Longliner grounded off Leone

A foreign flagged longliner is grounded off Leone village and the US Coast guard, Department of Public Safety and several other local departments are investigating how it ran aground.

The head of the Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment Unit in Pago Pago,  Lt Tanner Stiehl says the stranded vessel was reported to them at sunrise this morning.

It’s believed that the boat has been adrift at sea for some time and may have run aground late last evening or early this morning.

A team from the Coast Guard and DPS was at the scene early this morning and according to Lt. Stiehl there was no oil spillage at that time.

However they are actively monitoring the situation to mitigate any pollution threat.

The Coast Guard is working with multiple ASG agencies.

Lt Stiehl declined to disclose the identity of the vessel and the condition of any crew members on board .