Two laser beams pointed at HA plane

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a notice cautioning residents that anyone found to be beaming a laser at approaching aircraft will be subject to prosecution under federal law.

This follows reports of another laser beam incident blinding the Hawaiian Airline (HA) pilot’s cockpit on the Honolulu to Pago Pago flight last night.

The pilots of flight HA 465 encountered not one but two laser beams pointed at their line of sight while coming in to land.

Homeland Security said in a statement: “This incident is a very serious crime and violation of federal law. We would like to inform the public that, it is Illegal to aim laser pointer beams at an aircraft or their flight path. Penalty for violating the federal law is up to 5 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine.”

The Department of Homeland Security is asking the public for their assistance in finding the person or persons responsible.

Please report any information you may have relating to this incident to the EOC at 699-3800/6990411 or the Police at 633-1111.


  1. Hello anybody home…No, they’re out doin Flag Day!

    Where did the investigations from the prior incident go, no where right! The only way to put a stop to this is to bring in the Feds…this just may be an act of domestic/foreign terrorism in progress…whose to say otherwise. Should we just wait around until something so horrific as a plane load of innocent people crashes and killed…and who just maybe one of your loved ones, FAMILY! Get the counter-terrorist/intelligence pros here…they’ll ferret out the bastard(s) in no time. This is just to close to home and just boils my inners!

    1. Ata Ata

      Se tei ia ua oso ia terrorist. Ua lelei li terrorist. O tgt fia ai a na e faia laea tulaga ae le o ni terrorist. Pau le terrorist na i Samoa o oe lol

      1. Ata Ata, no papers?

        Do us a favor and hop on one of these planes that lasers are being pointed at Ata Ata…you’re probably only able to jump on the puddle hoppers to/from Apia lol

  2. Oh, so you were home…

    …whata sorry disposition! Wonder how you’d really feel if you were on such a flight, you surely wouldn’t be ATA ATA-ING, something to think about!

  3. rankon

    should legislate a law to completely ban any type of toy with laser beam enhancement currently on the local market. these toys are creating many unwanted issues both locally and abroad; even losing lives relating to gun problems. yes, we are aware of the better usage of the laser beam in construction, etc but not for toys because children are not aware of related health issues using laser beam unwisely.

    1. L.M.

      there is a law in place for this type of crime. what some people don’t understand is that this is a federal offense. If caught, the culprit will be prosecuted in a federal court and if convicted will do time in a federal prison.

  4. okaoka

    Sa’o lelei, aua le ula e le ose mea e ulavale ai. O le ola ole atunu’u lea ei lima o nai pilots and theirs as
    well. Fai aku fo’i ga’o mea e ka’uvalea ma mea makaga e fai e gei alelo.
    This is “Serious” aua le fa’atali se’i pa le va’alele ona gaioi lea, Makua’i need lava oga fai le investigation se’i maua ai le au ass lia male au makavalea. Fa’apea a lakou e ma…lie, Get the Feds here NOW!


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