Noone was on board grounded vessel

There was no one on board the fishing vessel that is grounded off Leone village.

Residents and motorists woke up yesterday morning  to see the vessel on the reef.

Commissioner of Public Safety Le’i Sonny Thompson says the boat did not have anyone on board.

He echoed a report by US Coast Guard Lt. Tanner Stiehl which we broadcast yesterday that the boat had been adrift at sea for some time.

It appears that the vessel was deserted.

The Coast Guard said there was no oil spillage from the vessel but they are monitoring the situation to mitigate any pollution threat.

The territory has still not been able to get rid off another Asian longliner that ran aground off Nuuuli in 2015.


  1. rankon

    smart move by the fishermen, now they are mingling around with other fishermen and they will be difficult to track them down. it is time for a sweat team to search at the canneries and around the harbor area. most likely someone might have seen them leaving leone or hiding in other villages.

  2. okaoka

    Wait! empty, abandoned? okay, where are the crew and what was on the vessel besides them?
    Drugs? DPS get to the bottom of this, Leiloa po’o le au kalepe fale ma le au gaoi ga or worse…….
    they’re probably selling their s__ts everywhere now .
    Aua le tatou fa’atamala ae mataala i mea fa’apea, we never know ……. wake up my people

  3. Hope this helps!

    @ O’Ka…….why, Peter Noone of course and former lead singer of Herman’s Hermits! I heard he fell on hard times. It’s a kind of hush but someone revealed Noone is fishing in the Pacific!


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