave a report card of the first year of implementation of DOE’s 5 year Comprehensive Plan.

ASTCA deploys O3b trunk

There was no announcement here but the O3b Networks announced yesterday that the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority (ASTCA) has deployed its O3bTrunk. 

USEPA Administrator promises to deal with drinking water problem

Off island delegates attending the 28th Pacific Islands Environment Conference were given a traditional welcome with an ava ceremony at the Fale Samoa at Suiga Ula o e Atuvasa in Utulei this morning.  

Pro rate formula remains for business licenses

When the Fono changed the law to increase business license fees, it did not change the provision of the law which applies to business licenses obtained well after the beginning of the licensing period.  

No federal funding for landslide mitigation

Attempts to seek funding from the US Federal Highway Administration  to mitigate landslides that have occurred around the island have been unsuccessful due to eligibility issues.

Business model for ulu plan rewards village suppliers

One of the purposes of the presentation on the ulu or breadfruit opportunities for trade and manufacturing is to find partners in American Samoa that are interested in becoming ulu suppliers.

Case of 15 year old girl referred to Child Protective Services

The LBJ Hospital has referred to the Child Protective Services of the Department of Human and Social Services the case of a 15 year old girl from Samoa who was admitted a week ago suffering from what health authorities suspected was hemorrhagic fever.

Las Vegas call center has interest in Am Samoa

There‘s more than one technology type business eyeing American Samoa as a place to do business.   

Governor: education should meet market needs

Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga spoke at the opening of the 3rd Annual Leadership Academy for the Department of Education this morning. 

American Samoa eyed as export center for ulu

Some of the top researchers, food scientists and marketing experts have joined efforts on a project that would see the breadfruit or ulu becoming a major food commodity on the world market in the future.  

PPD turns into drug possession

Sulu Atia’e was arraigned in high court today on charges of unlawful possession of a controlled substance, third degree assault and public peace disturbance. 

DOH serotyping results confirm two dengue deaths, 3rd case negative

The Department of Health has received serotyping results of blood specimens of suspected dengue cases which were sent off island for testing.   

Higher excise tax on cigarettes goes into effect today

The excise tax for cigarettes jumps from 12 and a half cents to 30 cents per cigarette effective today.   

All's set for Fa'a Samoa Initiative

  On June 23-27, 2015 the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation Fund will sponsor its third bi-annual youth camp in American Samoa.  

No jail time for Gataivai Talamoa

The High Court stayed a 20 month jail sentence for Gataivai Talamoa who pled guilty to first degree propery damage and public peace disturbance in a plea agreement with the government.  

National Park offers Saturday hikes

The National Park of American Samoa is offering free ranger-led Saturday hikes from late-June through mid-September. 

HTC Tuaolo Fruean is new senator for Pago Pago

Chief Election Commissioner Tuaolo Manaia Fruean is leaving his cabinet position to become the next senator for Pago Pago.     

Higher business license fees effective today

Higher Business license fees approved by the Fono in the first session go into effect today. 

Coast Guard award for Cape Ferrat

The US Coast Guard  on Saturday presented an award to the captain of a purse seiner which abandoned fishing operations and answered a call to render help to the crew of a burning purse seiner, 60 miles away.    

Enrollment of health care providers begins

It’s been discussed for a long time but today the territory moved closer to realizing a plan to give residents more options to health care.

Man who violated probation given another chance

Pouono Muasau is being released from custody today after the High Court accepted a recommendation by the Probation office that he be given another chance to be in compliance with conditions of his probation. 

Reduced dialysis treatment for a few days

Earlier this week dialysis patients were put on a reduced dialysis treatment schedule to ensure that supplies of a solution needed for hemodialysis, Naturalyte Bicarbonate concentrate would last. 

DOH shuts down Jean P. Hayden Museum

Another government building, the Jean P Hayden Museum, in Fagatogo has been shut down by the Department of Health.  

Callers jam EOC lines after earthquake

Many were unnerved by the earthquake which rattled the Samoan group at 12:07 this morning.  

Talofa to the new National Park Superintendent

The new Superintendent of the national Park of American Samoa Scott Burch arrived in the territory this week.  

Some BOH ATMs out of services

Bank of Hawaii customers had to wait for more than an hour to get money out of the ATM machine in Utulei  this morning.  

Dengue fever spreads, chicken pox normal

The Department of Health reports a surge in cases of people with flu-like symptoms, and acute fever and rash. 

ASPA rate increases effective June 20

Expect an increase in your utility bill later this month. 

Public Health lifts EOB closure notice

Public health lifted the closure notice for parts of the AP Lutali Executive Office Building yesterday afternoon and agencies which were closed for a day were given the all clear to return to their offices.   

Strong shaker last night

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck just after midnight last night.   

Tautai President says longliners dont own FADs

Yesterday we broadcast a story from the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources about a Fish Aggregation Device or FAD which caused damage to the reef at Fagaalu.  

Chamber welcomes grant from OIA

The technical assistance grant that the Office of Insular Affairs awarded to the American Samoa Chamber of Commerce will enable the organization to carry out tasks that it has been planning for some time.  

Budget requests for FY2016 10% less than FY2015

The budget call for fiscal year 2016 has been issued. 

DOH reports that chicken pox cases not unusual

The Department of Health says the community should not be alarmed that vaccination for the prevention of chicken pox is not available on island.   

Judge tells defendant to pay up or go to jail

A man who failed to pay restitution for items he stole when he broke into a home in 2014  has been given another chance to pay up or go to jail. 

Loose FAD damages reef at Fagaalu

A fish aggregation device or FAD which got stuck on the reef at Fagaalu caused quite a bit of damage. 

Amata pays tribute to MSGT Tautalagia Sotoa Numera

The service of a man who devoted 27 years of his life to  the US Marine Corps has been Honored in remarks submitted by Congresswoman Aumua Amata for the Congressional Record. 

Hearing for Don Bosco group members continued for a week

A status hearing for the three members of the Don Bosco malaga that was here for Flag Day accused of having sex with a minor was continued to next Thursday because their attorney was not present.   

'Breadfruit may be the window to worldwide trade'

Research that has been carried out on breadfruit or ulu and manufacturing opportunities for farmers will be covered in a presentation next Monday hosted bu the Department of Commerce.  

Governor urges support for Team American Samoa

Governor Lolo Moliga has called on all departments and agencies to give their full support to the telethon and radiothon to raise funds to send American Samoa's team to the Pacific Games. 

History Day winners Maryland-bound

The top winners of this year's History Day competition are Maryland-bound for the National History Day competition June 14-18. 

Haleck Apia Motors celebrates new location

Local businessman Avamua Dave Haleck celebrated the opening of a new location of Haleck Apia Motors in Samoa earlier this week. 

Case not over for woman with complaint

The citizen of the Philippines who has gone public with claims that she has been harassed and intimidated by Immigration officials has been interviewed by the Attorney General’s Office.   

AG's Office will assist return of inmates

The Attorney General’s Office will assist in returning home individuals who have completed their jail sentences but remain at the Territorial Correctional Facility.  

Pago Pago Youth Center will be ready

The Department of Youth and Women’s Affairs Youth Center in Pago Pago will be ready  for Samoana High School’s graduation on Friday according to Ethan Lake, the department’s Sports Commissioner. 

Winners of BlueSky scholarships are...

BlueSky Communications today presented $30,000 in scholarship money to six high school graduates to pursue their education off island.  

Bids for service wharf still under review

More than two months after bids closed for construction of a new service wharf at the main dock, no contract has been awarded for the project.   

American Samoa at climate change meeting

American Samoa was among US Pacific islands that discussed problems caused by climate change and resilience strategies at a meeting in Guam ast week.  

Pest control contract for EOB terminated

Director of the Administrative Services, Malemo Tausaga has decided to terminate the services of the pest control company contracted to service the Executive Office Building, AMDJ Company.

Company moves forward to set up BPO

 India-based company Datamatics is moving forward to establish a business processing outsource company in American Samoa. 

Man found with 230 joints gets 20 months in jail

In two weeks a man who arrived on the Lady Naomi from Samoa with plastic bags containing a large number of hand rolled joints taped to his body will be let out of jail. 

Chamber praises BPO company

The Chamber of Commerce is excited about plans by India based company Datamatics in partnership with a local company Aviana Technologies to set up a business processing outsource operation in the territory. 

What to do about those rats

The rat-infested  Executive Office Building (EOB) in Utulei is becoming a mater of grave concern for the Department of Health said Papali’i Marion Fitiseman, Chief Compliance Officer at DOH. 

160 confirmed for environment conference

More than 160 delegates including 50 from off island have been confirmed to attend the 28th Pacific Islands Environment Conference that will be held here June 15-18. 

Olympic Day & telethon on June 20

The last fundraiser to send American Samoa’s contingent for the Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea next month is a telethon and radiothon on Saturday, June 20.  

Convicts still at TCF after serving their sentences

The inmate population at the Territorial Correctional Facility includes convicts who have completed their jail sentences and were supposed to leave the territory but haven’t apparently because their immigration bond money has been used up by their sponsors.

$1.4 million in tax refund checks released

It was news that many were waiting for.  Even before the announcement from Treasury went out that a new batch of tax refund checks was ready for release about 40 people were waiting in line at the Disbursing Window.  

No charges from recent arrests

No charges have been filed against two individuals who weer in police custody over the weekend.

Woman files $2.5 m lawsuit against airline

A woman who claimed she was forced to crawl on an American Airlines plane to get to her seat has sued the airline for $2.5 million.   

DOH closes down EOB offices due to dead rats

The Department of Health closed down this afternoon some offices in the AP Lutali Executive Office Building in Utulei because of the bad odor from dead rats  

Sen. Tuiasina speaks out about false report

The false report on Adodo Chronicles which said that the governor has signed a bill which would require US citizens to obtain visas to enter American Samoa is creating quite a stir.   

Leone siblings share Navy service experience

Separation from family during deployments can be difficult for any sailor, but for two sailors form American Samoa aboard the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS George Washington (CVN 73), family is just a few decks away.    

Assault case dismissed

A motion by the government to dismiss assault charges against Ationo Talamoa  stemming from an incident in 2013  was yesterday granted by the High Court.  

ASEDA submits FY2014 financial statements

ASG’s financial statement for Fiscal Year 2014 has now been submitted to the bond rating companies for their review and it will be another two or three weeks before the companies give a verdict.  

Entomologist gives mosquito training

The entomologist at the Land Grant Division of the American Samoa Community College, Dr. Mark Schmaedick will be giving a training for Environmental Health employees of the Department of Health tomorrow so they can be effective in controlling mosquitoes

CEO assures Dialysis Unit has returned to normal

The CEO of the LBJ Hospital Taufetee John Faumuina Jr, says the Dialysis Unit is now back to normal with enough supplies of the solution Naturalyte Bicarbonate concentrate.  

Knowing the dengue carrying mosquitoes

A batch of 20 blood samples will be sent tonight for Laboratory testing for dengue fever  in Hawaii according to Sharmain Mageo *LBJ Infection* Prevention Nurse.  

Concerns about business licensing

As the effective date for higher business licensing fees draws near, the Chamber of Commerce is hoping to have a discussion with the Department of Commerce to streamline the business licensing process.   

Orientation held for TPC

There's signs of life from the newly constituted Territorial Planning Commission which has been dormant for some time.


Governor's Office dispels story from Adobo Chronicles

The Governor’s Office issued a press release today concerning an article which was posted on a website called Adobo Chronicles that has gone viral on social media and attracted a lot of comments. 

DPS investigates gas pilfering at port

A story on KHJ News Friday about the pilfering of fuel at the department of Port Administration has triggered an investigation by the Department of Public Safety.

Plea deal good 2nd time around

Aukusitino Falani has pled guilty to a reduced charge of 3rd degree assault and the government has moved to dismiss the public peace disturbance charge against him.   

New student organization at ASCC

Students with designs on a career in health have formed a new student organization at the American Samoa Community College.     

NMAS gets worldwide attention on Google

The National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is getting worldwide attention thanks to Google which last week released new street view imagery of some of the sanctuary sites.   

LBJ Hospital awaiting more bicarb supplies

The LBJ Hospital Dialysis Unit is still short of a solution needed for treatment of dialysis patients.   

Passenger arrested for marijuana seeds

On Friday night a passenger on the Hawaiian Air flight was taken into custody after marijuana was found in his possession. 

Chamber sees need for balancing act on min wage

There’s still no information from the administration on what action it is taking on the next 50 cent increase in the minimum wage that’s due to go into effect September 30. 

Wife of inmate held after ice found in boots

A woman who dropped off personal effects for her husband at the Territorial Correctional Facility last Thursday ended up spending two days at the woman’s facility at TCF after guards allegedly found crystal methamphetamine in a pair of boots. 
Photos: Anthony Mageo

Aiga bus crashes into home in Pago

A small aiga bus lost control while it was coming down the Fagasa Pass approaching Pago Pago and plunged down the steep incline just past the Tuaolo Fruean residence and crashed into the side of a home Friday afternoon.   
2014 FAA briefing

ASG & FAA move to resolve airport land issues

When Governor Lolo Moliga met with  Federal Aviation Administration Airports Division Manager, Honolulu Ron Simpson a week ago, there was amicable agreement that the FAA should remove from the map of airport land 325 acres that ASG is now using for other purposes.

Attorney says ruling justifies second class status for Am Samoans

Attorney Charles Alailima who represents the plaintiffs in Tuaua vs United States says the  decision denying their appeal marks the first time a federal court of appeals has ruled that citizenship by birth on U.S. soil is not a fundamental right.  

Amata pleased with ruling, ready to introduce citizenship bill

Congresswoman Aumua Amata Radewagen says now that a federal court has ruled it’s up to American Samoans as a group, living in the islands to decide the issue of citizenship, she will quickly introduce a bill to address the question.  

SOFIAS donate to Red Cross

The organization of faafafine known as SOFIAS,  Sosaiete o Faafafine i Amerika Samoa today presented a donation of $1,000 to the Red Cross.    

Drug possession case goes to High Court

The case of a man charged with two counts of possession of controlled substance, methanphetamine and marijuana has been bound over to High Court. 

Supplies arrive, Dialysis Unit begins treatment

Dialysis patients may breathe a sigh of relief.   

Charlie Charlie are you there?

Charlie! Charlie? No not Charlie the Tuna but Charlie the "spirit summoning" game which has made its way into local schools and homes.  

Court releases man for 90 days to find job

A man who admitted to smoking a joint outside a night club last year is being released from jail and given 90 days to find a job.  

Citizenship right doesnt extend to Am Samoans

The citizenship clause of the US Constitution does not extend birthright citizenship to those born in American Samoa.   

Three new dengue cases admitted at LBJ

Three people suspected of contracting dengue fever were admitted to the LBJ Hospital yesterday. 

Some April filers get tax refunds

KHJ News has received information that some people who filed their taxes in April were recently issued their tax refund checks.   

Port investigates pilfering of gas

Director of Port Administration Taimalelagi Dr. Claire Poumele is looking into an incident last month in which employees were seen pumping gas from a 55 gallon drum outside the Water Transportation Office into the vehicle of a supervisor.  

Appeals Court denies automatic US citizenship

The US Court of AppealS for the District of Columbia Circuit has ruled that American Samoans do not have a right to U.S. citizenship simply because they were born in the U.S. territory.


Polamalu Foundation active on SEAS

The Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation has been actively involved in efforts to protect American Samoa ‘s tuna industry.   

Moanatele now offers tax help

MoanaTele Legal, the online lawfirm set up by former assistant attorney general Sean Morrison, has now launched an online tax service. 

Amnesty denied for woman who has accused CIO

The Immigration Board yesterday denied the amnesty application for a citizen of the Philippines who claims she has been harassed and intimidated by the Immigration Office.   

Samoa consulate helps with NZ quota scheme

Citizens of Samoa residing in the territory may now apply for the New Zealand Quota Scheme through the Samoa Consulate in Fagatogo.

Dialysis Unit will reopen 1am Saturday

The LBJ Hospital is getting an emergency shipment of Naturalyte Liquid Bicarbonate Concentrate on Friday and this afternoon issued an announcement advising patients on when they can come in for hemodialysis. 

Fishermen still sell by the roadside

With the opening of the fish market at the Fagatoto marketplace, some are wondering why some fishermen are still selling their catch by the roadside.  

Am Samoa 's infrastructure would get an F

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has told a hearing of trhe House Small Business Committee hearing that if the American Sociaety of Engineers would grade American Samoa’s infrastructure it would give an F. 

Dengue deaths "unusual"

The Department of Health is carrying out further testing to determine if there’s a new type of dengue fever present in the territory, following confirmation that two people died from dengue last month. 

DOA experiments on increasing taro yield

An exciting experiment being conducted by a consultant for the Department of Agriculture is trying to increase the amount of taro that can be harvested by growing them closer together.

SYEP starts late this year

The Annual Summer Youth Employment Program will start later than usual this year 
because confirmation of funding has not been received as well as new guidelines from the US Department of Labor.

DYWA Deputy Dr says he's not a subcontractor

The Deputy Director of the Department of Youth And Women Affairs Pa'u Roy Ausage has dismissed suggestions that he is a subcontractor for the Pago Pago Youth Center project.

Corals turn white when stressed

Noticed a lot of white on the reefs lately?   That’s caused by stress on corals due to the recent spike in sea temperature from January to May, 2015. 

Faipule looks into DBAS loan from Retirement Fund

News that the Retirement Fund Board has approved a $2 million loan for the Development Bank of American Samoa has stirred up some members of the fund who have expressed concerns to lawmakers.  

ASTCA reviews pricing for new services

The American Samoa Telecommunications Authority is having to review their pricing for services made possible by the Broadband Linking American Samoa Territory project.

DOE's Samoan school, ASIA, begins June 15

The Department of Education expects more students to enroll for its Samoan language program for the summer called ASIA or Aoga Samoa i Afioaga which translates as Samoan schools in villages.   

Dialysis Clinic closed temporarily

Dialysis patients who went for their usual treatment  today at the LBJ Hospital found the Dialysis unit closed. 

Infant and 37 yr old die from dengue fever

The death of two people from dengue fever when there has not been an increase in dengue n the territory for some time, is unsettling health authorities.  

Driver in Lupelele accident charged

The 40-year-old man who was driving a vehicle that struck a 7th grader at Lupelele Elementary School two weeks ago has been charged.  

Corporation sponsorship law in effect June 15

The new law regulating the ability of corporations to sponsor foreigners goes into effect June 15.  

Dengue fever kills two people in May

The Department of Health is monitoring suspected cases of dengue fever which were recently reported in the territory. 

New building for Le'atele School dedicated today

A few days before they go on their summer break, faculty and students of Le’atele Elementary School in Fagasa get to enjoy their  newly completed two-story school building. 

NMI delegate honors chiefs in exile

Northern Marianas Congressman Greg Kilili Sablan paid tribute to 72 Samoans exiled to the NMI almost 100-years ago.  

Sentencing of Faamaoni John Utu postponed

The combined plea and sentencing hearing for l602 project owner Faamaoni John utu will not take place tomorrow as scheduled. 

Woman says she's harassed & scared by Immigration

A Filipino woman claims she is being pressured to drop a complaint against immigration officials whom she's accused of harassing and scaring her or else her application for amnesty will be rejected. 

Police now stationed at Lupelele Elementary

The commissioner of Public safety has responded to the request by Tuala-uta lawmaker Vui Florence Saulo to have police present at the Lupelele Elementary School during peak traffic hours.  

DOC pushes to improve data collection

The Department of Commerce is working on several projects to improve data collection on various fronts. 

All fuel removed from grounded longliner

All fuel that was on board the longliner Seahawk 68, grounded on the reef off the airport, has been successfully removed. 

Tafuna grad overcomes obstacles to attain goal

Lets hear if for Tafuna High School graduate, Andrew Pati Ah Young.


Man now faces felony charge of assault

  The government today filed a felony charged against a man who allegedly broke the jaw of another man who asked him about stealing a TV set.  

DOI awards $1.2 million for American Samoa

Interior Assistant Secretary for Insular Areas Esther Kia’aina recently approved $1.2 million in grant assistance to American Samoa to support public health and economic development projects.  

Japanese American Museum devotes exhibit to tatau

An exhibition devoted to the Samoan tattoo will be staged at the Japanese American Museum in Los Angeles. 

Miss American Samoa urges young ladies to grab the chance

Being a  contestant for the Miss American Samoa pageant is not just about beauty and poise. 
Samoana Principal

Governor makes final call on Samoana graduation

The students have spoken and Governor Lolo Moliga has heard them.   

Cases of Ripley & Filifaatali dismissed

Associate Justice Lyle Richmond has granted a stipulated motion  to dismiss without prejudice the government's six-year-old case against Filifaatali Mike Fuiava and Marie Ripley.

Man charged for breaking victim's jaw

A man on probation in the High Court for going after a homeless man with a machete is again back in court for another assault case. 

Report: ASG stays within budget for 2nd Quarter

The Office of Program Planning and Budget reports that ASG spending was within its budget for the second quarter of the fiscal year. 

ASPA revenues drop in second quarter

A drop in fuel prices coupled with slow progress of grant funded projects resulted in a revenue shortfall for the American Samoa Power Authority in the second quarter of Fiscal Year 2015.

BLAST winding down, check if you're connected

Homes and offices that have already been connected  to the American Samoa Telecommunications Authority’s fiber optic network under the BLAST project should be experiencing lightning speed internet.  


VA directors from Region 9 arriving this month

A high level delegation from the Veterans Administration Region Nine will visit American Samoa later this month to get a better understanding of the needs of veterans who reside in the territory.  

Police investigate death in Ottoville

A woman collapsed and died while doing laundry at a laundromat in Ottoville on Friday.  She was pronounced dead upon arrival at the LBJ Hospital. 

"Samoan Exiles on Saipan, 1905-1915"

One of the most famous names in the Mau movement, when Samoa was fighting for independence is that of orator Lauaki Namulauulu Mamoe.   

Many seek help to quit smoking

Many smokers mostly those in their early 20s have registered with the Department of Health’s Tobacco/Diabetes Coalition with the hope of quitting smoking. 

Mrs Polamalu says Hope House is a treasure

Ten doctors will be arriving with the FaaSamoa Camp contingent that will be holding football and volleyball clinics, academic and skills training and a medical mission in the territory late this month.  

Leone police substation closed due to bad septic

The Leone substation has been closed until a backed up septic tank is fixed. 

ASPA extends opening hours for customer service

The American Samoa Power Authority is extending hours for its branch at the Pago Plaza to accommodate customers who reside in the Eastern District.  

Community service for woman who couldn't pay

A woman convicted of stealing was released from jail last week and ordered to perform 100 hours of community service. 

Company impressed with workforce quality

A company eyeing American Samoa for a business processing outsource venture says the quality of applications submitted  at a job fair last week was above what they expected.   

Decision made on venue for Samoana graduation

The Samoana Class of 20l5 will graduate at the Kananfou-fou gym. 

CJPA no longer high risk, now able to drawdown

The Criminal Justice Planning Agency has been removed from high risk designation by the US Department of Justice. 

Prosecutors seek jail time & restitution for John Utu

The federal government has asked the federal judge presiding over the case of 1602 project owner Faamaoni John Utu to hand down a sentence that will reflect the seriousness of Utu’s crime, provide just punishment, and adequately deter criminal conduct.

LBJ Hospital spends triple what it earns

 The LBJ Hospital continues to spend more money than it can collect for its operations. 

Samoan coach donates curriculum to Polamalu Foundation

Adding an education component to the Faa Samoa camp is a way that the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation believes it can make a lasting impact on the youth of American Samoa. 

DOH sees improvements in school facilities

 The Department of Health has seen a big improvement in the conditions of school facilities. 

Death in Afono ruled a suicide

Police have ruled the death of a man  found hanging from a tree in Afono earlier this month a suicide. 

Woman who filed false tax claims to plead guilty

A Samoan woman accused of using her clients’ tax information to defraud the US Government of more than $200,000 intents to plead guilty to her crime.


Capt Wong-Mageo receives Gen MacArthur Award

Captain Puletasi H. Wong-Mageo of the American Samoa Army Reserve has been selected as one of the recipients of the 2014 General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award.

Man sent to jail for machete assault

A man who slashed the arm of another man with a machete was sentenced today in District Court to 8 months in jail for assault. 

Consumer Protection Bureau responds

Those with complaints about cigarette prices or any consumer issues are urged to visit the Consumer Protection Bureau in the Attorney General’s Office.  

Polamalus stress parental involvement in camp

The 2015 Faasamoa Camp, sponsored by the Troy and Theodora Polamalu Foundation will be bringing down the biggest contingent yet of any of the summer camps held in the territory. 

Students want say in graduation venue

The graduating class of Samoana High School is fighting plans by the Department of Education to hold their graduation at the Kanana-fou Gym. 

All systems go at Samoa Tuna Processors

Samoa Tuna Processors is slowly revving up production at its $70 million tuna processing plant which was officially opened in January. 

Much to celebrate at Nu'uuli VoTech

Nu'uuli Vocational Technical High School has much to celebrate.

ASG to present strong letter on 50 mile change

Governor Lolo Moliga says the Fisheries Task Force has generated new ideas on how the territory can develop its fisheries industry aside from the canneries.   

DOH shuts down LYC Inc. in Malaeimi

Health inspectors today closed the LYC Inc., store in Malaeimi due to unsanitary conditions. 

DOT fines Hawaiian Air $160,000

The US Department of Transportation has fined Hawaiian Airlines $160,000 for engaging in unfair and deceptive practices by under-compensating passengers for late baggage and for deceiving customers on a credit card promotion. 

Mrs Theodora Polamalu visits Hope House

Hope House got a special visitor yesterday. 

CSM Tobin promoted at Defense Logistics Agency

Congresswoman Aumua Amata has congratulated Command Sergeant Major (CSM) Charles M. Tobin on his new assignment as the Senior Enlisted Leader of the Defense Logistics Agency.   

Over 200 turn out for Job Fair

Over 200 job seekers packed the Naumati Conference Room of the Tradewinds Hotel this morning for the Job Fair sponsored by Aviana Technologies and their client Datamatics, a business processing outsource company based in India.     

Daycare center employee a no show in court

District Court Judge Elvis Patea today issued a bench warrant for the arrest of the former daycare employee accused of assaulting an infant after the employee did not show up in court. 

Pre trial for defendant in Le Aute case continued

The pretrial conference for Ah Kiong or Ationo Talamoa, charged in connection with the police raid of Le Aute Sports bar in March has been continued to next month to allow his lawyer to review discovery from the government. 

Oldest TAOA participant turns 100 next week

The oldest participant in the Territorial Administration on Aging or TAOA Program is 99-year-old Fiatagata Tuisamatatele. 

Polynesian gets another 30 day waiver

Polynesian Airlines has been granted another cabotage waiver by the US Department of Transportation to continue flights to Manua Islands. 

Rough weather cuts short fuel removal

About 50 gallons of diesel fuel was removed yesterday from the longliner, Seahawk 68 that’s grounded on the reef off the airport.

Not enough applicants for fisheries scholarships

A workshop to help identify the most needed science research related to fisheries eco systems in American Samoa has discussed ways to attract local students to get into fisheries. 

Stores selling cigarettes for $5 per pack

Even before the 30 cent per cigarette excise tax goes into effect, some stores are selling cigarettes for $5 a pack.   

Governor says there's no rift between he & Lt. Gov

He said they symbolize the knowledge of our past and they are the foundation of our future. 

Governor looks into immigration flaws

The governor is concerned  with weaknesses in immigration enforcement that have allowed convicted felons who were banned as part of their sentences to re enter the territory.  

Tax errors hurting ASG

Tax Office Manager Richard Jimmerson says poor booking keeping and tax filers not stating their revenues and expenses correctly are hurting ASG’s tax collection. 

Datamatics & Aviana partnership would create jobs

The Department of Commerce is encouraging those interested in technology type jobs to check a Job Fair happening tomorrow at the Tradewinds Hotel.  

It's Senior Citizens Day

More than 1,000 senior citizens will be at the Suigaula o le Atuvasa tomorrow to celebrate Senior Citizens Day. 

Workshop helps identify most needed research

A workshop which began yesterday is looking at research needs for fisheries and eco systems in American Samoa. 

Vessel owner is responsible for all costs

ASG officials don’t want a repeat of what happened to vessels which were grounded during Cyclone Val to occur with the longliner that‘s on its side on the reef near the airport.

Vehicle burglar gets 28 month jail term

A man who broke into a vehicle and took off with a laptop and cell phones was sentenced today to 28 months in jail. 

No reduction in work hours

ASG is still in dire financial straits but apparently not dire enough to warrant a reduction in hours.  

Governor Lolo will tell FAA not to interfere

Governor Lolo Moliga will tell the Federal Aviation Administration not to interfere with land leases made by the present and previous administrations involving land that was originally dedicated for airport use.   

Integrated response needed for climate change

Director of Marine and Wildlife Resources Dr Ruth Matagi Tofiga agreed with SPREP Director General Daniel Sheppard that an integrated response is essential in addressing climate change and natural disaster in the Pacific. 

Call for special industry committees to be fair

Businesswoman Isabel Hudson says if the government is successful in bringing back special industry committees to set the minimum wage for American Samoa, such committees should be fair. 

Man jailed for stealing Dickies shorts

A man who took two pair of Dickies shorts from a residential home in 2013 has been sentenced to 28 months in jail. 

Woman accuses Immigration chief of vendetta

The Attorney General’s office is investigating allegations by a Filipino woman that she has been denied amnesty because of a personal vendetta by senior immigration officials. 

Governor asks HA to remove mileage restrictions

Governor Lolo Moliga has written to Hawaiian Airlines CEO and President Mark Dunkerley not to restrict ASG’s mileage program to the carrier’s current mileage policies. 

Chamber suggests abolishing Tax Exemption Bd

The Chamber of Commerce has suggested that the ASG Tax Exemption Board be abolished along with all present tax exemptions granted to businesses. 

Vui wants improvements to prevent accidents

Tualauta lawmaker Vui Florence Saulo has written to the Commissioner of Public Safety and Director of Public Works to improve the road in front of Lupelele Elementary School after a 7th grader was struck by a car while crossing the street.

Broadcasters get a taste of the island

It was a jam packed itinerary for 12 members of the International Broadcasters Idea Bank who arrived Friday and left last night. 

New BPO company plans to hire 250

A business process outsourcing company has ambitious plans to launch in the territory in six months.   

Man accused of stabbing teenager

12 people were arrested over the Memorial Day weekend and most of them were under the influence of alcohol. 

Colorful end to Mental Health Awareness Month

Those with mental illnesses and their families were remembered in a special way on Memorial Day.   

Nu'uuli VoTech marks 30 years

Alumni, faculty and school administrators of Nuuuli Vocational Technical High School celebrated Friday night the school’s 30th anniversary. 

Honoring and remembering their sacrifice

The sacrifice of men and women who died serving the nation was remembered in three ceremonies yesterday.  

Oil spill threat from grounded longliner

Two members of the Coast guard Pacific Strike Team arrived from Honolulu last night to help with the assessment of the longliner which ran aground the reef just off Coconut Point last Friday morning.   

ASG plans to reduce corporate tax rate

ASG is working on legislation to reduce the corporate tax rate which is currently one of the highest in the world. 

Defense attorney says client punished himself

Attorney for 1602 project owner Faamaoni John Utu has asked the court for a probated sentence for her client. 

Memorial Day ceremonies on land and sea

Two ceremonies will be held on Memorial Day on Monday to remember those who died while serving the Armed Forces.

Public seeks assurances that taxes put to good use

How can ASG assure the public that the additional monies it wants to take from taxpayers’ pockets through a sales tax proposal will be put to good use? 

Faasao Marist High School accredited for 3 years

The Western Association of Schools and Colleges’ Accrediting Commission for Schools has granted Faasao Marist High School accreditation status for the next three years. 

Congresswoman remembers fallen heroes

Congresswoman Aumua Amata says as the people of American Samoa gather this weekend with friends and family, "let us all take a moment to remember those who have given so much for our nation."  

Awareness activities for Safe Boating Week

Staff of law enforcement agencies aided by volunteers from the US Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla have been speaking to the public this week about the importance of boat safety.

Longliner runs aground near airport

A longliner ran aground near the airport this morning and its crewmembers had to deploy life rafts to get to shore. 

Silence on minimum wage hike unsettling chamber

&&’ The government and the delegate to Congress have not said much about what they’re doing about the next 50 cent hike in the minimum wage and that’s making leaders of the Chamber of Commerce unhappy. 

Dont put that umbrella away yet

Two weather patterns over the Samoan islands are causing the wet weather that the territory has been facing this week. 

28 months for stealing bike while on probation

A man who stole a mountain bike from a residential home in 2013 has been sentenced to 28 months in jail for second-degree burglary. 

Congresswoman is on top of wage hike issue

Congresswoman Aumua Amata is working on legislation to stop the fifty-cent increase in the local minimum wage which is due on September 30. 

Honoring fallen heroes on Memorial Day

In his Memorial Day Message, Governor Lolo Moliga asks the people of American Samoa to pray for our military servicemen and women "lest they too are called upon to make the ultimate sacrifice." 

Coming soon, sales tax on goods and services

The next tax proposal to come down from the Administration will be a sales tax on goods and services in the territory. 

International Broadcasters Idea Bank visits island

Radio station owners from across the United States and Australia are spending the Memorial Day weekend in the territory to see the successes and challenges of radio stations in a small island. 

New EHR system avoids duplicate lab orders

In addition to providing safe and secure access to patient information, the hospital’s new Electronic Health Records (EHR) system will save LBJ money. 

Sport and studies a winning combination

Fagaitua High School Football Head Coach Suaese Pooch Taase says more and more student athletes are realizing how important it is to not only focus on their sport but also their studies. 

Pacific sets rules for deep sea mineral prospecting

The Government of Samoa is this week hosting a regional workshop on deep sea minerals policy and legislative drafting organised with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC). 

ASG asks court to dismiss dog bite lawsuit

The American Samoa Government has asked the High Court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a dialysis patient who was attacked by a dog at the LBJ Hospital. 

Rep. Larry Sanitoa thanks DPW for fixing potholes

Tualauta Representative Larry Sanitoa has expressed thanks to the leadership of Public Works for repairing some of the potholes in his district. 

Congresswoman hosts Close Up group

Students from American Samoa who are part of the Close Up Program got to visit Congresswoman Aumua Amata at her Washington, DC office. 

Retirement Fund approves $2 million loan for DBAS

The Development Bank of American Samoa is poised to get a $2 million loan from the Retirement Fund.


KHJ News understands that the Retirement Fund has approved the loan but has not disbursed it yet as the Retirement and DBAS are finalizing the loan details and repayment.


Chairman of the DBAS Board of Directors Senator Saoluaga Nua confirmed that they are waiting for

NASA to spend some money in American Samoa

NASA is flying a long range research aircraft DC-8 to American Samoa four times over a period of three years as part of a study of the Earth’s atmosphere by NASA and scientists from nearly a dozen universities and agencies.

Mental Health Awareness ends with fun run/walk

A fun run and walk event is being planned on Memorial Day culminating activities for Mental Health Awareness Month.

Want to serve on sanctuary council?

NOAA’s National Marine Sanctuary of American Samoa is seeking applicants for two primary seats on its advisory council.

Man charged after slapping wife

A father was charged yesterday with third degree assault and public peace disturbance after he beat up his wife for not taking their children to school. 

Tafuna High School gets 3-year accreditation

The Accrediting Commission for Schools has granted a three year accredition status to Tafuna High School. 

Man sues ASG for dog bite at hospital

A dialysis patient who was attacked by a stray dog when he went for his appointment at the LBJ Hopsital is suing ASG for more than $100,000. 

Workshop on scientific data to support fisheries

A workshop will be held next week to get public input about the type of scientific research American Samoa needs to support its fisheries. 

Man admits to smoking marijuana

A man who was found smoking a marijuana joint with his friend at the parking lot of Bowling Alley last year today pleaded guilty to unlawful possession of marijuana. 

Student hit by a car on crosswalk

A Lupelele Elementary School student was hit by a car yesterday while on the crosswalk in front of the school. 

Jazz Festival dedicated to Jazz Queen Mavis Rivers

Grammy winner Laauli Matt Catinghub is slated to visit the islands to perform at the Samoana Jazz & Arts Festival, which is being dedicated this year to his mother, Samoa’s Jazz Queen Mavis Chloe Rivers. 

Olivia & Daniel are most popular baby names in territories

The most popular baby names in American Samoa, Guam and Saipan for 2014 are Olivia and Daniel. 

Doctor a no show at court hearing

A hearing on a request from former Immigration Officer Polone Savea to travel off island for medical reasons has been continued to next week because the doctor subpoenaed to testify was a no show. 

What's causing cigarette shortage?

There has been a shortage of cigarettes on island, but depending on who you talk to, the shortage may be created by stores taking advantage of the coming increase in the excise tax for cigarettes or by the west coast shipping delays.


American Samoa suggests remaining on UN list

After decades of asking  to be removed from the United Nations  list of Non-Self Governing Territories, American Samoa yesterday told the UN Special Committee on Decolonization that perhaps it’s best that American Samoa remain on the list of non self governing territories.

DOH closes down laundromat in Pago Pago

Health inspectors closed down the TM Inc Laundromat in Pago Pago yesterday evening after customers complained about the foul smell coming from some of the washing machines. 

UN boss urges action on non-self governing territories

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says the international community has an obligation to ensure that a full measure of self-government is achieved for the remaining territories.

Forty-four students accepted for JSA Program

Forty-four high school students from American Samoa have been accepted to attend the 2015 Junior Statesmen Summer Schools. 

Congresswoman pays tribute to fallen warrior

On Monday in Washington DC, Congresswoman Aumua Amata honored a fallen American Samoan soldier by placing a wreath at the Vietnam War Memorial. 

Beach erosion study of Utulei Beach seeks permit

Beach Recovery Foundation, a non profit group out of Connecticut, is seeking a land use permit to carry out a study of Utulei Beach. 

US House approves bill to boost veteran jobs

The US House of Representatives passed yesterday by unanimous vote H.R. 1382, the *Boosting Rates of American Veteran Employment (BRAVE) Act*, of which Congresswoman Aumua Amata is an original cosponsor. 

OPAD has two certified incident investigators

Two staff members of the Office for the Protection and Advocacy for the Disabled have been certified as incident investigators.

Plea deal for woman who filed false US tax returns

Federal prosecutors have offered a plea deal to a Samoan woman accused of using her clients’ tax information to defraud the US Government of more than $200,000. 

Police investigate man's death

Police are investigating the death of an elderly man from Afono, an apparent suicide. 

Le Aute owner seeks suppression of meth evidence

The owner of the Le Aute Sports Bar Tumuatasi Leafatia or Mama Lefatia is seeking the High Court to suppress evidence relating to the methamphetamine found during a police search of her home on March 9. 

ASEPA hosts Pacific Islands Environment Conference

More than 100 off island participants will travel to American Samoa next month to take part in the 28th Pacific Islands Environment Conference hosted by the American Samoa Environmental Protection Agency (AS-EPA). 

Fuatino Solaita selected for OIA internship program

A local student has been selected to take up a summer internship at the Office of Insular Affairs in Washington D.C. 

CJ seeks information about 30-day permits

Chief Justice Michael Kruse is now seeking information from the government regarding its 30-day permit policy. 

Constance Anna Palelei represents AS in Miss US

The new Miss American Samoa United States Constance Anna Palelei will be representing American Samoa at the Miss United States Pageant at the end of June. 

Pre trials for mother and son reset for June

The pretrial conference hearings for Le Aute Sports Bar owner Tumuatasi Leafatia or Mama Lefatia and her son Manu Lefatia have been reset for next month.

Waste water seeps into Territorial Registrar's Office

The Territorial Registrar’s Office was filled with foul smell all day today. 

Public gets to comment on LVPA amendment

The public will get a chance to comment on an amendment by the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council to open some of the now closed waters surrounding American Samoa to longliners to fish.

Leone Midkiff wins Just Play Contest

Elementary students under the Just Play Program are promoting the importance of eating healthy and staying active to fight non communicable diseases. 

It's National Safe Boating Week

Always wear a life jacket.  

Man admits to selling stolen IMacs

Freddie Faaoso Viliamu has admitted to selling two iMac computers that were stolen from Leone High School to his neighbors in 2012. 

CA company conducts drug testing training

More than 20 police officers, probation officers as well as the parole officer and staff members of the Attorney General’s Office participated on Saturday in a drug testing training by California company, Biotech Screening. 

More revealed about immigration's look out list

The IT technician for the Office of Immigration says only two people at Immigration can now access the “lookout list,” a list which includes the names of people banned from entering the territory.

Tafuna High's Charu Joserose wins at ISEF

16-year-old Charu Joserose of Tafuna High School is a Grand Awards recipient at last week’s International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Lualemaga: Go directly to US not to UN

Western District Governor Lualemaga Faoa says American Samoa should go directly to the United States and not the United Nations if it has a problem with its political status with the US. 

CJ worries that files are "recklessly left unprotected"

Another court hearing into how a sex offender was able to enter the territory despite a stay away order has revealed how the Immigration Office’s computer system is open to serious vulnerabilities.

Legislation on parking for special population

The Office of Protection & Advocacy for the Disabled is working on incorporating recommendations from the public in its proposal concerning parking for persons with disabilities. 

Book drive for inmates at TCF

A new non profit organization is having a “Community Book Drive” for inmates at the Territorial Correctional Facility. 

Author Lani Wendt-Young encourages young writers

In early May, the Language & Literature Department at the American Samoa Community College (ASCC) hosted a talk by renowned writer Lani Wendt Young, author of the popular “Telesa” series of novels for young adults.

East side road upgrade ahead of schedule

Despite wet weather the east side road upgrade by McConnell Dowell is ahead of schedule according to Project manager Stuart Pilot.  

HPD offers to help DPS with drug tests

The Honolulu Police Department has offered to help the Department of Public Safety with drug testing of employees. 
Irving Schuster w Mum and sisters

Six more star athletes sign acceptance letters

Yesterday was a day of celebration for high school football players who have caught the eye of off island colleges and universities.  At a signing ceremony at Sadies by the Sea, six young men.

Government not filing additional charges against Finai

There will be no further charges filed against Nimarota Finai by the government in connection with a machete attack in Leloaloa over the weekend.  

DHSS suspends Airport Daycare

The Department of Human and Social Services has suspended operations of Airport Daycare, where the alleged abuse of an infant baby happened in the hands of a daycare employee who longer works there. 
Dr. Marrone in scrubs with ASCC students

CEO comments on Dr. Marrone's contract

There’s no reduction or increase in the salary for the Chief of the Pediatric Department at LBJ Hospital Dr. James Marrone in his new contract but there are reductions in some of his benefits.  

To arrest or not to arrest is the q

After a week and there was no mention of a police officer seen assaulting his estranged wife in the parking lot of the Executive Office Building last Wednesday, KHJ news received calls from two witnesses reporting the incident.  

Driver found with marijuana gets 20 months

A driver who was found with marijuana in a vehicle he was driving last December has been sentenced to 20 months in jail and fined $2,000.

System allows secure record sharing

Patients who travel off island for medical reasons will no longer have to hand carry a copy of their medical records from LBJ to an off island hospital they plan to visit. 

Support & opposition for consolidation

There was support and opposition to a plan by the Department of Education to consolidate the elementary schools of Fitiuta and Faleasao.  

$1.3 m in tax refund checks out Friday

The next batch of tax refunds checks will be released tomorrow, Friday, May 15 beginning at 10 am.  
Origin Energy drill

Origin Energy tests fire response

Origin Energy Gas Company conducted its annual Disaster/Emergency exercise at its Aua terminal this morning.  

Man who hid pot in crotch jailed for 3 years

A man who came on an Hawaiian Airlines flight with marijuana was sentenced to 3 years in jail and fined $3,000 for unlawful possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. 

Woman charged with abusing infant no longer at Airport Daycare

The woman  who allegedly  assaulted an infant baby by tying her mouth and holding her upside down is no longer employed at Airport Daycare.  

Unlawful to sell cigarettes individually

  A resident of  Vatia was issued a notice of violation by the Department of Commerce for selling goods form her home without a license.   

American Samoa scoped for NASA project

American Samoa is being considered as one of the deployment sites for a NASA project  to measure reactive gases and aerosols around the world, with the hope that the findings will provide scientific back up to reduce global warming and improve air quality.

Former OFC President banned for 8 years

Former Oceania Football President Reynald Temarii has been banned for eight years for accepting more than US$300,000 from former Asian Football president Mohamed bin Hammam.   

DOC team assigned to review shipyard

The government has not acted on its plan to set up a joint venture with a private company to operate the shipyard at Satala.  

Hospital's new EHR to resolve billing issue

The LBJ Hospital is confident its new electronic health records system will improve the way its billing and accounts receivables are recorded and handled so that it will no longer be an issue with their auditors. 

Oliver recipes on school menu next year

The School Lunch Program was not able to introduce some of the recipes that celebrity chef Robert Oliver taught chief cooks and their assistants because of the slow down on government spending.   

DHSS responds to mistreatment at daycare

The Department of Human and Social Services says it is implementing an established crisis management and response plan as it looks into a case of a daycare employee who allegedly assaulted an infant at a daycare center in Tafuna. 

Meleah found not guilty of stealing

42-year-old Jennifer Annie Meleah has been found “not guilty” of stealing by a High Court jury this afternoon. 

May & June are Click it or Ticket It months

The Department of Public Safety is taking their Click It or Ticket Campaign to the streets tomorrow. 

Congresswoman visits VA facility in Phoenix

Congresswoman Aumua Amata, a Member of the U.S. House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC), made her first visit to a VA facility on the mainland, since joining the committee in January.