Unusual grave found in research

A French archaeologist who spent several weeks helping the American Samoa Power Authority analyze human remains from burial sites dating back more than 1,500 years, came across an unusual grave. 

LBJ Board told to read the law

The Hospital Authority Board has been advised to read the law which establishes the compensation for board members.

Court quashes subpoenas in Bartley appeal

Justice John Ward has approved a motion by the attorneys for Vui Florence Saulo to quash subpoenas issued by the clerk of the court to three government agencies. 


Governor asks cabinet to support veto ref

Governor Lolo Moliga has asked the cabinet to support the veto override
referendum that will transfer the veto override power that now rests with the Secretary of Interior to the Fono. 


DOL changes locally based investigator

The Department of Labor Wage and Hour investigator based in the territory for the last several months, Heather Skidmore, is leaving the territory Friday and her replacement has arrived. 


Local church leader meets Pope Francis

The leader of the local Catholic Church Bishop Peter Brown returned Sunday from his orientation visit to the Vatican as a new bishop. 


Probe continuing into death of yachtsman

The Criminal Investigations Division of the Department of Public Safety is treating the case of a yachtsman found dead on his boat as a homicide for now until they can rule out criminal evidence.   


Board of (Voter) Registration appointed

Governor Lolo has sent to the Fono for confirmation appointments to the Board of (Voter) Registration. 

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