Swains to select delegate Saturday

Election Commissioner Tuaolo Fruean is calling a meeting of Swains islanders for the purpose of selecting their representative to the American Samoa House of Representatives. 


Man who duped Whitehorn pleads guilty

A man indicted in connection with a massive bond scheme that affected a local company that was formerly awarded the airport road project pleaded guilty yesterday at the Northern District of Georgia, Atlanta Division.


IDG to empower girls & women

From the response of civic organizations, government departments, businesses, churches and other groups, organizers of the first local celebration of the International Day of the Girl, are expecting a huge turn out Saturday.


Detectives in ppd under investigation

Commissioner of Public Safety William Haleck has ordered an internal investigation of two detectives who allegedly caused property damage to a nightclub Saturday night.

Nicole Girard-Savoy

ASNOC gets visit from IOC & ONOC

Officials from the International Olympic Committee and the Oceania National
Olympic Committee will be on island to conduct a general evaluation of the
American Samoa National Olympic Committee.


SORNA bill is signed into law

In 60 days, American Samoa will be on par with other states and territories in meeting federal sex offender registration and notification requirements. 


Travel on HA tapers off

Demand for seats on Hawaiian Air seems to be tapering off after the busy summer season when flights to and from Honolulu were full.


93KHJ Morning News October 21

Listen to the 93KHJ Morning News October 21

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