Chamber elects new officers for 2018

The 2018 American Samoa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors met for the first time Tuesday and, by all indications, have every intention of building a 21st century economy in American Samoa.

The new board officers are Paul Michael Young, Chairman; Kahleena Strachan, Vice Chairwoman, Tom Drabble, Treasurer; John Wasko, Secretary.

Committee chairpersons are Genevieve Gregg, Tourism; Ella Gurr, Government and Legislation; Paul Michael Young, Economic Development and John Wasko, Education and Leadership.

Board members firmly established goals for the coming year.

The chamber will play a more supportive and cooperative role in economic development by lending their expertise in data analysis, industry knowledge, marketing, communications and international commercial investment.

Consensus among the board was that both a community and government positive mindset toward cooperative working agreements in areas such as immigration, licensing, taxation and economic development are keys to moving the economy forward.

Regular General Membership meetings are scheduled for the 4th Thursday of each month.

Topics vital to business and government, such as the state of the banking industry, are designed to inform the business community and invite a climate conducive to new industry development.

For membership information please contact John Wasko at 733-0833 or email

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