Vaai-Tinitali is BlueSky's new Country Manager

Bluesky Communications has appointed Filifotu Va’ai-Tinitali as the new Country Manager to oversee Bluesky’s operations in American Samoa.

Dr. Oreta Mapu Crichton is new CPO

The governor’s senior policy advisor Dr Oreta Mapu Crichton has been appointed acting Chief Procurement Officer.

Le Aute cases continued due to report delays

The pretrial conference hearings for Le Aute Sports Bar owner Tumuatasi Leafatia or Mama Lefatia and her son Manu Lefatia were continued today to May 18 due to delays in getting discovery to the defense. 

LBJ is enforcing visiting hours

The LBJ Hospital is asking the public to please follow their visiting hours and to help prevent infection during their visits.  

Plan to arm police officers on hold

The plan to arm police officers is being put on hold for the time being.  

Fisheries bills get mixed treatment

Two Fisheries conservation bills...two the House Resources Committee last week.  

New ANZ ATMs are now in service

Some of the new ATM machines for ANZ Amerika Samoa Bank are now in service.

Challenges in mounting 2Samoa Trade Fair

Lack of an electronic payment system, overpricing and setting up of trade fair venues are some of the challenges cited in a report by organizers of the 2 Samoa Trade Fair.
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