DOE Director supports sex education

The Director of Education believes Samoan parents would be open to reviewing a curriculum for sex education in public schools if they were provided with the facts, such as the impact and the rising rate of teenage pregnancy in American Samoa.


Man jailed for 28 months for sexual assault

A 19-year-old man who broke into a home and sexually abused a woman as she was sleeping with her toddler was sentenced by the High Court today to 28 months in jail.


US Army recruiters clear misconceptions

The local Army Recruiting Office is working to change a certain mindset regarding careers in the US Army. 


Bills for new VA Building getting paid

The Department of Public Works has submitted unpaid bills from the construction of the Veterans Affairs Building in Tafuna to the Lt. Governor.


Twenty months for assault

A man who attacked another man with a broken glass in Mapusaga late last year was sentenced by the High Court today to 20 months in jail.


Wide range of topics for History Day

More than 170 students from private and public elementary schools are today showing to History Day judges their projects about important events throughout history that shaped policies in American Samoa and the world.


Earth Day: Keep Am Samoa Beautiful

Today is the global celebration of Earth Day, which draws attention to keeping the environment clean and healthy.  

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