Employees making use of EEO Office

The Equal Employment Opportunity Office is seeing a number of grievances being filed from both the government and private sector.


Gov tells teachers to work with love

Governor Lolo has urged teachers to conduct their work with love because it is their work in the classroom that will determine the success or failure of American Samoa’s future generations.


Students hang out with Wyland

Students at South Pacific Academy and Pacific Horizons got to hang out with world renowned marine artist Wyland and paint several art pieces to take back to their schools at the Tauese PF Sunia Ocean Center today.


Administrative Services fights for $350,000

An allocation of $350,000 that was not included in the budget proposal for the Department of Administrative Services has now been inserted in the department's budget.


Credentialing problems found at LBJ

One of the corrective actions the LBJ Hospital has put in place in response to citations by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is to improve the credentialing process for medical staff.


Ex-LBJ doc heads primary care at DOH

Dr. Sean Stracensky, who headed the Primary Care Clinic at LBJ until he resigned early this year, will lead a new Primary Care Division at the Department of Public Health.


SSBCI to be launched early November

The Department of Commerce is aiming to have the State Small Business Credit Initiative Program open for business by November.


LBJ's referral program comes alive

The LBJ Hospital’s off-island medical referral program has been re-activated after being dormant for a number of years. 

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