Strict controls for SSBCI

Because of ASG’s high risk designation, all disbursements for the State Small Business Credit Initiative, the federally funded program intended to finance new businesses and upgrade existing ones, will be subject to extra scrutiny. 

Bill would help crack down on illegal fishing

The Coast Guard and NOAA will have more authority to crack down on illegal fishing around American Samoa and other US islands under a bill the US House Natural Resources Committee just passed.

Man sent to jail for 6 months for beating teen

A 36-year-old man who assaulted a teenager with a metal pipe was ordered by the High Court today to serve 6 months at the Territorial Correctional Facility.


Youth sell fruits of their labor

The Native American Samoa Advisory Council Youth Livelihood Project will be selling organically grown produce from their farm this evening in Pava'ia'i across from the LDS chapel. 

Resolution asks governor to pay increments

Three members of the House of Representatives are asking Governor Lolo Moliga to lift the suspension on salary increments for eligible government employees.


Lost fishermen found close to Samoa

The four fishermen who went on a fishing trip last week to Manu'a but never arrived at their destination were found yesterday by a purse seiner vessel alive and floating some 230 nautical miles off Samoa.


SSBCI program close to take-off

Contractors who will oversee the American Samoa State Small Business Credit Initiative say the territory’s application was so novel that the US Treasury has never seen or approved anything like it before. 


Youth Center gets a roof

The new Youth Center at Pago Pago, financed jointly by the Indonesian and American Samoa Government, is beginning to take shape.  

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