Fautasi race now set for 10am Monday

The 2018 Flag Day Fautasi Race has now been postponed to 10am Monday, April 16.

This was announced at a meeting of the Flag Day Committee and fautasi captains after today’s race  was called off due to harsh weather conditions.

A member of the Committee said everything was alright until close to the scheduled 2 pm start then the rain started pounding and heavy fog set in.

He said it was impossible to see all the fautasi or even communicate with them. 

After trying without success to line up the Fautasi, Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga decided to call off the race.

All nine fautasi captains were advised of a meeting immediately afterwards at the Marine Patrol Division.

At the meeting, captains were informed that the race has been rescheduled for 10 am Monday.

It was stressed that any fautasi not at the starting line at that time, or is ahead of the rest will be disqualified.


  1. Dante

    Flag Day celebration is a money making opportunity for the Governor and his people. NOT just the current Lolo but the previous administration as well. Right now FEMA has fed into the circulation many of those awarded with spend it like mangoes falling off the tree.

  2. rankon

    the govt and fono should prioritize their plans; there are families that were severely impacted by gita and are not qualify for fema housing grants. these families should get at least financial assistance from the govt, either direct or loan financial assistance. i.e any money allocated for fautasi race should be equally given to the unqualified families for fema housing grants. looking forward for a favorable decision regarding the housing issue. “o ou manuia na amsamoa” e taua tagata uma.


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