Take cover from the record breaking heat

The National Weather Service has registered record high temperatures since Sunday. 


Ash Wednesday starts of season of Lent

Today is Ash Wednesday the start of the forty days of Lent a period of fasting  and prayer, symbolic of the 40 days that according to the Bible, Jesus spent in the dessert.  

Zika test results should be known tomorrow

Results of blood tests from suspected Zika cases which were sent to Honolulu for testing should old be known by tomorrow.  

ASG new minimum wage is $5, up from $4.41

Director of Human Resources, Le’i Sonny Thompson announced good news for entry level employees of the ASG workforce during last week’s cabinet meeting. 

FFA Director optimistic US will accept new deal

American Samoa‘s tuna industry hangs in the balance while Washington and Pacific island countries negotiate a new fishing deal that would secure fishing grounds for American tuna boats that supply the local canneries StarKist Samoa and Samoa Tuna Processors.

Move for closed door hearing with Retirement Fund Board thwarted

A request by Senate President Pro tem Nuanuaolefeagaiga Saoluaga Nua for the Senate to hold a closed door meeting to discuss what’s happening with the Retirement Fund, stirred up several senators during today’s session. 
Photo: NIWA

Heat wave in the South Pacific

Climate forecasters are predicting below normal rainfall levels for several Pacific Island nations over the next three months on top of an already unusually dry period. 

Relative spills beans on $9,000 advance for RF Board

A more than $60,000 payout for the former executive Director, a $9,000 advance per diem each time board members travel off island  and two new car purchases for the new executive director and deputy of the Retirement Fund are the last straw for an immediate relative of a Retirement Fund Board member.
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